Certificate Programs

Enrich Your Mind. Enrich Your Faith.

The Christendom Graduate School offers a variety of Certificate Programs in addition to its Master of Arts in Theological Studies program. Students who are interested in a particular field of theology and want to establish a competency in it, but who do not need or want to earn the Master of Arts degree, may find that a certificate exactly meets their needs.
  • Certificate students take the same challenging courses as degree-seeking students.
  • Certificates are offered in the areas of Dogmatic Theology, Moral Theology, Evangelization and Catechesis, Consecrated Life, and Scriptural Studies.
  • Flexible program allows students to take courses according to their schedules
  • Courses are offered on campus during the evenings, in summers, and online.
  • Consecrated Life courses are offered during the Summer Program, as part of the Vita Consecrata Institute (co-sponsored by the Institute on Religious Life)

Designed for:

  • Casual students who are interested in a particular area of theology
  • Teachers who already have a master’s degree but who wish to teach theology in addition to their current subject matter
  • MA students wishing to earn a certificate in an additional field besides their area of concentration
  • Teachers who need courses for re-certification, but who want something more than individual courses
  • Anyone with a love of learning and of theology!  


  • No prior theological education required
  • Even those without a college degree can earn a certificate
  • Simplified application process - easy to start
  • Five 3-credit courses are required (six 2-credit courses for Consecrated Life)
  • Student must maintain a 3.0 (B) average or higher
  • Courses taken in the past may be applied towards a certificate if the grade earned was a B or higher

THEO 601: God the Father
THEO 602: Christology
THEO 603: Holy Spirit and Ecclesiology
THEO 604: Moral Theology
THEO 605: Liturgy and Sacraments

THEO 604: Moral Theology
THEO 720: Theological Anthropology
THEO 721: The Virtues
THEO 724: Sexual Ethics
THEO 802: Catholic Social Teaching

THEO 605: Liturgy and Sacraments
THEO 606: Apologetics
EDUC 602: The Catechetical Tradition
EDUC 603: Catechetical Program Administration
EDUC 604: Methods of Catechesis and Evangelization

CERTIFICATE IN CONSECRATED LIFE (available summers only)
CONL 621: History of the Consecrated Life
CONL 622: Liturgy and the Consecrated Life
CONL 623: Consecration and Contemplation
CONL 624: The Vows According to St. Thomas Aquinas
CONL 625: Consecrated Life and Vatican II
CONL 626: Consecrated Life in the Code of Canon Law

SCRI 606: Old Testament
SCRI 607: New Testament
Three additional Scripture courses of the student’s choosing