The Academic Cycle

At the Christendom Graduate School the required courses (both core requirements and special requirements for the concentrations) are divided into four cycles, each containing approximately one-fourth of the requirements. Two cycles are offered every semester, one of them on campus and the other in the online format. Every fall semester, either cycle A or cycle C is offered on campus (and either cycle B or D online), and every spring either cycle B or D is offered on campus and cycle A or C online. The summer cycle sequence is independent from the fall-spring sequence: either Cycle A or Cycle C is offered at Front Royal in the summers of odd-numbered years, while Cycle B or Cycle D is offered in even-numbered years. The schedule of cycles for upcoming years is listed below. Required courses in the core program are usually offered more frequently, either every fall or every spring, both on campus and online. Introduction to Ecclesiastical Latin is usually offered on campus in the spring semester and online in the fall, and the prerequisite Introduction to Theology course is offered online every semester. Consecrated Life courses are offered only in the summer, as part of the Vita Consecrata Institute, at the Front Royal campus.

Students normally must attend the Christendom Graduate School for four consecutive semesters in order to be able to take all of the required courses for the master’s degree: either four consecutive summers or two academic (fall & spring) years. It is, however, sometimes possible to accelerate the program by attending year-round (depending on the particular semesters involved) or by combining on-site and online courses.

The courses offered during each of the cycles are listed below. Courses marked with an asterisk are usually offered every year, either every fall or every spring.

Cycle A   Cycle B
THEO 601 God the Father*    THEO 602 Christology*
PHIL 602 Philosophy of God and Man* PHIL 603 Philosophical Errors*
EDUC 604 Methods of Catechesis and Evangelization EDUC 602 The Catechetical Tradition
THEO 720 Theological Anthropology THEO 721 The Virtues
HIST 610 Church History, Part I HIST 611 Church History, Part II
CONL 622 Liturgy and the Consecrated Life CONL 621 History of the Consecrated Life
CONL 626 Consecrated Life in Canon Law  
Cycle C Cycle D
THEO 603 Holy Spirit and Ecclesiology* THEO 604 Moral Theology*
SCRI 606 Old Testament* SCRI 607 New Testament*
EDUC 603 Catechetical Program Administration THEO 605 Liturgy and Sacraments
THEO 724 Sexual Ethics THEO 802 Catholic Social Teachings
THEO 712 Patristics CONL 624 Vows According to Thomas Aquinas
CONL 623 Scriptural Foundation of Consecrated Life  
CONL 625 Consecrated Life and Vatican II  

Schedule of Cycles

  campus/online   campus/online   campus/online
FALL 2014 A/ D SPRING 2014 D / C SUMMER 2014 D / B
FALL 2015 C/ B SPRING 2015 B / A SUMMER 2015 A / C
FALL 2016 A / D SPRING 2016 D / C SUMMER 2016 B / D
FALL 2017 C / B SPRING 2017 B / A SUMMER 2017 C / A

Schedule of On-Campus Courses Schedule of Online Courses