Convocations & Fun


Name: Nate Collins
Florissant, Colorado
Philosophy, with a minor in History
Sports, listening to country music, playing guitar, writing songs, drawing, hanging out with people.
Who's your favorite professor or class?
That’s an impossible question! Any history with Dr. Schwartz is unbelievably amazing; he is so knowledgeable, and his classes are practically like stories; they are phenomenally interesting, and packed with information, yet easy to follow though. However, I think my all-time favorite class would have to be Metaphysics with Dr. Cuddeback. The material was fascinating, and Dr. Cuddeback really brought it to life. Simply amazing.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in?
I was a great bench-warmer for the baseball team freshman year, I play pretty much all intramurals, I work in the kitchen, I help out by keeping book for the basketball team, and I am on the Student Activities Council—SAC is an absolute blast! I love it.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? What’s not to like? Maybe the tons of tests and papers, but other than that, the place is great. I love the people, the small atmosphere, the classes even (minus all the homework, of course). And not to be cheesy or anything, but I love the Chapel. I love it being there in the middle of campus, I love being able to stop in whenever I want. I really missed that over the summers, and I know I will miss it when the time comes for Graduation.
Why did you choose Christendom?
Well, to be honest, all the rest of my siblings came here, so I followed suit. However, I had no aversion to the idea whatsoever. I had visited at graduations, and really liked what I saw, so I never didn’t want to go here. I guess like the rest of the family, I wanted a good, solid Catholic education that would keep me grounded through this crazy thing called life.
What surprises you the most about Christendom?
To tell the truth, I wasn’t really surprised by anything much here. As I said, I had three siblings go here before I did, so again, I visited at their graduations, and I heard many many stories about life here at Christendom. I think I was pretty aware of what this place was like before I showed up freshman year.
What are your plans after graduation?
Well, get a job to start with. Possibly journalism, since I don’t mind writing. I also could see doing something like Landscape design. Deep down, I’d love to go to Nashville and be a songwriter, but realistically? Well, we will see what the Good Lord’s got planned for this guy.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student?
If you are going to come here, DON’T WASTE TIME! These last three years have flown by unrealistically fast. If you don’t take advantage of every opportunity you get, you will look back on your years here, and wish you had done a few things differently. Don’t ask how I know that… Also, don’t be afraid to try something new. Give it a shot, and you never know, it might turn out you love it. But you won’t know if you don’t take that first step. So go for it.


Discovering God's Mercy

Christendom girls of all grades filled the lower level of the library Friday night with excited chatter and laughter as they enjoyed Women’s Convocation, which was hosted by the seniors. After sampling delicious snacks, everyone bonded through some fast-paced games, including a dress-up race.

Director of Residence Life Amanda Graf and Student Activities Director Caitlin Bowers introduced the theme of this years’ convocation—mercy, in particular, the loving mercy of God. They explained that this is a theme that will run through the college’s ongoing formation series during the fall semester. Afterwards, participants broke into small groups to discuss more intensely the meaning of this virtue in their lives.

The evening ended with some words from guest speaker Maura Byrne. Maura is a resident of Nashville and the founder of Made in His Image Ministry, a Catholic organization dedicated to providing physical, emotional and spiritual assistance and support to women struggling with issues such as eating disorders and depression. Maura shared her personal encounter with God’s mercy. Her life’s story brought tears to many listeners’ eyes, but also filled everyone with a sense of hope and renewal.

“I really enjoyed Maura’s heartfelt talk to the girls on campus,” said Sophomore Jane Riccardi. “She spoke about relevant challenges and issues many girls struggle with today, in a way that was very relatable.”

Tasty fare was on hand to make the evening even more pleasant.

Ladies discuss the meaning of God's mercy in their lives.

Freshmen Sarah Furth, Mary Blicharz and Julie Rollino can’t help laughing at the costume on their classmate Madison Jennings.

Guest speaker Maura Byrne tells the story of her encounter with God’s mercy.

Praying Like A Man

The Men of Christendom gathered n the top floor of Crusader Gymnasium for their annual convocation. Organized by Residence Life Director James Hannon, the theme of the evening was "How to Pray Like a Man." College Chaplain Fr. Donald Planty kicked the evening off with a talk which explained some of the challenges that men face in prayer and gave some practical advice on overcoming those challenges.

Local alumnus Ben McMahon ('04) then spoke briefly on his experience as a Christendom student and the important role that St. Louis de Monfort's True Devotion to Mary played in his prayer life. The floor was then opened to questions and discussions on prayer and the spiritual life of a man, featuring a round table composed of Athletic Director Chris Vander Woude ('02), Associate Director of Marketing Niall O'Donnell ('03), Associate Director of Admissions Zac Inman ('08), and the previous speakers.

Following the discussion, the men headed into the gymnasium for a series of competitions including, the most push-ups, football throwing accuracy, sprints, and dodgeball.

Alumnus Ben McMahon talks about the essential role of prayer in one's life.

The push-up competition was intense.

Nate Collins sends the football toward the target during the football accuracy competition.

Larry Urgo flies across the gymnasium to win the sprinting competition.

The guys enjoyed a few pick-up games of basketball.

Shield of Roses

Last Saturday, Shield of Roses met for the third time this semester to protest Planned Parenthood in Washington, D.C. Thirty-two Christendom students left campus at 8 a.m., attended Mass in Arlington, Va., and continued on to Planned Parenthood to join a group of Dominicans and other pro-lifers in prayerful protest.

While students prayed a five-decade scriptural rosary, a handful of students offered literature and counseling to women going into the clinic. Shield of Roses has met with success this semester with over 30 students in attendance every week.

Apple Picking Time

Saturday, September 8, was the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or in other words, the Virgin Mary’s birthday! In celebration of our mother Mary’s birthday, the women of Campion Hall went apple picking at a near by Orchard.

Once the ladies all returned to campus, they used the kitchen at St. Anne’s to bake homemade apple crisps. Before tasting the delicious creations, R.A. Sarah Halbur led the singing of “Happy Birthday” in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“It was a wonderful way for all of the women to celebrate and honor the greatest woman in all of our lives,” said sophomore Rocina Daez.

The women of Campion are ready for a day of apple picking!

Baking time! After a day of apple picking, the Campion girls went to Saint Anne’s to bake.

The apple crisp is finished and the celebration in honor of our blessed mother begins!

Open Mic at Pub Night

AAnother night of good food, drinks, and music means… Pub Night at St. Kilians!

As the food came out and the drinks were being served, the night started off with card games and a rather calm atmosphere. Once we were all settled and welcomed, it was announced that the night was not only open mic, but karaoke as well! Thus began a few hours of standup comedy, diverse singing, and even electrical guitar playing.

“The great thing about Pub Night is that anyone can perform and not have to feel embarrassed, no matter what they might be doing,” said freshman Anne Fox.

The night progressed as many Christendom Pub Nights do—with great talent and many laughs.

Some of the Students Activity Council joins in on the karaoke fun.

Freshman Nick Jaroma plays the guitar with freshman Ryan Tappe for a song.

Freshman Anne Fox tries out the drink of the night: a “Cinderella" (lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, Ginger ale, and dash of grenadine).

Freshman Suzy Curran and Madeleine Deighan share a duet together.

Canoeing the Shenandoah

On Sunday afternoon, September 9, a group of about 30 students went on the annual canoe trip, hosted by the Student Activities Council. After a picnic lunch, students were transported to a destination on the Shenandoah River to begin their adventure, and they then canoed and kayaked the seven miles back to the starting point.

“The entire trip was completely epic,” says Junior Connor Coyne. “Despite—or maybe because of—the canoe tipping, splash fights, and canoes filling up with water and sinking, we powered through and had an absolute blast.”

Students get their paddles and life jackets before embarking on the trip.

Canoeing down the majestic Shenandoah.

Juniors Conor Coyne and Ben Scrivener stop their trek for a pic.

The weather was perfect, and the beautiful scenery made the trip seem much too short.

Swing 'n' Sundaes Back in Action

On Sunday, the Swing Dance Club was tearin' up the dance floor once again with their Swing 'n' Sundaes. Over 100 students enjoyed getting to know new moves and honing their skills. And of course when the dancing was ended, the club served up plenty of ice cream with all the fixin's to choose from.

Junior Tim Johnston and Sophomore Gabby Muskett share a dance.

Sophomores Leif Pilegaard and Nancy Feuerborn swing dance together.

Sophomores Sandra Bobrowski and Andre Moreau swing across the floor.

Senior Eric Maschue gives his partner a spin.

The Liturgy and Spiritual Life at Christendom

When describing life at Christendom College, a common expression used is “the very air we breathe here is Catholic.” Christendom goes far beyond the inside of the chapel to provide growth in one’s liturgical life.

On campus, students have opportunities to grow in their faith at all times of the day and in many more ways than just one. On Tuesday nights in the Chapel Crypt, Fr. Planty offers a series of diverse spiritual conferences. A recent talk gave students an idea of how they can get more out of Mass. These talks not only show the importance of attending Mass as often as possible, but truly being involved in the worshipping of our Lord.

The daily celebration of the Mass is the center of College life and is offered every day of the week. On Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays the Mass is offered in Latin in the ordinary form and the extraordinary form is offered on Tuesday mornings. On Sundays a full choir and schola accompany the Mass and many parts of the liturgy are sung. The exposure to different ways of celebrating the Mass is appealing to many students.

“I was never really exposed to the traditional form of the Mass, but now that I have the opportunity to attend the Mass in Latin, I can appreciate how beautiful it truly is,” says Freshman Anne Fox.

The Liturgical life at Christendom truly embodies the idea of “breathing Catholic.” Whether a student is a lector at Mass, or devoted to attending each adoration offered—all of this can strengthen a person’s faith.

It's faithful and frequent liturgies are one of the many things that make up Christendom's unique way of life. It is a school fully devoted to the preservation of the Faith and the student’s exposure to the Truth. Aside from Mass, groups like the “Shield of Roses” and “Vocation Discernment” allow for a rich spiritual life on campus. The opportunities at Christendom College to strengthen one’s love and commitment to his or her faith are very prevalent. Ultimately, it is our individual choices if we seize these opportunities.

As Saint Augustine said, "Let us sing a new song not with our lips but with our lives."

Find out more about the College's rich spiritual life at


Interview with a Crusader

Joe Walsh, reporter for the Christendom Athletic Department caught up with freshman Jeremy Minick to ask him a few questions.

Where are you from?
Asheville, North Carolina

What year are you at Christendom?
I am proud to call myself a freshman.

What sports do play or plan on playing at Christendom?
I am on the soccer team and I am looking forward to playing basketball for the Crusaders in a month or so as well.

What’s the first sport you played?
Soccer, I started when I was 7, followed by basketball when I was 11.

Who’s your favorite basketball player, and who’s game to you think you resemble most?
My favorite player is Rajon Rondo, but I most resemble Chris Paul.

When did you first hear about Christendom?
Back when my older sister came here.

Did you ever think of going anywhere else?
Not really, a couple of colleges recruited me to play basketball but I wanted to come here.

What do you want to major in?
Philosophy or History

Who’s your favorite professor?
Definitely Mr. Wunsch. He makes my 8:30am class the liveliest of the week.

What has surprised you the most about Christendom?
Definitely how integrated past generations are with the current students, whether it be siblings or just lots of people knowing each other somehow.

What have you enjoyed the most at Christendom? “
The ability to have everything so close, such as our professors, chaplain and especially Christ in the chapel.

What’s your favorite color?
Fuschia, because it sounds awesome.

Q. What would you say to someone who would like to attend Christendom, but doesn't dance. It seems there is a lot of dancing in each week's Chronicler and I just don't like dancing. - Sincerely, Two Left Feet

A. Well, dancing is not required of our students, although many of them do enjoy it. At Christendom, we have many dances: formal dances, contra-dances, swing dances, barn dances, and themed dances. Most of the students who attend Christendom are not really that familiar with swing or contra dancing, and some are unhappy with today’s type of dancing that they see at their high schools or youth group dances, so they believe that dancing is something that they will not enjoy nor want to do.

Christendom dances are a bit different, generally, than your normal high school or college dance. There is a variety of music played, everything from old time swing dance music to today’s modern music, and dancing consists of swing dancing and so-called freestyle dancing. Regardless of the dance or event, we do have a policy in our student handbook governing the music that is played:

Christendom College prizes its mission to “Restore All Things in Christ,” a mission that seeks to form every aspect of one’s life to the standard of Christ. Christendom enjoys a unique opportunity to rebuild a sense of Christian culture. In taking a proper understanding of leisure and entertainment, the College presents a diverse spread of activities for the enjoyment of its student body and College community. These activities include dance, music, art, athletics, community meals, and others. The College seeks to build a culture of dance founded upon the Christian understanding of the relationship between men and women. Within the area of music, we recognize and affirm that there is an abundance of goodness in multiple forms, styles and genres. Christendom chooses to glean that which would best contribute to healthy and balanced entertainment for its students. The College avoids music that would directly depreciate a proper understanding of leisure and entertainment and/or contradicts the basic morality to which a Christian is called. In understanding the responsibility for the proper formation of its student body, great care is taken in choosing the styles, genres, and playlists of music that foster participation at College events.

For those students who do not know how to swing dance or contra-dance, there are clubs on campus that give students the opportunity to learn. The Swing Club holds Swing ‘n Sundaes on a variety of Sunday nights throughout the semester where students can work on their swing dance moves with other students or learn specific moves from the student-instructors. After a couple of these sessions, students normally get the swing of things pretty quickly (pun intended). The Contra-Dance Club meets on a variety of Saturday afternoons throughout the semester and they teach people how to do the various “contra dances.” These are very specific, called dances, which resemble, sometimes, dances one might see in a Jane Austen based movie. Even one with two left feet could handle these types of dances smile Two of the favorites contra dance dances are the Virginia Reel (here’s a video of some students dancing it) and the Laendler (from the Sound of Music – here’s a video of them dancing it ).

Anyways, dancing is a great form of exercise and is good for the soul, they say. If you are not into dancing right now, that’s OK. When you get here, give it a go, and see what happens.
Director of Admissions
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800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.