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Name: Jacinta Ferri
Age: 20
Year: Junior
From: Ontario, Canada
Major: Philosophy
Piano, waterskiing.
Who's your favorite professor and what's your favorite class?
My favorite class so far was sophomore philosophy with Mr. Brown. His Ethics class was amazing. It really made me think about things in such a different perspective. Plus, he's hilarious in class, but really teaches the subject matter in such a relatable way.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in? I have participated in a few intramural sports, such as volleyball and basketball. I also did Mystery Dinner Theater my freshman year, which was a blast because not only did it help me to become better at acting, it also helped me meet new people and really overcome shyness. I'll be taking Mr. Brown's cooking class this semester, which I am really looking forward to.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? My favorite part about Christendom is how much you grow, learn, and mature year by year. As a Junior, I feel that the people I have met, the lifelong friends I've made, and the different classes have all contributed to my way of thinking and finding out who I am and what my purpose is.
Why did you choose Christendom?
Aside from hearing about it from a number of my siblings who came here, I chose it because I thought it would give me a chance to really think for myself and to strengthen my faith.
What has surprised you the most about Christendom? I guess the variety of people who come from all over. There are so many people with different views and opinions, but still a good community atmosphere.
Plans after graduation? I would like to go into psychology.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student? Have an open mind when entering. Things aren't going to be what you expect until you actually are immersed in the school's environment. It's not a normal school. Happy


Welcoming All New Students

Friday night, the Pavilion behind Regina Coeli Hall was filled with new students as they attended the Welcoming Party. The party, hosted by SAC (the Student Activities Council) was great fun for all, and gave the freshmen the perfect opportunity to mingle with classmates and introduce themselves to one another. The Welcoming Committee was there to help the freshmen get comfortable and relax. Throughout the evening they enjoyed getting to know each other, listening to good tunes, and playing corn hole. It didn't take long before the new class had broken the ice and was well on their way to being right at home.

This year, there are 113 freshmen in the Class of 2015, with 15 transfer students joining them, making a total of 128 new students and a total student body of 406. Here are some statistics from this year's freshman class: 43 siblings of either current or former Christendom students, 9 legacy (alumni) kids, 60 have attended an Experience Christendom or Latin Immersion Summer Program (53% of freshman class), 28 states and Belgium, average SAT score is 1832, and 35% of them are on academic scholarship.

Sophomore Andrew Clark explains the challenges and fun of freshmen year.

Corn hole is a favorite game of Christendom students. In fact, Philosophy Professor Mike Brown has started a corn hole club that meets at lunches during the week for a couple quick games.

New Parents Meet the Faculty & Staff

As the new freshmen continued to unpack and meet classmates, their parents had a chance to mingle with one another in the Chapel Crypt at the Parent Reception—part of Orientation Weekend. Not only did the event give the parents the opportunity to mingle, it also provided them with a unique opportunity to meet many of the faculty and staff of Christendom, who were also present. The parents were all grateful and excited to meet the individuals who will help form their children into tomorrow's leaders.

Philosophy Professor Dr. Douglas Flippen checks out the many states that this year's freshman class came from.

New Associate Chaplain Fr. Joseph Fox, O.P, meets Mr. and Mrs. Fox—no relation.

Christendom's new Director of Career Development Mike Mochel explains the power of a liberal arts education to Mrs. Turner.

Director of Admissions Tom McFadden chats with Mr. and Mrs. Willen.

English Professor Thomas Stanford discusses Literature courses at Christendom with Mr. and Mrs. Slaten.

Good Times at Game Night

On Saturday, Game Night in the Crusader Gymnasium was a great opportunity for new students to meet and interact with their fellow classmates, playing sports and other fun games. New and returning students played several volleyball and basketball games. Basketball was especially popular with the freshmen boys. Upstairs in the gym, many groups of students played various games, such as “Apples to Apples” and “Clue,” and socialized over snacks.

Perhaps the highlight of the evening, however, was the annual dodgeball game between members of the Student Activities Council (SAC) and the Resident Assistants (RA’s). This year, the RA’s came out victorious, after a long and intense sequence of ball-flying games. The team was led by head guy’s RA, Tim Ginski, and head girl’s RA, Emily Baldwin.

“I was majorly disappointed by our team’s loss,” says Sophomore SAC member Rebecca Deucher. “But I will definitely be joining SAC again next year and we will beat them next time!”

Students kickback and enjoy a game of Apples to Apples.

New talent on the horizon: the freshman guys get serious over a game of basketball.

On the other side of the court an intense game of volleyball carries on.

Dodgeballs flew across a crowded court as the RAs took on the SAC.

SAC tried hard, but now hope for a victory next year.

The RAs were victorious and claimed the much-coveted dodgeball trophy.

Virginia-Style Fun at the Barn Dance

Sunday night, the sights and sounds of smiling faces and stomping feet filled the air as the freshmen gathered for the annual Barn Dance.

After enjoying a tasty dinner, complete with chicken and corn on the cob, there were opportunities for hayrides from Philosophy Professor Dr. John Cuddeback, who showed them the beautiful fields of the Shenandoah Valley. The students also enjoyed several fun games of volleyball, as well as a few exciting games of tug-of-war, with such pairings as “Mid-floor Ben's” versus “Basement Ben's” against each other—even Philosophy Professor Mike Brown got in on the fun, helping the girls' volleyball team (which he coaches) win against the girls' soccer team!

After the games, Dr. Cuddeback led everyone in some traditional dances, including the ever popular “Virginia Reel” which proved to be fun for all.

The event is held every year at the Cuddeback farm.

Middle Floor St. Ben's battles Basement St. Ben's.

Prof. Brown helps the Volleyball team defeat the Soccer Team.

Freshmen sashay down the aisle during the Virginia Reel.

Students enjoy a contra-style dance.

S'mores & More

On Monday night, new students were introduced to many aspects of campus life at Christendom College through hilarious skits and activities at “S’mores and More," sponsored by the RA’s and SAC. SAC president, Gabe Schuberg, and the guy’s head RA, Tim Ginski, served as the MC’s for the night, as well as actors in several of the skits. Freshmen students were called onto the stage for crazy activities to help “break the ice” before the first day of classes. While some freshmen had to stuff their faces full of pie, others had to sing songs with their mouths full of marshmallows.

“I was picked to be part of an activity that ended up being a prank by my older sister (Junior Alicia Stanton)!” says Freshman Veronica Stanton. “I was definitely embarrassed, but it was super funny too!” '

The skits made light of some of the rules at the college, thus serving to introduce new students to them in a fun way. Some skits humorously poked fun at the new experiences the freshmen will be encountering, as well as some they have already encountered. The skits also introduced them to all of the RA’s and SAC members. New students left the St. Lawrence Commons with eagerness and confidence to start the first day of classes.

Tim Ginski and Gabe Schuberg were great hosts.

Freshmen dig into some cream pie (no hands allowed).

RAs dramatize the on-campus-parking's new lot system.

Freshman Veronica Stanton lifts a box off the table to discover her sister Junior Alicia Staton armed with silly string.

Even Dean of Student Life Jesse Dorman made an appearance in one of the skits.

Tomorrow's Leaders. Here Today.

Alumna Tess Ginki (Class of 2007) is a nurse at Reston Hospital in northern Virginia. We were able to interview her this week about why she decided to go into nursing and why she thinks her Christendom education is an invaluable asset. She is just one of our many alumni who are out in the world making a difference in their field.

More interviews with our alumni can be viewed here.

An Exciting Semester of Crusader Sports Awaits

Well, here we are again ready to begin another academic year at Christendom and with it another year of Crusader sports. Last year was a banner year with a majority of the varsity teams posting winning records including the women’s volleyball and men’s soccer teams, which compete in the fall. Last year’s success continues the trend of talented, energetic, and successful teams that have been assembled to represent the community of Christendom College whether on the field or the court.

The women’s soccer team under third year head coach Matt Nelson comes off a .500 season, which in all respects was quite an achievement for a team which lost many important players prior to last year’s season. This year’s team already has renewed promise and enthusiasm. With 13 players showing up a week early for the mini-camp, the Lady Crusaders have shown great focus during their preparations. The team returns standout halfback Theresa Nelson who missed the entire last season due to a torn ACL. Theresa’s presence will make an immediate impact both with her determination and work ethic and her leadership on the field. In addition to Theresa, the team has added six new players including three freshmen. Molly Morey returns as the goalie for the Lady Crusaders and will look to provide additional senior leadership along with fellow returning starter seniors Cecilia O’Reilly and Katie Coyne. Professor Mark Wunsch joins the coaching staff this year as an assistant coach to Matt Nelson and already has provided his energy and passion to the team. The Lady Crusaders open their season on Saturday, September 3 at Potomac State of West Virginia before their home opener on September 9 against Patrick Henry College.

The Crusader men’s soccer team comes off its most successful season in Christendom History posting a 13-4 record last season. The men will look to return to their winning ways this season, which will prove to be a challenging proposition after losing nine players from last year’s team (including 5 starters). However, with challenge also comes opportunity and the Crusaders are to ready compete for another historic season. The team welcomes back Senior Joseph Stephens who had to sit out the last portion of the season due to concussion symptoms. Returning starters John Ciskanik, Tommy Salmon, and John Foeckler look to keep the offense on point going into the 2011 campaign. Junior Tim Beer and Senior Mike Bugin along with Sophomore Jonathan Fioramonti will look to solidify the defense as they did last year, allowing an average of just under a goal a game to be scored on the team. The team welcomes seven new players to the roster including three freshmen as they open at home on Friday, September 2 against Davis College and Monday, September 5 against Gallaudet University.

Head Coach Mr. Mike Brown enters his second season at the helm of the women’s volleyball program and looks to add winning season number two to his resume! Last year the team finished with a 9-6 record, the first winning season in Christendom volleyball history. Perhaps one of the most exciting and anticipated teams on campus, the Lady Crusaders return four starters after losing graduating seniors Sarah Massett and Mary Kate Vander Woude. But the team has added many new faces willing and able to fill the empty spots. Freshman Clare Duda joins the team after a long and successful career at Seton High School and hopefully will have many connections with returning hitters Mary Barbale and Bridget Vander Woude. The team also welcomes freshmen Gabrielle Muskett, Julie McMahon, Elizabeth Easterday, and Adrienne Willard as well as senior Emily Baldwin and sophomore Maribeth Kelly. Mr. Josh Petersen joins the volleyball coaching staff and will look to pass on his love for the game and competitive attitude to the ladies on the team. In addition, the Lady Crusaders return Anna Harris, Theresa Jalsevac, Kat Anderson, Katie Wunderlich, Natalie Lucas, and Tricia Lademan from last year’s team. With such a talented and experienced group the Lady Crusaders hope to reach new heights this year, despite a tougher schedule. The team opens Saturday, September 3 at The College of Notre Dame in Baltimore, Maryland before their home opener on September 7 against Penn State Mont Alto.

Morgan Kavanagh leads the ladies up field during a game last season.

John Ciskanik finished in the top 10 of the USCAA for total points last year.

Mary Barbale spikes the ball at a game last season.

Q. What do Christendom grads do with their liberal arts degrees? Are they able to find employment?

A. Christendom grads are employed in just about every field possible. We have alumni who have degrees in philosophy who are financial analysts and teachers. We have alumni with history degrees who are marketing professionals and officers in the military. Theology majors are now electrical engineers and computer software programmers. We have alumni who are doctors, lawyers, physical therapists, accountants, managers, nurses, educators, salesmen, graphic artists, editors, entrepreneurs, project managers, tradesmen, builders, carpenters, priests, religious, music teachers, art directors, drama teachers, missionaries, real estate agents, insurance salesmen, architects, dentists, college professors, Montessori teachers, computer scientists, and everything in between.

Additionally, Christendom has a new full-time Director of Career Development on staff, Mr. Mike Mochel, and he will be very helpful to our students as they discern their career choices throughout their years at Christendom. His focus will be on helping students figure out what types of employment they might enjoy, which grad schools they might wish to attend, and helping them be prepared for their jobs by aiding them with interview skills and resume writing. His office is located in our Student Center and his door is always open.
Here is a link to our Career Services page.

The liberal arts education that Christendom offers is good and useful in and of itself, but it also makes our graduates very employable. Our graduates are easily able to adapt to an ever-changing work environment and they have all the most sought-after skills, as evidenced by the following information:

  • Liberal arts students advance more quickly to middle and senior management positions than their colleagues who pursued other fields of study . . . these graduates become employees that are ready to learn (AT&T Management Study).
  • The liberal arts are more effective in teaching communication skills, general knowledge and information, an understanding of people, an appreciation of ethical concerns, an ability to organize and prioritize, and vital leadership skills (Fortune 500 study).
  • Business leaders value liberal arts grads for their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, strong writing and speaking skills, self-discipline, exposure to diverse ideas, and global perspective (Hobart & William Smith Colleges study).
  • Strong communications skills are the single most important attribute a candidate can have – and also the one most lacking among job applicants (Poll of hiring managers by the National Association of Colleges and Employers).
  • A broad liberal arts education is preferred for future CEOs – blending knowledge of history, culture, philosophy, and economic policy, with international experience and problem-solving skills (The Wall Street Journal).
  • Employers focus on finding graduates with the right skills rather than the right major, as a new employee with the right skills can easily learn the specifics of an industry. Employers desire transferable skills, skills employees take with them to any job, such as written and verbal communication skills, the ability to solve complex problems, to work well with others, and to adapt in a changing workplace – and these are characteristic of a liberal arts education (Survey by National Association of Colleges and Employers).

I hope this helps you with your understanding of the importance and value of a liberal arts education!

God bless.

Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.