Music, Pizza, & Football


Name: Madeleine Murphy
From: Daphne, AL
I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, going to sporting events, and going to the beach—among other things.
What's your favorite class?
I always look forward to Prof. McGuire's History 101 class (History of Western Civilization I - Ancient and Biblical World). He presents the material in such a way that always keeps the class engaged and the seminars are always a lot of fun.
Do you play any sports?
Although I don't play any varsity sports, I plan on playing intramural volleyball and possibly others. Intramural sports are great for people who want the fun of sports without all the competition.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? I love how everyone is friendly with each other, and how the professors genuinely care about their students. I love how easy it is to form friendships, and how Catholicism permeates every aspect of the college.
Why did you choose Christendom?
In looking at colleges, I wanted a small Catholic college where the Faith was alive and vibrant, and where I knew I would be comfortable. The summer program also helped "seal the deal" for me.
What do you plan to do after graduation? My plans as far as a career are still unknown, but I know I would love to raise a family.


Movie Night with Gregory Peck

Students gathered in the lower level of the John Paul the Great Student Center on Friday night to enjoy the classic film The Scarlet and The Black. The movies currently being featured during Movie Night are from the Vatican's Best Films List.

“This was my first movie night and I really enjoyed it," Freshman Abby Matthews said. "The film shows courage in the face of adversity; something you don’t see as often in modern films.”

Students snacked on candy and popcorn as they watched the movie, based on the novel The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican by J.P. Gallagher. The film focuses on the true story of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty (Gregory Peck) and his trials as he attempts to save persecuted Jews during WWII. The film was a great start for Movie Night and set the tone for many more Friday nights filled with enjoyable films.

Peck gives an impeccable performance as Msgr. O'Flaherty. He played the role of a priest in the 1944 film The Keys of the Kingdom, as well.

When the show was over, students enjoyed discussing the film.

Pizza & Music

Saturday night’s pizza and open mic party brought in a huge crowd, as students fought for seats, and even standing room, in St. Kilian’s Café. Christendom students enjoyed chatting with their friends and getting to know new people over pizza, soft drinks, and yummy treats.

There was wonderful entertainment, as students showed off their incredible musical talents singing and playing instruments. Sophomores Theresa Lamirande and Alicia Stanton, and seniors Troy Spring, James Hannon, and Kerri Sciscilo graced the crowd with their beautiful voices and guitar playing.

“I love how Christendom provides us with nights like these to just enjoy a fun, relaxing evening with my friends,” Sophomore Natalie Lucas said.

Theresa Lamirande played some beautiful ballads.

Sophomore Charlie Van Hecke entertained with his stand-up comedy.

The band Fools for No One played many popular songs that everyone could sing along to.

Sophomore Olivia Aveni enjoys some coffee with Juniors Rocco Levitas and Paul Nangurai.

Alicia Stanton brought a lot of energy to the stage.

Upper vs. Under

Every fall here at Christendom, the annual Upper vs. Under Flag Football Game is held. This highly anticipated battle features the senior, junior, and sophomore classes versus the newly arrived freshmen. It is an opportune chance for the freshman to, not only come together as a class, but practice a little humility, lest they become too comfortable in their new surroundings.

To give them credit, the freshmen accepted the defeat nobly and fought hard despite the odds. They were spurred on by the cheering freshmen ladies who turned out in droves, and never ceased in their efforts to encourage their male classmates to stand tall and represent the class of 2014.

This year's game was no different than usual. Seniors Jack Anderson, Francis Aul, Troy Spring, and Bill Waller led the Upper team to a crushing victory over the hopeful youngsters. The Upper offense started rolling on the first drive of the game, and never looked back. In addition, their defense stifled the first year students, forcing four interceptions, and only allowing the underclassmen to cross the half-line once.

The last attempt by the Under team to break the shutout ended with a last second heave to the end-zone. The crowd caught its breath as a brief midair struggle for possession ensued, but senior Sam McMahon knocked the ball to the ground, preserving the shutout. The final whistle blew, a deafening roar erupted from the Upperclassmen on the sidelines, and as the dust settled, the score told the storyline all too well: Upper 58 - Under 0.

The best cheerleaders on campus.

Freshman Conor O'Donnell looks to sack quarterback Junior Peter McNeely.

Though they lost on the field, the Freshmen won in spirit.

Junior Paddy Norton flew up and down the field. He was just too fast for the Freshmen.

Freshman Jonathan Fioramonti tries to evade Junior Peter McNeely.

"Just where do you think you're going?" Senior Pat Stein puts the stop on Freshman Christian Kopeck.

Freshman quarterback Brian McCrum looks for a completion.

A Band of Brothers.

The victorious Upper team.

Check out more photos from Upper vs. Under at Christendom on Picasa.

Our Lady's Birthday

In celebration of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Christendom held Solemn Vespers on Wednesday evening in the chapel. The choir led the congregation in beautiful Latin hymns and psalms.

"The music really helped direct our attention to the solemnity of the occasion,” Junior Chris Foeckler said.

Vespers was followed by a little party in the chapel crypt, sponsored by the Legion of Mary. Students enjoyed socializing over coffee and eating delicious homemade cake in honor of the Blessed Mother’s birthday!
Seniors Richard Allington, Joseph Ruhl, and Jackie Brogley enjoy some of the homemade cake.

Associate Chaplain Fr. William discusses the liturgy of Vespers with Freshman Sean Connolly.


Coming September 23rd!


English 101: The Literature of Western Civilization

One of the highlights of the freshman core curriculum at Christendom College is The Literature of Western Civilization.

The first semester focuses on Classic Greek works. Students read The Iliad and The Odyssey, Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, and Aeschylus’s trilogy, The Oresteia. During the second semester students read works from the Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages and Renaissance such as Cicero’s Dream of Scipio, Virgil’s Aeneid, Beowulf, and Dante’s Divine Comedy.

The Chronicler caught up with Dr. Patrick Keats to get his take on the freshman core.

The Chronicler: Why is it important that English is included in Christendom’s Core Curriculum?
Dr. Patrick Keats: By English, of course, we are really talking about two main aspects of the subject: Literature and Writing. Both of these are absolutely crucial to any good education and therefore must play a central role in the Christendom Core Curriculum. In English 101, the new students are exposed right away to the magnificent poetry, narratives, and dramas of the ancient Greeks. The literature, in a way that is both creative and concrete, illustrates the major themes studied in the other core courses. For example, Aristotle writes eloquently about the nature of friendship in the Nicomachean Ethics. Homer, meanwhile, dramatizes the subject by giving us the friendship of Achilles and Patroklos.

C: What is your favorite unit or book to teach in English 101?
PK: That’s a hard one. There’s Oedipus and the story of his crazy, mixed up family as well as his attempts to deal with fate. There’s also the story of Antigone, who stands up for the higher law of the gods in her battle against an unjust civil law. I would have to say, though, that The Odyssey is my favorite. You have to love Odysseus! He’s such a colorful, wily old campaigner. He’s the ultimate survivor, always finding some way to come out on top. He can give a great speech on any occasion; doesn’t mind disguising himself as a beggar; and can shed a tear when he sees the old dog that has been waiting for him all these years.

C: What do students seem to enjoy the most about English 101?
PK: First, students find it exciting that the same themes that excite us today—justice, the nature of love, God’s law vs. man’s law, friendship, leadership—were also the themes that the ancient Greeks argued and fought over. Secondly, it’s encouraging to see the many connections between the literature they read here and the material they are studying elsewhere in Ancient and Biblical World (History) or Philosophy. When they find out that Aristotle, who tutored Alexander the Great, impressed upon young Alexander the importance of reading Homer and learning from the examples (good and bad) of Achilles, that makes a strong impression.

C: Are there any works that you would teach if you had more time during the year?
PK: I would love to do more Dickens, especially the longer novels that we tend to avoid precisely because they are so long. David Copperfield, Dombey and Son, and Nicholas Nickleby are some that come to mind. Dickens himself had little formal education, but he was a master storyteller with an amazing capacity to portray unforgettable characters.


Crusader Soccer Starts Off 3-1!

The men’s soccer team has started the season off on fire winning three out of their first four games and doing it in deciding fashion. The team, which boasts a 27 man roster, including only two seniors, started the season off with a bang this past Friday in their decisive victory over local rival Lord Fairfax Community College with a 5-0 win.

The defense, led by Tim Beer and Jonathan Fioramonti, led a strong back-line which stood strong throughout the game and allowed the offense to concentrate on putting the ball in the back of the net. Anthony Readings netted twice and Joseph Stephens, Johnny Ciskanik and Paul Nangurai each pitched in a goal apiece.

The next day, the Crusaders looked for their 2nd victory and got it in a 3-1 win over Davis College from NY. The Crusaders took a commanding 3-0 lead into halftime and dominated in time of possession throughout the first half. The Davis team fought back in the 2nd half and got on the board. Christendom continued to fight throughout the game. Blaise Buckner scored 2 goals in the game, making them look effortless, and Johnny Ciskanik added one.

This past Tuesday the team took on Division II Washington Adventist University. The game was a hard fought game which saw WUA take an early lead when the defense broke down and the ball found the back of the net. The Crusaders battled back and began dominating time of possession; however they couldn’t find a way to get the ball past WUA’s goalkeeper despite a couple of great opportunities. In the end the men lost 0-3 despite playing hard through the whole game.

Often the best medicine for a loss is to get right back on the field and forget the previous game; that medicine proved to be what the Crusaders needed. On Wednesday, the Crusaders dismantled the Patrick Henry Sentinels and dominated on all sides with a commanding 9-1 victory in front of a home crowd. The crowd has been very supportive in the home games largely due to the Crusader Crazies led by Brendan Krebs, Tim McPhee, and Brian McCrum. Their chants have given the team lots of added energy on the field. The 9-1 victory is the most goals a Christendom men’s soccer team has scored in recent memory and possibly in the team’s history.

The Crusaders possessed the ball beautifully and had great combinations. All 26 players that dressed for the game saw action and did a great job in staying with the winning formula of ball possession and team play.
The Crusaders look to continue their winning ways as they travel to Williamson Free School in Media, PA for a Friday night battle before heading to Patrick Henry for a Saturday rematch.

Junior Paul Nangurai slips one past the goalie.

The Christendom Crazies bring spirit to the field.

Joseph Stephens scored 2 goals in a matter of 4 minutes against Patrick Henry.

Junior Johnny Ciskanik's intensity and confidence in front of the net makes him a formidable foe to any team that encounters The Crusaders.

Sophomore Anthony Readings of England brings amazing footwork and a fun European-style every time he's on the field.

Junior Peter McNeely looks to add another point to the Crusaders' score.

Off to a great start: Crusader Soccer 2010.

Q. I want to visit Christendom sometime this fall. When’s a good time to visit and how does it work?

A. We’d love to have you visit with us this fall. We have a couple of different times that we recommend students come to visit us, but if those times don’t fit your schedule, we can work out other times that meet your needs.

We have a number of, what we call, Visit Weekends. These weekends are selected because these are weekends that have a lot of student activities going on and a student could better experience the social life on our campus on one of these weekends.

27 copy
Students arrive either on Thursday night or Friday morning. They meet their Student Ambassador who will serve as their host for their visit. Visitors sit in on classes on Friday, attend Mass, eat lunch, meet with me, and get a tour of campus. Then, over the weekend, students do a bunch of various fun social events, depending on the weekend, and depart either Sunday or Monday.

We have two special Visit Weekends planned this semester, and we are calling them Crusader Weekends (our sports teams are called Crusaders). On these weekends, we will have some more formal activities scheduled so that all those visiting can spend more time, not just with our current students, but also with other visiting students. We will have various presentations (admissions and financial aid talk, Rome Program presentation, discussion about our curriculum, etc) on Saturday morning, as well as special events during the day on Saturday. We are even having some special events planned in the evening, like an Irish sing-a-long and barn dance at our President’s home one night, and hikes to Skyline Drive on the Sundays.

One of the additional aspects of these Crusader Weekends is that those who are applying for the full-tuition scholarship will have the opportunity to meet with a faculty panel on the Friday afternoon at 4pm.

If none of the planned weekends work for you, you are able to schedule a visit during the weekday pretty much anytime. We need about a week’s notice, but you could come on a Monday and leave on a Thursday, if that works better for you. While here, your meals are free and if flying, we provide your sheets, towels, and pillow, and we pick you up from Dulles Airport for free. If driving, you are asked to bring your own bedding and towels. All visitors sleep either in the Ambassador’s bed or on a comfortable inflatable air mattress.

If someone would rather arrive on a Thursday and leave on a Saturday, we can make that happen too. Admissions Counselor Eve Owen is the visit program coordinator and is more than happy to help you plan your visit to our campus. Please look to our visit page on our website for more information and I hope to see you this fall!

God bless,
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.