Student Profile

Luke Marrazzo

Age: 19
Year: Sophomore
From: Fairfax, VA
Major: Political Science
Extracurriculars: Intramural sports and discovering new music

What do you find unique about our academic program?
The amount of personal care professors put into ensuring that you gain the most knowledge from not only their class but the entirety of your Christendom experience.

Give us a highlight from your Christendom experience?
The mission trip to the Bronx was easily the highlight of my career here so far. I was with a great group of people, being led by a fun chaperone, making it one of the best weeks of my life.

Any parting words of advice for prospective students?
Try new things! There are so many things that can be done at Christendom that unfortunately so few people, including myself, have taken proper advantage of. You won't have the ability to experience a diverse spectrum of opportunities anywhere else.

Core Knowledge

      with Rachel Hoover ('17)

Salvete! We're finally back from a wonderful three-month summer break! At least, three classes of us are back, while the seniors of last year have moved on, and there are around 122 freshmen who have never experienced Christendom College before! This year I'll be documenting the sophomore portion of the core curriculum as my classmates and I progress through our second year. (If you want to read about what the freshmen are doing, start with my first post from a year ago, or use the archive of last year's posts!)

As you may know, sophomores at Christendom still typically take six classes in the core curriculum, and we'll declare our majors at the end of the year. Read more ยป

The Week in Photos

Above and below: Students have fun at Friday night's social with classic games.
Where the freshmen came from (not pictured: England, Ireland, and Canada).

During Friday's Parent-Faculty reception, Mr. and Mrs. Trojacek converse with Philosophy professor Mark Wunsch and English professor Dr. Thomas Stanford.

College president Dr. Timothy O'Donnell addresses parents at Friday's reception.

Literature professor Dr. Patrick Keats chats with Mr. and Mrs. Rechner at Friday's reception.

Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde blesses the congregation following the academic year's opening Mass.

Bishop Loverde gives brief remarks to students at brunch.

Seniors stop for a pic on a hayride during Sunday's Barn Dance at philosophy professor Dr. John Cuddeback's home.

Annual Residence Hall tug o' war competitions.

Virginia Reel fun.

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors all had a blast at the barn dance.
Christendom College
Above and below: scenes from Sunday's Orientation Party, including humorous skits about residence hall life.
Christendom College

Fun at Monday night's orientation party.
Dean of student life Chris Vander Woude and college chaplain Fr. Stephen McGraw address the students during orientation weekend.

Sophomores Peter Tapsak and Paul Flagg enjoy a casual jam session outside St. Joseph Hall.
Lady Crusaders get ready for their Volleyball season.

Alumni in Action

Sean Kay
Class of 1997
Major: English / Political Science

"A Christendom College education opens endless opportunities and confers enormous obligations.

The time I spent at Christendom enabled me to earn a valuable liberal arts degree, taught me intellectual discipline and effective work habits, and helped me to prioritize the important things in my life.

Many students in American colleges and universities today acquire a narrow, overly specialized education, but employers and graduate schools are actively seeking well-rounded, liberal arts undergraduates. Following my graduation, I enrolled in Northeastern University's Graduate School of Professional Accounting in Boston, MA, where 90% of students have liberal arts, non-business backgrounds.

I encourage each of you to consider a future in business. A Christendom degree does not prohibit entry into the field; on the contrary, it facilitates success."


Did You Know?

Christendom is in Ireland

This summer, Christendom hosted its second annual St. Columcille Institute. Held for three weeks in the north of Ireland, in Donegal, the program strengthened the faith and deepened the understanding of young Catholic leaders through a thorough catechesis and by developing the ability both to evangelize and defend the Faith within secular society. Taught by Christendom faculty, students also examined the patrimony of Western Christian Civilization through an in-depth study of history and literature. In addition to the classes, participants took advantage of the cultural, spiritual, and natural beauties that dapple the Emerald Isle. Find out more at

Traditional barefoot hike up Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo.

In history class with Dr. Brendan McGuire

Left: Fr. Mark Byrne celebrates Mass at one of Ireland's many Mass Rocks. Right: Prof. Sharon Hickson teaches a course on the Christian Imagination.

The setting is ideal for contemplation.

Group photo at Donegal castle.
A statue of St. Francis welcomes visitors to Ards Friary, where the Institute is held.



sam phillipsDirector's Cut

 with Sam Phillips

        Director of Admissions

Meet the Admissions Team!

L-R: Tom McFadden, Sam Phillips, Klarissa Blank, and Zac Inman

Well, it's a new academic year and there are some new faces (along with familiar faces) here in the admissions office that I would like you to meet.

First off, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sam Phillips, a history major from Christendom's Class of 2008, and I am thrilled to serve as the new Director of Admissions at Christendom College. I will be working hard with my staff to help students who are interested in achieving success in graduate work, and becoming leaders in the professional world of business, accounting, medicine, engineering, etc., to discover the rigor of our academic program, and encouraging them to join us in this challenging environment.

Please be sure to check back each week in the Chronicler for my latest post in "The Director's Cut" to keep up with the exciting new developments planned for this year. I review each application our office receives and I will serve as your personal guide and advisor as you navigate the admissions process.

In his new position as VP of Enrollment, former Admissions Director Tom McFadden will continue to oversee admissions and enrollment issues, as well as career development services and academic counseling. He works to provide each Christendom student with the personalized attention and necessary resources to ensure their satisfaction and success at Christendom and in their post-college professional career.

Zac Inman returns this year in his role as Associate Director of Admissions. Zac has the very important task of going out on the road and speaking with high schools students, guidance counselors, religious, and parents all over the country, sharing the good news about Christendom and the extraordinary opportunities available here. In addition to his admissions duties, this fall Zac is coaching the girls' volleyball team. If you are interested in having a "get to know Christendom" event at your school, parish, or home please contact Zac to set it up.

Klarissa Blank joins the admissions team this year as the new admissions counselor. Klarissa graduated from Christendom in May 2014 and majored in Theology. As a student, Klarissa was involved in a variety of activities, including the women's soccer team, where she was a team leader and clutch player. As a former three-year counselor for the ever-popular Experience Christendom Summer Program, she is now responsible for helping organize the yearly program and for coordinating student visits to our campus throughout the year.

Speaking of visits, when considering the right college for you, there is no substitute for a visit to the college's campus. It's one thing to read a brochure or hear a presentation from an official college representative, but it's just not the same as sitting in on classes, meeting faculty members, eating with students, attending student activities, and getting a personal feel for the campus (including testing out the cafeteria food) and the college's culture. So absolutely be sure to schedule a visit with us and experience the Christendom difference for a day. Or two days! Students are welcome to schedule overnight visits any night of the week from Sunday through Thursday. To arrange your visit just give us a call or register online.

All of us in the admissions office are excited for this new year and we are ready and eager to be of service to you. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments please don't hesitate to contact me or one of my staff.
800.877.5456 ext 1290



Issue 8/29/2014