Student Profile

Joey Kuplack

Year: Sophomore
From: Post Falls, Idaho
Major: History
Extracurriculars: I am a member of the Student Activities Council and the Shield of Roses. I play on the soccer team and rugby team, as well as cheer on all the Christendom sports teams. I enjoy breakfast, playing music at bonfires, dancing, taking part in intramurals, shooting wild game, cutting down trees, etc.

What do you find unique about our academic program?
I really love the energy in the classroom shown by Dr. McGuire (history) and Prof. Brown (philosophy). They have an amazing ability to pull you into the material in a powerful way which forces you to be all hands on deck in the classroom.

Give us a highlight from your Christendom experience?
An experience that stands out in my mind is the week before Christmas formal last winter. Students from all different groups swung by the gym to help set up for the event. It was great to see everybody come together in that way.

Any parting words of advice for prospective students?
I would say that the biggest thing you need to do at Christendom is to throw yourself whole heartedly into everything you are doing. If you give yourself to the school, you will receive much in return.


Core Knowledge

      with Rachel Hoover ('17)

Interpretation Inception!

Salvete! It's officially fall, and starting to get chilly outside here in Front Royal, but in classes we're still going full speed.

In theology class, we've moved past the Creation account and on through the stories of Cain and Abel and then Noah. As we read the biblical texts themselves, Professor Jenislawski also has us read selections from biblical commentaries by a host of brilliant authors, mostly Catholic but occasionally Jewish as well. He often reminds us that the Jews have been interpreting and studying the Old Testament even longer than we have, and they often have interesting insights, particularly with regard to ancient Hebrew languages, idioms, practices, and customs. However, he also reminds us that the Old Testament can only be fully understood in light of the New, and Scripture can only be fully understood in light of Tradition, so Catholic scholars can often see the big picture and the salvific implications of the Old Testament better. Read more »

The Week in Photos

Above and below: Students enjoyed a relaxing evening at Prose & Poetry night, held in the library.

Above and Below: Greg Monroe, Director of Career and Leadership Development, hosted an evening for seniors to learn more about the college's new program of offering online GRE test prep courses for free and also paying for the taking of the GRE..

Seniors said goodbye to Fr. Daniel McCaughan from Australia, who had been visiting for three weeks and was their chaplain during their semester abroad in Rome, with a vintage Australian GI Joe.

Above and below: Scenes from Saturday's soccer games, both of which were victories for Christendom's Crusaders.

Above and Below: Saturday night's outdoor concert was opened by Starting Early, a local band featuring three brothers: freshman Kieran, alumnus Rory '12, and Declan O'Donnell. Students enjoyed the chance to relax and listen to the live music.

Above and Below: Students take advantage of the unique opportunity to hike and participate in Mass on Hawksbill Mountain, led by Mr. Brown and his brother, Fr. Joseph Mary Brown.


Alumni in Action

Charlie Rollino
Associate at FirstLine Financial
Class of 2013
Major: History

"I believe that studying the liberal arts has really improved my ability to see the big picture in situations and not focus on a single perspective. This is especially true when evaluating business problems. As my finance teacher at the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business observed, businessmen with a liberal arts background do not approach business situations with some of the biases that are often present in those who have only studied a specific business discipline. In other words, businessmen with a liberal arts background naturally approach situations with a broad perspective, before beginning narrow analyses, whereas students who have only studied accounting or marketing or finance have a tendency to approach situations or problems with a bias to their particular discipline. I have found that it is very important to appraise business problems objectively and as a whole before analyzing it from specific angles. By being a liberal arts student first, I feel I have a good understanding of how these individual business disciplines fit together within a company and how they affect each other."


Did You Know?

Christendom is Surrounded by History?

Nestled amidst the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley, Christendom College is surrounded not only by lovely mountain views but also many historic sites. The beauty of Virginia is showcased best at the Shenandoah National Park, which contains the well-known Skyline Drive. The northern entrance to this winding road, dotted with scenic overlooks, hiking trails, and maps showcasing the area, is a mere ten minutes away from the college and has become a popular place for students to spend the day with friends. Along with containing parts of the famous Appalachian Trial, the Park also boasts the best views and easiest access to the Blue Ridge Mountains’ passes and valley trials along which the Civil War heroes marched, hid, and fought.

The city of Front Royal itself, within which Christendom is located, is full of Civil War tributes. From museums packed with artifacts, a cottage historically preserved to illustrate the wartime living standard, and a cemetery honoring soldiers from the thirteen Confederate states, to statues dedicated to local Civil War heroes, a Main Street that has been preserved to mirror “old times”, and archives containing facts about the past battles that took place in the area, there is a wealth of history within a mere five miles away from the school. The local library also features regular presentations on the surrounding area that are open to the public, and given by citizens of that city who have grown up in the area and are proud of the history with which they are surrounded.

A plethora of other historic sites lie within half an hour of the school, including a museum dedicated to the Shenandoah Valley, several Civil War battlefields, various houses open to the public for the sake of preserving Civil War history, including one used by George Washington. Stonewall Jackson’s Headquarters and burial place are also located around those other sites, all of which are either free or inexpensive to visit. Being positioned amidst such rich history, while also being located in such a naturally gorgeous area, along with having a touching story of its own growth and mission from its foundation in 1977, all lend a deeply historic and noble atmosphere to Christendom’s campus. This charm has led many of the college’s graduates to remain in the area, encompassed by the beauty and history the Shenandoah Valley holds, and which it only continues to emanate as the years pass.


Rome Report

 with Amy Marter

In the Footsteps of Francis

Ciao, Amici! Greetings from Italia! The Christendom Rome Program has been underway for less than a week and already we have seen and done so much!  On Friday, September 19, thirty-one students from Christendom’s Class of 2016 arrived in Rome.  Some of our number traveled directly from the US, while many of us arrived after exploring other European countries, such as Iceland, England, Austria, France, Germany, and Ireland. 

After we settled in to our rooms, Miss Ott, the Rome Program Director, set the tone for the semester by reminding us that our time in Rome is a pilgrimage so that we can “be immersed in the lives of the saints.”  Living so close to the heart of the Church, I am thrilled  to walk in the footsteps of so many holy men and women!  By seeing the places where they lived, worked, and died, maybe my classmates and I will discover God’s plan of holiness for us. 

With these thoughts in mind, we set off for Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica, in the footsteps of St. Francis. We approached the Vatican from Monte Mario and took, by train, the same path that holy friar followed when he first came to Rome.

St. Francis certainly seems to be our guide for the beginning of the semester, as we soon packed our bags and left the bustling city of Rome behind us for our pilgrimage in the quiet, sloping hills of Assisi. As we entered the city, we were reminded of Pope Francis’s visit to Assisi last year on the feast of his patron, so we are beginning the semester in the footsteps of our Holy Father, as well.

Assisi is a beautiful, quintessentially medieval city and a treasury of so many graces!  After our arrival in the city on Sunday, we visited the birthplace of St. Francis, prayed at the tomb of St. Clare, and celebrated Mass at San Damiano.  We also had the chance to see clothing and other relics of St. Francis and St. Clare and pray before the crucifix that spoke to St. Francis at San Damiano. The joy of being so close these saints is written on the faces of everyone in our group.

My favorite moments in Assisi so far occurred on Monday. Early in the morning, some of us arose to greet the sun as it dawned over the mountains beyond Assisi.  We gathered on the mountaintop above our hotel, delighting in the beauty of creation and singing hymns as St. Francis would have done.  After breakfast, our entire group walked down to the Basilica di San Francesco, which stands over the burial place of St. Francis. What an incredible grace it was to celebrate Mass at the tomb of this great saint! As we prayed at his tomb, I’m sure that he was interceding for us in a special way, and will continue to guide us throughout the rest of our semester.

Every day here unfolds with amazing and unimagined graces, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Ciao, until next week!

Enjoying Italian dining in Assisi


sam phillipsDirector's Cut

 with Sam Philips

        Director of Admissions

Christendom is affordable!

A concern shared by many people in today’s still recovery economy is “how will afford a college education?”

At Christendom College we are committed to making our education affordable for you.

There are several opportunities for academic scholarships as well as need-based financial assistance. We offer Presidential scholarships for qualified students based on the academic excellence they have exhibited through their grades and SAT/ACT scores. Additionally, each year we hold our Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship in which we award Full Tuition scholarships to two deserving students. The dates for this spring’s Padre Pio Competition are being finalized. Please check back on our website for details on the competition.

In our continued effort to keep Christendom affordable, we are very excited now to offer a Scholarship Matching Program. This  Scholarship Matching Program enables qualified students to submit competitive scholarship offers they receive from other institutions. Our scholarship committee will review each offer and each student’s overall competitiveness. The committee may then award a Christendom scholarship that matches the competing offer as far as percentage to tuition ratio. In other words, if a student received a 30% tuition scholarship at another college that student could qualify to receive a matching 30% tuition scholarship here at Christendom. This will really open the door for many more deserving students to attend Christendom.

For many families paying for college is understandably a big fear and source of stress for, so here’s something to keep in mind. Of all those who were accepted to Christendom last year, not one (that we are aware of) of the applicants who chose not to pursue Christendom did so due to financial concerns. In short, money did not stand in the way of anyone who wanted to attend Christendom this year. Through academic scholarships and financial aid, we do everything in our power to make the cost manageable for our families.  So, do not allow financial concerns stand in the way of the transformative education and experience that awaits you at Christendom.

Rather than stress about affordability, the most important thing you can do is to try to learn as much about Christendom as you can so that you can make an informed decision as to whether Christendom is the right fit for you. That’s why you absolutely need to come on out and visit our campus. Christendom is truly a unique education and it is not easily reduced to a trite pitch or catchy slogan. It needs to be experienced to be best understood. It’s one thing to read a college brochure, hear a presentation from a college rep, or even review a college website, but it’s quite another thing to see it firsthand for yourself.  There are certain intangible qualities that you simply won’t appreciate until you visit. With any college you are considering I would strongly urge you to visit its campus so you can make the best decision for your future..

For Christendom, you are invited to visit almost any week of the semester. Come for just a day or come for an overnight, or even two. In addition to enjoying the professors and classes they observe, visitors to Christendom regularly comment on what a friendly and welcoming campus we have.

And if you would prefer to visit in a more formal fashion, plan to attend one of our Fall Open Houses. Please note that slots for the Open Houses are filling up quickly so be sure to sign up today.

God bless,
800.877.5456 ext 1290



Issue 9/26/2014