A Dramatic Weekend


Name: Lizzie Crnkovich
Age: 20
From: McClean, VA
Major: Classics
Hobbies: Dancing, acting, singing, talking, and going on adventures.
Who's your favorite professor or class? Dr. Mark Clark's Medieval Historians. He loves what he teaches and makes they class lots of fun and practical! I always want to do my best for him!
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in?
I've been in several of the plays, I sing in the choir, and I played on the soccer team. I also participated in the swing dance competition, my freshman year, which was lots of fun! I like trying different things and broadening my horizons. You never know what kind of experiences you'll have until you try.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom?
The teachers and the students—the people! And the Rome Program!
Why did you choose Christendom? Dr. Clark.
What surprises you the most about Christendom? Despite its size, Christendom has so much to offer.
What are your plans after graduation? Do something worthwhile that I love.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student? Make the most of everything and enjoy every moment to the fullest! You only have one life!


Big Laughs at Room Service

The Christendom College Players performed Room Service this past weekend. A comedy about show business, the Players captured the zany humor of the 1930’s Broadway play with colorful characters and witty lines delivered at a breakneck speed.

Dr. Patrick Keats, a professor of literature and experienced producer of plays at Christendom College, directed the production and was assisted by College alumna Mary Harrington, as well as students junior Kelly Lawyer and senior Brianna Miller.

“The energy of the play’s characters was certainly matched by the enthusiasm of our cast, which included many freshmen,” Keats said. “We had a great time and lots of laughs at rehearsals, and I think that enjoyment was passed on to our audiences.”

Room Service tells the story of an energetic, but short-on-money, young producer who is eager to put on a play, entitled Godspeed, which he expects to be a huge success. Despite having no money, the producer uses his connections with his brother-in-law, a hotel manager, to put up his entire cast and crew for no charge. All is well until Wagner, the tyrannical hotel supervisor, starts putting on pressure.

Freshman Stephen Hyland gave a great performance as the brilliant but naive playwright and will certainly be an asset to future Christendom Player productions.

Freshman Katie Brizek played the playwright's sweet and idealistic girlfriend with a charm.

A lot of energy came to the stage with sophomore James Ciskanik, who played the flamboyant Russian actor.

Freshman Rob Delancey brought the fire-breathing hotel supervisor to life.

Freshman Zack Moody, played the wacky young producer with great polish.

“This is definitely one of the most satisfying performances I've been a part of,” said Mike Heffernan, who played the role of the director. “Having the audience entertained and laughing makes for a gratifying experience."

Johnny Foeckler slapstick humor brought the house down.


Friends of Frassati

On Saturday students joined College Chaplain Fr. Donald Planty for a Faith-Filled Fun Field Trip—a Friends of Frassati Holy Hike to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.

From Harper's Ferry they walked the C&O Canal Trail, then hiked up to Maryland Heights where they prayed and had lunch with a beautiful view of the town. They also visited the historic town, which is a National Park, including historic St. Peter's Catholic Church.

“I had a truly amazing time hiking Harper’s Ferry with Fr. Planty,” Freshman Stephen Treacy said. “It was the perfect day to be outdoors, and I got a lot out of it spiritually.”

"To the heights!" -Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Prose & Poetry

Poetry and Prose Night was held in the Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop in the basement of the library on Monday night, where students and professors recited their favorite or original poetry and prose pieces. Library staff member Mrs. Mickey Krebs organized this fun event for everyone, and coffee and treats were served all night.

“I loved seeing so many enthusiastic students’ recitations at Poetry and Prose Night,” says Senior Patrick Stein. “The snacks were excellent, and everyone there really enjoyed themselves.”

Some students recited famous authors and poets, such as Chaucer and Tolkien. Others wrote their own literary masterpieces, showcasing their hidden writing talents. Freshman John Jackson wrote a humorous poem that combined both the English and Latin language, while Professor Lippiello read Dr. Seuss’
Green Eggs and Ham in Latin! Even Fr. Planty shared his favorite poems, and a few short originals, with the crowd.

Professor Lippiello reads Green Eggs and Ham in Latin.

Decoding St. Peter's

Assistant Chaplain Fr. Joseph Fox gave a talk on Tuesday night entitled “Decoding St. Peter’s Square,” which was the second part a series of talks. In this talk, Fr. Fox focused on giving the history of St. Peter’s Square and Rome, and he used slideshow presentations to demonstrate the different historical periods of St. Peter’s, as well as to show details of its architecture.

“I loved all the historical information in the first talk on ancient Rome, and the second talk was fascinating in its analysis of the actual architecture of St. Peter’s,” says Freshman Brian Rankin. “Fr. Fox’s talks made me even more excited about the Rome program my Junior year.”


Singing in St. Peter's

This week has been jam-packed with fantastic and unusual events as we are wrapping up our semester here in Rome!

The week began normally with a tour to St. Paul’s Outside the Walls and Tre Fontane. Yes, attending Mass at a major basilica and seeing where St. Paul died is the “normal” part to my week. Have I mentioned lately that I love Rome? According to tradition, St. Paul’s head bounced three times when he was beheaded and three springs have sprung in those specific locations. We were able to go inside the church and hear the water gurgling. Despite that being incredible in itself, there was a Marian apparition across the street. This was our last tour, so what a way to end the semester!

We also did our Moral Theology presentations this week. We were split into groups of three and we gave a 20 minute presentation on a difficult moral question. We were able to incorporate the lessons we have learned over our two and a half years at Christendom and practically apply them to real life situations. I presented with Lisa Hill and Bridget Lademan, and we had a blast doing it! We presented on the duties of a woman in an unhappy marriage and discussed the meaning of love, the importance of communication, and the relationship of a husband and wife as presented in Ephesians 5. Everyone was very creative and did a fantastic job!

We had the blessing on Thursday and Friday to attend the international Theology of the Body symposium here in Rome. We had the opportunity to hear from many renowned speakers, including well-known Christopher West and Janet Smith. Additionally, Christendom’s Rome choir sang at Mass both days. It was a great learning experience and we also met some lovely people.

This weekend was a free weekend, so we had people taking off to Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, and various parts of Italy. I decided to stay in Italy for the weekend so that I could attend the TOB conference, but I went with a group to Orvieto on Saturday. Orvieto is an enchanting little town well known for its Eucharistic miracle, the crucifix that spoke to Thomas Aquinas, ceramics, and white wine. We walked to various churches in the morning and then went to an overlook to eat a picnic lunch. It was positively beautiful and we had fun playing in the leaves and taking pictures! We checked out the different shops in the afternoon and then caught an evening train back to Rome.

On Sunday, after going to Mass at the North American College (NAC), I went to the Angelus with the Pope in St. Peter’s Square. I cannot put into words the excitement and anticipation of waiting for Pope Benedict to appear at his window. He is so great!

When reflecting upon the week, I must say that the highlight, without a doubt, was Christendom College’s Rome Choir singing at the Vatican for Mass at the Altar of the Chair. On Monday, November 14, at the 5pm Mass, the Rome Choir of 16 students conducted by Sarah Halbur and assisted by Matthew Camp praised God in an incredibly special way by lifting their lovely voices to heaven while standing in the center of the Church. Their faces beaming, they sang one breath-taking song after another. They celebrated that evening by walking down to the Bridge of Angels and singing there. God blessed them again as a Catholic producer happened to be walking by and filmed them for a show he has on realcatholictv.com. It was definitely an evening that none of us will ever forget and that we will be bubbling about for a very long time. (Check out the videos below!)

On Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Noronha hosted the gentlemen of our group for an afternoon of his wisdom and incredible tea. Although I was not present (for obvious reasons), the guys came back with excitement and some great insights. That evening, we went to a professional soccer game on Tuesday night of Italy vs. Uguguay. Although we lost 0-1, we had a great time getting into the spirit of Italy’s most important game.

One week left and I can hardly believe that this semester is ending. We have one more day of classes and then finals. Luckily, we have a lot of time this week to be able to do last minute exploring and shopping. It’s hard to believe that I have seen so much but have so much left to see! This has been such a great semester for living in the present and loving each and every moment. There is always a sight to see and a lesson to learn!

As I learn my final lessons and see my final sights, I plan to savor every minute before heading back to the States next week.

Hello, Paris!

Discovering Spain.

Dreams do come true: Emi finds a huge jar of Nutella in Orvieto.

Enjoying a view from the town of Orvieto.

The choir

Singing in St. Peter's.

Christendom Choir in St. Peter's Videos

Cantate Domino

Sicut Cervus

Crown Him with Many Crowns

A Family Affair

One of the things that makes Christendom unique is the fact that it has a great family dynamic; there are so many groups of siblings on campus. Christendom currently has 7 sets of 3 siblings, as well as several other sets of 2 siblings. Recently, Chronicler Reporter Liz Sartor got a chance to catch up with a lot of the siblings and talk to them about how being siblings at Christendom makes their experiences unique.

What is it like having two other siblings at Christendom? Do you frequently hang out together or are there things that you do specifically as siblings at Christendom?

Matt LaFave: It's really nice to have family going to the same school.  They are there for you if you need their support, and it is really nice to have that opportunity to hang out with them and do stuff when we are so far away from home.  Whether it's playing music or other activities, it is always great to have them around.

Matt Speer: At first it was an adjustment seeing them in a college environment. They haven’t changed a lot since coming to college but its different seeing their interactions outside the family.  It’s a special experience to know them from a different angle which, has definitely brought us closer together. While some weeks it seems as if I barely see them due to our busy schedules, those weeks are few and far between. Having two siblings here, its hard to get away from them most of the times, even during the busiest times. Its great!  We are on the same intramural volleyball team together. Volleyball is a Speer summer pastime which is awesome to relive during the fall. It’s a great bonding experience. We are also going to be on the same intramural soccer team. Other than the intramurals we often eat together. This gives us the occasion to know each other’s friends. Finally, we are able to pray together at times which is ultimately which brings us closest together. 

As a younger sibling, did your older siblings influence your decision to come to Christendom at all?  How?  

Peter Foeckler: Definitely. It was really good to have the advice of people who had already been through the college decision process and who knew what Christendom is really like. Without their help, deciding on a college would have been a lot harder.

Sarah Lademan: I really liked the idea of having sisters with me at school and having that "taste" of home whenever I needed it. itunes And they always had so many good things to say about Christendom, plus my Mom came for a semester and my older sister Mary graduated from here, so I've always loved the idea of coming and also meeting siblings of my sisters classes.

What is the best part about having your siblings here with you?

Gabrielle Cintorino: The fact that I'm able to have someone to talk to and who understands me if I need them. We're always here for each other, and I know they get when I'm having a bad day or something, and I can just be myself. itunes

Maria Cintorino: Just being able to see them and talk to them on a daily basis! Growing up, the three of us have always been close, so it has been amazing to share our college experiences together and be able to talk about life—it’s much better than a phone call or text! itunes

Angelica Cintorino: Just being able to see and talk to each other on a daily basis. We are all very close and we all know each other very well. As a result, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and are able to encourage the other along and provide support when it is needed.

Caroline Deucher: I enjoy the stories of them in class with professors I have/have had too. I also love the "You're nothing alike!" comments, it makes it really amusing.

How did having siblings here when you came help you adjust to Christendom?  

Rebecca D.: It helped with getting a handle on things - like choosing classes, studying and taking exams, and even just little things (that actually aren't so little) - like knowing which line serves better food in the cafeteria. My sister already knew how things work here and was able to give me pointers.

Peter Deucher: Any college life is bound to get hectic and confusing at times. Seeing a familiar face is often all it takes to settle back down.

Gabriella Cintorino: I knew a lot of people here because of my sisters, so adjusting to meeting new people was not hard. Everyone at least knows I'm the youngest Cintorino. itunes

What would you say to other siblings of students considering attending Christendom?

Maria Cintorino: Having siblings at college is a great blessing! First off, if you’re thinking of dismissing Christendom because your older siblings are already attending the college don’t-chances are that you won’t see them all the time because of your different schedules (if that is what you are worried about). Also, take advantage of the fact that your siblings are on campus-hang out and spend time with each other because once you leave, you are never going to have that opportunity again on such a daily basis. itunes

Angelica Cintorino: Don’t undervalue having your siblings at Christendom. Siblings learn from and grow with each other, and in turn, each offers something unique and beautiful which completes the other as a whole.  

Rebecca D.: Don't let it dissuade you. I was the independent kid who wanted to branch out and do something different.  But the blessing of going to school with your siblings is worth all the comments of "I told you so" or "Of course you're going there."

Peter Deucher: Don't shut the door on Christendom just to get away from your family. It really isn't annoying having a sibling so close by. itunesYou will meet so many more amazing people, nearly 400, in fact, if you can handle that many!


Basketball Begins!

This past weekend the men’s and women’s basketball teams had their opening games here at Christendom.

The women’s basketball team was a huge surprise, last year, catapulting to a winning season for the first time in Christendom history. The men’s team has consistently improved year in and year out and hope this year will be the breakthrough year. Both teams hosted Johnson University—formerly Johnson Bible College—this past Friday.

The Lady Crusaders return just 5 players from last year’s team, including three starters. The game began with Christendom being a little nervous in the early going but quickly warmed up. With many new faces including new starters freshman Elizabeth Slaten and senior Emily Baldwin, it took the team a few minutes to adjust to each other. Behind the controls of point guard Mary Barbale, the team took a 31-24 lead into halftime. The Lady Crusaders held off Johnson in the closing minutes and won by a 50-43 score.

Bridget Vander Woude led all rebounders with 11 and added six points while Morgan Kavanagh’s 5 steals led to many easy points for the Crusaders. Mary Barbale led all scorers with 26 for the game.

Shortly after the game was over the Lady Crusaders departed south heading to Winston Salem, NC to play Piedmont Baptist Bible College the next day. Again the two teams were evenly matched with each team trading leads and baskets throughout the game. Playing two games in two days along with Piedmonts resolve seemed to wear the Lady Crusaders down as the missed shots piled up. Despite a fierce rally towards the end of the game which brought the Crusaders within three with 30 seconds left they couldn’t complete the come-from-behind victory and fell 58-64.

Mary Barbale led all scorers with a personal best 38 points including 6 three pointers. The 38 points by Barbale tops the list of best individual scoring performances by any Lady Crusader in college history. Standing at 1-1 the Lady Crusaders will be playing in the Apprentice Classic held in Newport News this coming Friday and Saturday.

The men’s basketball team also opened the season on Friday night against Johnson University. The first half of play was a learning experience for the Crusaders as they adjusted to a brand new line-up which included three new starters. With the excitement of the first game and the new faces on the court, Johnson would build a 16 point lead in the first half fueled by their defense.

The second half was a different story as the Crusaders came out with resolve and determination, led by Brian Fox and David Townsend. The team would lock down defensively and slowly claw their way back into the game. Behind Fox’s game high 28 points the Crusaders cut the lead to one with 30 seconds after senior Pat Stein connected on a three-pointer from the wing. After the Crusaders topped Johnson on offense they had the ball with a chance to win the game but Christian Kopeck’s jumper from the wing fell short. After Johnson’s Ricky Bower connected on two free throws extending the lead to three the Crusader had one last shot but Pat Stein’s desperation three fell short and the Crusaders fell in their first game of the season.

The next game for the Crusaders was against the Mechanics of Williamson Free School. A USCAA opponent, the Mechanics ran the table just three seasons ago and have won the USCAA national championship twice in the past five years. The Crusaders came out with great energy and poise and held their own throughout the game. In the first half all cylinders were firing as all five starters scored and were playing as a team to the tune of an impressive three-point lead going into the half behind Tim McPhee’s five three-pointers.

The 2nd half saw the game go back and forth with the Mechanics slowly taking command behind Justin Swift’s game high 32-point effort. The Crusaders hot shooting cooled off in the 2nd half and would be outscored in the final minutes losing a tough one 60-71.

Despite the two losses the men’s basketball team has already shown great advances on the basketball court, cutting down their team turnovers and increasing the intensity on the defensive end. As the season progresses and they continue to improve and understand how to play with each other each game should be a bigger step in the right direction. The men played late last night at Penn State Mont Alto and are back in action at home on Friday against Division III Randolph College before heading south for a conference game against Mid-Atlantic Christian on Saturday.


Morgan Kavanaugh leads the fast break.

Brendan McCrum flies to the hoop.

Tim McPhee adds three to the Crusaders score.


Q. I see that Christendom has an early action application deadline of December 1. What does that mean exactly? If I don’t apply by then, does that mean I can’t get in? Can you tell me more about this? Thanks, and I enjoy reading the Ask the Director section every week. It’s full of great info!

A. Thanks for letting me know that you enjoy reading my little piece each week. I figure it’s the worst part of The Chronicler, and most likely gets skipped over, but I plug away at it anyway, in hopes of helping someone, somewhere figure out this whole “college selection” business. itunes

Our admissions deadlines are December 1 for Early Action and March 1 for Regular Admission. Early Action means that those students who complete their applications and send them (along with all the other parts of their application – transcripts, letters of recommendation, official SAT or ACT scores) to us on or before December 1 will be notified of our Admissions Committee’s decision by December 15. At that point, any students who are accepted do not have to notify us of their intent to enroll at Christendom until February 1, although plenty of students tell us earlier than that. As of right now, we’ve already accepted close to 50 applicants for the Fall, and a bunch of them have already sent in their deposits to reserve their spots for the Fall 2012 semester! Even after a student deposits their $500 to reserve their place in the incoming class, that deposit is fully refundable up until May 1, as long as we are notified in writing on or before that date.

Regular admission means that students send in their complete application to us before March 1 and are then notified on April 1 of the Admissions Committee’s decision. Those students would then have until May 1 to make a non-refundable deposit of $500 to hold their spot.

But, we also do a type of Rolling Admission in that we normally review the applications as they come in and notify students of our decision within a couple of weeks. So, in reality, although we have these official dates set up, we do try and move through applications and send out acceptance letters on a more regular basis. So, if someone completes their application today (essays, letters of recommendation, SAT or ACT scores, transcripts), there is pretty good chance that they will be notified of our decision by next week.

Last year, we ended up with over 300 applications, accepting about 81% of them. This year, though, we are receiving a good number of applications, and expect that number to grow very soon. We are planning on bringing in around 130 students next fall, so right now, we have plenty of room! I would recommend applying sooner, rather than later, if you are interested, just in case we end up with a waiting list like we did this past year.

My advice to anyone truly interested in attending Christendom is to apply early! In that way, you can know whether you have been accepted to Christendom early and that would give you plenty of time to discern whether you want to join Christendom’s family in the fall.

Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.