Student Profile

Joe Marra

Age: 20
Year: Senior
From: Clifton Park, NY
Major: Philosophy
Hobbies: Baseball, tennis, hockey, ping-pong, volleyball, and sports in general.
What is your favorite class or professor?
I have really enjoyed all my classes with Prof. Michael Brown. He is extremely engaging and possesses such a huge wealth of knowledge. I've had him for a number of classes and have always learned a ton. The class that I have enjoyed the most has to be the Passions. It is such an interesting topic and after studying the material side of humanity and reality for so long, it’s really cool to learn about the immaterial side of man - especially since there are many people today who deny the existence of immaterial reality.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in?  I've played baseball for the past three years here, and I'm looking forward to the season this spring. I also work in the dining hall.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? It's hard to narrow down one aspect of Christendom as my favorite, there's so much here that's great. I love how there's an awesome juxtaposition of academics, athletics, and leisure all centered on Christ and the Faith. All the faculty and staff are awesome as well; they really care about each student and put a lot of effort in to helping us all out.
Why did you choose Christendom? I originally came to Christendom to get a couple years of Catholic education before studying engineering. I was hooked along the way though, and I ended up staying for four years.
What surprises you the most about Christendom? The Rome program for sure. I heard about it before I went, but it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. It was amazing spending eleven weeks right outside the Vatican, and traveling throughout Europe. I was hugely impressed with how superior it was to the study abroad programs of other universities and how little it cost to participate in.
 What are your plans after graduation? I'm looking into engineering schools.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student? Play baseball. It's objectively the best sport in existence. 

Student Life

Senior Benefit Concert

On Friday night students, parents, and faculty gathered in St. Kilian's Cafe to enjoy the Senior Benefit Concert, where the Class of 2014 represented Christendom's vibrant musical community while performing to raise funds for the Senior Class Gift. There were a variety of performances, ranging from guitars and violins to bagpipes and duets, all of which were organized and led by the seniors.

Since the event was held during this year's Parents' Weekend, the students' families and friends were also able to see the students perform, support their class, and experience some Christendom-style entertainment. In addition to the music and snacks, those present had a chance to buy lottery tickets for a chance to win $500 by the end of the evening- making for a suspenseful ending to the evening. The musicians all did a wonderful job showcasing how their musical talents have grown while on campus, and the attendants found the evening the perfect start to the fun and exciting weekend ahead.

Sophomore Kayla Newcomb accompanies Senior Kelsey Ingold during the first performance.

Sophomore Gabriella Federico smiles as she finishes her song.

Seniors Chris Ferrara and Steve Miller perform a couple well-known songs.

Junior Noah De La Cruz impresses everyone with his bagpipes.

Senior Conor Knox, junior Veronica Stanton, and Veronica's father perform an Irish tune.

"Knox and the Boys" keep everyone entertained.

The winning ticket, drawn by birthday girl, senior Rebecca Deucher, is announced.

People packed into St. Kilian's Cafe to enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Texas Western Night Returns

Texas Western Night was eagerly welcomed back on Saturday night after a two-year hiatus. Seniors Becca Ellefson and Bridget Vander Woude threw together a wonderful evening.

With Parents Weekend in full swing, the night had a very family-like atmosphere.

“It was a great event," said senior Veronica Halbur. "The variety of different activities made the night enjoyable for everyone. And it was wonderful for the families who were visiting to share in the fun. I thought the event was a huge success. The music, food, and games together made for an awesome night.”

One of the main highlights was the mechanical bull. Almost everyone took a turn and competed to see who could stay on the longest. There was lots of entertainment as senior Theresa Francis led everyone in line dancing, and many students sang and played musical instruments throughout the evening. Several couples also took advantage of the lively country music being played by dancing out on the lawn.

Senior James Ciskanik shows off his famous bull riding skills.

Sophomore Michaela Sanborn giving the bull a try.

Sophomore Nick Jaroma dancing with Senior Colleen Anderson.

Seniors Michael Arnold and Conor Knox sang a few songs.

Junior Gabrielle Cinterino sang "Cruise" and "Let's Live Tonight."

Everyone loved learning how to line dance.

Senior ladies enjoyed their last Texas Western night together.


Ask a Theologian

On Wednesday evening, September 25, a few of the leading faculty members of the Theology Department at Christendom College held a question-and-answer session in the Chapel Crypt for all students. The evening was solely dedicated to students asking those faith-related questions which are never completely relevant in class and which require more time to answer. Dr. William Marshner, Dr. Eric Jenislawski, and Dr. William Diem comprised the Theology faculty panel, and all gave their input in fielding the many questions which students asked of them.

"There are always those questions you want to ask about our faith because it is so rich, but you hate to take up class time, and so it was such a nice opportunity to have our questions answered by our well-versed professors outside of class," says senior Maeve Gallagher. "I love it when Christendom provides unique evenings such as this during our school week."

Halfway through the question-and-answer period, the panel adjourned for a pizza and soda break, which served as a nice refresher before the session commenced once again.

Dr. Diem, Dr. Jenislawski, and Dr. Marshner made up the panel.

Students from all classes took advantage of the opportunity to ask any question they wanted.

Pizza break!


Rome Report

with Maria Bonvisutto

Making Ourselves at Home


And so our Rome semester begins in earnest.  We’ve arrived back from our pilgrimage, moved into our permanent rooms at Candia, experienced orientation and started the school year with a week of intensive Italian.

Our whole class really enjoyed the second half of our pilgrimage to Siena.  There was so much to see and do there and so many special moments, but highlights were staying at Alma Domus, a hotel that’s right next to the home of St. Catherine of Siena, praying before the miraculous Eucharistic miracle of Siena (consecrated hosts that have stayed fresh for hundreds of years) and buying food at the local grocery store, then enjoying dinner outside on Siena’s famous Piazza del Campo.  Most of us had the good fortune of discovering a gelateria on the edge of the Piazza del Campo that served the most delicious dark chocolate gelato you could possibly imagine!

It has been a whirlwind of activity since we’ve arrived back in Rome, but everyone is settling in to their new living arrangements and really enjoying the wonderful convenience of living right in the city.  We all find it amazing that we can simply walk to most of Rome’s famous sites if we want to.  Another fun aspect of settling into Candia has been making meals. At first, some of us were wondering how we were going to survive having to cook many of our meals on our own. However, a little teamwork and a few trips to the grocery store later, and we’re all doing just fine, and even having fun cooking!  Providing for our own meals is part of the growing-up experience of Rome, and it’s interesting to see how each room has come up with its own ‘meal plan’ system.  Already, many of my classmates have made delicious and creative dinners, from risotto to chicken dumplings to fried green tomatoes to peach cobbler. Different rooms will also team up to prepare and eat meals together, which is a blast and definitely strengthens our sense of community. On an important food side note, we’ve also discovered the joys of the 24-hour bakery, which is only a short walk away from Candia. Needless to say, there have already been many trips into that store of delicious baked goodness!

This week, we’ve also been very blessed to have our chaplain Fr. Donald Planty visiting us. Fr. Planty lived in Rome for five years, so it’s been wonderful having him here to give us advice about living in the Eternal City. He’s celebrated Mass for us at the tomb of Blessed John Paul II in St. Peter’s Basilica and taken us on a special trip to the beautiful Church of Il Gesu (where we were able to witness a special exhibit of valuable relics, vessels and statues belonging to the Jesuits never before seen by the public). Father also gave us another very essential tour—a tour of the locations of the best pizza, coffee, and gelato in Rome!

Last but certainly not least, we’ve finally started classes.  This week is devoted solely to intensive Italian, so we’re in class from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm each day learning the native language. Everyone is excited to begin and learn more about the language, history, and culture of this beautiful place that we’re living in.

Chilin' in Siena.

Gelato in Piazza del Campo of Siena.

Learning about the art of stained glass windows.

On tour in Siena.

With Padre Planty in Rome.


Crusader Sports Center

Lady Crusader Soccer Wins 3rd Consecutive Game

After a tough start to the season, the women’s soccer team has found their groove with three consecutive wins where they outscored their opponents 14-1.

“The goal of every coach is to have your team constantly improve, so they are playing better at the end of the year than at the beginning,” says Coach Mark Wunsch.

The Lady Crusaders have 14 new players on the team, including nine freshmen. With so many fresh faces it stands to reason why the team has taken a few weeks to hit stride.

After the first six games, which included a tie and two losses in overtime, it seemed to all click last week when the team traveled to NCAA Division III opponent Trinity University in Washington, DC, where the Lady Crusaders gave an outstanding performance and earned their first victory of the season by a score of 6-0. The women followed the victory up with a 4-0 dominating performance at Valley Forge this past weekend before extending their winning streak to three by defeating Lord Fairfax 4-1 yesterday.

In the last three games the women’s team has definitely turned a corner in the season. The consistent ball control and crisp passing which has exemplified their recent play is something that just wasn’t there early in the season. The team is back in action on Saturday as they travel to Purcellville, VA, to take on Patrick Henry College at 12 noon, while the men play after at 2 p.m.



Special Report

Tomorrow's Leaders. Here Today.

Learn from our students about how Christendom is preparing them to be the leaders in tomorrow's world in this new video produced by the College.


Tom McFaddenAsk the Director

Do you give academic scholarships? And if so, how much are they?

We certainly do give academic scholarships, and, in fact, close to 40% of our freshman class has one! For the exact amounts, go to our financial aid page.

And something that we are doing differently this year is offering a National Merit Scholarship Finalists a limited number of full tuition scholarship to attend Christendom. We are in the process of contacting all the semi-finalists (who were just announced this past week) to let them know of this great deal we are offering. And of course, we offer our annual Full-Tuition Scholarship competition each year (March 7, 2014), so you can certainly compete for that too!

So, I guess the bottom line is that there are many things changing here at Christendom regarding money and scholarship and how much we will be able to give out and at what SAT/ACT level. So work on your application, get accepted, and by then, we will most likely have it all figured out.

Additionally, when it comes to SAT/ACT scores, Christendom takes the highest score that you have and applies that to the scholarship figuring. If you take the SATs this month and get a 2100, but next June you get a 2300, then we go with the 2300 to determine your award. Also, we superscore the SAT results, but only take your highest one-time ACT score.

Talk to you later!