Music & Football


Name: Michael Hill
Age: 18
Clifton, VA
Singing, horseback riding, swimming, and having fun.
What is your favorite class or professor?
Philosophy 101 with Prof. Mark Wunsch. It's a vibrant, engaging, and thought-provoking class, which is really nice for an 8:30 a.m. class! I had not anticipated enjoying philosophy as much as I have this semester.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in?
I played on the varsity soccer team and participated in intramural wiffle ball and volleyball. I also work in the Student Life Office.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom?
The ever-present availability of the sacraments—it really provides and incomparable opportunity for spiritual development as a mature Catholic adult.
Why did you choose Christendom?
My sister went to Christendom before me, and although I did not want to come to Christendom at first, once I visited, I knew the opportunities provided by the college could not be found anywhere else.
What surprises you the most about Christendom?
The diversity of students for such a small and focused school. Getting to know each student individually is one of the most rewarding things on campus.
What are your plans after graduation?
Veterinary School—I have always wanted to be a veterinarian since before I can remember.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student?
"Listen to the wisdom of those who have come before you." Physically experiencing Christendom College, whether by visiting or attending the Summer Program is highly recommended. If I had not visited, I don't think I would have decided to attend Christendom. It really would have been a shame if I missed out on these opportunities, just because I did not realize how amazing the college really is.


Music in the Air at St. Cecilia's Night

On Friday night, students and faculty gathered for Christendom’s beloved St. Cecilia's Night, an annual event showcasing the college’s incredible musical talent. Students of all ages and distinctive musical talents appeared on stage to treat the audience to a wide variety of performances from a cappella ballads to sibling duets to classical pieces to everything in between. Many of the twenty-one acts that evening featured students playing a fascinating arrangement of the flute, the piano, the guitar, and the harp. .

In between the first and second acts, the audience had the chance to mingle with performers and taste a spread of elegant snacks provided for the occasion. Highlights of the show included a humorous a cappella quartet singing “John Williams is the Man,” parodying Star Wars, and several original pieces, which were composed and performed by students themselves. The entire audience ended the event on a musical note by singing the Salve Regina before departing.

Senior Jimmy Munson performed an original piece that was a huge hit with the audience.

Sophomores Rosemary Hedge, Stephen Hyland, Alex Clark and Junior Amelia Ritzenthaler brought down the house with their performance of the comical “John Williams Is the Man.”

Sophomore Lindsey Trapp on the harp accompanied by Freshman Micah Miller on the "Ligonier Set."

Sophomore Evan Casey performs a guitar solo.

Freshmen Anna and Francisco Whittaker and a few of their siblings play “Concerto in A Minor” by Vivaldi.

Freshman Pat Audino and Junior Hillary Horner cap off the night with “Go Lassie Go.”

Movie at the Park

There is nothing quite like watching the great Fred Astaire dance!

On Saturday night, Christendom’s Student Activities Council held a "Movie at the Park" featuring the comedy “Top Hat.” Saint Lawrence Commons was transformed into a quaint little park, with light posts, benches, and “stars.” People were able to grab a seat on a blanket and enjoy the many baskets filled with movie treats! Thanks to the chemistry of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the night was filled with laughs. It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday night!

Practicing the "Skittle Toss" before the film begins.

Saint Lawrence Commons was transformed into a movie in the park!

With her Yoda pillow, Freshman Emily Norton and Kayla Newcomb get ready for movie night with Top Hat.

Learning Caravaggio

On Sunday evening, Christendom College welcomed Dr. Delane Karalow of Lynchburg College to give a lecture on Caravaggio, one of the greatest painters of sacred art. Invited to speak to the Christendom community as part of Dr. Poterack’s Blessed Fra Angelico Fine Arts Series, she discussed the role of Sacred Scripture in Caravaggio's works of art, and his accomplishments as an artist. Dr. Karalow also went into depth on the importance of light in his paintings as the medium by which the message of the work comes through. Dr. Karalow finished her lecture and power-point presentation with an insightful question-and-answer session.

Dr. Karalow is an Associate Professor of Art History at Lynchburg College, as well as the chair of the Art Department.

Back into the Swingin' Sundays

Another successful Swing ‘n Sundaes took place in the Commons on Sunday night. At this week’s session, the special focus was on learning the East Coast style swing dance. Junior Klarissa Blank and her brother and Senior Nicholas provided instruction on how to dance in this style, having students practice moves such as the triple step.

After each of the several brief East Coast lessons, participants had time to get out on the floor and try out their newfound dance skills to music. Students also enjoyed open-floor swing dancing. And of course, there were plenty of delicious ice cream sundaes to go around for everyone who attended.

Students enjoy some open-floor swing dancing.

Freshman Catherine McFadden instructs Nick Jaroma.

Sophomore Andre Moreau swings his partner around the floor.


Exploring Europe

As the week progresses, everyone is making plans for the final free weekend.
Pretty much self-explanatory, these are long weekends granted by the Christendom program during the semester to give students the opportunity to make longer trips around Italy and Europe. Places we’ve visited this semester include Split, Croatia; Lourdes and Paris France; Delphi and Athens, Greece; London, England (to name a few). Many students enjoy the weekends as a chance to venture out n their own, able to make their own plans and see places of personal interest, even visiting family. The best part of the weekends, however, is the psychological advantage granted when the trip ends. Traveling can be exciting but exhausts both mentally and physically, and so returning is a comfort. Even the Italian language seemed welcoming and familiar after the Greek alphabet! Rome really feels like home.

Enjoy some highlights of our trips:

Click here to view these photos on Picasa.

Horsing Around the Shenandoah Valley

One of the greatest aspects of living in the Shenandoah River Valley is the landscape of the area. The countryside surrounding Front Royal, Virginia, is both diverse and open, making it perfect for farms. Not too far from Christendom’s campus is a beautiful horse farm called Royal Horseshoe Farm.

The farm offers a special rate for students who want to take advantage of the equestrian opportunities offered there. For experienced riders, such as, Freshmen June Redman and Michael Hill, the farm has become a weekly part of their Christendom experience. The Royal Horseshoe Farm not only has enough resources to teach students how to become more advanced riders, but they also have the ability to keep individual’s horses in their stables.

Luckily, the farm also offers activities for inexperienced riders, or even those who have never ridden a horse before. Scenic trail rides are offered year-round—not too long ago a group of student’s from Christendom took a trail ride through the beautiful hills, meadows, and woods of the Shenandoah Valley.

“I have never ridden a horse prior to the trail ride at Royal Horseshoe Farm and I am so glad I was able to have the experience in such a beautiful area,” said Freshman Monica Dilworth.

Having a horse farm so close to campus is a huge attribute to the college and the growing equestrian opportunities. If you love horses and you're planning a visit Christendom, be sure to check out all that the Royal Horseshoe Farm has to offer!

Freshman Patrick Hilleary meets his horse for the trail ride.

Freshman Alexis Seaver, Emma Seidl, and Anne Fox were just a few of the Christendom students who rode the trail horses at Royal Horseshoe Farm.

Freshman Alexis Seaver gets ready to take her pony on the beautiful trails of Royal Horseshoe Farm.


East Dominate at Annual East-West Football Game

The long history of the East-West game has another chapter to add to the books. This time the game was over nearly before it began. The East scored on their first possession and kept on scoring before claiming a 26-0 2nd half lead in route to a 33-6 victory. From the opening play to the closing whistle the relentless offensive attack and overwhelming defensive pressure of a seasoned East squad left no doubt as to who would claim the victory in this year’s East-West rivalry.

Behind the strong quarterback play of Senior Nicholas Blank and a receiving core led by Freshman Pat Audino, Sophomore Larry Urgo, and Senior Rob Hambleton, the East’s passing attack could not be stopped.

“Because Johnny [Foeckler] ran so well that set up the play action, allowing us to convert in the passing attack and go deep,” Blank said.

The East’s defense dominated the war in the trenches, led by Senior Dean Dewey, while Seniors Tim Beer and Dan Mitchell (1 INT) controlled the secondary and prevented any sort of rhythm in the West’s passing attack.

The West was represented well by a core of young Freshmen starting with quarterback Nick Murphy (1 passing TD) and running back/corner back Ryan Tappe (1 INT). While Senior Charlie Rollino contributed the only receiving TD for the West in an acrobatic back corner touchdown grab. Rollino, along with Senior Mark Hepler, also anchored the West’s defense.

The victory gives the East its second straight, following a long series of West wins, but more importantly it once again gives the all-time series edge to the East by one game. However, as departing Senior Rollino alluded, "the West will be back." In years to come the West’s group of young core players promise a bitter continuation of this classic Christendom rivalry.

Before the big East-West game, the Senior and Sophomore ladies were pitted against the Freshmen and Junior squad in the annual Powder-Puff game. It was a hard fought game throughout, but the late passing attack of the Senior-Sophomores allowed them to edge out the 12-0 win.

This match represented a break from the running traditions of the typical powder puff game. Both offensives implemented unique strategies in the hopes of gaining the upper hand. The Junior-Freshman team showed off an effective Wildcat formation

“[Our] options off the wildcat were our most successful plays,” Junior-Freshman Coach James Hannon said.

Coach Hannon went on to praise the play of Juniors Klarissa Blank and Karen Hambleton and Freshman Mary Lancaster who all played pivotal roles in the passing and wildcat attacks. This effective attack—along with the strong defensive play of the Junior-Freshman team, led by outside linebacker Theresa Francis and middle linebacker Bridget Vander Woude—resulted in a 0-0 stalemate at halftime.

But the second half belonged to the Sophomore-Senior team. They came out firing with Senior Cat Anderson under center who threw for two scores to fellow Senior Sadie Bratt.

"The Junior-Freshman team's entire game plan was preparing for our running attack but we focused on the passing game led by Cat Anderson and by taking advantage of our speed we took advantage of their lack of speed,” Sophomore-Senior Coach Dean Dewey said.

The speed and ability to capitalize in the air proved the deciding factor that allowed the Sophomore-Senior team to capture the two touchdown shutout victory.

Sadie Bratt slips past the opposition.

Mary Bratt flies down field.

Bridget Vander Woude leaps for the grab.



Senior Mark Hepler flies after quarterback Nick Blank.

Senior Tim Beer uses his head and make the completion.

Helper flies again.

Freshman Pat Audino with the interception.

West fights to claim and interception.

Freshman Ryan Tappe forges down the field.

The West will be back.

East: What's better than winning? Winning twice in a row.


Q. Why do people choose Christendom over other Catholic colleges, in your opinion?

A. The answer to this is not exactly simple, but it is not all that difficult either. First of all, there are probably differing views on this, but from my experience of reading all of the application essays of all the prospective students, and from spending much time talking with the current students about this, that, and the other thing, I have come to some pretty well-founded conclusions. But I would rather you read an application essay from a student to see why she is interested in Christendom. I think it is a very good summary of the main reasons people pick Christendom, and it comes from someone who has spent some time on our campus, and investigated thoroughly other colleges.

Christendom College is the right college for me; an answer to prayer. It is a place where I can live among and befriend like-minded people, study the liberal arts with the guidance of knowledgeable, faithful professors, and thrive by proudly practicing my Catholic faith for the next years of my life. The college decision is a big, sometimes stressful, sometimes scary decision, but the thought of attending Christendom gives me nothing but peace and joy.

My initial attraction to Christendom College was to its vibrant Catholicity which permeates the lives of the students and faculty, classes, and campus activities. For a long time I have been sure that I want to pursue a liberal arts education; Christendom emphasizes the higher thinking of the liberal arts with the faithfulness to the Catholic Church that I am seeking. Growing up in a small, homeschooling family, in a small town, involved in a close-knit parish, I am attracted to the family-like atmosphere of the students and faculty who are unified in the practice of their faith and pursuit of holiness, who share a community rooted in Christian charity, and enjoy themselves through wholesome, productive activities. The most attractive thing about Christendom College is that its benefits need not be advertised: the high regard for liberal arts education and the passionate Catholicity of the college and its students and faculty is obvious without any explanation. After visiting the campus in the spring of 2011, taking part in the Experience Christendom Summer Program in 2012, and visiting again in the fall of 2012, I am so impressed with the edifying, interesting classes I was able to sit in on taught by charismatic professors; the zeal the students have for their faith and education, and the embodiment of Catholic morals in everyday life.

By attending Christendom College, I am confident that I will obtain an excellent education; an education in liberal arts which will help me grow in reason and right-thinking, which will help me live the universal call to holiness so that my final end will be heaven; knowing, loving and serving God and my neighbor in the vocation to which I will be called. Through my education at Christendom, I hope to pursue Truth and wisdom within and outside the classroom. I am seeking a liberal arts education because I am hoping to learn more about my purpose and goal in life by going beyond the study of practical career training to study the things greater than the works of man. Furthermore, I am looking for a faithful Catholic college because I want to pursue my studies in the light of the interpretation and explanation of the Magisterium of the Church.

At the same time, I feel assured that the atmosphere of Christendom would support, safe-guard, and fortify my Catholic faith and principles at a time and in a world when and where so many other people are ignorant to the existence of objective Truth and therefore struggle in vain. I am attracted to the way that Christendom regards Catholicism as the heart and soul of the whole college: in the classroom, where each class begins with prayer, through the sacraments and communal prayer, as daily Mass is offered and the Angelus is said before lunch every day, and in daily life at the college, as students and faculty strive for holiness in all works and recreation. As became apparent by meeting some of the students and faculty, I believe attending Christendom is an experience which prepares one for real life: the small, subtle, sometimes unnoticed characteristics of the college, such as the professional dress code, the sophisticated dancing, and the communal mealtimes, help form virtues which prepare students for the responsibilities of a career, the duties of practicing their faith in the world, and responsibilities of family life or religious life. I would like to leave Christendom as a mature, Catholic young woman who seeks truth in education and daily life, who is stalwart and zealous in the Catholic Faith, and who is prepared to fulfill the duties of my vocation.

Christendom’s diverse extracurricular activities also are of interest to me; I very much look forward to becoming an active member of Christendom College’s community. I hope to take part in intramural sports, try out for a few plays, assist at Masses by singing in the choir, defend life as part of Shield of Roses, and perhaps surprise myself by branching out to some more unexpected activities. I am especially looking forward to participating at Mass, the sacraments, and religious events which celebrate our Catholic faith; an opportunity that is not readily available at many colleges. Christendom is obviously a place where strong friendships are fostered and I am excited to able to share my faith and interests with a diverse and well-rounded student body and faculty in the classroom, through clubs and special events, and in everyday campus life.

I am often asked, “Why Christendom?” It’s one of the easiest questions to answer: Christendom College provides the opportunity to pursue truth through a liberal arts education, the opportunity to practice and grow in the Catholic faith alongside student and faculty who share my faith and principles, and the opportunity take part in a wholesome, lively community on campus. Pope Benedict XVI states, “A good school provides a rounded education for the whole person. And a good Catholic school, over and above this, should help all its students become saints.” I believe that I will find such formation at Christendom: where the intellect is educated by studying Truth and the soul is prepared to assume the position of a mature, well-educated member of the Church and of society, in the light of Catholic understanding. I want to attend Christendom College because I am seeking a thorough liberal arts education, the graces that will come from “breathing Catholic,” and the opportunity to take part in a lively community of similarly-minded people.”

– Grace M., Lake Wylie, SC.

Well said.
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.