Christendom Leads the March for Life


Name: Lisa Holdsworth
Age: 22
Calgary, AB, Canada
Major: Philosophy
Hobbies: I love singing, dancing, hiking, and skiing—anything that involves music or being outside. I also like traveling and seeking out beautiful things in different places.
Who's your favorite professor or class? My favorite professor is Dr. Steven Snyder. His is a humble genius, who truly loves philosophy. His kindness and dedication to the students he teaches is outstanding.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in? I am in the choir, art club, and Cincinnatus book study. The choir makes me come alive—I love it. The art club is challenging and the book study is very interesting.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? The people and the spiritual life. I suppose that's the two things, but it is so good to learn among people who are loving, joyful, and striving to love God... helped by awesome chaplains.
Why did you choose Christendom? I transferred into Christendom from a Catholic college in Canada. I could have chosen any number of schools, but I chose Christendom because I wanted to finish my philosophy degree on the same solid foundation in which it had begun and have the opportunity for daily Mass.
What surprises you the most about Christendom? How much I am enjoying it.
What are your plans after graduation? Take a year off, then Graduate School for philosophy (squeeze in adventures and missionary work), and then teach.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student?


Welcome Back!

The first Pub Night of the semester took place on the Monday evening before classes started to welcome the students back to campus and get them excited for the new semester. Students got to reunite with their friends after break and enjoy a relaxed night with food and beverages.

“Pub Night was the perfect way to get back in the school mood after Christmas break,” Junior Sara Federico said. “It was especially nice to catch up with everybody after coming back from Rome.”

Seniors Tim Ginski, Fran Dewey, Catherine Marra (yay!), and Freshman Peter Romanchuk exchange Christmas break stories.

Fraternal Charity

Christendom College welcomed author Fr. Brett Brannen from the diocese of Savannah, Georgia, on Wednesday evening, January 18, to speak to the students and faculty on the topic of “fraternal charity.” Fr. Brannen’s talk was very encouraging, and he gave many concrete examples of how we, as members of the Christendom community, are to love one another, especially those who we find the most difficult to love.

“I was very inspired by Fr. Brannen’s words,” Sophomore Jon Fioramonti said. “I thought he made a lot of important and bold statements, and I loved how applicable his talk was to my life.”

This moving talk can be downloaded at
Christendom on iTunes U.


Christendom Leads the 2012 March for Life

On January 23, the entire student body of Christendom College, including members of the faculty and staff, led hundreds of thousands in protesting abortion at the 39th Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Select students were given the honor of carrying the lead March for Life banner as well as the official March for Life flags. This was the fourth time in the college’s 34 year history that it had been selected to lead the walk down Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court.

"It was an honor and so exciting,” said Sophomore Rebecca Deucher, one of the students given the opportunity to carry the lead banner. “Marching at the beginning gave you a sense of the order and unity of the movement—you felt like you were the March for Life.”

Deucher’s brother, Peter, a freshman who carried one of the official flags, felt the same sense of unity.

“We felt like a phalanx of prayer,” he said. “We were praying the rosary or singing hymns and it really reinforced our unity and our mission. We’re all there for one thing. The challenge for us now is to continue leading today and tomorrow in the fight for the unborn—march at the front of the line.”

Click here to read more about this event.

In the rain and at the Rally before the start of the March, students heard from March for Life Founder Miss Nellie Gray, House Speaker John Boehner, Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ), and others.

Freshman Peter Foeckler is proud and excited to be carrying one of the March for Life flags.

Starting the March.

Never mind the distorted numbers and blackout by the liberal media. The March is huge. There are hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers of which the overwhelming majority are young people.

Christendom students "Stand for Life."


March for Life 2012: Christendom Leads the Way

Nutella Night

Friday night, the Chester-Belloc room in Regina Coeli was bustling with activity, as the Fall 2011 “Romers” held a Nutella Party. The party’s main purpose was to introduce the Fall 2011 Rome students to the new freshman, who most of the Rome students have never met. The Rome students made sure to give the freshmen, and all who attended, a proper “taste” of Rome by providing Nutella, Biscotti, and Espressos.

The Rome students wore shirts that they designed and ordered, following their Rome experience. On the shirts were the Rome students' “sound off” numbers, and the nicknames each student acquired as they were overseas. The freshmen, and all else who attended, had a great time, and enjoyed welcoming the students back to Christendom campus, and home sweet home!

College Chaplain Fr. Donald Planty loves his Nutella.

The Fall 2011 Romers miss the Eternal City but are happy to be back home.

Ultimate Fan Dance

Students were officially welcomed back on campus with a casual, sports-themed dance last Saturday. Students wore their favorite sports team’s apparel, or else dressed up as different athletes.

“The sports theme was a blast, and I especially loved how some people got really creative with the theme by dressing in crazy costumes,” Junior Elise Nodar said. “Also, the wings were delicious and I loved all the fun sports decorations!”

The casual, fun atmosphere resulted in the perfect dance to get everyone excited about the new semester. There were even a few friendly competitions set up by SAC between groups of girls and guys to add some excitement to the night.

Sophomore Marisa DePalma enjoys a dance with Junior Tim McPhee.

Seniors/Sophomores show the toughness that won them the Powder-Puff victory.

A first time for everything: Senior Lindsay Mershon dances with a hockey player, Senior Pat Stein.

Even the Irish Rugby Team made an appearance.

Chester-Belloc Debate

Sunday night, the Chester-Belloc Debate Society held their first debate of the semester, titled, “The Mass Media Undermines A Free Society.” The debate was well attended, and many new voices were heard on the floor.

After a vigorous evening of debating, the body voted, and there were 6 votes pro, 25 con, and 6 abstentions. The Chester-Belloc Debate Society warmly welcomes all to attend their debates. The next debate will be held on Sunday, January 29, in the Chester-Belloc Hall in Regina Coeli. They will be debating the resolution, “America Needs Ron Paul.”

Senior Chris Foeckler makes his case.

Pro-Life Leaders Year-round

One of the great things about Christendom College is its active pro-life movements. Just this past week, the students of Christendom College led the national March for Life in Washington D.C., but Christendom students remain active in pro-life work all year long. There are several active pro-life groups on campus, such as "Shield of Roses," "Students for Life," and those students that volunteer at the Pregnancy Center in Front Royal.

Junior Sara Federico has been a member of Shield of Roses since her freshman year.

"We go to the DC Planned Parenthood every Saturday morning to pray for the end of abortion, for the healing of all women hurt by abortion, and for the conversions of those who assist in abortions, especially those impacted by this specific clinic," she says.

Federico says that their most powerful tool is prayer, and is a vital part to a group dedicated to "restoring all things in Christ." She believes that their witness as young people is absolutely critical and essential for all Christendom students, because it enables students to refocus after a week intense studies as to why they are at Christendom.

"Shield allows us to go beyond ourselves and recognize our duty to America to be an informed witness and a good example," Federico says. "It reminds us of our mission to be ambassadors of Christ in the modern world."

Junior Christopher Roberts, another long time member, encourages his fellow students to go to Shield of Roses on a regular basis.

"I joined Shield because I thought that God was calling me to participate in praying for and counseling pregnant women in danger of having abortions," he says. "It's a great way to get involved in the pro-life cause. We always need more members!"

Students for Life is another organization in which students actively work for the pro-life cause through activism such as literature drops for pro-life candidates, fundraisers for the local crisis pregnancy center, or assisting the efforts of Students for Life of America or National Right to Life.

"Students for Life raises awareness and funding through a multitude of activities including bake sales, penny wars, political literature drops," says Senior Christine Nussio, secretary for Students for Life. "We have a highly successful record of getting the entire campus involved in pro-life events."

At the Front Royal Pregnancy Center, students volunteer, normally on a weekly basis, and are trained to provide pregnancy tests, peer counseling, references, and other assistance to women and their children in need. Services are provided free of charge in order to be able to help the many low-income women in the Front Royal area.

"I always encourage other students to get involved as a way to live their faith in action," says Frances Dewey, a Senior who organizes the volunteers for the Pregnancy Center. "It's one thing to say you're pro-life and you believe everything the Church teaches; it's another level of courage entirely to actually get out there and give that truth to the women who need it most.

Dewey say that she sees the Christian pro-life effort as working on three basic levels: the spiritual, political/activism, and personal.

"I'm proud of the students at my school for being involved with all three," she says. "Shield of Roses is a beautiful witness to the necessity and effectiveness of prayer in the movement, and Students for Life does an excellent job of raising awareness and bringing life issues to the table in a political setting. But at the heart of the pro-life movement is obviously the truth that each individual person is infinitely valuable. I think that truth is particularly clear in the work done by the crisis pregnancy counselors. We are there for each woman who comes to us simply because of who she is. It really does bear witness on a concrete level to the dignity and value of each and every human person."

Christendom's motto is "To Restore All Things in Christ," and Christendom's Pro-Life organizations truly strive to do just that. They strive to show their fellow students, fellow Catholics, and the world the sanctity of life.

Tomorrow's pro-life leaders are here today.


Christendom Basketball Back In Action

Last night the Christendom basketball season resumed following a six-week break and will feature a three busy weeks before the season ends on February 18.

This semester, an ever-changing roster hits the Crusaders who get freshman Joe Walsh on the court for the first since recovering from an ACL tear this past June. The Crusaders also welcome back Tim Vander Woude. However, the Crusaders lost junior Mark Hepler, due to the Junior Semester in Rome program, and will lose 4 more players within the next few weeks.

The men’s team got back in action by hosting Southern Virginia University from Buena Vista, Va. The Crusaders suffered a hard loss to the Knights back in the fall semester and were looking to revenge the loss.

The Knights raced out to an early lead as the Crusaders adjusted to playing with the revamped lineup. Once the Crusaders settled in, they made a furious rally led by Joe Walsh who scored 17 points in the first half. Leading by one at the start of the second half, the Knights sunk several fast hitting three-pointers and got points on fast breaks against the Crusaders.

The home team couldn’t find an answer to the speed of Southern Virginia, as the Knights pulled away from the Crusaders in the closing minutes to a final score of 57-77. Brendan Krebs led the team with 5 assists while Brian Fox added 6 points and 7 rebounds. The men’s team is back in action on Saturday at Davis College in Johnson City, NY for a Shenandoah Chesapeake Conference match at 1pm.

The Lady Crusaders get back in action tonight as they host the Nittany Lions of Penn State Mont Alto at 6:30pm in Crusader Gymnasium. After a tough first semester the Lady Crusaders look to have a strong finish as they go for their second consecutive winning season.

Sophomore Brendan McCrum flies over the Knights.

Q. Is Christendom a Great Books program? And what is a Great Books program anyway?

A: Some people think we offer a Great Books Program, but, in fact, we do not. A Great Books Program, from what I can tell, is one which studies a certain limited number of primary texts in a Socratic or discussion type forum. No textbooks or secondary sources are used in a Great Books program and all students study the exact same subjects and receive one degree, a BA in Liberal Arts, without having choices of majors. Here’s what our friend, Wiki, has to say about it.

Christendom would be categorized as offering a classical liberal arts education. We rely heavily on many of the exact same primary texts read in a Great Books program, but we also use many secondary sources to gain deeper understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, we rely heavily on the great education and knowledge of our esteemed faculty. All of them have read more on the subjects that they teach than probably the whole student body put together. We rely on their insights into their subject matter and want to hear what they think about this or that topic in their area of expertise, as opposed to relying on the insights of college-aged students (which happens quite often in a Great Books Program, I am told).

Also, the vast majority of our classes are lecture format (with an average class size of around 18-22 students) with students having the ability to ask questions and make comments during class. Although we do have a very strong core curriculum which lasts two and a half years, following the completion of the core, students are given the opportunity to delve deeper into one of six areas of study and major in Theology, Philosophy, English Language and Literature, Classics, Political Science, or History.

Additionally, most Great Books programs do not offer history as part of their curriculum because generally, in order to do an in-depth survey of history, textbooks are used. Here at Christendom, we rely heavily on College founder Dr. Warren Carroll’s History of Christendom series of books. Of course, there are other differences, but these are the ones I think may be easiest understood. I hope that this clarifies a couple of the differences between a Great Books Program and what Christendom offers.
Here is our core curriculum at a glance.

Here is an interesting (although a little long) look at the idea of studying the Great Books by a former University of Dallas professor named Frederick D. Wilhelmsen. Although I do not necessarily agree with all that he says, I do think he has some pretty valid points. This is simply my opinion, and does not reflect the views of Christendom College….just saying.
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If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.