Juggling, Quizzes, & More


Name: Ryan Wityak
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Traveling, soccer, music.
What's your favorite class/professor?
Dr. Christopher Shannon's Historiography course. He is very knowledgeable and his class changed the way I looked at history.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in? I play intramural soccer.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom?
The professors. They are very passionate about what they teach as well as being very approachable.
Why did you choose Christendom? I knew that Christendom would reinforce my values and not attack them.
What has surprised you the most about Christendom? How many opportunities Christendom has offered me. For example, a chance to go the White House and hear former President Bush speak before the March for Life in 2007 was an experience I will never forget.
Plans after graduation? I hope to become an attorney.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student?
Take advantage of as many opportunities as you can and remember the first semester is always the hardest!


Life is Beautiful

On Friday night, a group of students gathered in the basement of the Student Center to watch the 1997 award-winning Italian movie, Life Is Beautiful. This film tells the story of a Jewish Italian man who uses his imagination and humor to both win the heart of a beautiful school teacher and help his family survive a Nazi concentration camp. While snacking on chips, candy, popcorn, and veggies, everyone in attendance was captivated and touched by the story.

“I did not realize at the start that the movie would be so sad, but I loved how it ended,” says Freshman Morgan Kavanagh. “I feel like I understand what the Jewish people in the concentration camps had to go through so much better now.”

A comedy, romance, and historical drama all in one, Life Is Beautiful was one of the most popular “Movie Nights” that Christendom College has sponsored this year.

Life is Beautiful won three Oscars in 1997, including Best Actor and Best Foreign Language Film.

Jugglers in the Pub

On Saturday night, students gathered at St. Kilian’s Café for Pub Night. This Pub Night was held in honor of St. John Bosco. As a tribute to him, Junior Joe Long, Senior Ben Ranieri, and Freshman Connor Coyne performed several juggling acts. Fine beers was served for those 21 and over and Shirley Temples were made for everyone else. The night continued with card games and great music.

“This was one of the best pub nights I’ve been to!” said Freshman Hannah Ethridge. “The juggling was so entertaining—the performers were very talented and made for a great show.”

Joe juggles the clubs.

Connor tosses the rings high.

Connor and Joe swap clubs with each other as they juggle.

Senior girls enjoy their last semester together.

Debating the Free Market

Sunday night a large group of intellectual minds gathered in the Chester-Belloc room of Regina Coeli Hall, to debate on whether "a market unregulated by the state best ensures a just economy." The debate was strongly kicked off by a group of passionate docket speeches, and served to set the stage for what was shown to be a lively debate.

Many alumni were present, as well as students who have not yet left for the Rome semester, including former Chairman, Junior Christopher Foeckler, all of whom participated actively in the debate.

In the end, much to their happiness, the con side won strongly, declaring that a market unregulated by the state does not best ensure a just economy.

The Debate Society looks eagerly forward to the next Chester-Belloc debate, which will be held on the February 13 in the Chester-Belloc Room of the Regina Coeli Hall.

Senior Adele Smith drives her point home.

Sophomore Vinnie D'Agostino used some biting rhetoric.

The Chester-Belloc Debate Society's Secretary, Chairman, and Prefect: Seniors Steve Curtin, Tyler Lowe, and Brady Wilson.

Being A Disciple of St. Thomas

Renowned Dominican priest and Thomistic philosopher, Reverend Lawrence Dewan, O.P., delivered a lecture entitled, Being a Disciple of St. Thomas Aquinas in the Pursuit of Wisdom, as the keynote speaker at Christendom College’s annual St. Thomas Aquinas Lecture on January 28.

“We humans will find ultimate satisfaction—happiness—only through intellectual appreciation of reality—knowing ‘what it’s all about,” Fr. Lawrence Dewan, O.P., told students and faculty. “Do we see ourselves as engaged in ‘the pursuit of wisdom?’”

Dewan explained that in “the pursuit of wisdom” one should be an apprentice to a particular philosopher. “I am an apprentice of St. Thomas Aquinas,” he said.

Read more about this lecture
here or download at Christendom on iTunes U.

The lecture drew a large number of students and faculty.

Quiz Night in Kilian's

Monday night, a group of students looking to forget about their studies for a while and exercise their brains in a different way, gathered in Kilian's Café for “Pub Quiz with John and James.”

Senior James Hannon, and Sophomore John McGovern were the hosts and asked contestants puzzling questions from a variety of creative categories, including “laundry soaps” and “car-pool.”

“We had a really good group,” Sophomore Christopher Roberts said. “We did really well.”

The laid back, yet animated evening provided a fun outlet for students needing a break. Even audience members found themselves scratching their heads and wondering what some of the answers were!

Sophomores Anthony Readings, Dean Dewey, and Tim Beer, along with Senior Noreen Daly put their heads together to find the right answer.

Conquering Our Passions

On Tuesday night, February 1, College Chaplain Fr. Donald Planty began a new series of talks, entitled “The Eight Deadly Sins: The Healing of Spiritual Illnesses according to the Desert Fathers.” This week Fr. Planty gave an introduction to the series, and he will focus on one of these deadly sins each week for the next eight weeks. In addition to explaining the passions, or vices, of the body, soul, and spirit, Fr. Planty will talk about the contrary virtues that go with each and how one goes about finding spiritual healing.

“I am very excited about this series of talks,” says Sophomore Anastacio Hinojosa. “I look forward to grappling with the vices by learning to practice each particular virtue that corresponds to each vice.”

Fr. Planty will kick off the talks by speaking on the sin of gluttony and the contrasting virtue of temperance next Tuesday night.

March for Life Video

Chronicler Online Reporters Maeve Gallagher and Madeleine Murphy interviewed a few of our students during the March. Enjoy the video below!


Working on Campus

As many Christendom students will tell you, college is a combination of work and play. While the work the students do is essentially academic, they also have the opportunity to do professional work through employment opportunities on campus.

The Student Employment Website, or SEW, provides students with an easy way to seek out prospective work positions available at the college. Additionally, the website contains centralized information concerning employment opportunities, as well as details on standard procedures and practices for students and their employers.

For many incoming Freshmen, using the SEW to apply for various jobs is a task undertaken about a month before arriving on campus. There are many kinds of jobs, including positions in the Library, Student Life, Dining Services, Admissions, Marketing, Development, and Computer Services—to name a few.

There are many benefits to working as a student, aside from the obvious financial assistance it provides [about $1000 a semester]. Student employment provides opportunities for students to learn how to multitask, to build their résumés, to form good working habits, to be flexible and team players, and to learn how to communicate with superiors. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to try different jobs, and even work in a field in which one may be potentially interested to work in upon graduation.

Student employment also develops a sense of community on the campus. Students who feel as though they are an active part of their college community often do better at college and remain there until degree completion. Employment on campus also gives students the opportunity to serve others. Whether it is by serving food or working in the library, students learn how to really put others first, which is a big part of Christendom's formation.

Many students very much enjoy working for the school. Faith Leopold, a Freshman, grinned as she said, "I really enjoy working in the library—it's a great job!"


Crusader Basketball Back in Action


The first basketball games of the spring semester occurred this past week, which included tough games for the Crusaders and a big home win for the Lady Crusaders. The Lady Crusaders picked up where they left off last semester making it 5 wins in their last 6 games.

Davis College from Johnson City, NY, came for two games this past Friday night to open up the semester. The men played the first game and saw Davis race out to an early lead before the men would settle down and fought back to get the game close, being down just 10 at halftime. The Crusaders started off slow in the second half and the hot shooting of Davis would prove too much for the Crusaders to overcome and the Falcons won 88-64. Matt Rensch and Tim Vander Woude led the Crusaders each finishing with 16 points a-piece. The team then took on undefeated Williamson Free School, who is currently ranked #1 in our National USCAA conference.

Despite a slow start and being down by close to 20 at halftime the Crusaders battled back to cut it to 11 in the second half. The comeback was fueled by the defensive efforts of David Townsend who held Williamson’s leading scorer to just 4 points in the second half. The Crusaders outscored the Mechanics by 4 in the second half but fell in the end despite a valiant never-die mentality. Matt Rensch led the Crusaders with 12 points.

Last night the Crusaders had another tough opponent in Division III Gallaudet University, ranked third in their conference. The Crusaders played a wonderful first half of basketball, controlling tempo and holding the powerful Bison offense to just 34 points at halftime. Unfortunately the Crusaders couldn’t hold the Bison back the whole game as Gallaudet would erupt for 40 points in the second half and open up a large lead and never look back. The Bison gained their edge at the free-throw line and the 3-point stripe where they outshot Christendom in the game. Matt Rensch led the team in scoring with 10. The Crusaders are back in action on Friday when they host Patrick Henry College at 7:30 p.m. in a Shenandoah Chesapeake Conference game.

The Lady Crusaders took the floor this past Friday night against the Davis College Falcons eager to build on what has been a successful season. The team attacked Davis early and often and proved to be too much for the Falcons. The team would race out to an early lead and never look back fueled by an aggressive defense that caused numerous easy baskets for the Lady Crusaders.

Led by the decision making of Mary Barbale and the hot shooting of Bridget Vander Woude and Morgan Kavanagh the Lady Crusaders took the victory. Mary Kate Vander Woude finished with a double-double as did Mary Barbale and Bridget finished with a career high 21 points for the Lady Crusaders. The team is off until Sunday when they will visit Lord Fairfax Community College at Daniel Morgan School in Winchester.

Christendom Crazies hosted a "white out" for the games against Davis — all the fans came dressed in white.

Freshman David Booz adds 2 to the Crusaders' score.

Sophomore Brendan Krebbs flies through the air.

Sophomore Tim McPhee shoots a free-throw.

Q. Christendom is my top choice, but I am worried that I will not be able to afford such an education. How much is it to go there and what kinds of financial help is given to students?

A. This is one of the most commonly asked questions. I certainly understand why it is so frequently asked and I think it is an important one to talk about. Christendom’s tuition, fees, and room/board costs have been set for the 2011-12 year as follows: Tuition = $19,884, Room and Board = $7656, and Fees = $580, Total = $28,120. Now before you begin to freak out, let’s compare some numbers.

The University of Notre Dame costs @$50,790, Villanova @$51,300, Fordham @$50,545, The University of Dallas @$38,651, and Thomas Aquinas College @$30,400. Christendom’s total cost of $28,120 is one of the lowest of any private, Catholic institutions of higher learning in the US today.

Additionally, Christendom (although we do not accept Federal loans, grants, subsidies, or aid of any kind) does offer its own well-funded financial aid fund from which students are given loans, grants, and academic scholarships. We have our own Financial Aid Form which mirrors the FAFSA form, and from the information provided, we give out loans and grants to students to help cover costs of tuition. The average financial aid package is around $13,500 a year.

Our academic scholarships are based on SAT or ACT scores, and if someone gets a 1920 (SAT) or 24 (ACT), they automatically receive 4-year scholarships of at least $22,960. People can re-take these tests as many times as they wish, and whatever the final score is the day the student arrives as a freshman, we go with for the scholarship amount.

Students are given the opportunity to work on campus, as well. If a student gets an on-campus job, they can expect to make close to $1000 a semester. They work in the library, kitchen, administrative offices, maintenance, chapel, and elsewhere.

Also, something we offer which I believe is unique is our sibling discount. If two siblings attend at the same time, the second sibling receives 25% off tuition. If there are three siblings attending at the same time, the 3rd one receives 50% off tuition.

And lastly, if someone who has received loans from Christendom chooses to join a religious order which takes a vow of poverty, Christendom erases the total amount of the loan.

So, hopefully you can see that although the initial “sticker price” of a Christendom education may seem a bit steep, we have many ways to lessen the costs. The Class of 2010 had an average indebtedness of only $26,614 after four years. Again, although this may seem like a lot of money, compared to national figures, it is right around the average for a private institution. According to The College Board's "Trends in Student Aid 2010" report, the average student debt for 2009 graduates of four-year, private colleges was $26,100. And the Christendom students would have been given that loan of $26,614 interest and payment free for the entire four years they attended, as well as given one full grace year of not having to pay anything on the loan and the loan would not accrue interest during that grace year.

If you have further questions about affording a Christendom education, I refer you to our financial aid page or recommend that you contact Ms. Alisa Polk in our Financial Aid Office ([email protected]).
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.