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Why should I hire a Christendom Grad?

The answer is: to help my organization thrive!

As a potential employer of Christendom graduates, you have every right to ask what to expect when you hire our students. So let me give you a snapshot:

The Christendom Student is:

  • Well-versed in the virtues of integrity, loyalty, industriousness, honesty, conscientiousness, and others traits that every employer values
  • Skilled in applying logic and critical thinking skills to the problem-solving process. They know how to:
    • Break down the problem and distinguish between symptoms and causes
    • Identify potential alternatives to address the root causes of the situation
    • Establish clear and measurable criteria to select between alternatives
    • Prioritize alternatives and create achievable implementation plans
  • Expert in the art of communication, having written hundreds of pages over their Christendom career and actively defended their positions in a variety of ways, including an oral defense of their senior thesis

Click here to submit position openings, and we’ll make sure they receive widespread dissemination to our current students, recent graduates, and alumni (be sure to upload a copy of the position description for the job you’re seeking candidates for).

Christendom held its first career fair on February 21, 2013. Over 200 students packed the Chapel Crypt to engage with representatives from 19 different organizations in the faith-based, government, media, business, and education sectors. Those representing the participating organizations gave uniformly high marks to Christendom's students. "The students came well-prepared." "They’re asking smart questions and seem genuinely engaged." "Very impressed with the good questions the students asked." These were just some of the comments provided. Click here to view a slide show from the career fair,