Name: Joseph Stephens
Age: 21
Year: Sophomore
From: Brookfield, WI
Major: Theology
Hobbies? I play guitar and enjoy fishing.
What's your favorite class? Old Testament with Prof. Jenislawski. He has such great insight on the Bible and the Catholic Faith in general. He has the ability not just to give facts in class, but truly to see the teachings of the Faith and the reasons for them.
Do you play any sports? I play soccer. It has always been my passion and I have played since I was a kid. I've also played on the basketball team.
Do you participate in any drama or music related activities? Nothing formal, but I do get together with friends to play guitar.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? The Catholic community, the close proximity of the chapel, and of course, the athletics.
Why did you choose Christendom? I chose Christendom because it offered a solid Catholic education. I know that Christendom will help me in any career I go into after school. Another huge factor was the well-developed Athletics Program we have here. Even though Christendom is small, its teams play at competitive levels.
Plans after graduation? Getting a job in the emergency medical field.


Blessed John XXIII Gets Blessed

Last Thursday, a group of students and faculty gathered in the Rotunda of the Library for the blessing of a statue of Blessed Pope John XXIII. Fr. William led the blessing, and followed it with a brief account of the life and works of the Pope.

Many were excited to see the statue of him, and Josh Zeringue remarked after seeing the statue, “I love Pope John XXIII. It's pretty cool.”

Refreshments and discussion were held afterwards.

The statue is now located in the St. John the Evangelist library.

Fine Music on a Fall Evening

Friday night, Kilian’s Café was decorated in colorful fall style as students and visitors gathered for Pub Night. Several different acts performed. The Killackey Bros. (Sophomore Brian and Junior John) opened up the night with their lively fiddling. They were followed by several musical acts, including the talents of: Seniors Jozeph Schutzman, Steven Ginski, and Anna Adams; Juniors Kerri Sciscilo, Margaret Antunes, and Bernadette Horiuchi; and Sophomore Joseph Long.

While hanging out with friends and listening to the Killackey Bros., Freshman Tommy Salmon, from Ireland, said with a smile, “It feels like a dancer should be up there!”

Students took advantage of the chance to take a breath, have some fun with friends, and relax after two weeks of midterms, and prepare for one more week of work before Fall Break.

Schutzman and Long sing a ballad.

When the Killackey Bros. play, you feel like you're at a pub in Ireland.

Juniors and Seniors sing some campus favorites.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

On Friday, the SAC hosted a movie night. Students packed in the John Paul the Great Student Center basement to watch the Academy Award-winning Slumdog Millionaire. Food and drink were provided, along with seating anywhere the students could find it. The intense mixture of real human struggle against evil, poverty, and hardship combined with a fairy-tale love story made for a captivating motion picture. The rags-to-riches tale of a poor Indian boy charmed the entire audience. Following the credits, lights went up and students discussed the film at length.

Slumdog Millionaire won Oscars for Best Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Music, Sound, Writing, and Motion Picture of the Year.

Honoring a Hero

On October 11, Christendom College named and dedicated the Crusader Gymnasium basketball court, the “Thomas S. Vander Woude Memorial Basketball Court,” in honor of former Athletic Director Mr. Thomas Vander Woude who died in 2008 while saving the life of his youngest son.

The ceremony began with Mass offered for the repose of the soul of Mr. Vander Woude in Christ the King Chapel, con-celebrated by College Chaplain Fr. Daniel Gee and alumnus Fr. Tom Vander Woude, the eldest son of Mr. Thomas Vander Woude.

At the dedication that followed Mass, College President Dr. Timothy O'Donnell welcomed all and invited Philosophy Professor and long-time friend of the Vander Woude family, Dr. John Cuddeback, to say a few words.

“We rejoice today in all the good that Tom Vander Woude did in his life,” Dr. Cuddeback said. “That good has remained with us; and so much was done right here on this court.”

Cuddeback remarked that Vander Woude set a tone for the sports program, a tone that continues to this day. Cuddeback reflected on Vander Woude’s upbringing on a farm in South Dakota, and how he brought a strong moral character to bear in all that he did. Cuddeback also noted that Vander Woude’s greatest legacy was his seven sons—five of whom attended Christendom—and their families.

Read more about this event here.

The Vander Woude family poses for a photo in front of the court's entrance.

Grüß Gott, Oktoberfest!

Christendom’s annual Oktoberfest celebration took place in the St. Lawrence Commons this last Sunday. Traditional German food was served as well as German beer for those who were of drinking age.

Dr. Robert Rice and Mr. Eric Jenislawski were an iconic sight at Oktoberfest in their customary clothing and lederhosen.

Bavaria comes to Christendom.

Jude, son of The Chronicler Online's Managing Editor Niall O'Donnell, poses for a photo with Prof. Jenislawski.

Following dinner, a variety of games were set up to challenge the festive students. The cornhole station was in constant use behind the commons. Water-jug races, followed by a jug toss, were held on another part of the lawn. The men displayed their strength in a test to see who could throw a 5-gallon tank of water the farthest. Tug-of-war was the final event during the games portion of the evening.

The night was concluded, to the pleasure of the students, with a mix of polka and contra dancing.

Healthcare Reform Examined

On Monday night, Political Science Professor Dr. Bernie Way and Mr. Burke Balch, the director of the Powell Center for Medical Ethics, gave a panel presentation in the St. John Library Café on the new health care bill.

Dr. Way began the presentation by talking about the way the current system works and the kind of changes that may be put into effect. He also spoke on the consequences that such changes would have on the whole system of the United States. Mr. Balch then spoke about common misconceptions of the care and monetary systems of our country.

“It's the inter-relation between what people earn and what people pay that is important and decides the real change cost,” said Mr. Balch.

He proceeded to talk about the changes being effected and how this relates to the the consumer.

“If the government works to push the inflation rate of health care to match the average rate of inflation, this actually cuts back on the health care available,” said Balch. “The real cost of saving lives is going down, but the amount spent on it is going up.”

Both Dr. Way and Mr. Balch covered a multitude of important aspects that left the entire audience feeling enlightened on the subject. Following the talk, attendees enjoyed some refreshments and Q & A with the speakers.


The Daily Grind

Though St. Kilian's Café may not be open as much this year, students don't feel too deprived, since the Daily Grind in town still welcomes Christendom students with open arms. It is not unusual that you walk into the friendly environment of the Daily Grind, in historic downtown Front Royal, and find at least one or two Christendom students.

“It's a great place to go and just hang out, or use the wireless and study,” Sophomore Philip O'Neill said.

The cafe serves a variety of things to drink or munch on, including coffees, teas, smoothies, cookies, muffins, and plenty more for those who are looking to do a little more than study. The coffee shop's welcoming atmosphere adds a lot to the whole element of the cafe. The employees always have smiles on their faces, and are ready to serve you promptly, whether it's a drink as simple as a cup o' joe, or preparing something more complicated, like a frappucino.

The outside seating is a great way to enjoy the scenery of Front Royal's historic Main Street as you sip on your coffee, peruse your notes, or surf the net.

Students love the fact that they have a place off-campus, but still nearby, where they can escape to when they just need to have some fun hanging out or studying in a different environment.

The staff is friendly and always ready to help.

Senior Laura Judge works on her thesis at the Daily Grind.


Lady Crusader Volleyball Finishes Season
and Looks to a Strong Future!

The women’s volleyball team finished the season last night playing conference opponent Washington Bible College. The team made up of 13 women has much promise for the future, as 8 members are underclassmen. The team includes two freshmen who stepped into starting roles this year and will, no doubt, prove to be the foundation for future teams.


Middle-hitter Theresa Jalsevac was the team’s most consistent hitter and proved to be a substantial force on the front line; the Christendom faithful will look forward to seeing more of her strikes in years to come. Another newcomer, Lisa Hill, made a huge impact for the team from the first time she stepped onto the court. Her passing skills, coupled with a thorough knowledge of the game will be a great compliment to Theresa's hitting. Also freshman Katie Wunderlich has taken huge strides this season, playing her first year of competitive volleyball.

The Lady Crusaders will definitely miss their two seniors, Anna Adams and Rachel Williams, who played their last game this past evening. Both ladies were key starters for the team throughout their time here at Christendom. Anna, who started off playing as a defensive specialist, transitioned to a hitter and setter this year and provided the team with boundless energy and competitiveness, which were contagious on the court. Her attitude and personality will definitely be missed in years to come. Rachel Williams, despite her small stature played, huge during her time at Christendom. One of the best players on the team, Rachel was the do-it-all team member for Coach Mirsad Mehic, from passing to striking, not to mention an occasional set when needed. Rachel’s passion for volleyball and desire to learn and improve set her apart on the court. Her jump-serve will also be sorely missed in future years.

Overall the team finished 3-9; but that doesn’t tell the story, however, of how close many of the games were, and the improvements each player made individually and collectively as a team. The team bids farewell to Rachel and Anna, though the improvement of all the players throughout the season gives hope for the future for the Lady Crusaders volleyball team.

Anna Adams sets the ball for Rachel Williams.

Rachel prepares to add another point to the Lady Crusaders score.

See even more pics of the Lady Crusaders in action at Christendom's Picasa Web Album!


Viva il Papa!

It was worth the wait!

Wednesday’s Papal Audience brought many emotions and much excitement for all of us as we arrived at St. Peter's Square. The whole group set out early in the morning when most of Rome was still quiet. When the guards opened the gates, the massive crowd of people flooded in. Fighting the crowds and running to claim front row seats became the main objective. We successfully claimed the two first rows on the left side of the square. When his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI rode by in the Pope-mobile, the crowds went wild and a few of the students proudly held up our blue Christendom banner, while shouting: "Amamus Te! We love you Holy Father!"

I saw the glimmer in his eyes.

What could be better than seeing the Pope up close and personal? As pilgrims here in Rome, we are thankful for every experience and opportunity, even the rough ones. Everyone here will agree that it has been a long week packed with classes and tours, including the Colosseum, the Mammertine Prison, and Santa Maria Maggiore. Class ran all day on Thursday, which tested our virtues of patience and staying awake. We were blessed with a study break however, during which our Residence Coordinator, Beth, surprised us with cornetti, a specialty sweet Italian roll!

On Sunday, part of our group attended a Mass and canonization ceremony, in St. Peter’s Square. We were able to witness Pope Benedict XVI canonize five saints—it was heavenly! At the end of this long week, we were reminded how blessed we all are to be living in the presence of such great faith and holiness.

Pope Benedict loves Christendom College.

As Pope Benedict approaches it's hard to decide what to do: snap a photo, wave, shout that you love him, or just relish the moment?

You can't help but try and do all of the above.


Q. I am interested in going into the field of education when I’m done with my studies. Is Christendom College a good choice for a person who has this goal, and specifically, what does Christendom have to offer a person who has this goal?

A. This is a very good question and, in fact, one that is asked of me quite often. As a general answer, a Christendom education is beneficial to anyone interested in any field of work because of the overall well-roundedness of our program. We educate our students, rather than train them. We believe that by giving our students a classical liberal arts education, they will be ready to meet all of the challenges that come their way upon graduation. In fact, we have seen this to be the case with our graduates. They are involved in many varied and different careers, from medicine to law, journalism to law enforcement, from owning their own businesses to working on Wall Street.

Now to address the specifics of the question: what does Christendom have to offer a person interested in entering the field of education upon graduation?

To begin with, a large percentage of our alumni have gone on to teach, mostly at the elementary and secondary levels, but some have chosen to pursue graduate school and teach at the college level. We have alumni teaching at Providence College, DeSales University, Jacksonville State University, Thomas Aquinas College, New York State University at Albany, Christendom College, and elsewhere. In fact, I used to be a teacher for a number of years and also spent a year serving as a Headmaster of a small private elementary school in New Hampshire.

Through our core curriculum, through the study of history, philosophy, political science, literature, math, science, and theology, our students are truly educated in the things that matter. They are not educated to do one thing or another, but are simply educated. Because of this, those who have an interest in teaching are always welcomed, and even sought after, by many Catholic school systems. In our own Diocese of Arlington, VA, we have probably close to 50 graduates teaching, and most of them started teaching directly after graduation (without earning a teaching certificate).

School officials realize that although teaching methods are very important, the most important thing in teaching anyone is the love and knowledge of the faith and the desire to pass on, not only head-knowledge, but more importantly, a love of God, His Church, and the good Catholic life in general. Christendom College prepares its students for that. Other colleges, in their education programs, may teach its students how to teach math to 4th graders, or how to organize your classroom to make it more learning friendly. We believe that these things will work themselves out once you are in the classroom so there is no real need to spend a bunch of money and time on being trained in specifics when you will end up learning these things on-the- job later.

Now for those who may want to get their feet wet in teaching before graduation, we do offer a Teacher Formation Program as part of our curriculum. Seniors are given the opportunity to work as teacher aids with local Catholic and public schools, helping to plan classes and teach certain subjects.

I hope this helps and thanks for asking!
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.