Quotes from students who attended Experience Christendom Summer Programs in 2015

I had a blast at session six as it was the best week ever, socially, academically, and spiritually! All the counsellors were amazing. They were very welcoming and enthusiastic about everything, and made the whole experience a lot of fun! The academics were great, and even though it was for only one week, I learned a lot from all the teachers.  Going to school every day, being interested in the material being taught, and having the teachers and other students on the same page as you was very enjoyable. At the end of the week I didn’t want to go home, having made lots of friends, and felt quite at home there. I really miss Christendom, and can’t wait to go back. - Alex R., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

For so long, I admired Christendom only from afar.  After experiencing Christendom, I realized this is one of the few places where there is a communal goal to know, love, and serve God. Christendom challenged me to expand my mind by asking me: why I do what I do. Not just in Dr. Cuddeback's mind-boggling classes, but at Mass, in Literature, among our counselors and other students whom we had the privilege of meeting... even at breakfast! As a result, I have become a stronger defender of the Faith, and a stronger member of the Church. Too many people go through life without any real drive or hunger; they never want to know the truth and they don’t even care that they don’t know! At Christendom, I didn't feel like I was going through the motions of everyday life, doing things in order to function, but I felt I was growing, my mind and my soul were being nourished, and I was living with purpose. - Ally Z., Goodyear, Arizona

At Christendom, every moment of the day was filled with something amazing. We had classes first thing every morning and before I got to Christendom I thought that would be boring, but I was SO wrong! The classes were so much fun and filled with lively discussions. When classes ended for the day I found myself looking forward to the next one and being excited about what we'd learn tomorrow. There were so many activities throughout the week. We went hiking, swimming, bowling, dancing, and we even attended a debate! My favorite thing was dancing. I had never learned how to swing dance before, and I had so much fun spinning around and trying to keep up with the music! At Christendom I met so many amazing people and became friends with them so quickly; it's impossible not to make friends there! On the last day I didn't want to leave. I made so many amazing memories at Christendom, I can’t imagine how it would be if I had missed out on all of it. - Martha M., Jackson, Mississippi

Before I attended ECSP, I was not even considering attending Christendom.  In fact, it took a lot of convincing from my mom to even get me to go to the program.  However, after attending, Christendom is one of my top choices of colleges.  I loved the tight-knit community of faith, friendship, and Irish culture I discovered there.  I made great friendships that I know I will retain in the future. The classes I took were intellectually stimulating and the professors were brilliant.  I got a lot from attending ECSP and I hope to get even more out of Christendom in the future by obtaining my undergraduate degree there.  ECSP really was "the best week ever." - Shannon W., Elmhurst, IL

Being at Christendom affected me in ways I wasn’t expecting. To be frank, I wasn’t excited about going to the program. But all my opinions changed once I was there! I met so many wonderful people and I know if I were to attend Christendom as a student I would have the opportunity to make solid and beautiful friendships. My sister is a junior at Christendom and I was afraid of going to Christendom would be like going to “her” school. But by going to the ECSP, I was able to see Christendom through my own eyes and see what it would do for me as an individual. What I discovered was a college with a strong Catholic identity, interesting and challenging classes, wonderful and godly people, and a gorgeous campus. I was so blessed to have the chance to experience it for myself! - Michelle T., Virginia Beach, VA

My sister went to the ECSP a few years ago, and had a blast. So, going into the program, I knew it was going to be a lot of fun! However, I wasn't expecting such interesting, thought-provoking classes. Also, in just one week, I felt that I grew in my faith. I loved the authentic Catholic environment, the amazing counselors, fun activities, and the other students. I made so many friends in just one week! This truly was "The Best Week Ever"! - Allison J., LaPorte Indiana

I really had an amazing time during my week at Christendom. It's hard for me to sum up why I loved ECSP in just a short paragraph, but I do have to say that while I was at Christendom, I felt like my entire self, mind, body, and soul, was being refreshed and strengthened through my experience. -
Zoe U., Tonawanda, NY

Right from the start, I knew it was going to be great, and it really only got better as the week went on.  The camaraderie between the students and the counselors was wonderful and they felt like real friends, not just some guys who had been put in charge of us.  I also enjoyed the classes, and really feel like I learned applicable knowledge, even in the one short week we had.  I could sense the campus life, at least in part, through all the singing, dancing, talent show, praying, and the myriad of other activities.  Christendom College has really jumped up the list of my potential colleges. -
 Michael S., Lottsburg, VA

Attending the ECSP was one of the best weeks of my life. This is only second to spending 10 days in the Canadian wilderness canoeing completely off the grid with some of my closest friends. As a public school kid I always thought I had a pretty good idea about my faith because of the Religious Education classes I went through, but this week has shown me there is a lot more for me to learn. I had a plan for college before this awesome week, and now I have no idea what I am going to do. I hope, whatever my plan is, that it involves Christendom. - Zach H., Ashburn, Virginia

It was quite literally the best week ever! It has inspired me to continue to grow in and study my Faith, which is so prominently cherished at Christendom College. I find it incredible that even living in the same town as this college I never knew or appreciated what it had to offer, and I am SO thankful that I got the chance to see what Christendom is really doing, even if I never get to go there. Of course, I intend go, God willing.  Getting to Christendom is now my main focus. - Heidi S., Front Royal, Virginia

Until that week, I had never experienced being surrounded by so many devoted (not to mention youthful) Catholics. My church community is mostly comprised of older members, but at Christendom I was able to connect even deeper with my fellow campers because we made a special bond, more easily attainable through our similar age. My siblings, previously and currently enrolled to Christendom, always tell me how much they love Christendom. And I think one reason is because they love the friends that they made, and the connection they feel with God that they hadn't felt as strongly before. During that week at Christendom, I also experienced these feelings. I didn't think it possible for such realizations to happen in just one week, but I was proven wrong. In one week I discovered so much more about myself (one being that I very much would love to attend Christendom in the fall of 2016) that through other mishaps I might not have figured out for a long time. - Caroline R., Weaverville, NC

When I first heard of the Christendom's Summer Program, I was certain that I was signing myself up for a week of, well, let’s just say, no fun. I was not prepared for the life-changing experience that I would have there. At Christendom I was able to meet many new friends, friends that I will carry with me through this lifetime and the next. I was able to grow in my faith, learning to not be ashamed of the one, true God whom, with all things are possible. I especially loved the time I was able to spend in adoration, where I was able to converse with Christ, one on one. The staff and the counselors at the program were absolutely amazing. They took the time to get to know you and gave you assistance with whatever you needed. - Nina K.,, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

It was truly the best week ever. The counselors were so amazing. They organized so many fun activities for us to do, such as taking us to the river and teaching us to swing dance. They were great examples of what our young adults should be like in today's society. Their faith and friendship were something that you do not usually see anymore in our culture and made me want to go to Christendom to learn to be like them. - Jane P., Manassas, VA 

To be honest, when I first came to the summer program I was skeptical about the week ahead of me,  but as the week went on that quickly changed.  The classes we had and the activities we did were a new experience for me.  The program truly helped me experience the community of Christendom firsthand.  It also made me start thinking about seriously considering to attend Christendom after I graduate from high school.- Peter E., Milford, Michigan

Christendom is an amazing school and I am glad to be able to have been a part of it, even if it was only for a week.  I would have to say that the week I spent at Christendom was the best week ever.
Overall I can not put all my feelings in words.  The time I had at Christendom was absolutely incredible.  I never have had many good Catholic friends and in the one week I was at Christendom I met many other teens around my own age from the same background.  I love how we are staying in contact with each other even after camp ended!  The Chester-Belloc Debate was immensely entertaining especially as I had not been to a parliamentary style debate before.  The one activity that I thought I would hate, the dancing, I turned out to love.  Taking classes at a college where it was the actual professors who taught and loved teaching was a great experience. I loved all the classes. Before attending ECSP I was halfheartedly looking at going to Christendom, sure I was thinking about it, but that was because I had friends going to the school.  I knew I wanted to go to a good Catholic college but I didn't know if Christendom was going to be a monastery or if the students actually got a normal life.  It turned out that I was totally wrong in my assumption and Christendom is now my first choice for a school.  Christendom is an amazing school and I am glad to be able to have been a part of it, even if it was only for a week. - Jack S., Reston, Virginia

I loved Dr. Cuddeback’s class, as well as the rest of the academics. I was really just going to check out the classes, but the dances were also fantastic. What surprised me was the genuine Catholic faith that permeates everyone there: I thought that the "Catholic atmosphere” was going to be kind of fake and forced, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how serious everyone was about it. The counselors were dedicated to keeping everyone safe, but also to hanging out with the students and having fun, not to mention pulling pranks. Overall, it was a wonderful first taste to have of the College. - Emma H., Memphis, Tennessee.


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