Parents Weekend


Name: Brian McCrum
Age: 19
Centreville, VA
...maybe English Language & Literature
Hobbies? Basketball, magic, piano, guitar, listening to music, weight-lifting, reading, film and editing.
Who's your favorite professor?
Prof. Raymund O'Herron—he's the best!
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in? Basketball—I'm obligated to because of my height... Happy it's actually my favorite sport [editor's note: he's 6' 7' or 6' 8" - either case, he's tall].
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? The athletics and campus life.
Why did you choose Christendom?
I chose Christendom because I wanted to go to a Catholic College and have the opportunity to play on the basketball team.
What has surprised you the most about Christendom? How many events the Student Activities Council puts on.
Plans after graduation? I'm interested in going into film or kinesiology.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student? Come visit before you judge the College. My whole perspective of Christendom changed when I visited.


All-American Pub Night Concert

On Friday night, Parents' Weekend kicked-off with the Senior class' All-American Pub Night Concert, which raised funds for the Senior Class Gift. A very reasonable admission price included a fun night of musical talents, pizza, snacks, and drinks. Fine beers were also available for purchase for those 21 and older. Several student singers, musicians, and bands performed for the large crowd of students, parents, and family members.

“I’m glad that our first big senior fundraiser was such a great success,” says Senior Celia Gossin. “It was also nice to have my family there for Parents' Weekend, and we all had a great time at the concert.”

Freshman Noah De La Cruz started off the evening with his impressive bagpipe talents.

Freshman Gabrielle Cintorino followed, singing and playing the guitar for an enthusiastic crowd—including her own family, who came for the weekend.

Senior Matt Marchand entertained everyone with his piano and singing talents.

Once again, the Stanton sisters, Junior Alicia and Freshman Veronica, put on a great show with their beautiful voices.

Upon students’ request, Philosophy Professor Mark Wunsch performed for the occasion as well.

The band of Senior guys, “Fools for No One,” composed of Richie Lancaster, Dan Beller, Rob Fetsko, and Ted Cantu, finished off a great night, and they were accompanied for a few songs by Senior Meghan Kelly.

The Coyne Clan enjoyed the night.

The Beller family enjoyed seeing Dan perform in his band.

Parents Weekend Dance

On Saturday night, parents, children, and students got together in the St. Lawrence Commons for a fun Parents' Weekend Dance. Seniors Dominic Vieira and Brianna Miller started off the night by teaching everyone several swing dance moves. Students enjoyed dancing with their families for hours into the evening. Everyone even broke out into the Virginia Reel for part of the night.

“I love how the dances here at Christendom are always so fun and wholesome,” says Freshman Rocina Daez. “I know that my entire family—including my younger brothers—had a wonderful time!”

Parents and siblings watch Dominic and Brianna as they demonstrate some swing dance moves.

Sophomore Hanna Ethridge dances with her sister.

Sophomore Rebecca D. swings with her brother.

The Daez family had a blast at the dance.

Dancing the Virginia Reel.

Mr. and Mrs. Riccardi show of their swing moves on the dance floor.

King’s Dominion

The much-anticipated King’s Dominion trip took place this past Sunday, September 25. Almost 30 students, led by Student Activities Council (SAC) Director Caitlin Bowers, took advantage of the beautiful day to have an extremely fun and stress-free day at King’s Dominion amusement park.

After an early Mass and breakfast, students anxiously piled into vans and drove the short distance of two hours to the park. There were only good things to say about the day, as the weather was nice, there were little or no lines for all rides, and students got to spend seven care-free hours riding roller-coasters and rides.

“The trip was awesome because there were barely any lines for the rides,” says Sophomore Ben Scrivener. “Add that to the good weather and good company, and it was a blast!”

At the end of the day, everyone left the park completely satisfied with their fun day and recalling their favorite rides and the best parts of their day, anxiously looking forward to going back to King’s Dominion again next year.

Students fly up and over on "The Berserker".

Sophomores Bridget Vander Woude and Morgan Kavanagh get ready to take off on the "Shockwave," a standing coaster.

Flying away on the "Rebel Yell."

Kings Dominion 2011.

Reminiscing World Youth Day

Monday night, in the Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop of the St. John the Evangelist Library, a group of students and faculty gathered to hear about the experiences of four Christendom students who participated in World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. Sophomores Gabriela Barajas and James Ciskanik led the discussion, talking about the amazing experiences they had at World Youth Day, and sharing different stories. Senior Lisa Holdsworth and Freshman Peter Deucher also participated in the discussion, talking about their viewpoints.

While they discussed their experiences, students munched on snacks and asked questions. They presenters agreed that part of the journey was learning that the hardships are what make World Youth Day what it is—it wouldn't be the same experience without them.

WYD 2011 participants: Freshman Peter Deucher, Senior Lisa Holdsworth, along with Sophomores Gabriela Barajas and James Ciskanik.


At Home in Rome

After the frenzy of travel during our pilgrimage in Assisi and Siena, we finally returned to Rome on Saturday, September 17, to settle into our rooms for the semester. My roommates, Rachel Milani and Johanna Troendle, and I quickly unpacked and then—in fine Italian tradition—went grocery shopping (food is extremely important!). We made a scrumptious meal with our groceries, and had several others stop by our room to sample our meal. All three of us enjoy cooking, so needless to say, we are going to have a very fulfilling semester food-wise.

We celebrated Mass at the tomb of Saint Peter on Monday morning. What a way to begin our Rome experience! Words cannot describe how incredible it is to be in the heart of the Church.

On Monday afternoon, we went on a scavenger hunt throughout Rome. My contrada or room (the Pantera) allied with the Bruccho (caterpillar) contrada—Nicholas Blank, Philip Briggs, and John McWhirter. We went on a mad scramble around Rome to learn how to use the bus and metro systems. We had a couple of wrong turns, but a ton of fun! "Team Fowl Play" which combined the Civetta (Owl) contrada and of the Oca (Goose) contrada—Lucy Salazar, Cate Thomas, Rachel Kujawa, Matthew Camp, Max Hess, and Daniel Traina—won the hunt and were rewarded with dinner with Ms. Ott and Elizabeth Walsh the following Monday.

In the evening, we cooked a fine meal for our scavenger hunt allies (and the Lupa contrada—John Schofield, Christopher Roberts, and Neil Baldwin) and enjoyed great food with great company. In Rome, we have a few hours in the evening where inter-visitation is allowed (under proper guidelines) so that we can enjoy meals together. I suspect that the main purpose behind this allowance is so that the boys do not starve to death this semester.

Tuesday was our first day of classes! I was so excited. We had three hours of Italian in the morning with the lovely Professoressa Benzaia. I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn the language of my family, as my Dad is from Italy. I have had a couple of opportunities to use the Italian from class with my family and other Romans. There is nothing more exciting than understanding and using a couple of simple words after just learning them in class.

The week was fairly easy-going, with our afternoons free after learning Italian every morning. On Friday evening, the Lupa contrada invited our room over for dinner. Despite my earlier comment on the boys starving, we were delightfully surprised by the classy dinner supplied by the gentlemen! The evening meals have been an excellent opportunity to discover and appreciate the hidden cooking talents possessed by several people here.

On Saturday, we traveled to Santa Marinella for an incredible day of fun and relaxation at the beach! We went swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea, built sand castles, found some seashells, ate lunch, and took hundreds of pictures. That night, 28 of the 37 of us piled into the room of the Leocorndo (unicorn) contrada—Elise Nodar, Bridget Lademan, and Kathleen Deighan—to watch Tangled. The situation was quite comical, and thoroughly enjoyable!

On Sunday, Elise Nodar, Bridget Lademan, and I went to Mass at the top of the Spanish Steps at Trinita dei Monti. Oddly enough, the Mass was in French. I enjoyed the irony of going to Mass in Rome at the top of the Spanish Steps to celebrate Mass in French. Happy Only in Europe! After Mass, we went to the Trevi Fountain for pictures and—of course—gelato!

Sunday night featured our first potluck dinner! Each room provided delicious food and we ate and talked to our hearts’ content on the top of the terrace for dinner.

With the first full week of our Rome experience over, I can still hardly believe that I am here…walking through St. Peter’s Square every day, casually sighting monuments that are as old as 6,000 years old, traveling the roads familiar to many great saints, and living in Rome—the heart of the Church! We have several more exciting events coming up, and I cannot wait to experience each and every one of them.

God is so great!

Enjoying the Sunday night pot-luck.

On tour in Rome: walking down Ponte Sant'Angelo.

Checking lists on the scavenger hunt.

Deciphering the Roman bus and metro system is quite a challenge.

Discovering Bernini's fountain in Piazza Navona.

Waiting for the train to Santa Marinella.

Fun in the sand at Santa Marinella.

Summer Internships for Tomorrow's Leaders

At Christendom, one of the many awesome opportunities that are available for students are summer internships. Christendom offers internships through various organizations, including ones located in and around the D.C. area. The students who participate get the chance to get real-life practical experience in various fields, and to use the tools that Christendom has helped them develop. Many of the internships that students are able to participate in come from the Political Science department, specifically, Dr. Bernard Way's Politics Practicum. Seniors Paul Nangurai, Andrea Smith, Grace Bellow, and Andrew Ciscanik all participated in internships this summer, which they acquired through the practicum. They all agreed that the practicum provides an invaluable experience:

Paul Nangurai, a Political Science Major, had the opportunity to intern with Catholic Families Human Rights Institute in Washington D.C., commonly known as "C-Fam." C-Fam promotes human and family rights at the international level, and they deal with the UN, the EU, etc. Paul's work was a really great opportunity to learn.

In his own words: "My work involved researching and networking with African countries, and so my position was Africa Research and Networking, General Office Assistant. I was responsible for creating a proļ¬le of Africa which focused on social issues like abortion,sex rights, and maternal health care, identifying key players and programs on both sides of the issues. I had worked with C-Fam before, in Spring 2009 with the Edmund Burke Fellowship to the UN, so I already knew what to expect. It was an internship that revealed a lot on what is going on in Africa and the different strategies we can employ to counter vices."

Andrea Smith, also a Political Science major, worked in the 7th VA congressional district office for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Andie learned a lot about the work, and was glad to have her Christendom education to use as a tool.

In her own words: "I answered the phones, which in a congressional office, is an important job. Often times, when people call in with a complaint, they aren't looking for answers, they just want someone to hear them out - I spent many hours with a phone glued to my ear while a guy from NY complained about not being able to get a hold of Chuck Schumer! I learned that people really don't like politicians; more importantly, though, I learned that there are really good people working to try to fix this country. In the Congressman's offices, there are signs on every desk reminding us that if we aren't doing our duty to the Constitution, why are we even bothering to do anything. The critical thinking and reasoning skills I learned here helped me to not only get the internship, but it helped me in performing my duties as an intern—in this area especially."

Andrew Ciskanik spent his summer working for the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, more specifically, the Collegiate Network, who provide support to conservative student run publications all over the country, promoting unbiased and professional journalism skills.

In his own words: "I probably wouldn't have taken an internship at all last summer if not for Dr. Way's Politics Practica class. The class offers academic credit for taking a summer internship over the summer or during a semester at school. I wanted to get practical experience working with some of the many interests of mine, specifically design work, and hopefully get a head start in that field as a career in the future. The Collegiate Network did not disappoint. They had me work on several design projects. I put together an updated version of their intern/fellows resource guide, a new pamphlet for ISI, created a resource page for the CN's fuseBox website, and even got to design the CN ads used in the student publications. They also took me along to D.C. for their annual "start the presses" event. This internship was a huge opportunity for me, giving me insight working in the professional field of journalism, as well as a chance for me to develop my own designing skills. This internship offered many opportunities for networking with people who share the same passion for their career."
Grace Bellow had an amazing experience working in the office of Congressman Jim Renacci, the U.S. Representative for the 16th Congressional District of Ohio, helping constituents, researching, event planning and assisting with correspondence. Grace was grateful for the chance to really be doing something.

In her own words: "Professor Way helped me research different internships so I could gain substantial work experience and wouldn't be simply fetching coffee. I enjoyed every minute of my internship! I learned how the U.S. House of Representatives functioned, how legislative battles are fought, and about the relationship between a Congressman and his district. I also gained the satisfaction of working for a great, conservative, pro-life Congressman alongside his wonderful staff."

These are just a few of the internships Christendom students can benefit from, particularly in the Political Science department. Christendom students are greatly benefitting from the chance to take their liberal arts education and putting it to great use, working out in the world to restore all things in Christ. Tommorrow's leaders. Here today.


Lady Crusaders Volleyball: 9-2 for This Season!

With just over a month gone by in the fall semester, the women’s volleyball team holds an impressive record of 9-2 with two weeks of play left in the season. Just last season the team had its first winning season ever and they have come back to prove it wasn’t a fluke!

Despite losing three starters, the team has regrouped to have an impressive season to this point. Adding two freshmen starters, Gabi Muskett and Clare Duda, the team has had impressive win after impressive win.

Beginning the season with 2 wins over Division III opponents, Keystone College and Notre Dame of Maryland College, the Lady Crusaders sprinted out of the gates. The team has been led in digs by Gabi and Anna Harris and in the assist category Clare Duda has been stellar during the season.

Clare who played volleyball at Seton High School in Manassas, Virginia, has added a calm, confident, and competitive edge to the team—setting perfect ball after perfect ball to the Lady Crusader hitters. Mary Barbale and Bridget Vander Woude lead the team in kills, while junior Theresa Jalsevac has recorded the most blocks for the team.

This past Thursday the team went up against Division III Notre Dame of Maryland College whom they had defeated earlier in the season. This match proved to be different as the teams traded games with Christendom winning the 1st and 3rd sets and the Gators winning the 2nd and 4th sets. The Lady Crusaders showed their resolve and determination throughout the 5th set. Each team traded points and runs, but in the end the Lady Crusaders pulled out the win in a 15-12 final set—much to the excitement of the Crazies on hand!

On Friday, the team hosted Division III Hood College. The Hood Blazers came out with an impressive 25-18 first match victory, but the game also proved to the Lady Crusaders that not only could they play with the Blazers they would have a chance to pull off an upset. The 2nd set saw the Lady Crusaders lead for part of the set before yielding the game to the Blazers by a score of 20-25. Throughout the first 2 games the Lady Crusaders hung strong despite the size advantage of the Blazers. The Lady Crusaders dug and dove, blocked and bumped clawing their way back into match, but just couldn’t overcome the Blazers.

Breakthrough occurred in the 3rd set. Led by the passing of Anna Harris and Gabi Muskett and the spiking of Bridget Vander Woude the team would battle back and forth, playing the best volleyball of their season and quite possibly in Christendom’s history. Despite the front line of Hood, which featured two 6-foot Blazer hitters, the Lady Crusaders picked up points off of blocks and solid team play. By a final score of 25-23 the Lady Crusaders pulled off the victory and forced a 4th set in the match.

The fourth set as an individual set was the best set of volleyball that any volleyball team has played at Crusader Gymnasium—definitely in the last 5 years. Multiple diving digs and spot-accurate spikes fueled the Lady Crusaders and—with each point—one could feel the game swinging in the favor of the Crusaders!

The Blazers of Hood almost looked shell-shocked as they grew tired and balls dropped in front of them. The teams went back and forth to a 25-25 stalemate with a race to the winning 2 points in a row. In the end, size would trump the day as the Blazers would sneak out 2 more points and pull off the victory 27-25 and a 3-1 match victory over the Lady Crusaders.

The match serves to illustrate what the women’s volleyball program at Christendom has achieved, pushing a solid Division III school to the brink of a 5th set, which—if it had occurred—one could only imagine that the home court and emotional force would have carried the day for the Lady Crusaders.

The Lady Crusaders are off until Saturday when they travel to Winston Salem, NC to take on Piedmont Bible College. The team will also host Washington Bible College on the Saturday of Homecoming October 8 at 1pm in Crusader Gymnasium. Check out the women’s schedule for the next couple of weeks and come out and cheer the Lady Crusaders on—you won’t be disappointed!

Mary Barbale prepares to pound the ball, adding a point to the Crusaders score.

The other teams duck when they see Bridget Vander Woude set up to spike.

Anna Harris sends the ball to Tricia Lademan.

Q. I see you have an Early Action Deadline. Do I need to wait until December 1 to apply, or can I apply earlier than that? Also, when will I hear back from you about the Admissions Committee’s decision?

A. We do have an Early Action Deadline of December 1, and what that means is that if someone gets all their application materials into our office on or before that date, we guarantee them an answer from our Admissions Committee on or before December 15. That’s what the whole Early Action business is about.

But, we have already been receiving lots of applications for the fall semester, and, we have already sent out acceptance letters to some of our applicants. If someone applies during the month of October, there is a very good chance that they will receive an answer from us during October. We sometimes hold off on making a decision, but normally, as soon as an application is complete (SAT or ACT scores, two letters of recommendation, essays/application, and transcripts), we send them off to the Committee for review. At that point, once someone gets the acceptance letter from us, they do not need to respond or send in any money until February 1, so there is still plenty of time to think about whether Christendom is the place for you.

Let me know if I can be of any further help with this matter!

Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.