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Name: Peter Foeckler
Manassas, VA
Soccer, acting, intramurals, outdoor activities, reading, cross-country snow boarding, yodeling, singing in the Christendom College Dishroom Choir.itunes
Who's your favorite professor or class?
Theology 102 with Fr. Donald Planty. I love it because everything we talk about is relevant to our lives as Catholics and we can bring up whatever questions we have about our Faith even when they are not on the topic. He is a very enthusiastic teacher.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in? I have played soccer since I was very young, so I was glad to get the chance to play for Christendom's varsity soccer team. I also participated in the fall play, Room Service, and I have a part in the spring play, Nicholas Nickleby. I also enjoy the intramural sports program.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? The accessibility of the sacraments and the strong Catholic atmosphere. It makes it so much easier to stay on track with your spiritual life. The community among the students here is pretty amazing, too.
Why did you choose Christendom?
I chose Christendom because of the recommendations of my brothers and the because of the incredible Catholic community here. The tuition here is also a much better deal than most colleges.
What surprises you the most about Christendom? The large amount of extra-curricular activities and events that we have.
What are your plans after graduation? Do something awesome.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student?
Definitely come and visit if you can!


Musical Talent on Stage at Cup o' Coeli

Friday night, the Chester-Belloc Lounge of Regina Coeli Hall was packed as Christendom students gathered both to watch and to participate in Christendom’s annual musical showcase, Cup O’Coeli. The SAC (Student Activities Council) put on the event, and throughout the evening, had coffee and other tasty treats available.

“I think I brewed at least eight pots of coffee—I hope people want some,” said SAC member Theresa Francis before the event started.

Not to worry, Christendom students thoroughly enjoyed both the phenomenal performances and the caffeine perk. The night was filled with great musical acts from both individual students and from groups of students, who played guitar, piano, sang, and much more.

The Kitchen Choir performs an amusing song under the direction of Catherine Marra.

The Rome Choir sings Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time."

Sophomore Faith Leopold plays "The Man Who Can't Be Moved."

Katie Shannon once again wows the audience with her vocal talent (See her YouTube video).

Seniors Liz Sartor and Chris Foeckler sing "Anything You Can Do" from Annie Get Your Gun.

Sophomore Kelsey Ingold shows off her skill with the guitar.

QEP Quiz Night

On Saturday night, a special Pub Night took place in Kilian’s Café, during which there was a presentation and quiz competition on the Education for a Lifetime Program (Christendom's Quality Enhancement Plan or QEP that will soon be launched as part of the college’s re-accreditation process.) Find out more about this great program in this week's Special Report.

In addition to the usual snacks, drinks, and fun company always present at Pub Night, there was a presentation given by Mathematics Professor Dr. Greg Townsend on the purpose of the QEP, followed by a talk on the compatibility of this program with a Liberal Arts degree by Alumnus Becket Adams ('08). Senior Gabe Schuberg and Junior Emi Funai then presided over several rounds of group trivia quiz questions, which featured questions about the QEP and general facts about the history of the college and Front Royal.

“The QEP Quiz Night was a huge success in educating students and faculty about the new Quality Enhancement Plan at the college,” says Gabe Schuberg. “It was both informative and fun.”

Dr. Townsend explains the QEP.

Alumnus Becket Adams talks about how his Christendom Liberal Arts education has helped him succeed as a Business Editor at The Blaze.

Valentines for Our Troops and the Elderly

Sunday afternoon, a group of girls from top floor St. Catherine’s gathered in the common room to make Valentine’s for both the nursing home in town, and for soldiers who are currently deployed in Afghanistan.

Meghan Kelly and Liz Sartor (the Resident Assistants for top floor St. Catherine’s) organized the event. The girls were provided Valentine making supplies, Bible verses and Saint’s quotes on love and charity, and tasty treats to munch on. Director of Residence Life Miss Amanda Graf even joined the girls to help make the Valentine's Day Cards. The event was a huge success and lots of Valentines were made.

The girls hope that the cards brightened their recipients' day, spread charity, and comforted the lonely.

Debating Snow-Flake Adoption

A large group gathered in the Chester-Belloc Lounge of Regina Coeli Hall on Sunday night to debate the resolution: “There is no morally licit solution to the problem of frozen embryos.” The debate was extremely interesting, with convincing arguments for both sides, which was shown in the end vote which had seventeen votes “pro,” sixteen votes “con,” and eleven votes “abstaining.”

The next Chester-Belloc Debate will be on February 26, and all are invited to attend and participate in the College’s vibrant intellectual life.

Fun at St. Valentine's Day Dinner

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, the St. Lawrence Commons was decorated at dinner in pink and red for the occasion, festive desserts were served, and there was special Valentine's entertainment. SAC members Theresa Francis and Joe McGlynn called a random young lady and young man from each class onto the stage and asked them a series of funny (and sometimes embarrassing) questions dealing with issues of love and relationships.

“St. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, and so I was super excited to celebrate the day with my friends,” says Sophomore Hannah Ethridge. “I was called up on stage to answer the questions and it was a lot of fun.”

Joe McGlynn gets funny answers to his funny questions.

Sophomore Hannah Ethridge imparts her wisdom on love and relationships and hands the mic to Freshman Alexis Witiak.

Christendom's Education for A Lifetime Program

As Christendom College prepares to launch its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)—the Education for a Lifetime Program (ELP)—students have begun to test this new and exciting program as part of the college’s re-accreditation process. They are excited for this opportunity to learn and grow as confident and enthusiastic Catholic leaders by incorporating their Liberal Arts education into their lives and taking those important principles they learn with them into the work field after graduation.

“It is fantastic that Christendom students will now have the resources, advice, and training to make the transition between ‘restoring all things in Christ’ on Christendom’s campus and ‘restoring all things in Christ’ in the world,” says Junior Lisa Hill.

Students appreciate the practical sense in which the proposed QEP initiatives aim to better prepare students to not only choose a career field, but also to thrive in a workplace where they feel competent and qualified.

“This is a breakthrough for the Christendom community—a chance for students to learn to be leaders in the world, but not of the world,” says Hill. “With a liberal arts education, we know we should feel empowered to make a difference in the world, but what good is having the education, if you do not know how to use it after graduation?”

Now, with Mr. Mochel in the career development office, the newly-added courses, and the integration of career discernment into the curriculum, students will have a newfound understanding of the purpose of a liberal arts education and the confidence to go out into the world and be tomorrow’s leaders.


Crusaders Finish Regular Season with Victories

Last night the Christendom basketball teams hosted the Sentinels of Patrick Henry for the last regular season games and Senior Night. The game was a Shenandoah Conference match, which for the men included playoff implications of who would move onto the tournament this Friday. Two senior Lady Crusaders and three from the men's team were honored as part of Senior Night.

The Lady Crusaders started off the night racing out to an early lead against the Sentinels, led by a tough defense, which turned into easy baskets on the other end. Mary Barbale again would flirt with a triple-double when the game was all said and done, grabbing rebounds and quickly finding open teammates for easy baskets on the other end.

At halftime of the game with the Lady Crusaders holding a 20+ lead Coach Mr. Brown paid tribute to seniors, Jane Kokes and Emily Baldwin.

“I am so glad you decided to play this year and coaching and getting to know you has been a true joy,” Coach Brown said of Kokes, whose family was present for the game.

“Emily has played all four years and has been a starter for most of the games during her career," Brown said of Baldwin. "Having coached her for the last two years, I will say she is the most selfless player on the team. She knows her role and does it to the best of her ability without a thought of herself but only what is best for the team.”

The Lady Crusaders cruised in the second half with the entire team playing equal minutes in front of an excited home crowd.

The Lady Crusaders host the Shenandoah Chesapeake Conference Tournament this Friday and Saturday. They will play at 6pm on Friday and 2pm on Saturday.

The men’s team took the court following the victory by the Lady Crusaders for their last home game of the season. The season has been one characterized by change.

I would estimate we have had over seven different starting lineups throughout this season. From injuries to Juniors going to Rome, to new players. It has been quite a season.

The game not only was the last home game but it was also the play-in game for the conference tournament hosted by Mid-Atlantic Christian in Elizabeth City, NC, this Friday. The first meeting between the Sentinels and Crusaders saw the Crusaders walk away with a 14 point victory despite an energetic and passionate performance by Patrick Henry in their gymnasium. For this game, the Crusaders set the tone early and dominated all aspects from start to finish.

Seniors Brian Fox, Pat Stein, and Dominic O’Donnell played important roles throughout the game. With the strong play of Joe Walsh and Brian Fox on offense and Jon Fioramonti and Pat Stein on the defensive side the Crusaders carried a 15-point lead into halftime.

At halftime, I addressed the Crazies (the Christendom fans) with regards to the seniors.

Dominic like Pat and Brian have played all four years while here. Both Dominic and Pat have greatly improved as basketball players and as young men during their time. Their hard work and laid back attitude will be missed not only on the court but more especially in practice and on campus.

Senior Brian Fox will finish the season reaching a unique milestone of having scored over 1,100 points and grabbing over 400 rebounds in his four-year career. By scoring over 1,000 points he joins an elite group of about 10 past Crusaders to reach the 1,000 point mark.

Brian is a great example of a Catholic Scholar Athlete, he excels not only in basketball, but also in his academic work and spiritual life. His integrity and hard work will be greatly missed on campus and on the court.

The second half of the game saw the Crusaders continue to cruise with all 10 players playing over 10 minutes each for the game. Brian Fox and Joe Walsh both finished with 22 points leading all scorers. Brian also pulled down 15 rebounds and had 7 blocks while only missing one shot the entire game. The Crusaders next will travel to North Carolina on Friday to play #1 seeded Davis College in the first round of the Shenandoah Chesapeake Conference.

Freshman Liz Slaten adds two points on a fast break.

Sophomore Morgan Kavanagh drives to the basket.

Seniors Jane Kokes and Emily Baldwin with Coach Brown.

Sophomore Christian Kopeck flies to the hoop.

Sophomore John Fioramonti heads to the hole.

Seniors Pat Stein, Dominic O'Donnell, and Brian Fox with Coach Vander Woude.


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