Homecoming Weekend


Name: Katie Urban
Age: 21
Year: Senior
From: Mentor, OH
Major: Literature
Hobbies? Swing and ballroom dancing, and I love reading, but Students Activities Council is my new life now—outside of studying!
What's your favorite class? At present, The English Novel with Dr. Thomas Stanford. I also loved Shakespeare's Romances and Comedies with Dr. Lisa Marciano. I can't decide which is better!
Do you play any sports? Yes, I love soccer, but am unable to play this semester due to an injury. It is a great team sport that's always intense and requires awesome footwork.
Do you participate in any drama or music related activities? I'm thinking about doing the Mystery Dinner Theater next semester once my thesis is done.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? The people, definitely. I'm so at home and comfortable with everyone—ever since my first day as a freshman! And the semester in Rome is absolutely incredible... a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Why did you choose Christendom? I actually didn't visit for longer than a few hours, but I had pretty much decided "yes" when I went to Mass in the chapel. It was so beautiful and respectful. I knew it must be reflected in the rest of the college.
Plans after graduation? Law or publishing.


Spirit Week Brings Color and Excitement to Campus

Each day featured a special theme and a competition at lunch.

Monday was Class Color Day: Sophomores wore orange, sported here by Christine Kelly, Lindsey Mershon, and Megan Speer.

Tuesday was Twin Day: Freshman Tim Beer and Sophomore Peter McNeely won the contest.

Twins times three.

Sophomores Mary Becher and Jane Kokes were runners-up in the competion.

Wednesday was Dress-a-Freshman Day: seniors and juniors could dress freshmen how they chose.

Maureen Bellow and Michael Bobrowski: Raggedy Ann and Andy

Thursday was Christedom Apparel Day: students were challenged with Christendom College trivia questions.

Sophomore Ted Cantu and Senior Rachel Williams emceed the competions at lunch time.

Friday was East-West Colors Day, gearing up for the big flag-football game on Sunday (see Sports with Coach Vander Woude below).

Competions on Friday included a race which involved two blind folded guys being led around the room vocally by two girls.

And a wheelbarrow race.

Till Death Do Us Part

Thursday night, students gathered in the Chapel Crypt to hear Theology Professor Eric Jenislawski continue the Theology Department's series on marriage with a talk about the permanency of marriage. He spoke about marriage as percieved in the Bible and how it has changed today. Students really enjoyed the chance to hear a great professor talk about such a relevant topic in today's world.

Senior Julia Callaghan remarked, “It was kind of cool; he talked a lot about what we've touched on in class.”

The students enjoy the opportunity these talks present to learn more about their possible future vocations.

Fireside Chat

The first Fireside Chat was hosted by Philosophy Professor Michael Brown last Wednesday in St. Catherine’s Glen. At these chats one can expect to show up at the bonfire and participate in songs, rounds, and jokes. After a half-hour of merry-making, a guest speaker will begin the talk. Last Wednesday’s speaker was Philosophy Professor John Cuddeback. He spoke on the prayer life and example of St. Dominic and of the importance of the body's involvement in prayer. Various prayer positions, as exemplified by Dominic, can help to make prayer much fuller and more fulfilling.

“While it was a great way to spend time with classmates and friends, it was also a good chance to learn about something important to life,” said Sophomore Christopher Foeckler.

Sophomore Brian Killackey and Freshman Sarah Halbur played their fiddles before the discussion began.

Alumni vs. Crusaders Basketball

IMG_6503 copy
On Friday, the traditional Alumni vs. Crusaders Basketball games took place in the Crusader Gymnasium. Alumni visiting for Homecoming donned basketball uniforms and played against students to see who was better. Professors also joined in on the alumni teams: Mathematics Professor Dr. Myriam Buyers, Classics Professor Dr. Mark Clark, and Chaplain Fr. Daniel Gee were all out on the court showing their competitive spirit. The teams were well-matched. As the games progressed, each team plowed onward and kept nearly even scores. Viewers packed the gym, with barely a seat left unoccupied—standing room only. Surprisingly, the alumni pulled off a victory in both games against the Crusaders. Following the game, drinks and snacks were offered at the alumni reception hosted in St. Kilian's Café.

Sophomore Brian Fox leaps in the air to add 2 points to the score board.

Freshman Tim McPhee led the Crusaders down the court many times with some fancy ball handling.

Lovely Day for a Picnic

_MG_0802 copy
On Saturday, the regular St. Lawrence luncheon was replaced with the Alumni Picnic on Campion Field. Food was aplenty and it was a beautiful day, as was noted by the many attendees. Students, alumni, and the children of alumni had a marvelous time.

A large bouncy castle was set up at the back of the field to the delight of many of the children of alumni.

Although its use was primarily for the children, a few excited students took advantage of the castle.

Children of alumni enjoyed facepainting and string-bracelet making offered by the students.

Alumni and students purchased East-West apparel so that they could sport their team's colors on Sunday.

Two corn toss sets and a volleyball net were available for everyone's enjoyment.

Coming Home to Dance

Saturday night, the St. Lawrence commons was packed with students, alumni, and some faculty for the annual Homecoming Dance. During the dance, there was also an alumni reception in the lower level of the St. John the Evangelist Library. The swing band “Yesterday” played, and was fantastic as usual. Everyone enjoyed swirling around the dance floor with friends.

“The band is always really good. I wish we had them play more,” Junior Mark Solitario commented.

Old friends enjoyed the chance to see one another again, and current students also took advantage of the fact that they got to see previous graduates. Once again, everyone was all smiles as Christendom welcomed back all the alumni.

Matt-Rensch-and-Jessica-In copy
Matt Rensch and Jessica Inzeo go for a dip.

Dominic Viera twirls his partner to the nostalgic sound of the live swing band.

Sophomores Melanie Bright and Stephen Tomlinson enjoy a dance.

Visitor Bernadette Sartor enjoys Homecoming with her sisters Sophmore Liz and Senior Katherine.

Advice from a Swiss Guard

On Monday, entrepreneur and former Swiss Guard Andreas Widmer delivered a talk entitled “Seven Things I Learned from Pope John Paul II on Being a Catholic Business Person” to students as part of the College's Major Speaker Program.

“There hasn't been a stage in my life that [John Paul II] did not have a profound impact on as an example or inspiration,” Widmer said.

Widmer served as a Pontifical Swiss Guard from 1986-1988, protecting Pope John Paul II. He holds numerous degrees from Switzerland and the US.

The seven lessons Widmer learned from the pontiff were: live a life based on Faith and prayer; plan for the future, but live in the present focus your full attention on the moment; give yourself completely to your vocation; use your position to be a public morally compass; enjoy life; be humble; and have dignity.

Widmer, a seasoned business executive with experience in high-tech and international business strategy consulting said that Christendom College is a great and very fertile ground for business entrepreneurs.

“Any industry knowledge I can teach you; what I cannot teach you is your character,” he said. “And what they are forming here is your character. They are teaching you to think: how does one approach a problem. It doesn't matter what the problem is, the problems all end up being the same. If you have, what I would call, a pattern-recognition of how to find the Truth, then I would love to hire you.”

Widmer meets with Pope John Paul II during his service as a Swiss Guard.

Download this talk at Christendom on iTunes U.

The Final Gee

On Tuesday, Fr. Daniel Gee gave his final talk on Confession. This time, the subject was what’s happening on the other side of the box.

Gee used a question and answer format to cover several main points. He explained that a confessor prepares to hear confessions by keeping up a good prayer life and going to confession himself.

When asked whether the priest is ever shocked by the sins confessed, Fr. Gee answered that "the chances of you going in and telling a sin that’s new is astronomically small. If you go to anyone who’s been a priest for at least five years, you’re really not going to be confessing anything they haven’t heard before.”

People were also curious to know whether priests will forget the sins confessed to them.

“God grants priests two graces: to forget sins and to remember sins," Gee said.

He mentioned that it was remarkable how fast some sins would be forgotten after the penitent had left the confessional. There are cases, however, especially if a person keeps returning with the same problem, in which it is important for one's confessor to remember a particular sin.

With this end to the series, everyone was able to leave feeling enlightened about all aspects of confession.

Download this talk at Christendom on iTunes U.


The 2009 East vs. West Football Game
Too Close for Comfort!

Every October, with Alumni present and decked out in red and yellow or blue and white depending on their affiliation, Campion field is turned into a battleground: faces are painted, heads are shaved, shirts—and shorts for that matter—are torn. To the winner, pride and bragging rights. To the loser, next year.

This year saw the closest game in recent memory, if not in the history of the contest, as the West snuck by the East with a final score of 13-12.

The first half of the game showcased a difference of styles: the East stuck to their plan of run first and throw, well, when you absolutely have to. The West, with their gun-slinging quarterback Jason Greene, attacked through the air and to the ground as a last resort. The result of halftime was a 12-0 lead held by the East due in large part to the running of Senior Ryan Doughty and the solid defense of the East led by Robbie Hambleton and Matt Hadro.

The game did have a very serious moment when Robbie Hambleton, while diving to grab a flag from the West’s ball carrier suffered a serious concussion and lay on Campion field before being taken to the hospital; he turned out to be okay.

The 2nd half saw a shift in momentum as the West began running the ball more and shut down the running game of the East. The West also capitalized on an East turnover to get on the board 12-6. In the final moments of the game, the West drove the length of the field and scored the tying touchdown to setup the important extra point conversion.

Sophomore Pat Norton got the handoff and dove into the end zone as his flag was pulled for the extra point. The point was was signaled good, despite protests from the East!

All in all, the game was a very good contest between two equally matched teams, and one can only hope that this is a signal of more to come. This marks the 7th consecutive year the West has won, following on 8 previously won by the East.

Francis Aul intercepts the football.

Robbie Hambleton dives for Joe Stephens' flag.

Ryan Doughty takes Peter McNeely for a ride.

Joe Long makes a dash for the endzone.

Quarterback Pat Stein looks down the field.

Pat Norton bounds past defenders.

Jason Greene threw the ball with authority.

See even more sweet action from the East-West Game at Christendom's Picassa Web Album!


Let the Explorations Begin

After class ended on Thursday afternoon, no one wasted any time kicking off their extra long free weekend. Homework has taken second priority this weekend. As Mark Twain said: “never let school get in the way of your education.” Twain’s advice came in handy, as Christendom students traveled all around Rome and Europe.

On Thursday afternoon, Catherine Briggs, Theresa Manssuer, Katie Lademan, Janie Wells and I made our way to the Pantheon and multiple churches along the way. We stopped in at St. Maria Sopra Minerva and lit devotion candles to St. Catherine of Siena in front of her tomb. We finally made it to the Pantheon and discovered the infinite worth of our walk. The sun shone through the circular opening in the second biggest free-standing dome in the world, as choirs competed for the biggest echo. On the way back we were sure to try a cappuccino at Caffè Sant'Eustachio, an exceptional little café in Rome.

7929_167167850866_51493086 copy
The definition of a free weekend during the Rome Program is exactly what it sounds like. Students are free to go anywhere they so desire. Some traveled up to Paris to get their fix of crepes and the Eiffel Tower. Others stayed closer to home, by way of a relaxing weekend trip to the beautiful Lake Como or a more intense trip to Pompeii.

Back in Rome, very few things compare to making a wish in the Trevi Fountain or experiencing the immensity of the Colosseum for the first time. No matter where you go in and around Rome, seeing European culture first-hand definitely qualifies as an educational experience.

The girls took part in the old Trevi Fountain tradition: to ensure good fortune and a fast return to Rome, visitors toss a coin in the fountain by throwing it over the left shoulder while standing with one's back to the Trevi.

Castel S. Angelo: a fortress that protected the pope when Rome was under seige.

The Roman Forum is amazing to explore and is located right in the city center.


Q: Since Christendom is a purely liberal arts college, do the students have any opportunities for dancing, acting, or playing instruments, etc?

A. Yes we do! Throughout the year, students have ample opportunity to use their God-given talents for the entertainment of the entire College community. Here is a partial listing of some of these types of events:

Piano Night, Pub Nights, St. Cecilia’s Eve, the Fall Play, Coffee House, Spring Play, St. Patrick’s Day, Mystery Dinner Theatre, and Cup O’Coeli Night. Plus, we have a swing dance club, a contra dance club, and a swing dance competition each year.

The amount of talent on our campus is absolutely amazing. We have award-winning bagpipers and Irish dancers; incredible pianists and violinists; accomplished painters and artists; talented actors and singers; and energetic jugglers and acrobats.

Although we don’t offer any degrees in the performing arts, the opportunities to perform are numerous. In fact, maybe it is because we don’t have a music department or drama department that anyone who has a talent may be able to put it to good use. At many colleges, only those who are in the drama department are involved in plays and theater. And those that are majoring in music are asked to perform in various recitals. At Christendom, the philosophy major who has a talent in acting may try out for whatever play or musical is going on. And the classics major may tickle the ivories during piano night just as well as the theology major.

So, if you are interested in continuing your extra-curricular talents, but you wish to receive a solid classical Catholic liberal arts education, then Christendom may be the place for you

Thanks for asking!
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.