Aloha, Christendom!


Name: Michael Arnold
From: Manassas, VA
Music, sports.
What's your favorite class?
I think Prof. McGuire's History 101 (History of Western Civilization I - Ancient and Biblical World) is my favorite so far. He is very energetic in the classroom and gives an interesting spin on the material. I also feel that he "gets" the students since he is younger.Do you play any sports? I play baseball and I like to run. Athletics are obviously fun and good for staying fit, but they are also useful for taking one's mind off schoolwork and other worries.
Do you participate in any drama or music related activities? I play the guitar and bass and have a great time jamming with and discovering the musical talents of the guys in the basement of St. Ben's.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? I like the close community in which you get to know people so well and develop strong relationships. Having constant access tot he sacraments is also awesome.
Why did you choose Christendom?
I was really impressed with the teachers and students I met at the "Experience Christendom" Summer Program and the omnipresent Catholic attitude.
What do you plan to do after graduation? None, yet—other than raising a family.


Relaxing in the Pub

Pub Night at St. Kilian’s Café returned Friday night to the delight of both Christendom’s students and faculty.

Music played throughout the night while those of the appropriate age sipped beer. Underage students were able to request from a large variety of alcohol-free beverages provided by Christendom’s Student Activity Council (SAC). Students relaxed after their first week of classes and enjoyed themselves while catching up with friends and talking to teachers.

“I liked meeting all the new freshmen and seeing people I haven’t seen in a while," Sophomore Nate Collins said. "I also liked seeing the upperclassmen hanging out with the new students.”

Literature Professor Dr. Robert Rice chats with Sophomore Anthony Readings and Freshman Allee Crafton.

Seniors James Hannon and Denton Coyne get some Theology on Tap with College Chaplain Fr. Planty.

Hawaii Comes to Christendom

Students flocked behind the Regina Coeli Hall on Saturday night for the much-anticipated luau dance.

The yard was festively decorated for the occasion, with twinkling lights encircling the dance floor and Hawaiian decorations surrounding a full snack and slushy bar. Many freshmen students got their first chance to try swing dancing, and students of all grade levels twirled around the dance floor for hours to an assortment of fun songs. Leis and fun tropical outfits were donned, and a group of upperclassmen boys even showed their spirit in grass skirts.

Volleyball games, hula hoop, and limbo competitions accompanied the dancing. The luau was still packed at the close of the night, which certainly confirms that it was an amazing start to the academic year at Christendom.

Seniors James Hannon and Sam McMahon and Junior Peter McNeely show Senior Jack Anderson how to dance Hawaiian-style. “Since the Luau is my favorite activity at the start of the school year, I just had to go all out,” McMahon said.

Freshmen Theresa Francis and Elizabeth Altomari choose one of the slushy flavors: piña colada and strawberry.

The food was as colorful and varied as the decorations.

Freshman Neil Baldwin shows off his hula-hoop skills.

Senior Kathleen Deighan takes on the lowest level of the limbo.

Freshmen Ginny Colgan and Sean Kerin swing away.

Junior Thomas Connolly gives Senior Megan Rolla a twirl.

Freshmen Mary Barbale and Matthew Marcolini enjoy a dance.

Cruisin' the Shenandoah

On Sunday, thirty-eight students traveled to the Front Royal Canoe Company for an afternoon canoe trip. The students paired off, settled in their canoes and started rowing down the beautiful Shenandoah River for a seven-mile trek.

Everyone enjoyed the breathtaking beauty of the river and the surrounding mountains. The afternoon was also filled with pranks and laughter, as many students attempted to splash their friends or even flip over the canoes of the other Christendom students.

“The coolest part of the trip was tipping over the other canoes for about twenty minutes," Sophomore Nicholas Blank said. "At one point, we had six canoes engulfed. Everybody had fun, especially when they got in the water.”

Students floated down the river, singing a mixture of camp-fire and religious songs, soaking in the sun, and enjoying one of the many benefits of being a Christendom student in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

The majestic Shenandoah—right in our backyard.

Crusin' the Shenandoah 2010.


Coming September 23rd!


Our New Chaplain

The Chronicler caught up with our new Head Chaplain, Fr. Donald J. Planty, Jr., this week and asked him a few questions. Welcome to the Christendom Community Fr. Planty!

The Chronicler: Where did you go to college?
Fr. Donald Planty: I attended the College of William and Mary from 1984-1988, where I majored in Government and in French. I also spent my Junior year abroad, studying at the Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier, France, which, like Christendom’s program in Rome, helps broaden one’s education with enriching cultural experiences. I learned not only about French literature and history, but also about wine, cheese, and art!

C: Where were you stationed before you came to Front Royal?
FP: I was at Holy Family Parish in Dale City for the past seven years; my first two years as Parochial Vicar and Director of Religious Education, and the last five years as Administrator/Pastor. Holy Family is large–12,000 parishioners!–ethnically diverse and very active suburban parish on the I-95 corridor, about twenty-five miles south of D.C. Over half the parishioners there are Hispanic, so I almost spoke more Spanish there than English.

C: How did you come to be at Christendom College?
FP: It’s simple: I’m here because Bishop Loverde assigned me here! I have always welcomed the apostolates the Lord has given me through the Church as “God’s will be done”–and most of them have come as a surprise. Though I had mentioned, in the past, an interest in college pastoral ministry, I did not think such an assignment likely. So, I was pleasantly surprised when the Bishop told me I was going to Christendom. God’s will be done–and thanks be to God!

Fr. Planty surveys the landscape following this weekend's canoe trip.
C: What about Christendom attracts you the most?
FP: What I most like about Christendom is being part of, as I say, an “enthusiastically Catholic community.” It is a consolation to belong to a Catholic community in which the truth of the Lord that comes to us through His Church is willingly accepted. It is a blessing and an inspiration to see the goodness of so many people–especially young adults–pursuing holiness. It is a joy to experience the beauty of the sacred liturgy as celebrated here. It is great to be part of what is better described as one big, happy Catholic family. I am also enjoying living in the country for the first time in my life!

C: What duties do you have as chaplain this year?
FP: My duties are those of any priest, that is, the three munera or ministries of Christ: the prophetic ministry of the Word, the priestly ministry of the sacraments, and the shepherding ministry of charity. Concretely, in terms of formation in the faith, I will be preaching, teaching theology (Fundamentals of Catholic Doctrine to Freshmen), and offering regular Tuesday night talks; I have also had many informal occasions to share the faith with students. In terms of sacramental ministry, I will be offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and hearing Confessions daily, and leading the community in other liturgies, devotions and prayers. I also must shepherd the College in charity, both by my example and by fostering charitable works. Of course, I will also be present to everyone informally, at meals, at social and sporting events, etc. All that essentially means that I am here to be Christ to all, and so to make myself available to all, meeting their spiritual needs.

Fr. Planty chats with Mark Hepler and
Thomas Daily at last week's Pub Night.
C: How does Christendom compare to other parishes you have been stationed at?
FP: Christendom is different because of both the demographics and the ministry. While the bishop gave me the “duty to oversee and serve the pastoral needs of the faculty and students”–that is, to serve the whole College community–most of my service will clearly be to students, a group of mostly white young adults. That’s a big change from Holy Family Parish, from which I just came, which is a large, ethnically- and age-diverse congregation. While I miss the variety of parishioners, I enjoy the youthful exhuberance of Christendom’s students. The work is also different: although the work of the priest is essentially the same everywhere–as in the duties described above–here I will not frequently celebrate baptisms, weddings, funerals, or have primary administrative responsibility.

C: What are your hobbies when you are not busy?
FP: In my free time I generally enjoy hiking, frisbee, classic novels and films, an eclectic variety of music, cooking, art, and travel. For example, in the past year I’ve hiked Buzzard Rock Overlook near Front Royal, cooked a classic Spanish dinner for friends, watched the BBC Brideshead Revisited series, seen an exhibit on Spanish sacred art at the National Gallery of Art, and traveled to France and Guatemala. Maybe I should also add that I went deer hunting in Colorado and sang with a local Mariachi band! I am definitely an extrovert, so I relax by sharing the company of other people. I look forward to sharing these and any new interests with the Christendom community!


Lady Crusaders Defeat Division III Wilson College

The women’s soccer team got their 2010 season off on the right foot yesterday as they showed great promise on both sides of the field and beat up on Wilson College despite playing much of the 2nd half with just 10 players. The team, which has 6 freshmen on it, was paced evenly between the newbies and the returning players and came out on top, 4-1.

Senior Mary Hill scored 2 goals in the game. One of the goals was the result of a great crossing ball from freshman Morgan Kavanagh which Mary Hill put in the back of the net. Morgan Kavanagh was a bright spot in the game with her beautiful left-footed crosses to go along with her crowd-pleasing flip-throw-ins! Morgan also scored on a free kick which she placed right over the wall and past the outstretch arms of the Wilson goalkeeper. Cecilia O’Reilly also got in the scoring column with a penalty kick. Returning starters Eileen Dziak and Theresa Lamirande also contributed with many attacking runs which put lots of pressure on Wilson’s defense.

The defense for the Lady Crusaders remained resilient throughout the game despite playing a man down for most of the 2nd half. Jane Snyder, who started in goal due to the unfortunate injury to Katie Rollino, provided an aggressive and determined last line of defense for Christendom. The team, which adjusted their defensive formation, looked as if they had been playing it for years together due in no small part to the great play of freshmen Theresa Francis, Helen Snyder, Karen Hambleton and newcomer sophomore Sadie Bratt.

The Lady Crusaders had glimpses of dominance against Wilson College which resulted in good passing and smart decisions. The game, despite being early in the season, was a great beginning for the team under 2nd year coach Matt Nelson. The Lady Crusaders look to continue their winning ways as they travel to Potomac State College in West Virginia on Saturday and are off until another home game next Wednesday vs Washington Adventist.

Freshman Morgan Kavanagh sends one to the goal.

Coach Nelson tells the girls that victory is in their reach.

Sophomore Cecilia O'Reilly adds one to the Crusaders score with a penalty kick.

Senior Jane Snyder defended the Crusader's goal well.

The speed and agility of Sophomore Eileen Dziak is one of the many weapons in the Lady Crusader's arsenal.

Q. I want to make sure I apply early enough so that I can avoid getting placed on a waiting list, and was wondering what timeline I should follow when applying. Thank you!

A. This year, we did end up with a small waiting list, but I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about that. Simply focus on getting everything together for your application and everything will be just fine, I think. As you are probably aware, Christendom has a little over 400 students this year, and our hope for next year is to have a little over 400 students. So, we are not growing, which means that sometimes there are more people interested in what we have to offer than we have room to handle. As long as applicants follow the timeline laid out below, there should be nothing to worry about.

First of all, even though we are just entering the month of September, we have actually been receiving applications daily for both the Spring 2011 and the Fall 2011 semesters. A bunch of eager beavers, I guess. Happy

For those applying for the Spring semester, it’s best to have your completed application into us by November 15 at the latest. Then, we normally can let you know whether we can accept you or not by mid-December. At that point, you send in your $500 deposit and arrive on campus January 16, ready to begin your academic career at Christendom! By the way, we do take first-time freshmen in the Spring, so if any of you are real eager to get on with life and come to college in January, you are welcome to apply for the Spring semester.

For those applying for the Fall 2011 semester, the schedule is as follows. You can apply now, if you want, and then, have your letters of recommendation, your SAT scores, and your transcripts sent in later. There is no need to wait to have it all submitted at the same time. You can apply online for free. If applying online, it is best to write and save your essays in Microsoft Word or some other type of format on your computer, and then copy and paste them into the space on our application. That way, if something bad happens to your computer while filling in the form or if it doesn’t go through, then you will not have lost your essays. If you apply now, there is a good chance that you will receive notification from the Admissions Committee sometime around mid-October or early November.

If you choose to wait a little to apply, that’s fine too. Our Early Action Deadline is December 1. What this means is that if you get all the parts of your application in to us on or before December 1, then we notify you of the Admissions Committee’s decision on or before December 15th. At that point, you do not need to do anything about your acceptance, or make a decision as to whether you wish to attend Christendom, until February 1st, when you will have to send in a $500 deposit if you wish to attend.

Financial Aid applications will be available on our website (remember, we do not take Federal funds—but we do offer loans, grants, scholarships, and work study jobs—therefore we use our own form, not the FAFSA) around February 1, and that is also the time that we set our tuition, room, board, and scholarship amounts for the next Fall semester. You can download the form at that time and send it in, but you must have filed in your 2010 taxes in order to apply for financial aid. Right now, though, if someone is interested in seeing what they might get in loans and grants, they can fill in our one-page financial aid estimator, found HERE, and send it in. You will get a response from our friendly Financial Aid Office within a couple of weeks.

If you do not apply by December 1, and instead, choose to apply leading up to the March 1 Regular Application Deadline, then, if accepted, you will be notified by April 1 and you will have until May 1 to make your $500 deposit. But sometimes, if someone submits a very good application, the applicant could hear back from the Admissions Committee prior to April 1, so it is still a good idea to apply as early as possible, and not wait for the March 1 deadline to roll around.

If someone wishes to re-take the SAT or ACT, even if they have applied, been accepted, and even sent in a deposit, they are welcome to do so. The reason someone may wish to do this is because if their scores reach a certain level (1920 on the SAT or 29 on the ACT), they automatically receive a Presidential Academic Scholarship, and we use the best score that a student has submitted prior to entrance into Christendom (not prior to acceptance or deposit).

And finally, you have up until May 1 to ask for your deposit back if you end up choosing a different college—not that we want that to happen—but we understand that sometimes there are other issues affecting students’ choices that require them to attend a different school, rather than their first-choice, Christendom.

So, that’s the timeline you were asking about. I hope this helps!
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.