Spring is Here!


Name: Mark Turner
Age: 19
Fredericksburg, VA
Major: Undeclared, but possibly History
Running, intramurals, drama, singing (with gusto but not always with grace).
Who's your favorite professor or class?
This is such a hard decision! Dr. Brendan McGuire is my favorite professor. He brings a very dynamic approach to history, a subject that I really enjoy. Dr. McGuire is both an amazing teacher and example for students.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in? Intramurals, drama, Students for Life, volunteer at St. Kilian's Café, and help at SAC events. All these activities help me balance academics with social and volunteer work.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? The dynamic Catholic atmosphere, academics and student body. The whole college, especially the Student Activities Committee, is committed to a Catholic environment.
Why did you choose Christendom? I was originally reticent about coming, but once I was here and let myself take full advantage of what Christendom has to offer, I became very happy that I chose to come.
What surprises you the most about Christendom? I was surprised that such a small school could offer such a dynamic college experience founded in forming the whole student .
What are your plans after graduation? I am currently looking into Physical Therapy. I am taking pre-req. classes every summer to make getting my PT degree possible after graduation.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student?
Come and visit the campus and allow yourself to leave any preconceived opinions behind until you actually experience the college. Pray about your college decision, it is such an important step in your life.


Movie Night with Walter, Dr. Cuddeback and Fr. Planty


Friday night a group of students gathered in St. Kilian’s café to watch a movie with three of our movie buffs: Registrar Walter Janaro, Philosophy Professor Dr. John Cuddeback, and Chaplain Fr. Donald Planty. They watched the Italian movie, Tree of the Wooden Clogs, and afterward the three led lively discussions about the movie. It was a great chance for the students to enjoy some relaxing conversation before the excitement of the weekend.

L'albero degli zoccoli or Tree of the Wooden Clogs won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1978.

Spring Formal

Saturday night, students dressed their finest and arrived looking classy at the Bowling Green Country Club for Christendom’s annual “Spring Formal.” The event was a wonderful time, and the students loved the great music, provided by Vinyl Tracks. SAC did a great job organizing everything, and even provided the students with a fun photo-shoot option! The students all had an amazing time, and looks forward to next year’s formal!

Vinyl Tracks put on a great show that kept the students dancing all night.

Sophomore Savanna Buckner and Senior Rob Fetsko share a dance.

Sophomore Mary Fowler swings with Freshman Peter Deucher.

Senior Dominic Vieira always had a good time on the dance floor.

Freshman Jessica Schmitz dances with Sophomore Conor O'Donnell.

Junior Phillip Briggs gives his sister, Freshman Lucy, a dip on the dance floor.

Presenting Rayanne Gonzales

Sunday night a large group gathered in the St. Lawrence Commons to hear acclaimed soprano Rayanne Gonzales perform for the community. She was joined by pianist Patrick O'Donnell and performed a concert entitled "Music for a Spring Evening."

"She is extremely entertaining, and we were all extremely lucky to hear her perform specifically for our community," Senior Liz Sartor said.

Gonzales, with her award winning voice, sang a broad selection of musical pieces for the audience, from genres of classical, to opera, to broadway. This event was part of the The Beato Fra Angelico Fine Arts Program, which offers students an opportunity to experience directly the beauty of God in the aesthetic fruits of Western Civilization through live performances and on-campus events.

Rayanne Gonzales possesses "a big, accurate voice that she uses sensibly but fearlessly" (Washington Post).

Psychology vs. Scholasticism

This past Sunday evening, the Chester-Belloc Debate Society gathered in the Chester-Belloc room of Regina Coeli Hall to have their last debate of the semester, with the resolution, “Psychology serves evangelization better than scholasticism.” The con side ended up with the upper hand of the evening, and won with 21 con votes to 7 pro with 3 abstentions.

The debate was lively and well attended, and our own assistant chaplain Fr. Joseph Fox came to speak too.

Art Club Exhibition


On Monday evening, April 16, the Christendom Art Club displayed their original works of art for the Christendom community at the Art Happening in St. John the Evangelist Library. Renowned artist and Club Directer Mr. Henry Wingate gave a talk on “beginning as an artist.” He described his work in the art field and gave advice and encouragement concerning how to get started as a young artist.

“Mr. Wingate and the Christendom students are very talented artists, and during the presentation, it was very interesting to learn about the different techniques artists use to see the parts and the whole of a work,” says Freshman Kelsey Gordon. “It is amazing how shading and other techniques add so much realism to their works of art.”

Original artwork by students was exhibited for other students and faculty and staff to admire, and refreshments were served.

Classics Professor Marcello Lippiello admired the work of the students.

Sophomore Maeve Gallagher and Senior Jessica Ward were impressed with the work of their peers.

The fine art talent at Christendom never ceases to amaze.

Henry Wingate addresses students.


Buona Pasqua!

So much has happened in these past two weeks! It has been a common agreement within the group that Holy Week in Rome has to be the absolute best way to celebrate Holy Week!

On Spy Wednesday, we participated in the traditional Seven Church Pilgrimage with the North American College. This is a walking pilgrimage on which you visit the 7 major basilicas taking you all around the city of Rome. The major basilicas that we visited were as follows: Basilica of St. Mary Major, St. Lawrence Outside the Walls, Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, St. John Lateran, St. Sebastian, St. Paul Outside the Walls, and, of course, St. Peter's Basilica. The pilgrimage took about 12 hours and was an estimated 14 miles. The effect of this pilgrimage was spiritually preparatory for the Holy Triduum by way of the penitential endurance that was required to complete it.

It is difficult to get tickets to the Triduum liturgies with the Pope. As Holy Week progressed we all hoped and prayed that we could get them, and we were blessed with them! What an opportunity it was to spend those three days with the Pope! Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper was in St. John Lateran, the basilica in which sits the chair of papal authority. Then, on Good Friday we attended the Celebration of Our Lord’s Passion in St. Peter’s Basilica and participated in the Stations of the Cross led by the Pope at the Coliseum. Despite the regality that surrounds any Papal event, the Pope’s humble example showed us how to solemnly treat the Triduum.

The most exciting was the Easter Vigil Mass with the Pope in St. Peter’s Basilica. We got in line early in the day so that we could get good seats. We spent the afternoon meeting other Catholics around us from all over the world and prayed with them. The varieties of people in the congregations at Papal Masses truly remind you of the universality of the Church!

The Easter Vigil started out as all do with the complete darkness out of which came only the Pope’s voice leading the blessing of the Paschal fire. Then, it was so impressive to see the flame get passed from candle to candle until the entire basilica was a sea of small flickering lights. The highest point of exhilaration had to have been at the Gloria. We had all been waiting all Lent to sing it, and we heard the Pope’s voice sing, “Gloria in excelsis Deo,” and immediately all the lights that we had never seen turned on and illuminated the whole Church as the choir sang and the trumpets blared making it more beautiful than we had ever seen it before. We could really feel the sense of the triumph of Christ over sin and death in the air!

The next morning we celebrated Easter with a feast of a potluck brunch, played guitar, and relaxed into the late afternoon out on the terrace overlooking the city.

We have continued to celebrate the octave of Easter in different ways, everyone enjoying what they gave up for Lent. The Noronhas even had us over for an Easter party (traditionally called Pasquetta).

This past weekend we took a day trip to the town of Orvieto. Orvieto is home to a Eucharistic miracle where a priest who was having doubts about the true presence was celebrating Mass in 1263 and at the consecration, the host bled onto the corporal. We were able to see this corporal in the town’s main cathedral, the Duomo (you will notice most towns’ big churches are called this). After enjoying a hearty Italian lunch and trying Orvieto’s famous white wine, we took in beautiful views and saw a crucifix that spoke to St. Thomas Aquinas.

At the Duomo in Orvieto.

On tour with Prof. Noronha.

After Easter Vigil Mass.

Relaxing after an Easter brunch.

D.C. In the Spring
By Liz Sartor

One of the great things about being at Christendom is the fact that we are close, yet not too close, to our nation's capital: Washington D.C. The city is filled with history, museums, and other great cultural opportunities. This past weekend, I and some friends went to Washington DC. to enjoy the afternoon there.

One of the things we had the chance to see while in the city was the parade for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. It had several different floats, marching bands, and performances by a variety of people. The city police showed of their stunts on motorcycles—it was quite impressive. Washington DC has tons of cherry trees that bloom in late March/early April, and create quite the beautiful sight, particularly in the beautiful area of the "Tidal Basin," which is just a short walk from the Washington monument.

Another great place in DC to walk around is the World War II monument. They have pillars commemorating each of the States surrounding a large fountain. It truly is an inspiring sight, particularly the "field of 4,000 stars" which commemorates the lives of the over 400,000 men and women who died. The monument is also a great vantage point for the Lincoln Memorial

Another pleasant place to stroll is the Constitutions Garden Pond. It is rather large, and in nice weather, is quite the hot spot for ducks and geese. It also provides a lovely view of the Washington Monument.

Aside from the pleasant places to walk, there are also plenty of smaller monuments and memorials to various historical people to see, such as the John Paul Jones monument, the statue of Baron Von Steuben, and the statue of Andrew Jackson.

There are also plenty of museums and even Churches in Washington DC to visit. St. Matthew's Cathedral is very beautiful, and provides students who have been to Rome with some nostalgia, as it very much seems reminiscent of many of the Churches in Rome. The Art Museum with both it's wings, the Air and Space Museum, and the various History museums in the National Mall are also all fun and educational places to go.

There really is something in DC for everyone. Every time you go there, you can do something different—exploring the many historical sites, the gardens and art museums, churches, and activities, even just being able to walk around in our nation's capital. It's always a great experience.

The World War II monument.

Junior Luke Tillotson shows his home state pride.

Andrew Jackson.

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade.

DC Police show-off their motorcycle skills.


Crusader Baseball Hits Their Stride!

It is a fact of life that if you work hard and dedicate yourself to improving usually it happens although it may take time. The 2012 Crusader baseball team is proof of this principle. Despite losing four starters off last year’s team, including the entire starting outfield, the team has found strength in each other—a strength that has led the team to its best season in at least 5 years.

Led by senior captain Patrick Stein the men’s baseball team has dedicated themselves to practice and hard work this season, especially during the preseason. The team got off to a great start by splitting their first two matches with Baptist Bible College during their home opener. However, the manner in which they played these first two games of the season set a tone for the rest of the season. The Crusaders scored 14 runs combined in the two games which easily crushed the run average for the last few years. This was only the beginning.

The team then traveled to Media, Pa., to play an Eastern States match against Williamson Free School of Trade. To say the Mechanics have dominated the match-up over the years would be an understatement. Christendom hadn’t beat Williamson in at least 5 years.

Years of bottled up offense and energy came unleashed in the first inning as the Crusaders jumped all over the Mechanics for 7 runs. With the early lead in addition to a completely stunned home team the Crusaders held strong on defense behind a complete game from Pat Stein. Stein would only give up 1 run until the Mechanics scored 5 runs in the 5th inning to cut the score to 8-6 in favor of the Crusaders. But the resilient bats of the Crusaders has proved the strength of this year’s team and they would add 3 more runs on the board and hold on for an 11-7 victory. Pat Stein only gave up two earned runs while leading the team to a monumental win. In the second game, the Mechanics edged out the Crusaders in a close one: 4-6.

Unfortunately Mother Nature who had given the team so many beautiful days stepped in and forced 4 games to be cancelled including a home match against Philadelphia Biblical University and a trip to Tennessee to play Johnson University. The team then hosted Penn State Mont Alto who proved to be too much and won both games. However, on a cloudy Easter Wednesday day and arriving just 5 minutes prior to the start of the game due to traffic, the Crusaders would completely flip-flop history and claim a 12-9 victory over Penn State Mont Alto.

This past Saturday, Christendom hosted Williamson at Bing Crosby Stadium hoping to win 2 games and claim the lead in the Eastern States conference. Despite Spring Formal that evening many eager and enthusiastic students showed up, some in formal attire to cheer their Crusaders to victory.

The two games that followed put an emphatic explanation point on the season to this point. The Crusades came out determined and dedicated to do whatever was necessary to win. What followed was an almost complete annihilation of the Mechanics by the Crusaders. Whether it was Matt Speer tracking down what seemed to be every fly ball hit in the outfield, or Nick Blank poking a full count curveball to opposite field or the steady and confident play of co-captains Dan Mitchell and Pat Stein, each teammate did his part to secure two great wins.

Pat Stein again went the distance in the first game finishing with 11 strikeouts and only allowing four earned runs. Stein had a career day at the plate as well as he would go 7 for 9 with 5 runs and 4 RBI’s. The victory was a complete team effort all around as Christendom would finish with 27 hits in the 2 games.

One stat from the first game of the doubleheader stands out as a perfect depiction of the hard work and team attitude, which dominates this group of young men: every Crusader player who batted had at least one hit. Proof yet again that with determination and teamwork success is just around the corner!

The Crusaders host Valley Forge Christian College this Saturday at 12 noon in the beautiful Bing Crosby Stadium.

Junior Nick Blank lets one fly for another strike-out.

Sophomore Mike Arnold sprints to first.

Sophomore Sean Ryan rounds third base.

Junior Dan Mitchell gets ready to send the ball flying.

The Crusaders solid play at bat is matched by solid play on field.

Junior Mike Bobrowski looks to make the play. (Photo Credit: Joe Stein)

Junior Charlie Rollino slides head-first into home to score for the Crusaders. (Photo Credit: Joe Stein)

Charlie emerges from the dust. (Photo Credit: Joe Stein)

Your 2012 Crusaders.

Q. Can you tell me about the food at Christendom? I don’t want to sound too shallow, but I like to eat, and if the food is not all that good, well, I may fade away. That would not be a good thing.

A. People have asked me this before, but I will gladly answer it again for you.

I wouldn’t say you were shallow for wondering about the food situation at Christendom. If you went so far as to say that you pick this or that college BECAUSE of the food, well, then, maybe…

Christendom’s food service is generally considered to be very good. We survey the students about it on a regular basis, and we look for comments and suggestions all the time on ways we can improve. And when we get the feedback, we make the changes, if at all possible.

Our kitchen staff, with Chef Dennis Paranzino at the helm, do the best that they can to have diverse food offerings at each meal service which are delicious and filling. Of course, you are going to get some students that will disagree with this statement, but in general, I believe this to be truthful.

Meals are served at one specific time each day and all those interested in eating are expected to show up to the dining area at that time and eat with everyone else. For breakfast you could expect to find the kitchen serving things like bacon and eggs, egg sandwiches, egg burritos, pancakes, home fries, bagels, waffles, omelettes, french toast, sausages, eggs benedict, and the like. There are also a bunch of cereals from which to choose. For lunch, you normally get a choice of two or three different items. One or two are served hot (and most days we have a burger bar available), and we always have the “Sandwich Deli Bar.” Every day you can go through the “Sandwich Bar” line and have a freshly made deli sandwich for lunch. Also, during lunch (and dinner), there is a fresh salad bar and a choice of delicious homemade soups and a variety of fruits. And a very popular item is the “Ice Cream Bar,” available after every lunch. And for dinner, the meals that are served are generally comfort foods, or foods that “Mom” would make.

For students who have special dietary needs, the kitchen staff is available to figure out how they can best serve them. We are able to meet the needs of our students with celiac disease, dairy allergies, and the like. Also, for students who need to be off the meal plan for serious reasons, the College has a number of “house” dormitories where students have access to a full kitchen and can provide their own meals.

Our Executive Chef, Dennis Paranzino, is awesome and is very willing to work with students to help them with their food selections and eating habits. I ask a lot of students what they think of the food, and unless they are extremely picky eaters, they tend to say it’s pretty good. In fact, all of the class presidents and other members of the Student Activities Council meet with the Chef a couple of times throughout each semester to let him know feedback about the food and there is a comment box available all the time.

For more information about dining services, please refer to
the dining services website.
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.