Discernment Weekend


Name: Nicholas Lowry
Age: 21
Milton, Washington
Target shooting, driving, and after four years of college... napping! Happy
What's your favorite class/professor?
Right now, Jurisprudence with Dr. Rafael Madan. He just makes the class great with his sense of humor and enthusiastic way of teaching.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in?
I played rugby at Christendom for 2 years. It was a really great experience. Loved the challenge and being on a team with a bunch of close friends.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom?
The people! The friendships I've made over the past 4 years are the best I've ever had. I have no doubt that I'll stay friends with a lot of these people, and the Christendom College community for the rest of my life.
Why did you choose Christendom?
I wanted to go to a school that none of my family had gone to and I had heard really good things about Christendom from some friends who came here, so I came to the Summer Program in 2006 and knew that this was the place for me.
What has surprised you the most about Christendom? Catholic weird is a good thing! Happy
Plans after graduation? I plan on joining the Marine Corps as an officer sometime in the near future and maybe later down the road I hope to work for a government agency.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student? Try it, I guarantee you'll find something you love.


Understanding the Culture of Life

Last Thursday, the members of Shield of Roses hosted a talk by former president of Shield of Roses, Alumnus Andrew Bodoh ('07). The talk, entitled “Understanding The Culture of Life,” was held in St. Thomas Aquinas Hall and had a good turnout. Bodoh explained how many pro-lifers have great ambitions and want to really go out in the world and make a difference, yet they aren't the ones who are getting up on Saturday mornings and praying in front of the clinics—they go hand-in-hand, he explained.

The talk was the first in a group of talks that Shield of Roses is looking to host on pro-life issues. It can be downloaded at Christendom on iTunes U.


Girls' and Guys' Nights Out with Religious

On Friday night, Discernment Weekend was launch with Vespers followed by separate socials for the girls and boys. The girls got a chance to meet and talk to all the religious sisters in St. Kilian’s Café. They chatted with the sisters while eating wings, cookies, and dipping fruit in chocolate fondue. There were also many fun games throughout the night which helped everyone get to know each other—the favorites being Taboo and Apples to Apples.

“It was awesome to see every table filled with sisters and students enjoying great food and fun games!” says Sophomore Lisa Hill, who helped organize the event. “All night Kilian’s was overflowing with joy and laughter, and I think the inner beauty of the sisters radiated in all of us blessed with their company!”

The boys had a similar fun time getting to know all the visiting priests and religious. They spent their evening conversing over pizza and playing intense dodgeball games!

The chocolate fondue was a big hit.

Sr. Colleen, a Salesian Sister, gets serious over a game of Taboo.

Brother Reginald was one of the last men standing in one of the matches

Junior Peter McNeely and Rev. Canon Matthew Talarico give it all they've got to try and hit their opponents across the court.

Discerning the Future

After Mass and lunch on Saturday, the many nuns and priests opened booths up to the students and welcomed questions from the student body.

From 1-4 pm, everyone could choose between six talks given by several priests, sisters and a married psychologist that focused on vocations, relationships, and religious life.

“Discernment weekend made me more open to other options for my future life choices. I really enjoyed speaking with all the nuns and priests who took the time to come and visit our school. I think the students here did a good job of welcoming them and I look forward to seeing them again next year,” said freshman Hannah Ethridge.

A collection of the talks given on Saturday can be downloaded at
Christendom on iTunes U.


Sr. Kathy Ulrich (Trapist of Crozet, VA) speaks with Junior Kathleen Deighan Sophomore Sarah Belk.

Sophomores John McWhirter, Nate Collins and Dan Mitchell talk about the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter with Fr. Gregory Pendergraft.

Rev. Canon Matthew Talarico speaks with Junior Pat Stein.

Dr. Michael Horne delivered a talk entitled "Communication in Relationships."

Sr. Maria Consolatrice spoke on the Religious Life.

Arlington Diocese Seminarian Thomas Cavanaugh spoke to students about discerning while still single.

A Saintly Social

Saturday evening, after a beautiful celebration of Vespers, the many religious on campus congregated once again with eager students in St. Kilian's Café to enjoy some relaxed social time. Both Christendom's chaplains and the visiting religious enjoyed conversing with students on everything, from vocations, to relationships, to work, to studies.

"It was nice to have the opportunity to get to know the religious better in a relaxed social environment, especially after hearing their great vocations advice," Junior Christine Nussio said.

Fr. Gregory Gresko, who presided over the Vesper service chatted with students about St. Anselm, whose prayer he said during the Vespers homily, as he passed out cards with the prayer. Students and guests snacked on the tasty fare as they played cards and enjoyed the evening.

The weekend concluded with Sunday Mass and brunch where the priest and religious were once again able to spend time with students.

"The graciousness and generosity of the religious who came to visit, and the organization and hospitality of the school, resulted in a beautiful and peaceful weekend for all who were involved," Senior Ania Zganiacz said. "I'm sure that discernment weekends, such as this one, will bear much spiritual fruit. It was an amazing event."

Read more about the weekend

Senior Marc Solitario, Sophomore Michael Bobrowski, and Junior Kevin Todd pause their conversation for a photo with Prior Gregory Gresko of Mary Mother of the Church Abbey.

Senior Lisa Irwin chats with Sr. Ana Luisa of the Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament.

College Alumnus and Priest, Fr. Tony Stephens chats with two Norbertines, members of the same Abbey as the College's Associate Chaplain Fr. William.

A Lovely Dinner

St. Lawrence Commons was splattered with shades of pink and red this past Monday night, as Christendom College celebrated St. Valentine's Day. Students entered the Commons to "mood music" consisting of mainly cheesy-romantic songs, and the sounds of Juniors Tim Ginski and Gabriel Schuberg announcing the beginning of "Speed-Dating", Christendom-style.

There were about twenty guys and twenty girls who sat at a head table, where, during two minute intervals they would chat, then upon hearing a loud air horn, the gentlemen would move a seat down to continue the process.

Meanwhile, the rest of the student body relaxed and enjoyed the fabulous dinner, featuring chocolate-covered strawberries for desert—a treat which many students enjoyed. Students also had the opportunity to guess the amount of Hershey's Kisses in a jar, which were provided by the Student Activities Council (SAC).

Many girls spent the meal chatting about the "poems" they'd received in their mail boxes earlier that day. A Christendom tradition, the men of Christendom ensure each girl on campus receives a poem for St. Valentine's Day. Most poem's senders are anonymous, so the girls enjoy guessing who wrote their poem.

St. Valentine, Pray for us!

Speed-dating hosts Juniors Gabe Schuberg and Tim Ginski.

Juniors Leah Merrill and Lisa Hoonhout enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries.


The Student Activities Council

Director of the Student Activities Council, Marie Antunes
This week, The Chronicler is getting a closer look at the student association that is behind the scenes of the vast majority of extracurricular activities at Christendom College, the Student Activities Council. As Student Body President Richard Allington puts it, “SAC is an organization composed of students who volunteer large portions of their time, expertise, and enthusiasm in order to enhance the life of the Christendom community.”

Students from all classes run and coordinate events ranging from dances, to special holiday dinners, to movie nights, to spiritual trips and events, and much more.

The Director of the Student Activities Council, Marie Antunes, has the final word on all SAC decisions. However SAC is primarily a student-run organization.

"The students run up to three events per weekend and plan and execute the vast majority of the details involved,” explains Allington. “SAC is composed of the student body president, the four class presidents, the senior class VP, the secretary, treasurer, and club manager and other students serving in one of a number of departments, social affairs, cultural affairs, religious life, SAC advertising, technical support, volunteer recruiting, and athletic affairs. They also run the weekly SAC meetings.”

These students join SAC either by being elected by their peers as president of their class or by applying and being selected from among the applicants. All SAC members are responsible for organizing and running at least one event every semester. In addition, they help set up and break down all the other various SAC events every weekend.

“In my experience, SAC is one of the most positive and enjoyable ways for Christendom students to get involved with their school,” says Vice President Bernadette Horiuchi, who has been an SAC member for three semesters. “It opens up doors to new friendships, and allows students to let their creative juices flow. SAC provides opportunities for students to volunteer for their community and to help make their fellow schoolmates’ college experience one to remember. I would highly encourage anyone interested to apply for next semester.”

Members of the Spring 2011 SAC.


Lady Crusaders Finish Season on a High Note

This past Monday and Tuesday the Lady Crusaders played their last two games of the season at Crusader Gymnasium. The two games were a microcosm of their season and gave a new energy and hope to the women’s basketball program in future years.

On Monday, the team battled against Trinity University of DC. The Division III team had beaten Christendom badly just a week prior at Trinity and only a year ago had held Christendom scoreless for 19 minutes of the first half. All this history was about to change. The Lady Crusaders came out with great energy and composure as they would build a lead of up to 10 points in the first half led by a patience offense spearheaded by Freshmen Mary Barbale and Morgan Kavanagh. The hot start immediately surprised Trinity and it was very obvious that the tables had turned dramatically in just one short week. Now Christendom was in the driver’s seat.

By a combination of tough rebounding, despite being extremely outsized, the Lady Crusaders fought and battled on the defensive end and hit big shot after big shot on the offensive side. Freshman Mary Barbale would continue her average of a double-double finishing with a game high 14 rebounds and 18 points.

The second half would see the Tigers of Trinity come out very aggressive and exert their will upon the Lady Crusaders both on the defensive and offensive side. Trinity put lots of pressure on the team on offensive and once they got the ball would get the ball down low where they had a huge size advantage. The results were the Lady Crusaders clinging to their lead up until the 7-minute mark when the speed and size of Trinity wore down the Lady Crusaders.

Trinity pulled away in the final minutes and won by 19, despite a valiant effort by the Christendom team. Morgan Kavanagh led all scorers with 21. Despite the loss, the game showed how far the Lady Crusaders had come not just in one week but also in a year.

The next day the Lady Crusaders celebrated Senior Night and their last game of the season when they hosted Penn State Mont Alto. Seniors Jane Snyder, Mary Kate Vander Woude, Katie Cruser, and Lauren Kavanagh were honored at halftime and started for the Lady Crusaders. The game was important for many reasons, especially since a win would put the team above .500 for the first time in recent memory—if not in Christendom history.

The Crusaders raced out to an early lead exerting a tenacious full court press that caused many turnovers which turned to points—thanks to the passing of point guard Mary Barbale. The Lady Crusaders at one point led 34-15 in the first half.

At halftime, coach Mike Brown delivered an emotional address to the four seniors. In it he mentioned the Johnson Bible College game earlier in the season of which the Lady Crusaders were down up to 16 points in the second half, but they fought back to win the game. He attributed the leadership of senior Mary Kate Vander Woude as having a huge role to play in the victory. He went on to mention how the Christendom community as a whole will miss these four women very much and how they have played a huge role in the rebuilding of the women’s basketball program.

The second half of the game saw the Lady Crusaders continue to cruise behind the shooting of Mary Barbale, Mary Kate Vander Woude, Morgan Kavanagh, and Bridget Vander Woude. Seniors Jane Snyder and Katie Cruser played crucial minutes and contributed with their defense and strong rebounding.

The result was a 69-29 final victory for the Lady Crusaders would finish the season with a 7-6 record and the first winning season in recent memory. Mary Barbale led all scorers with 25 and finished with 10 rebounds and 7 assists.

A special congratulation to the Lady Crusaders and Coach Mr. Mike Brown and Assistant Coach Mrs. Nancy Bauer on a great season!

Freshman Mary Barbale drives the ball down to the hoop.

Senior Jane Snyder adds two to the Lady Crusaders' score.

Senior Mary-Kate Vander Woude leadership and athleticism will be missed.

Half-time hugs. The seniors received gifts and warm embrace from their team mates following Coach Brown's remarks


Lady Crusaders 2011.

Q. I have been looking at a number of small Catholic colleges and am a little worried that, although they seem to be great educational institutions, they may not be too financially stable. Is Christendom College financially stable?

A. Christendom has been around for 34 years and we have grown quite a bit since our first class of 26 students, 5 faculty members, and a rented facility with $50,000 in the bank. We now have 409 undergraduate students, 50 graduate students, 35+ faculty members, three beautiful campuses (Front Royal, Alexandria, and Rome), and a decent sized endowment of about $9M. Our campus is worth about $30M and we have paid for it all but about $1M. We do not rely on any Federal funds or financial assistance so we raise money from generous benefactors each year to aid our day-to-day operational needs, our future building campaigns, our financial aid fund, and all other expenses.

All this being said, in today’s crazy financial climate, you can never truly say that you are “too big to fail.” But at the same time, we can honestly say that by staying the size that we are, leveraging technology, and managing our income, expenses, and donations properly, we can foresee a long and prosperous future, by the Grace of God.

We are aware that there are other colleges out there that are a benefit to the Church, and doing great things, but unfortunately, are struggling to stay afloat. Southern Catholic College was such a one that, due to limited financial resources, had to close its doors last April. Thankfully, from what I am told, most of the current students were able to transfer to this or that school to finish up, but it was indeed a tragedy for the entire college community.

Christendom, again, by the Grace of God and the benevolence of our most faithful and generous benefactors, is in great financial health and will hopefully continue on this road so that we can continue to offer one of the most rigorous, Catholic liberal arts educations in the world, thus helping to prepare our graduates to go out into today’s culture to work to “restore all things in Christ.”

Donations are always welcome.
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.