All Hallow's Eve


Name: Sandy Bobrowski
Age: 19
New Bern, NC
Major: I haven't come to a definite decision, but I am leaning towards either Literature or Political Science.
Hobbies: I love to sing by myself, but I absolutely love singing along with friends and creating new sounds. I also enjoy anything having to do with the outdoors.
What is your favorite class or professor? Without a doubt, my favorite class this semester is Ethics with Prof. Mark Wunsch. Not only is the course material interesting, but it is also relates so perfectly to my life experiences. Prof. Wunsch is a wonderful professor who engages and excites his students to dig deeper into the material.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in? I just recently finished my first season on Christendom's varsity soccer team, and I also enjoy participating in the intramurals, especially volleyball.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? I think it's impossible to have just one favorite thing about Christendom. Although I'd have to say that the people I've met here are definitely at the top of my list. Everyone is so friendly and I absolutely love being part of our "Christendom family." I also love the fact that we have a beautiful Chapel right on campus, and I can attend daily Mass.
Why did you choose Christendom?
I came to the Experience Christendom Summer Program two years ago, and I immediately fell in love with the campus, the faculty, the students, and the academics. I knew from spending just one week here, that I only wanted to apply to one school.
What surprises you the most about Christendom?
Honestly, the most surprising thing for me was both observing and experiencing how quickly I came to view Christendom as my "second home," and how close everyone became in such a short period of time. I've never experience anything like it anywhere.
What are your plans after graduation? I plan to go on and attend Cosmetology School. I've always loved the idea of cutting and coloring hair, and I can't wait to get started!
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student?
To anyone considering Christendom College, I would definitely advise them to plan a visit to the College and just allow themselves to be immersed in the Catholic atmosphere. Approach the College with an open mind, and you just might fall in love too!


Fall Retreat

Over Fall Break, a group of about 15 students traveled out to Princeville, IL for a week long silent retreat with the Community of St. John led by Fr. Joseph Mary and Fr. John Luke. During the week, the group attended two daily spiritual conferences focused on living a life grounded in the theological virtues. As part of their daily routine, they also prayed the Liturgy of the Hours with the Brothers and Sisters, attended daily Mass, and spent time in Adoration. In addition to this, many of the students volunteered to help out with manual work, and also enjoyed an afternoon of recreation with the Brothers and Sisters. As the week drew to a close, the students prepared to come back to Christendom recharged and ready for the second half of the semester.

Fall retreat 2012.

Chesterton Comes to Christendom

On Monday evening, October 22, special guest Chuck Chalberg was welcomed to Kilian’s Café to give a dramatic, entertaining performance as the historical figure G.K. Chesterton. This special event was hosted by the History Department, the Beato Fra Angelico Fine Arts Program, and the St. John the Evangelist Library.

“I thought Mr. Chalberg was fantastic, because he was both edifying and hilarious,” says Senior Charlie Rollino. “His performance brought the readings of the core curriculum to life.”

Light refreshments were served, as students and faculty and staff members enjoyed a fun and enlightening presentation by Chesterton “himself.”

Chuck Chalberg brings characters such as President Theodore Roosevelt to life on stage as well.

Prof. Lane's Lecture

On Tuesday evening, Christendom Professor Chris Lane delivered a lecture as part of this semester's Library Events. Lane discussed a part of his doctoral dissertation, which examines the history of vocational discernment and formation. You can listen to this insightful lecture at Christendom on iTunes U.


Music à la Dr. Poterack

On Wednesday, Dr. Kurt Poterack, head of the Music Department at Christendom College, taught a class on “How to Listen to Art Music” in St. Kilian’s Café. Students were happy to attend the class and learn a little more about classical music. Dr. Poterack not only spoke about certain pieces, but also played and sang his own compositions. The night was both filled with learning and music.

Spooky Pub Night

In special celebration of Halloween, Pub Night on Friday evening was appropriately decorated and observed for the holiday. Kilian’s Café was dimly lit by candles and carved pumpkins, giving the occasion an eerie aura, and Halloween snacks and drinks were served, including special beverages for students 21 or older. Students went on the stage to read scary stories or tell their own spooky stories. Fire pits outside the Café allowed students to hang out with their friends outdoors and still stay warm.

“Pub Night really put me in the Halloween spirit,” says Freshman Melissa Lucas. “I loved how the place was put together, and I was especially impressed with the awesome pumpkins that the students carved.”

Junior Aislinn Gibson read Edgar Allen Poe.

Relaxing at Pub Night.

Students enjoyed the snacks and beverages.

Sophomores Peter Foeckler and John Jackson make up ghost stories.

Mega Shield

An impressive 235 Christendom students took time out of their morning early on Saturday to take a stand for life and participate in the annual Mega Shield held at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Washington, D.C. This year’s event marked the highest Shield attendance in the history of the College. Faculty and staff, as well as high school visitors, also joined the throng of Christendom students prayerfully protesting abortion.

“I feel so blessed to be able to attend a college where more than half of the student body willingly wakes up at 6 am to go and pray in front of an abortion mill,” said Sophomore Julie Wells. “It’s so encouraging to look around and see your classmates as vibrant soldiers, courageously taking a stand to protect the unborn.”

Mega Shield participants filled the entire yard in front of Planned Parenthood and, led by Senior Chris Roberts, prayed the Rosary and a Divine Mercy chaplet for an end to abortion. Members of the Christendom choir lent their talent to the cause by singing beautiful hymns between each set of Rosary Mysteries. The event left a powerful impact on all students participating.

A friend of the college, Sharon DiPiazza, heard about this event and sent the following note:

"I wanted to congratulate you and your students for the huge demonstration at Planned Parenthood in Washington. Just saw the photos and the videos.... great to know that somewhere in this country we have young people taking a very public stand for life. Please tell these youngsters that there are people all over the country who admire them for their witness to life. Christendom College is what a Catholic college should be but unfortunately several Catholic schools have lost their identity. Once again I have great admiration for your school and your terrific students. Please tell them to keep up the good work. God Bless each of you."

Read more about this event here and see more pics and videos on Picasa.


Halloween Dance

A host of crazy characters filled the Commons Saturday night as Christendom students attended the annual Halloween Dance. The Halloween Dance is always a favorite among students, allowing them to show off their creative side through ingenious costumes. This year was no exception. From fairies to TV characters to superheroes and even a jar of Nutella, plenty of amazing outfits graced the dance floor.

Besides the dancing, music and plentiful spread of sweet snacks, students enjoyed chills and thrills in a ‘haunted house,’ that was set up in the basement of the Commons.

Another highlight of the evening was the best group and best individual costume contest. Freshman Class President John Hill presided over the festivities as a long line of costumed attendees paraded across the stage for the cheering crowd.

The dance provided everyone with a spooky and fun way to celebrate the Halloween weekend.

Seniors Nate Collins and Rachel Milani share a dance.

Catwoman and Bane from Batman.

Avengers assemble!

The "Chicken Dance."

Open House

On Sunday, another Women’s Open House was held. Both St. Edmund Campion and St. Catherine Halls were open for the men on campus to come and socialize in the women’s environment.

“It was nice to be able to stay inside and enjoy everyone’s company, on such a chilly October day” said Freshman Emily Norton.

An abundance of food seemed to be found in almost every room and in one particular case, homemade frappes were even being made within a Campion room. Music collaborations and laughter filled the hallways and another Women’s Open House ended on a good note.

Junior Theresa Francis whips up some homemade frappes for her guests.

Jam-session in St. Catherine's.

Spiritual Boot Camp

Last night, College Chaplain Fr. Donald Planty continued his popular series of spiritual talks called "Spiritual Boot Camp." This session explained to students "How to Deal with Passions." Held on Tuesday evenings, upcoming topics include "How to Fast with All the Senses" and "How to Give Alms (or Practice Charity)."


Christendom College on Tour

While the main campus of Christendom took a week off for fall break, things on the Rome campus did anything but slow down. Sometimes the difference in time, schedules, and obviously distance is so great it makes the two campuses feel incompatible or that the Rome campus is not really Christendom College. However, this past week we were treated with a visit with Dr. and Mrs O’Donnell. They made Rome more like Christendom and left us feeling more connected to the main campus at home.

The past two weeks were definitely the most eventful – I think each week is progressively busier. During the O’Donnells' visit, we had a group lunch with Cardinal Arinze, a good friend of Christendom and Dr. O’Donnell. One day, a number of students and I were honored to have dinner with Cardinal Dolan, to be a part of his radio program that was recorded live. Another evening, I went with a group of students for a class in wine tasting. Because wine plays such a large role in Italian culture, the class expanded our experience of Rome by helping us “understanding the way to appreciate wine” — the hostess’ words not mine.

On a loftier note, we had one of the most exciting tours yet — the Catacombs. In the same day, we also attended a papal audience. When he’s in Rome, the Pope holds an audience every Wednesday; we can wave as we walk past after class! Despite it not technically being our first time seeing him, we were just as excited because we got front row seats, thanks to Ms. Ott. She knew which line would get us the best seats and had a well strategized plan of getting in line early and sending in the fastest runners to reserve seats. However, once we had the seats, there was a long wait before the audience began. That’s something I’ve learned in Rome: you’re either rushing or waiting! The price of waiting turned out well worth it because when Pope Benedict arrived, and the pope-mobile rolled by, he welcomed our cheering and the waving Christendom banner with a smile! It may have only lasted a second, but every student felt the connection with the Holy Father in that moment.

The group trip to the papal audience helped prepare us for the canonization the following weekend. Because it was a non-mandatory event, students were left on their own to attend. Anticipating the massive number of pilgrims, some friends and I got up at 5 A.M. only to find an already long line. But thanks to our new-found knowledge of how papal events run (insert liberal arts students plug), we were still ahead of the game and maneuvered through the sea of people to get seats on the main aisle. Though we weren’t front row, we soon discovered how great an accomplishment it was just to have seats that day. Due to the vast number of people, most were left standing in the square. But the infectious excitement of the crowd was not dampened. People from all over the world converged that day to celebrate seven holy lives. While waiting in line, we had been surrounded by Filipinos in Rome for the canonization of a young martyr we had never heard of. Later, we found ourselves in a group of Germans there for another saint we had never heard of. I felt bad at first that I hadn’t done my homework before coming. But each group we talked to appreciated an opportunity to tell the story about their saint — to share them with others. The line was so packed that when we reached the open square of St Peter’s with the choir singing for mass, we joked that it felt like heaven. During mass, I realized how true this actually was. Nationality and language was no divider. Everyone was proudly and passionately Catholic offering praise to God together.

On tour at St. Peter's Basilica with College President Dr. Timothy O'Donnell.

Students greet Pope Benedict XVI.

Zach Smith waits for the pope's arrival.

At the canonization Mass.

Wine tasting in Rome.

Lunch with Cardinal Dolan.

Take a Tour of Our Residence Halls

Senior David Townsend and Sophomore Catherine Schneider take you on a tour of our residence halls. Enjoy!


Crusaders Ready for Basketball and Intramural Volleyball

After enjoying a relaxing fall break and despite getting a pre-Halloween visit from Super-Storm Sandy the gym is busy again. With the opening varsity basketball games this week and the beginning of intramural volleyball last week there will be very few quiet hours in Crusader Gymnasium!

Perhaps for the first time in Christendom history the intramural season was preceded by strategic team building and practice sessions for volleyball. The intramural volleyball season has been the most widely played intramural sport for the last 2 years. Along with the indoor soccer season, both sports regularly attract over 1/3 of the student body. In September, an entire month before the first volleyball game would be played, there were teams not only formed but engaging in practices!

Last week was the official start to the volleyball season and again the student participation exceeded all expectations with 28 teams signing up to participate. With an average of six players per team that comes to 168 students or close to 50% of the student body given half the junior class is enjoying a quiet semester in Rome! Not only have teams been practicing, but it seems for whatever reason volleyball is the “must win” sport on campus. We look forward to updating all the readers in a few weeks or so when the season is in full swing.

Not only is intramural volleyball season getting under way, but the varsity basketball teams will be beginning their 2012-13 campaigns this week. The women’s basketball team, under first year head coach Katy Vander Woude, starts their season this Saturday as they travel to Winston Salem, NC, to play Piedmont Baptist Bible College. The Lady Crusaders are looking forward to integrating a team dominated by juniors and freshmen, with 5 juniors and 5 freshmen. The team returns leading scorers Morgan Kavanagh and Bridget Vander Woude and will look for Sophomore Elizabeth Slaten to get into the mix as well. The team welcomes Rachel Snyder, Cecilia Heisler, Anna Koerner, Sarah Slaten, and Bridget McMahon, and is hopeful that the new talent can help the team reach its third consecutive winning season.

The men’s basketball also got started with their first games this week. The team played host to Free Will Baptist Bible College on Thursday, before hosting Crown College on Saturday. Having lost their three leading scorers—Brian Fox to graduation, senior Brendan Krebs to a season ending knee injury, and sophomore Joe Walsh to a knee injury—the team will have big shoes to fill. But with new freshmen Jake Wagner, Ryan Tappe, Jeremy Minick, John Hill, and Will Scrivener, as well as returning players Tim Beer, Christian Kopeck, Tim McPhee, and Tim Vander Woude, the team will have plenty of skilled players ready to step-up each night.

“I am excited for the season to get started," said Coach Chris Vander Woude. "The guys have been working hard and, hopefully, playing a little different style will give the opportunity for different players to get involved and have a positive impact on a given night. This is the great thing about Christendom—student athletes can come here and make an immediate impact on their teams.”

Best of luck to both teams this season and to all the 28 volleyball teams!

To keep informed about the sports teams make sure to
check-out the Christendom Crazies page on Facebook.

Q. I am currently a high school sophomore and have been hearing all kinds of wonderful stories about your summer programs. Question. Can I go this summer, even if I am only going to be a rising junior? Please? Pretty please?

A. The upcoming Experience Christendom Summer Programs (ECSP) for the summer of 2013 are primarily for students who will be rising seniors in the summer. But, if by April 1, 2013, we still have any room available in the programs, then rising high school juniors can register to come. Last year we ended up with a pretty long waiting list, and a bunch of students who wanted to come were unable to. So, this year, we’ve added a 5th session, so hopefully everyone who wants to come, will be able to make it.

The ECSP is a wonderful experience, as you have heard. In fact, most say it was one of the best experiences of their lives. I’m not exactly sure why they say this, but I think you should read
some of the testimonies written by the participants themselves to see if what they say appeals to you. I think, though, in summary, most participants are pleasantly surprised to learn that one can be very, very Catholic, yet at the same time, one can have lots and lots of fun. Sometimes, there are people who think that being really Catholic means being really uptight or repressed or depressed or something of that nature. Not exactly sure why people think this, but some do. In reality, Catholics should be the happiest people alive because we have the fullness of the Truth, and the means to attain salvation. All we have to do is simply follow the teachings of Christ and His Church and salvation is in the bag. smile

But back to the ECSP. So, some high schoolers think that a place like Christendom may be a place for people who are geeky, or too serious, or too holy, or too smart, or too Catholic. When these same students arrive on campus for the ECSP, they realize that everything they previously thought was pretty much wrong and that Christendom kids are just regular, well-adjusted young people who are doing the best they can to achieve holiness and gain eternal life. Hopefully, those are two goals everyone has, right?

So, watch this little promo video about the upcoming summer programs, see if it looks even remotely interesting, sit by your computer until December 1, then go to the registration page, fill in the info, hit submit, and bingo, you are registered. Well, not you, because you are only a rising junior, but you understand what I am saying. You, and I mean you, have to wait until April 1 to register, and again, that is only if there is space remaining. We hope to have about 45 students in each of the 5 sessions, so I am pretty sure that there will still be openings come April 1, so no need to sweat it too much. We will do what we can to get you in so that you, too, can have one of the best weeks of your life.
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.