Career Services for Alumni

Welcome to our Career Services Portal!

To begin with, allow me to offer my congratulations on being a Christendom alum! Graduating from Christendom makes you part of a very unique and talented group of men and women who have the ability to succeed in a wide variety of careers while living your Catholic faith in the workplace with confidence.

Christendom graduates have built successful careers in everything from the arts to teaching, from financial services to medicine, from law to the military; in short, no career is beyond your reach as a Christendom graduate. And if an advanced degree is your desire, our graduates have continued their studies at such prestigious schools as Notre Dame Law School, Harvard, the University of Virginia, Fordham, William and Mary, the Catholic University of America, The Angelicum, the Institute of World Politics, the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, and Oxford University.


This site is designed to help you at whatever point you are in your career. Here you will find tips, techniques, and links to help you advance in your current career or find a new one. And if you want some help clarifying your goals and plans for the future, the Director of Career Development is available to work with you to lay out your strategy and next moves—once a member of the Christendom family, always a member. If you have any questions, please drop us a note at, give us a call at (540) 636-2900, ext. 1294, or, if you live nearby or happen to be visiting the campus, drop by the Career Development Office in John Paul the Great Student Center.

This page will continue to evolve as we find new links and new information to help you in your career planning, so check back often and see what’s new!