Dancin' It Up


Name: Andre Moreau
Olympia, Washington
Hiking, juggling, acting, dancing, and ventriloquism.
What is your favorite class or professor?
That is a hard call to make. I would have to say my favorite class is History with Dr. Adam Schwartz, but my favorite professor is Dr. Douglas Flippen for metaphysics.
What extra-curricular activities do you participate in?
I’m in the soccer intramural league, attend Swing 'n' Sundaes, and play pool and ping pong.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom?
My favorite part about Christendom is how there is such a strong community here and how we are all so closely knitted together by our faith and have very much the same ideals. It’s as if we are one large family coming to a better understanding of the Truth through faith and reason.
Why did you choose Christendom? I
decided to come to Christendom because of the people I saw come out of this school. There are other schools like Christendom, that provide a similar education, but nowhere did I see such holy and sincere people. I wanted to go to school to not just become a better person intellectually, but I wanted to be a person of good character as well. So when I saw noble and good people come from Christendom College, I knew it was the school for me.
What surprises you the most about Christendom?
What surprised me the most was the calibre of the professors that are teaching my classes. It is amazing how such a small school can have professors that are nationally renown and some have even taught at world famous universities before they came here. (See the faculty roster here.)
What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation I plan on going into graduate school and becoming an archeologist. After being an archeologist for a while, I hope to teach at a university and educate people about the discoveries of history that I found in the dirt, etc.
Any parting words of advice for a prospective student?
My advice is that there are many incredibly fun things to do at Christendom. Some people get the idea that since it's not close to a large city it would be boring here on the weekends. That’s not the case, you just have to use your imagination. We have really amazing trails here; there are caves and little streams; you can canoe up on the river, or have story telling night around a campfire. The list is endless!


Swing & Waltz Competition

On Friday evening, the Dorm Wars Swing and Waltz competition took place in St. Lawrence Commons. Students from all nine teams gathered to watch their representative couples dance for the title of first place in waltzing and first place in swing dance.

The event started with the waltz competition. Couples all danced to the same song as philosophy professor Dr. John Cuddeback and College Chaplain Fr. Donald Planty judged. Then three pairs were chosen as finalists. Although the competition was stiff and each duo wowed the audience with its grace, Sophomore Andre Moreau and Senior Rachel Kujawa ultimately nabbed first place.

Then the swing competition began, judged by several moderators including philosophy professor Dr. Douglas Flippen and also Associate Director of Admissions Zac Inman. The dancers all gave absolutely astounding and energetic performances. In the end, Seniors Peter Speiring and Theresa Lamirande grabbed first place. Junior James Ciskanik and Freshman Catherine McFadden ended the night by delighting the audience with a special choreographed performance.

The dancers’ technique and poise wowed the audience.

Sophomore Andre Moreau and Senior Rachel Kujawa wow the audience with their choreographed waltz.

Freshmen Kinsey Benz and Pete Ruhl gracefully waltz together.

The swing competitors show off some intense moves.

The crowd watches as Peter Spiering flips his partner, Theresa Lamirande.

Senior Mike Bobrowski and Freshman Julia Rollino’s amazing choreographed piece earned them second place in the swing competition.

Swing Competition Highlights

A Night at a Texan Saloon

This past Friday night, Christendom College paid tribute to the Nation’s western roots, with a Texas Western Pub Night, put on by Christendom’s Student Activities Council in St. Kilian’s Café. The night was filled with good, clean western fun, as students took part in games of Poker and Texas Hold ‘Em. There was also a costume competition, and a nerf-gun quick draw competition, the winners of which won prizes. The organizers of the event also provided some authentic western cuisine of flap-jacks and bacon, as they played some good country music in the background, creating a complete country and western aura. Outside the Café, students enjoyed more good conversation around a small bonfire. Right before the event ended, those who remained decided to break out their dancing skills, and wrap up the night with a little swing dancing.

Seniors John Schofield, Chris Roberts, Anthony Dhanagom and Sophomore Hal Kokes play a game of Poker.

Costume competition participants, Freshman Austin Leavitt and Senior Kirk Slocum.

Students enjoy a friendly game of Texas Hold ‘Em.

Seniors Pat O’Reilly and D-Town in the quick-draw competition.

Senior Kirk Slocum gets taken down in the quick draw competition.

Swingin' Before Lent

The last Swing n’ Sundaes before Lent took place on Sunday night in the Commons. About 100 students showed up to dance, enjoy each other’s company, and of course, eat the ice cream that was provided. As always, students Catherine McFadden, James Ciskanik, Theresa Lamirande, and Nicholas Blank were available to instruct attendants in new steps and help them master whatever moves they’d been working on.

Students had a blast trying out some fancy new moves that James and Catherine taught them during the course of the evening. They also relaxed and did plenty of free-style swing dancing to great music.

Catherine McFadden and James Ciskanik teach some new swing moves to dancers.

Juniors Brendan Vieira and Morgan Robey swing together.

Seniors Katrina Shanley and John McFadden practice their moves.

Welcoming the Ladies

On Sunday, while some Christendom students ran around campus in an intense scavenger hunt for Dorm Wars, others decided to take a break and attend the Open House on the guy’s side of campus. The atmosphere of the dorms was quite calm, as people just enjoyed each other’s company and talents on a nice Sunday afternoon. Intense card games, as well as many music sessions made for a very entertaining time.

Freshman Mary Lancaster and Maria Klosterman let out a laugh while playing a card game.

Sophomore Daniel McDowell shows his skills on the guitar.

A room of St. Ben’s was turned into the “Disco Room” for Men’s Open House.

Argh, There Be Treasure on Campus

On Sunday afternoon, St. Lawrence Commons was the strategic center of this year’s Dorm War’s Treasure Hunt. The hunt began approximately at 2:00 in the afternoon, with each team receiving their first clue to solve. Designed by Student Life’s James Hannon, and Senior RA’s Dan Mitchell and Jacob Akers, the hunt revolved around a series of ten clues that each team had to solve in order to find the last goal, and thus complete the course. The event ended after the first three teams found the “treasure” thus scoring a number of points.

Clues led to such places as the Gym and Our Lady's Grotto. Some teams even had to row across the Shenandoah River in order to find one of their clues. The first team to reach the end was the “Ins ‘n’ Outs,” followed by the “Super Margarets and the Frantastic Floor” and finally the “Children of Hannon.” Taking almost five hours to complete, the event involved much mind-bending and running around the campus in an effort to be the first team to successfully reach the end. Though both mind and body were taxed, all participants agreed that the event was quite successful, as they look forward to the next event in the 2013 Dorm Wars competition.

“The Mainiacs” work on deciphering the first clue.

“The Children of Hannon” wrestle with a tricky hint.

Sophomore John Hill of “The Lower Level Legion” rushes back to redeem a clue.

Junior Joe Marra of “The Children of Hannon” dashes back to the Commons with the next clue.

Mardi Gras Fun

The Commons lit up Tuesday night as Christendom students celebrated Mardi Gras with a big party. Festive decorations and tables piled with king cake and other sweets greeted everyone as they walked in. Students had a chance to socialize, play cards, dance, and listen to live music.

"The Mardi Gras party was a great way to hang out and enjoy some good music and delicious food before Lent started," Sophomore Sarah Jamieson said. "The live music especially was a lot of fun to listen to.”

John Lamirande, father of Senior Theresa Lamirande, put in a guest appearance with his band. They kept things lively, playing many energetic songs and giving away free prizes in between numbers. Seniors Katie Shannon, Theresa Lamirande, and Eric Maschue also gave amazing performances that kept students cheering all night long.

The party was packed the whole evening.

John Lamirande and his band were a big hit, accordion and all.

Sophomore Rosie Herlihy dances with a mysterious Mardi Gras partygoer.

Seniors Eric Maschue and Theresa Lamirande wow the audience yet again with their musical skills.

Students took the chance to have a last dance before the beginning of Lent.

Marriage Bootcamp

On Tuesday evening, Prof. Mary Stanford made her third and final appearance in the Chaplaincy’s “Marriage Boot Camp” Spiritual Life Lecture Series. The subject of Prof. Stanford’s three talks was a discussion of Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. In this particular talk, she first reflected on the importance of Chastity, and how man must first have control of his passions and desires in order to have control or possession of himself, and be able to freely give himself in the true sense of love. To be controlled by one’s passions and desires is to be the opposite of free; it is rather to be a slave, and therefore unable to give oneself in love.

“Man cannot be under the sway of his passions, and maintain a healthy relationship,” said Prof. Stanford. “If we are controlled by passion, then there is no freedom; we have become slaves to our desires, and become like the animal kingdom, which acts on instinct alone.”

Concluding, she examined how being driven by desire and selfishness—being a slave to the passions—is the direct reason why we have such problems as contraception and abortion in modern society, and how that in turn has affected the world that we now have today.

Prof. Stanford’s wit and insights kept the attention of the audience.

Campus Prayer Groups

As the Christendom campus knows, there are many opportunities for spiritual growth and formation available to the students. The chaplaincy offers Mass twice daily, confessions and adoration every day, as well as all-night adoration for each First Friday of the month. There are even further opportunities to grow in one’s spiritual life through several student-led prayer groups that have been organized on campus.

The first is the Oremus Prayer Group, led by Senior Sarah Halbur, and assisted by Sophomores Mike Kopp and Peter Deucher. Meeting every Wednesday night at 8:00 P.M. in Thomas Aquinas Hall participants play Praise and Worship music, followed by a Scripture reading and meditation, in the Lectio Divina style. After the meditation, there is time for open prayer, when people pray from the heart in thanksgiving, petition, or adoration. The Oremus Prayer Group also holds a once-a-monthly holy hour in Christ the King Chapel. This event is led by College Chaplain Fr. Donald Planty.

“It is a different way for students to intercede with each other, and join together as the Body of Christ,” Senior Sarah Halbur says. “It is a good opportunity as Catholics to understand the value of Scriptural meditation, for sometimes we forget about the importance of the Bible, and that it is in fact the Word of God. The prayer group also helps people to break out of the habit of written or memorized prayer, and it forces them to speak to God from the heart, and actually think about what they are saying.”

Another prayer group is led by Seniors Peter Spiering, Mark Hepler, and Eric Maschue. These three men say night prayer at midnight every Sunday through Thursday nights in the Chapel, and they invite all other men to join them. Sunday through Tuesday, Peter, Mark, and Eric say night prayer together, and whoever happens to be present is welcome to join. On Wednesday and Thursday nights however, all of the male side of campus is invited to go to the Chapel, say night prayer together, and end with the Salve Regina. Up to fifty men have shown up on these nights, to fill the chapel with prayer and hymns to God, before retiring for the night.

There is also another prayer group, headed by Heather Lawrence and the members of the Legion of Mary, which says the Liturgy of the Hours, or the Divine Office. Each week day begins with Lauds at 7:00 A.M. in the Chapel Crypt, followed by 7:30 Mass. This group also leads Vespers at 6:30 P.M. in the Chapel, and ends the evening with Compline at 10:00 P.M.

These prayer groups—combined with what the chaplaincy has to offer, the daily rosary, and availability of the chapel—all gives the students ample opportunities to grow deeper and stronger in their prayer life and faith.

Senior Alicia Stanton, Freshman Suzy Curran, and Senior Sarah Halbur sing for the Oremus Prayer Group Holy Hour.

The men of Christendom say Night Prayer in Christ the King Chapel.


Sweet Victory for the Crusaders

Looking to avenge the previous week’s last minute loss at home to Patrick Henry College, the Crusaders took the floor Monday night looking for revenge. And revenge was theirs after a double overtime thriller featuring career nights from Senior Tim Beer and Junior Jon Fioramonti.

Tim Beer came out firing Monday night, knocking down a three on the game’s first possession to help grab an early Crusader lead. But Patrick Henry fought back, setting the tone for what was a back and forth battle. By halftime Patrick Henry was clinging to a six point lead. Yet in the second half Tim Beer, Jon Fioramonti and Freshman Jeremy Minick could not be contained. Minick led the way with 17 points and Sophomore Micah Davis secured the paint and displayed his three point prowess early in the first half with a buzzer beating three. The Crusaders team defense was perhaps at its best of the entire season, containing Patrick Henry to a mere 36% shooting night and only 16% from three point land. But it was the upperclassman Tim Beer, who finished with three points, and Jon Fioramonti, 11 points and 9 rebounds, who stole the show.

With less than 30 seconds to go and trailing by three it was the clutch three of Fioramonti that sent the game into overtime. As the seconds ran down Minick slashed through the lane in time to hit Fioramonti in the deep corner where he had enough time to bury the three. Then, in overtime, the Crusaders once again found themselves trailing with under 60 seconds to play. This time it was Tim Beer who would step up, draining a mid-range shot to force yet another extra period. In the second, and what would prove to be the last, overtime the Crusaders would not be denied as Jeremy Minick (6 points in 2OT) would help the Crusaders establish the lead that they did not give up. The final score: 58-50, a big win for us.

The Crusaders are back in action this Saturday for the home finale and Senior Appreciation against Davis College beginning at 1pm.

Senior Tim Beer takes it to the hole.

Junior Jon Fioramonti takes the open shot.

Senior Tim McPhee sinks a three.

Q. It seems like you are always talking about the summer program and now, just recently, I've gotten a couple of things in the mail about it, so now, you've got me interested.
smile Can you tell me why you think the programs are worth going to?

A. I am glad that you are paying attention to the mailings we send you. We do our best to make sure you are well aware of all that is happening at Christendom. smile

The Experience Christendom Summer Program is certainly worth attending, well, at least all of last year's 181 participants thought so. In fact, each year, EVERYONE likes what they experience, without exception. Of course, some like it more than others, and many end up coming to Christendom for their college years, but regardless, the experience of "breathing Catholic" on our campus for a week will be, without a doubt, one of the best weeks you will have all year long. I guarantee it.

The reason everyone likes it so much is because it blends together many aspects of life: academic, religious, moral, social, and athletic. We do a little of everything during the week, all within the framework of a Catholic culture so that when people leave, they really feel as though they have been immersed in a Catholic way of life, and they love it!

The classes the students take are pretty awesome. Philosophy, which most students have never taken and have no idea what to expect from it, Theology, History, and Literature. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable about their subjects and very personable, too.

The program is managed by a group of current students called Counselors, and these Counselors are there to keep everyone on the right track, and to make sure everyone is having the time of their lives. They are great examples of the types of students who attend Christendom, so the participants get a chance to get to know them, and determine if this is the type of person they wish to become during their college years.

The events that we do are pretty great as well. We go bowling, dancing, hiking, and canoeing. We go to various faculty and staff members homes for events, including sing-a-longs, dinners, dances, and 'smores. We have a talent show, Italian dinner, sporting events, and lots more! Basically, everything that is fun, we do.

So, in short, for $400, you can't really get a much better week-long event, and you make some pretty good friends, too!
Read the testimonies and then register online. We have double the number of registrants right now over this time last year, and I am sure that we are going to end up with another long waiting list again this year, even with the 5 sessions. Don't delay, and if you need financial assistance, just ask. These programs are primarily for current high school juniors, but we will take current sophomores after March 1.
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.