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Student Profile

Midori Funai

Age: 21
Year: Senior
From: Seattle, Washington
Major: Philosophy
Extracurriculars: I am a member of the Student Activities Council and also a member of the Philanthrophy board, both of which are wonderful opportunities to reach out to my fellow students and give something back to my school.

What do you find unique about our academic program?
The academic program at Christendom is wonderful because everything taught in the classroom is relevant to and can be practically applied to real life experiences, especially in Philosophy. Studying the liberal arts gives you more time and freedom to choose what you want to do after college, rather than tying you down to one field of work. Of course, the professors are wonderful, admirable people and they contribute immensely to the academic experience at Christendom!

Give us a highlight from your Christendom experience?
The Rome semester is definitely the highlight of my Christendom experience. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Italy for three months and be completely immersed in Italian culture, while at the same time studying and growing in friendship with your classmates. A semester abroad forms you in ways unimaginable, and it is an experience I will always cherish!

Any parting words of advice for prospective students?
To any prospective student, Christendom has so many wonderful things to offer. Of course the Catholic environment, the close community, the wonderful professors and classes are a few, but there are also many hidden aspects of Christendom that you have to experience for yourself in order to recognize. Once you do, you will be forever grateful. Whatever you do, don't pass up an opporunity to at least come and visit!

Core Knowledge

      with Rachel Hoover ('17)

Trying on the Trivium

Welcome back! It’s our last week before fall break, and we’re going full speed until then. More tests and papers are coming up to test our logic and grammar, which are the first two components of the classical education trivium, but we’re also getting some practice with the third—rhetoric!

In literature the last few weeks, we switched over to lyric poetry (rather than narrative or dramatic) and read just a sampling of works from some of the most famous poets of the medieval and Renaissance era. Some of the earlier poems were anonymous carols, and others were well-known sonnets by Shakespeare and metaphysical poetry by John Donne. We learned about various rhyme schemes, the three types of sonnet (English, Italian, and Spenserian), and the types of metric feet (such as trochee, iamb, and spondee). The variety of poetry sparked a lot of fascinating in-class discussion as we interpreted the imagery in the poems. Read more »


The Week in Photos

Above and Below: The College celebrates the feast day of Our Lady, Queen of the Rosary with a rosary procession around campus.

Above and below: The school celebrates the 10th Anniversary of St. John the Evangelist Library with musical performances and speeches about the old library and the foundation of the current one.

Above & Below: Students always enjoy the Spirit Week activities leading up to Homecoming weekend.

At the nearby Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club: alumni and benefactors enjoyed launching Homecoming at the 5th Annual Thomas S. Vander Woude Golf Tournament, which raised funds for the college's scholar-athlete scholarship.

Above & below: recent alumni enjoy a casual barbeque together on Saturday afternoon during Homecoming Weekend—even former college chaplain Fr. Donald Planty paid a visit.

On Saturday, the Christendom men's soccer team defeated Davis College in overtime (3-2).
Above and below: Alumni and faculty reminisce and mingle at the Warren H. Carrol Alumni Reception, part of the Homecoming Weekend activities.

Above & Below: The annual Homecoming Dance was a huge success; current students and alumni were very pleased to spend the evening dancing to a live swing band.

Above & Below: The annual East West flag football game was held on Sunday, with East crushing the West in a 43-0 victory.

Click here for more pictures from the East vs. West Game and Homecoming on Picasa.
Above and below: For the second installment in the "At the Well" series, local moms brought delicious goodies to the girls' dorms to provide a delightful study break in the middle of midterms week, and stayed to socialize and ask the girls about classes and their upcoming Fall Break plans.

Scenes of fall on campus.

Fr. Neil Roy, an expert on the liturgy, gave a series of lectures to students and faculty this week.

On Monday, the Lady Crusaders swept Central Penn State in 3-0 victory. The Lady Crusaders finished their 8-6 winning season on Wednesday night with 3-0 sweep of Washington Adventist.

Alumni in Action


Matthew Cameron
Entrepreneur | Cameron Productions
Class of 1993
Major: Political Science

"Christendom opened a door for me into a much larger world. It also gave me a 'map' by which to understand the world and keep perspective in it. I can talk with anyone about anything. If I don't understand something, my education has helped me to know how to gain understanding and perspective."


Did You Know?

Our Founder: Dr. Warren H. Carroll


A native of Maine, Dr. Warren H. Carroll was a summa cum laude history graduate of Bates College, after which he earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in history from Columbia University. As a convert to Catholicism, Dr. Carroll saw what was wrong in modern education a long time before he saw what was right about Christianity. He maintained that the people teaching in universities did not care whether truth existed or not. But to him, it mattered a great deal. In 1968, precisely when “everyone” seemed to be leaving, Carroll was baptized and received into the Catholic Church, influenced by his wife, Anne, and his godfather, Congressman John G. Schmitz.

In 1973, he joined the staff of Triumph, a monthly Catholic journal of opinion founded by L. Brent Bozell, Jr.. When Triumph and its summer program came to an end, Carroll determined to perpetuate its vision by founding a college. In September, 1977, Christendom College opened its doors in Triangle, Virginia, from which it has since moved to its permanent location in Front Royal, Virginia. Carroll founded Christendom as a co-educational liberal arts undergraduate college in response to the Second Vatican Council’s call for the formation of lay apostles. He served as the College’s president from its opening until 1985 and then as the chairman of its History Department until his retirement in 2002.

Before his retirement, Carroll was one of the few teachers that every student had in common. He was known for repeating to his students, what he called the watch words of Christendom College:

"Truth exists. The Incarnation happened."

His love of teaching history naturally spilled over into writing history: 1917: Red Banners White Mantle, Isabel of Spain, Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Rise and Fall of the Communist Revolution, The Last Crusade, and The Guillotine and the Cross. Carroll is also known for his major work, the multi-volume History of Christendom.

It was through his teaching enterprise at Christendom College that Carroll was able to reveal and develop his extraordinary skills as a Catholic historian, teacher, and author. He has won a well-deserved reputation as one of the foremost Catholic historians of our time, perhaps the greatest of the 20th Century.

Read more about Dr. Carroll's life here. You can even experince his lectures for yourself at Christendom on iTunes U.

iTunes U



Rome Report

 with Amy Marter

Exploring Rome, Italy, and Europe

One of the benefits of the Christendom Rome Program is that we can experience the world as our classroom. The program is structured so that we can both engage in high caliber academics  in our classes of Roman Perspectives, Moral Theology, Art and Architecture, and Italian, and further embrace the wonders Rome has to offer.  Over the past few weeks, several students have taken the opportunity to explore different areas of Rome after class, some of which included trips to eat gelato outside the Pantheon and to watch the sunset over Piazza del Populo.

However, Christendom has not only given us ability to explore the Eternal City this semester. With our residence in Rome, the marvels of the European continent are at our fingertips.  Last weekend was our first ‘free’ weekend of the semester, meaning that with no class or tour obligations, we were able to leave Rome to explore other cities or countries on our own. Most of the group enjoyed the temperate climate of the Mediterranean by basking on the beaches, visiting the churches, and sampling the cuisine of Sicily.  Another group headed south to the Amalfi Coast and stopped over at Pompeii to visit the historic ruins. The only students to leave the country were Catherine Schneider, Maryann Riccardi and myself who spent the weekend in and around Paris.

Everyone had an amazing weekend and came back to Rome with stories and adventures to relate. One experience we could all share, in spite of our varied destinations, was the realization of  history, faith, and dreams come alive. These ideas do not merely belong to the realm of textbooks or of wishful thinking, but to the monuments and ruins we can visit and touch in Rome and throughout Europe.  In our travels, we encounter the reality of the things we study and imagine, and come away changed by the experience. 

Returning from the weekend, we resumed classes the next morning and participated in Mass, lunch, and a tour of St. Peter’s Basilica with Dr. O’Donnell.  It was so special to tour St. Peter’s with the President of Christendom College! Dr. O’Donnell knows each one of us by name and gave us a sense of being reunited with the rest of the college community.  Upon entering the Basilica, we knelt before the high altar of St. Peter’s and prayed together as pilgrims for the intentions of our own group of students and for the Christendom Campus in Front Royal. Dr. O’Donnell’s presence and explanation of the Basilica made the Heart of the Church seem that much more like home to us.

During his tour, Dr. O’Donnell unveiled for us some of the magnificent details of the basilica and enabled us to marvel at the beauty and the meaning conveyed by the slightest touch of artistry. After the tour, we were able to see the Basilica with new eyes.  Everyday in Rome has given us deeper insight into reality, I can’t imagine how much differently I will see the world after this semester.

Dr. O'Donnell explains the significance of the figures on the facade of St. Peter's Basilica.

In St. Peters


Above and below: enjoying Sicily

Back in Rome

sam phillipsDirector's Cut

 with Sam Philips

        Director of Admissions

Exciting New Initiatives

Greetings from Christendom College!

Students are wrapping up mid-terms and preparing to return home for their week-long Fall Break.

There are several new initiatives underway this year at Christendom that I’m very excited to share with you.

  • Unique Scholarship Matching Program for Seniors
    Don’t let money stand in the way of you and one of the best liberal arts educations in the nation. Bring your merit scholarship offers from peer institutions to have Christendom match them. The scholarship will be matched based on its percentage of tuition, not on the actual dollar amount. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get the best scholarship you can!

  • Accessible Athletics Program
    Christendom’s sports programs have always been competitive, but in recent years, the many Crusader teams have been attracting high caliber athletes, which in turn has made the teams even more successful. The college has a limited number of scholarships for talented student athletes, for students who are good at their game, but might not be considered for Divisions I or II. Christendom, as a member of the USCAA, quite often plays Division II and III teams, and often times beats them! Students can play multiple varsity sports, all while gaining a broad liberal arts education.

  • Experience Christendom Summer Program for Juniors
    It's time to start thinking about attending the most popular, well-attended, and highly ranked pre-college summer program of its kind. Be taught by actual Christendom faculty. Hike the Blue Ridge Mountains. Canoe the historic Shenandoah River. And much more. Due to its great popularity, this year Christendom will offer SIX one-week sessions from which rising seniors can choose. Find out why year after year the Experience Christendom Summer Program receives near perfect ratings from its participants. Financial assistance is available. Registration begins December 1, 2014.

  • Personalized Career & Leadership Development Program for All Students
    Christendom’s manageable size enables its Career Development staff to work INDIVIDUALLY with each student to help them achieve their dreams, goals, and ambitions post-graduation. Additionally, by offering our college seniors a FREE online Grad School Test Prep Course, as well as extending to them the opportunity to take the Grad School placement tests (LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT) for FREE, we are ensuring their future success in the marketplace.

We will be highlighting these initiatives throughout the fall semester. Please keep checking back on our website to learn more. In the meantime, if you have any questions about these great opportunities please feel free to contact me at any time. And we are beginning to get a bunch of applications, so if interested in coming in the spring or fall, feel free to apply online, for free!

God bless,

800.877.5456 ext 1290


Issue 10/17/2014