Home Educated Students


You'll thrive here.


Christendom College encourages and welcomes applications from home educated students. In fact, each year, approximately 60% of the incoming students come from a home school background, and over the years, many of our top academic achievers have been home educated students.

Christendom College recognizes that your experience as a home schooled student will be somewhat different from students coming from traditional schools. The Admissions Committee will evaluate your academic record and non-academic interests and commitments within the context of your particular home school curriculum and experience.

Feel free to go beyond the questions on our application forms if they don't cover everything you think is important for us to know. For example, maybe provide a complete list of books that you have read during high school, or provide some writing samples (essays or papers you wrote for home school subjects) to better show your academic abilities to the Admissions Committee, if you wish.

Many people who will be working with you during the application process have had much experience with homeschooling, either as homeschool educators themselves, or graduates of high school homeschooling programs. Christendom's Director of Admissions, Sam Phillips, is a graduate of the Kolbe Academy homeschooling program, and Christendom's VP for Enrollment, Tom McFadden, is the father of 10 homeschooled children.

Home schooled students are drawn to Christendom for a number of reasons:

  • Christendom's rigorous academic education, with a focus on the great works of Western Civilization, taught in the classical Scholastic method, and from a Catholic worldview
  • Christendom's high standards of excellence in culture, including a Christ-centered living environment with rules and regulations governing how students live
  • Christendom's emphasis on reading and writing throughout the entire curriculum
  • Christendom's ability to help all of its students become leaders in society and for the Church through the many extra-curricular offerings on campus

Tips for home educated students interested in attending Christendom College:

Below are some tips addressing aspects of the application process that may be somewhat different for home schooled students. Before you begin preparing your application, we encourage you to review these tips.

It's most helpful if your academic and person letters of recommendation come from adults who can comment on your intellectual curiosity, academic preparation and promise, and extracurricular involvement. Some home schooled applicants ask a parent to complete the Academic Letter of Recommendation (which is fine), and they ask others who have known them in an academic context to complete additional Academic Letters of Recommendation. If you have taken any high school or college courses, or had a teacher other than a parent in a particular subject, we encourage you to ask those professors or teachers to write your teacher references.

Academic Preparation and Transcripts
In general, we look for students who have challenged themselves with rigorous study in a range of academic areas during their high school years, but the exact course of study varies among our successful applicants. Many home educated students have used a variety of established programs, such as Seton Homestudy, Mother of Divine Grace, or Kolbe Academy, while others have created their own curriculum, which is totally acceptable.

Please provide us with detailed information about the academic program you have pursued. You can do this best through the use of Christendom's Home School Transcript form, or feel free to use your own version. It is also important to include an outline of your high school curriculum and many home schooled students also send us a reading list of what they have completed during their high school years. If you have taken any courses at a school orcollege, please be sure to have official transcripts sent to Christendom's Admissions Office.

All applicants, including home schooled students, are expected to take the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT (without Writing). In addition, some prepare for and take Advanced Placement (AP) tests in subjects they have studied at an advanced level. Christendom takes up to 9 credits of AP credit. More about this may be found here.

Seton Homestudy

I think the work that Christendom College is doing is tremendous. It is training the leaders of the future. It is giving them a strong education in theology, and philosophy, and political science that is rarely available elsewhere....Christendom College is the best Catholic college in America. I sent all seven of my sons there and, to this day, they are all still Catholic.” - Dr. Mary Kay Clark, Director, Seton Home Study School


Mother of Divine Grace School

"Christendom College is one of the liberal arts colleges that Mother of Divine Grace School consistently recommends to students. It is a challenging school, with high standards, a joyful Catholic identity, and excellent student life. The teachers have proven to be very caring and willing to work with students. Mother of Divine Grace School has sent numerous students to Christendom over the years, and they report that they are well prepared for the education, and think it is an excellent follow up to the  formation they have already received with us. Students thinking about good liberal arts education should consider Christendom College." - Mrs. Laura Berquist, Director, Mother of Divine Grace School


Kolbe Academy