Aloha, Bishop Loverde!


Name: Patrick McKenna
Age: 19
From: Richmond, VA
Major: Undeclared
Dancing, cheering (at sports games), rugby, watching TV shows, baking.
Who's your favorite professor and what's your favorite class?
Literature with Dr. Cecilia Linton. I enjoy reading the selections we are given for class. Moreover, Dr. Linton is a sweet southern belle and it's great to listen to her in class. Happy
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in? Rugby, Christendom Crazies (cheering fans of the Crusades), Habitat for Humanity, and the Philosophy Club.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? The size of the school gives it a family feel, giving you an opportunity to get to know others well and make great friends.
Why did you choose Christendom?
I wanted to get a deeply rooted understanding of the Faith.
What has surprised you the most about Christendom? How much of a good time you can have here if you have a positive attitude and get creative.
Plans after graduation? Continue my career with the Coast Guard and hopefully go to Officer Candidate School.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student? Join the Christendom Crazies.


Music and More at Pub Night

After the first week of classes, the Student Activities Council kicked-off the weekend with the first Pub Night of the semester in St. Kilian’s Café. It was a crowded house due to the advertised musical showcases, as well as all the new freshmen checking out their first of the highly popular pub nights.

Senior Matt Marchand got the night started with his singing and keyboard talents. Junior Alicia Stanton and her sister, Freshman Veronica Stanton, performed several musical duets. Finally, the popular band “Fools for No One,” composed of Seniors Richie Lancaster, Dan Beller, Rob Fetsko, and Ted Cantu, ended the night by playing many current crowd favorites. In between musical acts, students helped themselves to yummy snacks and drinks served by SAC members.

“My first pub night was wonderful!” says Freshman Melanie Hofbauer. “The student bands and singers were amazing, the atmosphere was great, and it was just a really fun way to end the school week.”

Big crowd, big fun at Pub Night.

Matt Marchand plays his keyboard as he sings one of his favorite songs.

The Stanton sisters put on a great show.

Richie Lancaster leads the boys in another song.

Aloha, Let's Dance

Saturday night the St. Lawrence Commons was decked out in festive colors, beach-themes, and lei's galore for the annual Luau Dance. Students excitedly donned any Hawaiian summer apparel and showed up Saturday night ready for some fun. The dance was packed with fun music, a hula-hooping contest, a piñata, and of course, the limbo.

SAC did an awesome job decorating the commons and providing refreshments for the occasion, complete with tasty kebabs and colorful fruit. The study body enjoyed the chance to take a break after their first week of studies for this academic year as they kicked back, relaxed and spent some time having some summer fun with their classmates.

Sophomore Andrew Clark whips Freshman Bernadette Sartor around the dance floor.

SAC member, Sophomore Becca Deucher sits back with a drink and some good company after some hard work in setting up for the dance.

Midori Funai, runner-up of the limbo competition, does an impressive backbend to sneak under the limbo stick.

Freshman Mark Turner enthusiastically hula hoops.

Sophomores Brendan Viera and Lauren Enk spin around the dance floor.

Launching the New Year

“The community which forms Christendom College will have new and grace-filled opportunities to advance—as did the Lord Jesus—in wisdom, age, and favor before God and man,” Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde told the students and faculty of Christendom College during his homily at a Mass offered on Sunday. The Mass, along with a convocation, officially launched the thirty-fifth academic year for the college.

“During this academic year, by your manner of life and, when appropriate, by your words, invite others to come to Jesus. Learn within this community of faith how to evangelize with a Christ-like enthusiasm,” the bishop urged students. “Reach out to not only those here on campus, but to our brothers and sisters in need. Take part in initiatives of Christ-like charity, so that you will be equipped to be a witness to Christ and for Christ the rest of your earthly life.”

After the homily, Bishop Loverde witnessed the entire faculty take the Oath of Fidelity to the Holy Father and the Magisterium (the teaching authority of the Church). Christendom College is one of a few Catholic colleges whose entire faculty voluntarily takes this oath.

Following Mass, the bishop joined the entire student body along with members of the faculty and staff for brunch in the St. Lawrence Commons. College President Dr. Timothy O'Donnell then addressed the students.

“In your studies you have received an enlightenment. You have received a knowledge. You know the truth, so there needs now to be humble service,” O'Donnell said. “My dear students, you are our hope. You are Christ’s hope. You are the hope of the Church. We’re banking so much on you rising to this challenge. Don’t spend this semester sitting back on the sidelines. Be a leader. Be a witness to hope. Our world is starving for hope and you have faith, hope, and charity. Choose today to make new beginning. Choose to be part of the new springtime.”

Read more about what to expect this year from Christendom

Dr. O'Donnell leads the faculty in the Oath of Fidelity during the opening Mass.

Bishop Loverde celebrates Mass in Christ the King Chapel.

Fr. Planty introduces SAC President Gabe Schuberg to Bishop Loverde.

Chester-Belloc Debate Society

The Chester-Belloc Debate Society held its first debate of the academic year in Regina Coeli on Sunday evening, August 28. The Debate Society, whose motto is “Preparing conservative Catholic intellectuals for the art of public debate,” is a truly unique organization at Christendom College. It strives to instruct students how to seek truth and defend it in everyday, practical life with intellectual precision and an air of charity. The debates are held every other week and are open to the entire campus.

The topic of the first debate was titled: “Is pornography protected by the First Amendment?” It proved to be a challenging and stimulating topic, for it had a huge turnout of students who came both to witness and to join in the debate. Senior Chris Foeckler is chairman of the Chester-Belloc Debate Society, and thus presided over the debate and kept the night running smoothly. Food and refreshments were served throughout the night by Chester-Belloc members.

“The debate was vigorous and spirited,” says Sophomore and Debate Society member Brendan Vieira. “The number of those attending was high, and participation was active and intelligent. The topic was a well-chosen and very pertinent subject in our present day situation. Here’s to more good debates this semester!”

In the resolution, the “pro” side of the debate was victorious, earning 20 votes. The “con” side had 15 votes, and there were 4 abstentions.

Senior Mary Becher drives her point home with convincing logic.

Summer Campus Enhancements

While students enjoyed their breaks at home this summer, many people at Christendom College were busy making campus enhancements for the students’ benefit this year and for future years. The Director of Operations, Mike Foeckler, was in charge of most of the major renovations and additions. The Student Life Office also was very instrumental in helping with projects on campus this summer.

Perhaps most exciting to students, the basement of the Student Center was almost completely recreated. Three separate student lounging and study centers were set up with many new couches, rugs, and tables. Study cubicles were also added, and the space is now just overall more accessible and practical for student use. In addition, Campion lobby was completely transformed and refurbished with new leather couches, love seats, single chairs, and coffee tables. Top floor of Campion was re-carpeted, and forty-seven dorm rooms were repaired and repainted.

Padre Pio, the priest’s residence and offices, were completely repaired and painted.

The kitchen was also transformed, thanks to the initiative of Chef Dennis, with new paint, creative signage, and lighting, giving it a totally different feel. The Student Life Office, supported by Operations and Maintenance, improved parking on campus with specially marked and lined lots for students, faculty and staff.

“I was very impressed with all the improvements to campus over the summer,” says Junior Tim Beer. “The kitchen especially looks fantastic!”

The dock was dedicated this summer, and many improvements were made to St. Brendan’s Landing to enhance the river experience for students. The area was cleared and landscaped and a fire pit and commemorative plaque were installed. In addition, a new outdoor shrine, which was donated by Christendom professor Dr. Rice, was installed near the main entry.

“I was so excited to come back after the summer and find so many enhancements to our campus!” says Sophomore Ginny Colgan. “Christendom is definitely trying to improve the student’s social and academic experience by providing a better atmosphere for it, and I think all the students really appreciate that. I know that I will particularly get a lot of use out of the new and improved Campion lobby!”

In addition, two houses across the street from campus were purchased over the summer. St. Dominic’s, located directly behind Padre Pio, has already been furnished and will house male occupants this semester. St. Anne’s, located directly across from the main entrance to the college, still needs repair work, but will hopefully be ready for students in the Spring 2012 semester.

Enjoying the new Basement of the Student Center.

Chef Dennis serves up delicious creations from the Deli/Salad Bar.

Students enjoy a study session on the new couches in Campion Lobby.

Fr. Planty blesses the dock at St. Brendan's landing.

Crusader Profile

We met up with Freshman Elizabeth Slaten this week to get her first impressions and take on Crusader Athletics.

What varsity and intramural sports do you play?
I play soccer and hope to play on the basketball team.

How long have you played sports?
I started playing sports in first grade and played though high school.

Why do you play the sports you play?

The main reason I play sports is because I enjoy physical activities. I enjoy teamwork and working with other people to win games. I am also very competitive and sports give me the opportunity to be competitive and still have fun.

What is your favorite sport and why?

Basketball is my favorite sport. For as long as I can remember, my dad had always been the coach for my basketball teams. Dad taught me everything I know about the game of basketball. Some of my favorite memories with my dad are on the basketball court.

Even though this is your first year, what do see to be special about Christendom athletics?
As a high school student, the thing that attracted me to play sports at Christendom was the way everything is centered around Christ. All of our practices begin and end with a prayer and the coaches and players really try to live good Christian lives. At Christendom, sports are important, but they have their place. I think that is what makes Christendom athletics special. The sports are there for students to play competitively, but they are not there to become the center of the student's lives.

Q. Can you give me a little summary of each of your various departments? Who are the teachers in each department and what are their educational backgrounds?

A. We have 6 main academic departments here at Christendom in which you may select a major: History, Philosophy, Theology, Political Science and Economics, Classical and Early Christian Studies, and English Language and Literature. We also have a Math and Natural Sciences, as well as a Music program in which students may minor.

We have a short summary of the various departments and the names and educational backgrounds of our full-time professors
available here and you may also watch some of the short departmental videos on our website under the individual department pages. These can give you a pretty good insight into what makes Christendom’s approach to the various academic disciplines a little different than other colleges.

Additionally, you may take a look at the
entire faculty line-up here.

I hope this helps! God bless!

Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.