Trick or Treat?


Name: Olivia Rose Aveni
Age: 19
Manassas, VA
Political Science
Cross country, creative writing.
What's your favorite class/professor?
Nicomachean Ethics with Prof. Michael Brown. He is one of the most engaging and exciting teachers I have ever had; and his ethics class has seriously made me reconsider switching my major from political science to philosophy.
Do you play any sports? I play intramural volleyball and soccer, and I love running—especially on campus in the fall, because we have some gorgeous trails.
Do you participate in any drama or music related activities?
I love acting and have been blessed with several roles in the Christendom Players performances.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? The people! I have made the most incredible friendships in the past few years.
Why did you choose Christendom? Even though I went to a Catholic high school, I didn't want to presume that I was strong enough to take on our culture right away. I wanted the strong Catholic education to strengthen me so that I can go out and successfully conquer the world for Christ!.
Plans after graduation?
I would like to work in politics; ultimately for an elected office.


Have You Scene It?

Last Tuesday, students and faculty arrived at St. Kilian’s Café for “Have You Seen It? Movie Night,” hosted by the Library staff. The theme for this semester's "Have You Scene It?" was “Great Speeches.”

Scenes from classic films like
Bridge Over the River Kwai, 12 Angry Men, and Apollo 13, depicted moving and celebrated speeches from the movies.

“This event was a great idea ,” said Freshman Rebecca D. “I hadn’t seen many of the movies that were shown but after viewing the inspirational speeches I definitely want to watch them.”

Popcorn and other refreshments were served throughout the night and all who attended agreed that the event was an enjoyable and memorable one.

“I’ll definitely be attending the next “Have You Seen It? Movie Night,” added Rebecca.

Students enjoy discussing the films with Library Staff Member Mrs. Mickey Krebbs.

Time for Some Spiritual Growth and Male Bonding

The Men’s Convocation—an annual event held in conjunction with the Women’s Convocation—was held this past Friday night in the Crusader Gymnasium. There was a large number of gentlemen in attendance, and this significant turnout was due in part to Fr. Planty’s fantastic talk on chastity, work, and prayer.

“Fr. Planty’s talk was both inspiring and very helpful,” says Sophomore David Townsend. “The pizza and wings made the night,” he added.

After listening to the talk and eating, everyone split into teams and played numerous games of ultimate dodgeball, which proved to be both intense but tremendously fun.

Liberal arts colleges normally have trouble attracting men, but not Christendom. The camaraderie and spiritual formation found at events like these continues to make Christendom a hot spot for men who are dedicated to the life of the mind, body, and the spirit.

Dodgeball in Crusader Gymnasium is always an intense experience.

Life in the Single Years

All the female students were invited to the Women’s Convocation on Friday at St. Kilian’s Café. Theology Professor Mary Stanford was the guest speaker of the night. Discussing the single life as a vocation, she encouraged young women to look at this time in their lives as a time of growth and preparation for the rest of their lives.

“Mrs. Stanford’s talk was awe inspiring—it gave in-depth meaning to some of the ever present questions pertaining to women of our age,” said Senior Ania Zganiacz. “In addition, the fluidity and enthusiasm of the discussion that followed showed what a great group of young women we have at Christendom. I was really impressed with the wisdom and strong character of the girls. They are going to do great things!”

Freshmen Madeleine Murphy and Margaret Horiuchi enjoy the chocolate fondu and the other delicious fare.

Prof. Stanford's talk can be downloaded at Christendom on iTunes U.

iTunes U

Oktoberfest: Das Gut

Saturday night featured one of the Christendom Community's favorite events, Oktoberfest. Christendom students enjoyed traditional German cuisine for dinner before participating in games. Stein racing, keg rolling, and doughnut eating were among the many exciting contests.

Women, wearing traditional dirndls, and men wearing lederhosen danced the night away at the Oktoberfest dance. A Polka contest, Virginia reel, the Ländler, and the Lady’s chain, as well as several other dances were performed.

“Oktoberfest is truly the high point of my fall season,” said Sophomore Kathryn Anderson. “The German food was so appetizing and I loved seeing everyone in traditional German attire.”

English Professor Dr. Robert Rice led a group in singing the Bavarian Anthem.

Associate Director of Admissions Michael Schmitt, Theology Professor Dr. Eric Jenislawski, and Dr. Rice love their German heritage.

The Beer Barrel race.

Racing with german steins. Contest are judged on speed and the amount of water that remains in the glass. Above visitor Kat Charba races her cousin Freshman Marilyn Charba.

Sophomore Chris Roberts tries his hand, or perhaps - his feet, at barrel walking.

Sophomore John McFadden takes a turn with visitor Gabi Muskett during the Virginia Reel.

The Ländler, as seen in The Sound of Music.

Students and visitors alike enjoyed the Lady's Chain.

And of course, the polka!

Crusader Weekend Big Success

Over 30 high school students from across the nation came to visit Christendom College during the College's second Crusader Visit Weekend last weekend.

During the weekend, more than half the students participated in a full-tuition scholarship competition and met with a faculty panel. All of them had the opportunity to sit in on classes, visit with current students, hear from the Admissions Director and Visit Program Coordinator Eve Owen (pictured above), and take part in all of the fun social and religious activities on campus, including Oktoberfest, Convocation, and the Halloween Dance (as detailed in this issue).

Two more Crusader Visit Weekends will be scheduled for the Spring semester. More information about visiting Christendom can be found

Trick or Treat?

In an effort to add even more to the excitement of Halloween night, the gentlemen in St. Benedict’s Hall hosted trick-or-treating for the first time for all the Christendom ladies. Every room on all three floors was fully stocked with candy on Sunday night, as girls ventured into the boys’ dorms, some dressed in full costumes, eager to relive the childhood joys of trick-or-treating.

A few of the boys got really into the Halloween spirit, creating “haunted houses” out of their dorm rooms. Juniors Pat Stein, Jeremy Vierling, and Senior Peter Ciskanik created the most terrifying room by far. With strobe lights and many terrifying accomplices, no girl was able to suppress screams once inside.

“I really enjoyed dressing up and getting candy from the boys, and the haunted house was a blast,” Freshman Hannah Ethridge said. “They did a great job scaring the girls with it!”

Senior Nick Lowry was a zany witch that led the girls through the "haunted house."

The trick-or-treating put everyone in the perfect mood for the Halloween Dance in the Commons that immediately followed it.

A Night of Costumes and Dance

Students arrived at the St. Lawrence Commons Sunday night for the Halloween Dance. Everyone was dressed in his or her most creative Halloween costumes. Throughout the night Freshman Class President Joe Duca announced various activities, such as long-board races and costume contests.

“This was the best dance I’ve been to so far at Christendom,” said Freshman Karen Hambleton. “The costumes were so original, it was fun seeing everyone dressed up.”

Refreshments were served throughout the night and all the students voted for their favorite costume. Mike Bobrowski won “Best Costume,” - he came as Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc - Kathleen Deighan won “Funniest Costume,” and a group of Freshmen dressed as Greek gods and goddesses won “Most Original Costume.”

The gods of Greek mythology.

The cast of Clue.

Mike Bobrowski, dressed as Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc., won best costume.

The Three Musketeers show that they can dance as well as they sword fight.


It's Time to Catch Up!

Though Christendom was on a couple weeks ago, we in Rome stayed quite busy! I'll catch you up, so you are all up to date on what we've been doing.

The Rome students were all positively thrilled and excited to have Dr. O'Donnell and Mrs. O'Donnell join them for some events in Rome. It was so lovely to see familiar faces after being in Rome for over half a semester. We all felt so welcomed, even though we were the ones welcoming them! Dr. O'Donnell's tour of St. Peter's was absolutely amazing, and so very informative. I think I speak for the whole class when I say, we were all very grateful for the knowledge that he shared with us on the very unforgettable tour we received.

Other lovely happenings included our day trip to the town of Orvieto, where we saw the magnificent Duomo, where a Eucharistic miracle is kept, as well as the chapel with the cross which spoke to St. Thomas Aquinas. Christine Nussio and I went together to the Church of San Domenico, where the cross is kept. When we entered, the Church was empty, and very peaceful and quiet. It was a really amazing experience to be able to just kneel and pray before the cross in complete silence, and after some time in prayer we sang "Tantum Ergo" together. It was a really beautiful experience.

Aside from being very intellectually and spiritually thrilling (as most weeks in Rome are), these past two weeks were also incredibly musically thrilling!

As a bit of a musically-obsessed person myself, I have enjoyed the experiences immensely. Several of us went to a concert of Mozart's music, held in Santa Maria Ara Coeli. The Church itself is gorgeous, and the music was just lovely. Six of us girls also enjoyed a very fun experience of going to see Guiseppe Verdi's opera "La Traviatta." We had a wonderful time getting dressed up and going "out on the town."
The day after seeing Verdi's opera, the Christendom students had the incredible opportunity to go to a Papal Concert, where Verdi's Requiem Mass was performed! It was the most beautiful concert I have ever had the privilege of attending. The choir was wonderful, the orchestra was exquisite, and the soloists and conductor were phenomenal. Additionally, we were all quite excited, because "Il Papa" was there enjoying the concert alongside us. Finally, several of the Christendom girls once again got dressed up and hit the town to see the ballet, "Sylvia" which also had an amazing orchestra, as well as extremely talented and graceful dancers.

Additionally, the Rome students have enjoyed seeing the beautiful Vatican Gardens, visiting the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, and had the privilege and incredible experience of attending the canonization of six Saints!

It never ceases to amaze me how very blessed we are, to have the opportunities we do in Rome. The beauty, majesty, and glory of the Catholic faith is so alive here, in so many ways, and we continue to discover it every day. We look forward to continuing to growing even more in our faith as we continue to experience the Faith in so many profound ways.

Till next time,

The Vatican Gardens: Hanging out in the Pope's backyard.

Dr. O'Donnell's tour of St. Peter's is a favorite for all Rome Program students.

Students enjoyed a few meals with Dr. & Mrs. O'Donnell.

Detail of the Duomo in Orvieto.

Christine Nussio (top left) explores Orvieto, a medieval city on a hill.


My 7 Favorite Things to Do in Front Royal

Chronicler Reporters Madeleine Murphy and Maeve Gallagher took the video camera into Front Royal in order to show you their 7 favorite things to do in our local town.



Athletics at Christendom

Christendom has a lot to offer its students in the realm of athletics. Watch this brief excerpt from our "Breathe Catholc" DVD for a nice introduction to Crusader sports.

Q. What are the deadlines for admission? Do you offer alternatives to regular admission such as early decision, early action, rolling admission? How many applications did you receive last year? What % were admitted?

A. Good question. Our admissions deadlines are December 1 for Early Action, and March 1 for Regular Admission. Early Action means that those students who complete their applications and send them to us by December 1 will be notified of our Admissions Committee’s decision by December 15. At that point, any students who are accepted do not have to notify us of their intent to enroll at Christendom until February 1, although plenty of students tell us earlier than that. In fact, we’ve already received 4 deposits for the Fall 2011 semester! Even after a student deposits their $500 to reserve their place in the incoming class, that deposit is fully refundable up until May 1, as long as we are notified in writing on or before that date.

Regular admission means that students send in their complete application to us before March 1 and are then notified on April 1 of the Admissions Committee’s decision. Those students would then have until May 1 to make a non-refundable deposit of $500 to hold their spot.

But, we also do a type of Rolling Admission in that we normally review the applications as they come in and notify students of our decision within a couple of weeks. So, in reality, although we have these official dates set up, we do try and move through applications and send out acceptance letters on a more regular basis. So, if someone completes their application today (essays, letters of recommendation, SAT or ACT scores, transcripts), there is pretty good chance that they will be notified of our decision by next week.

Last year, we ended up with 350 applications, accepting 280 of them (80%). This year, though, we are experiencing a lot of interest in what we are doing and have received 40% more applications already this year. On top of that, we are having a smaller than normal graduating class which means that we are going to be looking to bring in somewhere around 105-110 new students, rather than the normal 125 new students. This will mean that, unfortunately, we will not be able to accept as many students as normal, so I would recommend applying sooner, rather than later, if you are interested.

My advice to anyone truly interested in attending Christendom is to apply early! In that way, you can know whether you have been accepted to Christendom early and that would give you plenty of time to discern whether you want to join Christendom’s family in the fall.
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.