Student Profile

Mary Lancaster

Age: 19
Year: Sophomore
From: Seminole, Florida
Major: Undeclared, but possibly Philosophy
Hobbies: Irish dancing, traveling, reading, and being with family and friends.
What is your favorite class or professor? It’s hard to choose a favorite, because I truly enjoy all of my classes!  But if I had to choose one, it would probably be Ethics with Professor Mark Wunsch.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in?  I participate in most of the intramurals.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? All of my classes and professors are incredible!  The professors here are so approachable and always willing to help—inside and outside the classroom.  I also love how readily available the Sacraments are on campus.  My friends are pretty great too. :)
Why did you choose Christendom? When I was first looking at colleges, I knew I wanted a Catholic college.  After visiting a few times, I was positive Christendom was the place for me.  The small Catholic community and friendly people made it very appealing. 
  What surprises you the most about Christendom? All four of my older brothers have attended Christendom.  I was lucky to have most of my questions answered by them, as well as by my three sister-in-laws. By the time I came, nothing really surprised me!
  What are your plans after graduation? At the moment I don’t have any definitive plans.  I’ve been considering law school for some time now, and recently have been looking into nursing school.  Since I’ve been a competitive Irish dancer for 11 years, I have also thought about becoming an Irish dance teacher part time.  
  Any parting words of advice for a prospective student?  Christendom is a great place, but you have to experience it for yourself.  Make a visit!  

Student Life

Bonfire at the River

A bonfire, with a tailgate theme, was held down by the Shenandoah River on Friday. The event, which was run by sophomore Nate Harrington and senior Aisleen Gibson, drew nearly a hundred students, coming and going throughout the night. Two students drove their pick up trucks down to the site, in order go along with the tailgating theme and allow students to sit and chat in the back of them. Snacks and drinks were provided, as well as live entertainment from the students themselves. Several brought a musical instrument with them, in order to participate in the Irish tunes that were played.

"I loved having the opportunity to play music with my friends around a campfire," junior Veronica Stanton said. "It was so much fun!"

Christendom's 120-acre property runs along the Shenandoah, providing many lovely views of the river from many spots on campus, and the College has a marina and dock area for the community to use in accessing the water.

Students brought their guitars to play some tunes during the evening.

Sophomore Micah Miller with her concertina and juniors Brigid King and Maggie Schuberg.


Roller Coaster Excitement

On Sunday, a group of 40 Christendom students, led by Director of Student Activities Caitlin Bowers, and Residence Life Director Dan Mitchell, took part in Christendom College’s annual trip to Kings Dominion amusement park, located just outside of Richmond. The College is able to get a great group discount so that the trip is affordable for all students, and it provides transportation to and from the park as well.

Students went to a special morning Mass, had a quick breakfast and coffee, and then were off to the park with excitement. Once there, everyone had all day to simply run around and enjoy all the rides and roller coasters, and because it was such an ideal time of year, there were practically no lines, and thus no waiting for rides!

“The Kings Dominion trip was one of my favorite memories from last year, and so I was anxious to go again this year,” says sophomore Nick Murphy. “It did not disappoint, and it was actually even more fun due to the nice weather and short lines for rides.”

Christendom College always provides opportunities every semester for fun and exciting student trips off campus, and the Kings Dominion trip is always a student favorite.

Junior and senior guys scream on the Drop Zone.

Christendom sophomores get ready for the launch.

Freshman Rosie McNeely and sophomore Peter Blank wave from up high!

Christendom students are not scared to take the front.

Everyone is proud to have braved the Intimidator.


Coaster shot!

Kings Dominion trip 2013

Swing 'n Sundaes

Students gathered for the second Swing ’n Sundaes of the semester on Sunday evening. It was obvious that the previous one was a hit, for everyone arrived promptly at eight o’clock with enthusiasm. Under senior Matt Speer and sophomore Catherine McFadden’s instruction, everyone learned fun new moves.

“The evening was so much fun," said freshman Liz Dorrs. "It was great having the opportunity to build upon the dance moves we learned a few weeks ago. And the music was fantastic as well!”

 Swing dance has always been popular among the students at Christendom. Throughout the year, there are dances held including swing competitions and formals. All of these are greatly loved and add to the lively culture at the College. 

Matt Speer and Catherine McFadden demonstrate the dip.

Freshman Sarah O'Neill was all smiles during the event.

Sophomore Eily Weichert and freshman Joe Kuplack practice a fun dance move.

Freshman James Wright dips freshman Colleen McCrum.

Junior Josh Scotto dancing with junior Claire Kosten.


Rome Report

with Maria Bonvisutto

At Last, We're in Italy!


After months of planning, preparation, anticipation and even a little nervousness, we finally arrived in Rome last Friday—tired and excited. Lugging our suitcases into the courtyard of Residence Candia after long hours of travel, it was hard to wrap our minds around the fact that this is was where we would be living for the next couple of months. But things began to become more concrete, once we made our way to St. Peter’s Basilica for the first time as a class that evening for Mass. What a beautiful and profound way to start off our semester in this holy city!

We haven’t had much time to explore our new home yet, because on Sunday we headed off to Assisi and Siena for a weeklong pilgrimage.

None of us were quite sure what to expect from this pilgrimage. We’d all heard that Assisi is an ancient medieval city largely unchanged from its first days.  However, I don’t think any of us were quite prepared for the beauty and the peace that greeted us the minute we stepped foot in St. Francis’ home town. Everything is picture perfect, and around every nook, cranny and corner there is something that surprises and delights us. Whether it’s the gorgeous panoramic views that greet you at every turn, the quaint and narrow cobblestoned streets, the majestic churches or the Franciscan friars that constantly pass by, there is always something new to wonder at in Assisi. And over the past few days we’ve been getting a lot of unforgettable experiences. These include building our stamina and leg muscles climbing the countless stairways and steep streets, bartering for a scarf (there’s no shortage of them here), and eating our way through many delicious multiple-course Italian meals!

One of the most striking aspects of our stay in Assisi has been the fact that we’re literally following in the footsteps of St. Francis and St. Clare.  We’ve seen the spots of their ancestral homes, the sites where they lived and worked, prayed, worked miracles and died. We prayed before the bones of St. Clare and saw the famous San Damiano cross that spoke to St. Francis telling him to rebuild God’s church at the Basilica di S. Chiara. We marched down into the valley to visit the church of San Damiano that St. Francis himself built with his own hands. And we marveled at the beauty of Assisi’s jewel, the Basilica di S. Francesco, where St. Francis is buried.  

Not only have we explored all these places, but along the way, we’ve gotten to know the lives of St. Francis and St. Clare much better.  At every stop we’ve learned something new and fascinating about both of them.  For instance, who knew that St. Francis had a weakness for almond cookies and asked for them on his deathbed? I think that made us all feel a little better about our weakness for gelato! 

Living for a few days in the home of saints has been a unique spiritual experience. Climbing the same stairs that St. Francis would have walked up, or gazing at the same hills that St. Clare would have seen hundreds of years before has given us a sense of closeness to these saints and has made them come alive in a way that we never thought possible. We’re blessed to have been able to celebrate Mass both at San Damiano and at the tomb of St. Francis itself. We’ve been guided along our pilgrimage way by some wonderful Franciscan priests, Father Brian and Father Ed, who have taught us about the lives of Francis and Clare, said Mass for us, given us some wonderful talks, and even invited us to their house for gelato and a goodbye party. Soon we’ll be leaving Assisi for Siena. It’s been an incredible pilgrimage so far, and a week that I think will stand out to us as one of the best of our semester. 

Group photo in front of S. Maria degli Angeli, Assisi.

On tour in Assisi.

Exploring medieval ruins and enjoying the view.

Taking a rest by a fountain in Piazza del Comune in Assisi.


Crusader Sports Center

Off to an Impressive Start

The Men’s soccer team continues their successful season with a winning record of 7-1, and has scored an unprecedented 53 goals this season with only 6 goals scored against them. 


Last Thursday the Crusaders faced one of their toughest games of the season against USCAA opponent and NCAA Division II Washington Adventist.  The Washington Adventist Shock team traveled to Front Royal to play the Crusaders at Skyline Soccer Complex, fully expecting to trounce them as they did last year. However, this year was quite a different story.

With an enthusiastic crowd supporting them, the Crusaders played a very intense and physical first half, and were able to match the very strong Washington Adventist squad.  Their efforts were rewarded towards the end of the first half when the Crusaders scored the first goal of the game. Senior Goal Keeper, Tim Vander Woude drop kicked the ball up the field to fellow senior, Johnny Foeckler, who sent the ball into the back of the net with a left footed volley.

“Timmy just saw me up on the left wing and punted the ball, placing it perfectly behind their defense so that all I had to do was run on it and put a simple left footed strike on it,” Foeckler said. “It gave us a huge boost of momentum.”

soccerThe Washington Adventist players were shaken up at this, but managed to come back and tie the game. After Crusader freshman Joey Kuplack's goal, the Shock then score the go-ahead goal in the 88th minute. Despite the loss, the game showed the toughness and ability of the Crusaders and the men look forward to the rematch later in the season.

Not dismayed by the loss, the Crusaders bounced right back to play local rivals, Patrick Henry College last Saturday.  After a shaky start in which the Crusaders gave up a goal, the men regrouped and began to play like they have been playing all season. The men finished up that game with an impressive 8-1 win in front of an impressive fan base despite the heavy rains that picked up in the second half.


The Crusaders’ next home game is today at 5:30 against another local rival, Lord Fairfax Community College. Go Crusaders!




Special Report

The Dining Services at Christendom College

Every morning before classes, afternoon after Mass, and evening before festivities, students flock to the St. Lawrence Commons to enjoy the wide variety of meals the Dining Services at Christendom College offer daily. Ranging from Specialty Bars, including the popular Deli Bar, to home-cooked favorites such as Meatball Subs or Pork Country Ribs, the Dining Staff never fails to satisfy students' hunger with meals that are both appetizing and unique.

The exceptional variety of meals offered ensures that every student is bound to find something that appeals to them, and the fact that each meal is cooked in Christendom's own kitchen—and not delivered in pre-wrapped packages—means that students can enjoy food that is fresh, healthy, and warm three times a day, as opposed to most universities' cold, repetitive mean plan.

If the particular meal of the day does not appeal to the students, there is an enticing salad bar offered every day at lunch, along with a tempting assortment of ice cream, cookies, and other desserts to take care of a sweet tooth. As described on the Dining Services website, "…there's something for everyone".

Christendom's Dining Services also take into account the special needs of each student by always having "No Meat Fridays" and by preparing special, individual meals for those with dietary restrictions (such as allergies to wheat and dairy).

But what really sets Christendom's Dining Services apart is the exceptional staff. Chef Dennis Paranzino, a former resort chef, has been planning and preparing meals for Christendom students for almost three years, and has shared that "it is a pleasure to work in this environment with a great supportive staff and administration." The staff truly works hard every day to provide students not only with delicious meals, but also with a clean, friendly environment. Quite a few students are employed by the College as kitchen staff, and can be seen serving food, washing dishes, and preparing materials before and after each meal.

It is obvious that everyone—from those cleaning tables to those making and serving the food—cares about each and every student, and strives to make every visit to the Commons as enjoyable as possible. For more information about Christendom's first-rate Dining Services, the meals offered, and to learn more about Chef Dennis, visit their website.


Tom McFaddenAsk the Director

Is it too early to apply for fall 2014? I know you have a deadline of December 1, but do I have to wait until then to start sending stuff in?

I would say that it is never too early, but actually, prior to September 1 of each year, it's probably too early. Anytime after that is great. Yes, our Early Action Deadline is December 1, but I think it is probably best if people wishing to get their entire complete application in by then should start working on it now.

Here's why.

Right now, you could go to our website and start applying online. Not only is it free to do so, it's really very easy. You fill in some biographical information, write three essays, and presto, it's submitted. Your Admissions Counselor, Miss Sadie Bratt, will receive your application and then contact you to follow up, and to see if you have any questions.

Now here's the hard part.

signatureYou did your part and wrote the essays, filled in the online application, and hit send. Now you need to make sure that others do their part and submit what they are supposed to submit on your behalf: letters of recommendation, high school transcripts, and SAT or ACT scores. These sometimes take a little bit of time to get to us, so that is why you should start on these things NOW!!! Email the link to the letters of recommendation to a teacher (academic letter) and to a priest or family friend (personal letter). Contact the collegeboard or ACT people and have your scores sent to us. Then, ask your high school guidance counselor or teacher to send us your transcripts, with 9th through 11th grade results on it. Please make sure your GPA is on it, too (this can affect the amount of scholarship you might get).

So, there you have it. As you can see, there is much to think about and to get organized, but you need not wait until all of your pieces come together. Do a little here and a little there and Sadie will make sure you know when we get your transcripts or letters and all of that. When we get your transcript, Sadie will call you. When we get your personal letter of recommendation, again, Sadie will give you a shout. You get the point.

Once all of your application materials are in to my office, then we will be able to make a decision and let you know the Admissions Committee's decision by December 15.

So, go ahead and start your application today! We had our best-ever recruiting year this year, and it would not surprise me if we ended up with a waiting list next year. Don't delay!