A New Year Begins!


Name: Christopher Roberts
Age: 21
Asheville, North Carolina
Classics, Philosophy Minor
Chess, boxing, running, reading
Who's your favorite professor or class?
I have always really enjoyed learning classical languages, so taking Dr. Strickland's Xenophon and Mr. Lippiello's Greek classes this semester is really a treat.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in?
Intramural soccer, Shield of Roses, Chester-Belloc Debate Society, The Rambler, Cincinnatus League
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? I love the academics. The professors are not only committed to teaching in accordance with the Magisterium, but also do a fantastic job imbuing their students with the wisdom of each discipline. In addition, I have made so many great friends at Christendom whom I hope to know for the rest of my life.
Why did you choose Christendom?
I know a lot of people who went to Christendom before I ever visited. I also went to the summer program and had the time of my life.
What surprises you the most about Christendom?
The qualifications of many of the teachers are astounding. I wish I could take more classes!
What are your plans after graduation? Hopefully graduate school in systematic or historical theology.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student?
Make the most of college. Find out what you are interested in and do it well. You might find yourself in uncharted waters.


Friday Night Socials

The 123 new students began to fill the residence halls on the Friday afternoon of August 17. They were greeted by the friendly faces of the Welcoming Committee—upper class men who had volunteered to help the new students move in and orientate them to campus. The weekend was packed with events and talks that accustomed the new students to Christendom's unique way of life. Of the 123 new students, 105 are in the freshman class and they come from 33 different US States, as well as from Ireland, England, Canada, and Greece. This year, the college has a total enrollment of 388 undergraduate students. Of them, 41 are children of alumni and there are 62 sets of siblings, with 56 of them being two siblings, and six of them being a set of three!

On Friday night, the new students enjoyed a social with each other in the Student Center. Friendly faces and excitement made the event enjoyable for all. Parents who had accompanied their students were able to attend a Parent and Faculty reception in the Library. There, parents were able to meet and chat with the members of the faculty who would be educating their children.

Senior Matt Speer gives Freshman Nick Jaroma some pointer son ping-pong and college life.

Freshmen and upperclassmen enjoy a game of Apples to Apples.

Fuse-ball, ping-pong, pool and air-hockey were enjoyed be all in the lower level of the student center.

The freshman were quick to make friends.

Associate Director of Admissions Zach Inman enjoys a conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Blank who have three children enrolled at Christendom.

Political science professor Dr. William Luckey tells the McDuffies about the joys of being a teacher at Christendom.

A map of freshman roots.

History Professor Brendan McGuire tells the Ciskaniks about Christendom's great history program.

Admissions Director Tom McFadden chats with Mr. and Mrs. Slaten, who now have two daughters enrolled at Christendom.

Night of Games

Game Night in the Crusader Gymnasium on Saturday, August 18, gave the new students at Christendom the opportunity to continue to meet other new students and returning students in a relaxed, fun environment. Volleyball tournaments, games, and snacks made it easy for everyone to meet the freshman students and catch up with friends.

“I had a ton of fun playing volleyball games with so many people,” says Freshman Nick Jaroma. “It helped me meet lots of new people too.”

Later in the evening, the annual dodgeball game between the Resident Assistants (RAs) and members of the Student Activities Council (SAC) proved to be an exciting and hilarious match for spectators. The RAs emerged victorious, and then joined forces with SAC members for a game against the freshman class. Many exciting dodgeball games then ensued, such upperclassmen versus underclassmen and freshman boys versus freshman girls.

Senior Danny Mitchell gives the volleyball a whack.

Freshman and upperclassmen enjoy a game of volleyball.

RAs take to the court.

Racing to get the balls.

SAC humbly presents the trophy.

RAs: the dodgeball victors.

Mass With Our Shepherd

The College launched its 36th academic year on August 19 with a convocation and Mass celebrated by Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde. During his homily, Bishop Loverde encouraged students to participate in the Church's primary mission of evangelization and to make the most of their time at Christendom.

"As your bishop, your shepherd, your father in Christ, I urge you to make the most of this grace filled opportunity to grow—each one—in a deepening faith, in a closer union with the Lord Jesus," he said. "Then more alive with the joy that comes from believing, with the peace that results from the union with the only one who can heal our hearts—from all that—you and I can go forth and proclaim Jesus by our witness, as well by our words. We can go forth and live out our identity and our mission."

The Bishop also drew attention to the College's unique and distinctly Catholic identity that is found in its mission. Quoting Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop Loverde said that Christendom is Catholic, not only because of its mission, but because "it is a place to encounter the living God who in Jesus Christ reveals His transforming love and truth."

Following the homily, college president Dr. Timothy O'Donnell led the entire faculty in a profession of faith and an oath of fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Christendom remains one of a handful of Catholic colleges in the nation where the entire faculty makes this oath, ensuring that the faith will be taught in its entirety across the various disciplines.

Following Mass, the bishop joined the faculty, staff, and students for a festive brunch.

Dancin' & More at Prof. Cuddeback's Barn

Dancing, singing, and lots of laughter prevailed at the Orientation Weekend barn dance last Sunday night. The event took place at the beautiful home of philosophy professor Dr. John Cuddeback. Freshmen, faculty and returning students mingled and enjoyed an evening full of delicious food, fun activities, and dancing. Against the backdrop of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, students enjoyed games of volleyball and corn hole, hitched hayrides given by Dr. Cuddeback, vigorous rounds of tug-of-war between dorm floors, and plenty of faces both new and old.

The highlight of the evening was, of course, the dancing. Song after song flew by and the freshmen experienced contra dancing at its finest, including a rousing round of the Virginia Reel, a favorite at Christendom.

“I especially enjoyed watching the Virginia Reel and learning how to waltz,” said Freshman Kinsey Benz.

During the course of the evening, some students also gave an exciting impromptu Irish dance performance. Dr. Cuddeback and his children capped off the night, delighting everyone by doing a traditional Ukrainian dance. Students departed the dance enthused by all the new people they’d met, and ready for a great start to the school year at Christendom.

Enjoying a game of corn hole.

Dr. Cuddeback pulls a truckload of students on the popular hayride.

The freshman boys struggle to claim a tug-of-war victory.

Students dance the night away with various forms of contra dances.

Freshmen Robert Johnson and Mary Clare Pilon sashay down the aisle during the Virginia Reel.

Philosophy professor Dr. Cuddeback and his son perform a traditional Ukrainian dance.

Orientation Party

On Monday night, August 20, members of the Student Activities Council (SAC) and Resident Assistants (RAs) put on an Orientation Party for all new and returning students in the St. Lawrence Commons. Seniors Jacob Akers and Theresa Lamirande served as MCs for the night, and they both introduced many hilarious skits and chose freshman students to come up to the stage and participate in fun, and often embarrassing, activities.

“All of the skits were absolutely hilarious,” says Freshman Melanie Kelly. “I think they made everyone really excited about this semester.”

The freshman girls defeated the freshman boys in a game of quick dress-up and freshmen took part in crazy food games. The RAs performed skits about dating on campus and quiet hours in the dorms, while SAC members put on skits about the craziness of moving in to campus and the dances at Christendom.

Freshmen dig into a pie with no hands.

Twitterpated: upperclassmen perform a comedic skit about dating on campus.

Super MCs: Theresa Lamirande and Jake Akers.

Music Talent on Stage at Pub Night

Students packed Kilian’s Cafe Friday night to enjoy kicking off the first official Pub Night of the school year. All evening, students drifted in to find a festive atmosphere, piles of delicious snacks, games of cards, and of course, entertainment provided by their peers.

“My favorite part of pub night is the live music. It’s enthralling to hear so many different styles of music performed by so many talented students,” said Sophomore Alexis Whitiak.

Christendom’s amazing musical talent certainly came out in full force that evening. A couple sibling pairs started things off by performing some powerful duets. Senior Alicia Stanton and her sister Veronica, a Sophomore, played guitar and sang together. They were followed by the Hill brothers, Peter, a senior, and John, a freshman, on guitar.

The rest of the evening was open mike night, open to anyone to showcase his or her musical talents. From a cappella solos to fiddle-playing, to comical renditions of popular songs, there were plenty of engaging musical acts to satisfy the cheering crowd. The freshmen in particular impressed everyone with their willingness to step onstage and perform for the first time. Even chaplain Fr. Donald Planty got in on the fun, leading the entire pub in a rousing gospel song.

The amazing range of talent from freshmen to seniors amused and entertained everyone and gave promise of many more fantastic pub nights to come.

Sophomore Mark Turner, Senior Theresa Lamirande and Freshman Robert McKay perform together.

Fr. Planty leads everyone in a soulful song.

The Stanton sisters, sophomore Veronica and senior Alicia, impress the crowds with their duets.

Aloha! Luau Dance

As Orientation week for the freshman class of 2016 ended, the SAC hosted one last event for the incoming freshmen with a Luau Dance and cookout in the St. Lawrence Commons. The Commons was decorated with bright streamers and lights, creating a very fun atmosphere, not to mention the stage was a perfect backdrop for "tacky tourist" photos, with palm trees and more.

"It was so fun," freshman Emma Seidl said, "And a great way to wrap up the first week of classes!"

Students from each class made appearances, each with a more festive outfit than the last. Participation in swing dancing, limbo, hula-hooping, and even racing on the homemade slip n' slide, all allowed for a successful night.

Tourist season in the Commons.

Junior Sarah Peterson shows off her hula hoop skills.

Freshmen Will Stamper and Brad Torline chillax on the faux beach.

Freshman Sarah Hein twirls across the dance floor.

Freshman John Hill swings his partner to the rhythm of a steel drum band.

Swing 'n' Sundaes

This past Sunday evening, the Swing Dance Club held an open floor swing dance in St. Lawrence Commons. Those who already knew how to swing dance, had the opportunity to hone their skills, while many freshmen, who were new to swing dancing, had the opportunity to learn the basics and some new moves. Student teachers (seniors Emi Funai, Nicholas Blank, Peter Spiering, Mike Bobrowski, and Theresa Lamirande along with juniors Klarissa Blank, James Ciskanik, and freshman Catherine McFadden) helped the newbies get the swing of it. At the end of the dancing, the club served up a full ice cream bar with plenty of flavors and toppings to choose from.

Seniors Peter Spiering and Theresa Lamirande teach the dancers a new move.

Freshman Patrick Hilleary swings with his partner.

Freshman Robert McKay gives senior Sarah Barren a dip on the dance floor.

Senior John Scofield and freshman Catherine McFadden swing with style.

Junior Maribeth Kelly and senior Philip Briggs spin around.

Diggin' in to the ice cream.

Spiritual Life Bootcamp

On Tuesday evening, dozens of students gathered in the Chapel crypt to attend the first lecture in Fr. Planty’s Tuesday evening faith formation series, entitled "Spiritual Life Bootcamp." The weekly lectures are intended to assist students in their growth of knowledge, love, and appreciation of the Catholic Faith.

This week Fr. Planty set down the basics for how to develop a spiritual life game plan. He emphasized the need for students to set aside some time daily for Christ, assuring them that doing this would bring peace and order to their school year. Then he gave his listeners many concrete pointers on how to deepen their commitment to the Faith by improving in areas of the spiritual life such as frequent reception of the Sacraments, spiritual reading, mental prayer, and getting involved in the works of charity around campus.

Ultimately, he challenged students this semester to try to advance in one aspect of the spiritual life that wasn’t as familiar to them, saying, “Step out of your comfort zone.”

Fr. Planty's schedule of talks can be seen here.

The Beauty of Christendom Liberal Arts Education

Last spring, Christendom College President Dr. Timothy O'Donnell addressed students and parents during the College's Open House. He spoke to them about Christendom's unique and powerful education. Check out the clip below:

You can meet Dr. O'Donnell too! Come to our Open House on October 8, Columbus Day! Click here for more details!


An Exciting Semester Lies Ahead

This year's Women's Volleyball team looks to replicate the success of the last year’s stellar 13 win squad with new Head Coach Josh Petersen. They will be led on the court by returning seniors Anna Harris and Theresa Jalsevac, junior Bridget VanderWoude and sophomore standout Clare Duda. The team seeks to build their reputation as one of the premiere volleyball programs of the USCAA.

"Coach Mike Brown and these ladies have worked hard to establish a winning program here at Christendom," Coach Petersen said. " Through continued hard work and dedication, I look forward to our lady Crusaders taking this program to the next level."

The Volleyball team takes to the road this weekend for their first match at Rosemount College in Philadelphia. Their home opener will be Friday, September 14.

Men’s Soccer is one of the most historically successful teams at Christendom, and this year looks to be no exception. Under the leadership of Coach Jake Guttierrez, who brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and excitement to the program, the soccer team hopes to have their fifth consecutive winning season. Coach Guttierrez has coached and played soccer his whole life bringing an unmatched passion for the game of soccer. Similar to previous seasons, the Men’s team will face a tough schedule, which will match them against various Division II and III opponents including USCAA rival Southern Virginia University and Washington Adventist University. But, on the field they will be led by a cast of seasoned veterans including three year starting sweeper Tim Beer, fellow seniors Nicholas Blank and Tommy Salmon and juniors Johnny Foeckler and John Fioramonti. In addition, six new freshmen will look to make an immediate impact on the field. The team travels to Davis College in Johnson City, New York this weekend for its opener then Monday evening under the lights at Gallaudet in Washington, DC. The team has their home opener Wednesday when they host Division II Washington Adventist.

Like their counterparts on the men’s soccer field, Women’s Soccer will be led on the sideline by a new Head Coach, Professor Mark Wunsch. Coach Wunsch, along with Captains Morgan Kavanagh and Theresa Lamirande, with over six new freshmen, bring an excitement to the program that hasn’t been seen for years. Behind solid defense and a new and improved offensive attack the Women’s Squad looks to return to its winning history. In addition, returning center mid-fielder Klarissa Blank and junior Karen Hamilton—returning this year from a broken foot last season—look to take women’s soccer in a new direction. On September 5, they will travel to Washington Adventist for the season opener and, on September 26, they will face Lord Fairfax in the home opener.

Junior Eric Bugin shows off his footwork during practice.

Freshman Mary O'Reily send the ball up field during practice.

Q. Does Christendom College have some sort of financial aid calculator on its website? I was looking around for one but couldn’t find one. Thanks!

A. We do not have a financial aid calculator on our website, for better or for worse. The reason most colleges/universities have one on their site is because the government requires them to have one. The government does not require us to have one because we do not take any of their money. As a result, the way we do financial aid is going to be different from almost everyone else, and one of those calculators will not really work for us.

We do, though, have a
financial aid estimator available on our site, which, although not a cute little calculator, will give you an estimate of what you may receive in financial assistance from Christendom College, if you were to come here. You may download a form and mail or fax it to our financial aid office, or fill in the form online and hit submit. Either way, you will get an answer in about 2 weeks. You can fill in this estimator any time between now and December 1, and I highly recommend you do so sooner than later.

Remember, although we do not accept any federal funds, Christendom does offer loans and grants from its own funds, and also offers academic and athletic scholarships.
Go here to learn more about our financial aid offerings.
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.