Italy Comes to Christendom


Name: Clare Duda
Manassas, VA
Undecided at the moment, but most likely Philosophy
Playing pranks on my roommate, listening to music, sleeping (I really like sleeping) and just hanging out with friends.
Who's your favorite professor or class?
It would have to be between Dr. McGuire or Mr. Brown. My favorite class right now is definitely Ethics with Mr. Brown. He's very energetic, so I always look forward to that class.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in? I'm the setter on the women's varsity volleyball team. I also do almost all of the intramural sports and I work at the Sacred Grounds coffee shop.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? Most definitely the people. The professors are really inspiring and the kids here are awesome. I'm really blessed to be a part of this community.
Why did you choose Christendom?
Well, I was forced to go to the Experience Christendom Summer Program and that's what really got me here. It was the people and the classes during the summer program. I knew that what I'd be learning here would assist in strengthening my faith and the community here would encourage that 100%.
What surprises you the most about Christendom?
All of the different types of people that are here.
What are your plans after graduation? I would really like to go into Psychology after graduating from here.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student? Don't just judge the school from what you hear. Come and check it out!


Fire and Water

On Friday night, the Student Activities Council sponsored a bonfire right by the beautiful Shenandoah River at St. Brendan’s Landing. SAC provided lots of snacks and drinks, including supplies to make marshmallows. Students brought their own instruments and just enjoyed a night out with their friends in a laid back setting.

“It is nice that the college provides new places for us to go and hang out on weekend nights,” said freshman Becca Francis. “It was a bit of a trek to get there, but the marshmallows made it all worth it.”

SAC will continue to hold bonfires at the dock this semester for all students.

Junior Hannah Ethridge warms up a marshmallow for a tasty smore.

Students danced the Virginia Reel.

Little Italy in Christendom

From its tasty dishes and jovial atmosphere to classic music and lively dancing, Christendom’s annual Italian Night this past Saturday proved to be a tremendous success. The evening is traditionally split into two events, the dinner and the dance. For the meal, students walked into the Commons to be greeted by strings of gorgeous lights, the strains of Frank Sinatra playing in the background, and of course, enough authentic Italian food to satisfy the biggest appetite. Some faculty also joined the throngs for dinner, and Fr. Planty commenced the evening with a blessing in Italian. Although all the food was mouthwatering, students returned again and again to the dessert table in particular to savor the amazing cannolis and gelato.

Once it became darker, the dinner was followed by the Italian-style dance in the piazza—outdoors around the fountain in front of the St. Lawrence Commons. The dance area held an elegant, dreamy ambiance thanks to the twinkling candles and roses that dotted the scene. Students packed the space and waltzed, free-styled, and danced swing for hours to a wide variety of music. Everyone was sorry when the final song played and another great Italian Night had come and gone.

Students filled the Commons to try the tasty Italian dishes.

Students loved the romantic, candle-lit atmosphere of the dance.

Sophomores Peter Stephens and Nancy Feuerborn swing to the lively music.

Seniors Maureen Bellow and Jake Akers enjoy a dance.

Sophomore Mark Turner and Freshman Lianne Francis swing the night away.

Students show off their swing dancing skills.

Open Doors at Open House

“Time to clean our rooms!” was the expression being used throughout all of the women housing right before Women’s Open House began. On Sunday, the residence halls of all female Christendom students, normally closed to inter-visitation, were open for anyone to come in and socialize.

Music collaborations could be heard throughout the halls. In other rooms board games turned into friendly competition and time spent eating and laughing all aided to a really fun day. Across the street at Anne’s, pumpkin muffins and apple pie were baking in the oven.

“It was a great way to just relax and enjoy each other’s company” said Freshman Maria Klosterman. "And the pumpkin muffins were delicious!"

Even Padre Planty stopped by to visit. Though a few of the newly cleaned rooms became dirty once again within a matter of minutes, the Women’s Open House was a successful one and a really enjoyable time.

Students get creative in decorating their rooms. Above students relaxing in a room that resembles the beautiful outdoors with vine covered walls and all!

Freshman Elena Carlson and Sarah Furth fill the halls with classical music from their flutes.

Junior Kim Day and Sophomore Evan Casey collaborate on guitar.

Debating Dog Food

“Every penny spent on dog food is stolen from the poor.” This was the topic chosen for Christendom’s Chester-Belloc Debate Society’s first debate of the semester. The discussion began at 7:00p.m. on Sunday, and continued well into the night. The evening started on a very calm note, with members of the society, students, and faculty all enjoying refreshments and small talk before the actual debate was called to order. At the sound of Chairman, Mr. Sean Connolly’s gavel, the introduction of the society members and rules of the debate were announced.

At the very heart of the Chester-Belloc Debate Society is the opportunity for any member of the student body to participate in each debate and this first meeting showed just that. A wide variety of individuals stood up and spoke on the given topic. Both strong male and female voices were represented and as the night progressed the points made on both the pro and con sides continued to strengthen.

Ultimately, after a night of speeches and questions, it was the “con" side that prevailed in the very first Christendom debate of the semester.

Chairman Sean Connolly and Secretary Peter Deucher search the room for the first speech of the night.

Sophomore Margaret Killackey makes her point.

The Debate Club's faculty moderator, theology professor Dr. Eric Jenislawski took part in the debate.

Seniors Dine with Faculty

On Monday night, the faculty and senior class gathered for the annual Senior Dinner in the St. Lawrence Commons. Chef Dennis served up an amazing feast of tender beef, potatoes, and more. It was an excellent opportunity for the senior to converse and relax with their mentors as they have many times during their last three years at Christendom.

Concluding the evening philosophy professor Mike Brown delivered a lecture on "Wonder & Fear in the Pursuit of Wisdom." Listen to his lecture at Christendom on iTunes U.

Each student sat with the members of faculty from his or her department.

Members of the history department enjoy a lively discussion.

Prof. Brown explained how St. Thomas Aquinas classifies the emotion of "wonder" under the emotion of "fear."


Christendom's Choir and Schola Gregoriana

Christendom College is profoundly unique in its celebration of the Divine Liturgy, for it cultivates deep appreciation for beautiful sacred music in the Liturgy. Students in the choir and Schola Gregoriana perform the beautiful sacred music that enriches the Mass in a special way through Gregorian chant and sacred vocals of Catholic masters.

“My brief experience with the choir during my summer program was one of the many things which solidified my desire to come to Christendom,” says Senior Rachel Kujawa. “I knew I had to come back, if only to hear such music again.”

The choir at Christendom, in fact, draws many students to the college, and those who participate in the choir often speak of it as one of the most rewarding experiences during their time at Christendom.

“Any weariness from the efforts necessary to learn and perform complicated motets and Masses completely vanishes in those moments at Mass when the choir is singing perfectly together and it seems like the choirs of heaven are joining in,” says Kujawa. “The sensation is otherworldly.”

The Schola Gregoriana is a men’s choral group that enriches the Sacred Liturgy with traditional Gregorian chant every day, and especially on Sundays, feast days, and special events. The choir is a mixed men’s and women’s choir that sings for Mass on Sundays and feast days, specializing in sacred polyphony by such Catholic masters as Palestrina, Victoria, and des Prez. Music Professor Dr. Kurt Poterack leads both the Schola Gregoriana and the choir, and teaches all classes on sacred music at Christendom.

“Not only has Dr. Poterack expanded my musical horizons, but I have met new friends and developed relationships that have endured throughout my years here at Christendom,” says Senior Matthew Camp. “Through the choir, I have had the opportunity to participate in the Mass in an entirely new way by enriching it for both others and myself through the addition of the glory of beautiful polyphony.”

Christendom College truly is set apart by its beautiful Liturgy, and the choir certainly enhances the beauty of the Mass in a way that responds to Pope Benedict's call for a renewal and restoration of the sacred Liturgy.

The Choir sings at last Sunday's Mass. Listen to the choir and download performances at Christendom on iTunes U.



Crusaders Run Out of Time against Adventist

The men’s soccer team played their season home opener yesterday against NCAA Division II and USCAA opponent Washington Adventist University. Under first year head Coach Jake Guttierrez, the team came into the game with a 1-1 record after demolishing Davis College in their season opener by a score of 11-0 which included goals by 7 different Crusaders.

This past Monday, the team suffered a tough loss to NCAA Division III Gallaudet University by a score of 0-1. Unfortunately for the Crusaders, five of their shots on goal hit the bars of the goal.

“It was just one of those nights," Coach Guttierrez said. "You outshoot your opponent and have five hit the post, nothing else you can really say.”

Playing for the first time on their home field at Skyline Park in Front Royal—and in front of the home fans—the men’s team was eager to have a good showing. Unfortunately, a slow start hampered the team as Adventist scored two quick goals within the first five minutes of play to jump out to an early lead. The teams battled back and forth with neither team gaining a foothold in regard to rhythm or play. Adventist struck again mid-way throughout the first half. The opportunities for the Crusaders were quite limited in the first half, other than a semi-break away by freshman forward Patrick Audino, which was saved by the goalie for Adventist.

The 2nd half saw the Crusaders settle down and begin playing with more confidence and energy as the game wore on. The defense of Charlie Rollino, Rob Hambleton, Peter Foeckler, and Tim Beer would solidify itself and gradually the team would put more pressure on Adventist. With about 25 minutes to play in the match, the Crusaders finally shot to get on the scoreboard with a “right spot, right time” goal by Audino.

Injected with some Irish energy, compliments of the Salmon brothers of Ireland (senior Tommy and freshman Sean), the Crusaders battled through adversity as nearly every close call went against the Christendom team. Despite the hardship, the team pressed on and scored another goal with just under 10 minutes to play in the game. With the momentum completely reversed and energy running low the Adventist team found themselves on the defensive from the Crusaders. Only a couple more scoring opportunities availed themselves for the Crusaders in the final minutes as Adventist did away with any offensive attempts. Unfortunately, when the final whistle sounded time had run out on the would-be comeback by the Crusaders.

The women’s soccer team also fell to Washington Adventist in their season opener by a score of 0-2, while the Crusader volleyball team won their season opener in 3 games playing at Penn State Mont Alto. The men are back in action on Saturday at Sherando Park where they host Bryn Athyn College for a 2 p.m. start. All three teams play again Monday. Check the Christendom Athletics page for the complete schedule.

Patrick Audino intercepts the ball.

Senior Nicholas Blank charges up field.

Eric Bugin prepares to send the ball up field.

Freshman Peter Ruhl defends Crusader territory.

The team huddles after a tough loss. The Crusaders' next victory is just over the horizon.


I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone a little more information about the Admissions Office at Christendom College. We are generally the first office anyone deals with when they are interested at Christendom, and we do our very best to help you discern whether Christendom is the place for you.

We are a small office, with four full-time employees and two student employees.

As you know, I am the Director of Admissions and Marketing. I have been in this position since 2004 and am responsible for all aspects of recruitment, advertising, public relations, marketing, and admissions, and as of last year, I am also responsible for alumni relations. I attended Christendom back in the early days of the College from 1986-1990, earning my BA in Theology, and then I earned my MA in Theological Studies from our Graduate School in 1998. I have ten children (including two who are students at Christendom).

The Associate Director of Admissions is Zac Inman, who took on this position this past May. Zac is responsible for traveling around the country, visiting high schools, homeschool groups, parishes, and other groups of people who might be interested in hearing about Christendom. He represents us at various conferences, college fairs, and other events. He organizes all of our Family Visit Days/Open House Events, and works with high school guidance counselors and youth ministers to help students determine if Christendom is for them. Zac, originally from New York, graduated with a BA in Philosophy from Christendom in 2008.

Katie Gutschke, from New Jersey, is an Admissions Counselor who is now in her second year working for me. Although working full-time, she is also completing her degree in History and should graduate in this December. She is responsible for processing all of the many applications to our undergraduate program, and she is responsible for running our very successful summer programs for high school students.

Liz Twaddle is an Admissions Counselor who graduated with a BA in History in 2011. She is responsible for answering the phones, responding to emails, sending out informational packets, giving campus tours, and arranging campus visits for prospective high school students. Originally from California, Liz is excited to be in this position for a second year and looks forward to speaking with you in the future!

And beyond those who work day in and day out in my office, we have a number of other people who do a lot to make our efforts successful. Emi Funai (senior) and Leif Pilegaard (sophomore) are responsible for calling current high school seniors to answer any questions they might have about Christendom, and give them a student’s perspective on things. They work a couple of nights a week throughout the academic year as part of their on-campus employment. Additionally, all of our many Student Ambassadors (65) who have volunteered their time to help show visiting students what life at Christendom is like are indispensable and I am very grateful for their help.

That’s everyone in the Admissions Office, and we all look forward to speaking with you in the future!
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.