Crusaders Triumph


Name: Nathan James Scott
Modesto, CA
History; Minor: Liturgical Music
Singing in the choir, martial arts, running, making movies, acting.
What's your favorite class?
Mr. O'Herron's Freshman Theology classes—the most important subject and the most meaningful to life here and hereafter. They are a great foundation for all the subjects and they really bring them all together.
Do you play any sports?
Yes, volleyball and racquetball.
Do you participate in any drama or music related activities?
Yes, the Fall Play, Film Club, the Choir and Schola Gregoriana, and Schubertiade.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? The integration of the Catholic Faith with every aspect of the college—academic, extra-curricular, work-study, friendships—and to be able to live the Faith fully with the rich spiritual life fostered by the sacraments and aided by the faculty and staff.
Why did you choose Christendom?
Because it is 100% loyal to the Magisterium and the Holy Father. It also offers the best liberal arts education with the best faculty I have ever been privileged to study under.
Plans after graduation?
I plan to go to Northeastern University in Boston for a dual degree in Accounting and Business Administration.


Boys, Marriage, & Everything in Between

On Friday night, women from all classes crammed St. Kilian’s Café and the John Paul II Student Center for Women’s Convocation 2009. The event began at 7:00 p.m. with a cocktail/refreshment hour, during which the women meandered about and socialized.

Around 8pm, the discussions began, led by Associate Dean of Student Life Tambi Spitz, featuring comments from Literature Professor Sharon Hickson, Mathematics Professor Miriam Buyers, Sherry O’Donnell (wife of Chronicler Online editor, Niall O'Donnell), Jessica Wunsch (wife of Philosophy Professor Mark Wunsch), and Student Activities Coordinator Marie Antunes. The topics of discussion the ladies pulled from were from questions the girls had written down in the beginning of the evening. The women talked about boys, marriage, and everything in between.

“I really liked what Mrs. O’Donnell and what Mrs. Wunsch were talking about. They were very simple, yet very open about married life,” said Junior Mary Harrington.

After the discussions, the girls chatted some more, and also were able to do some crafts, including jewelry making, painting ornaments, and making bulletin boards. All the girls enjoyed the opportunity just to hang out and relax, while hearing the great things the women had to say.

The discussion was both profound and humorous.

It was a full house which facilitated a lot of great dialogue.

Girls assemble padded photo boards.

Dodgeball & Gladiator

On Friday, the men of Christendom took part in a Convocation as well. Friday's events were kicked off with a talk on relationships and manliness by Coach Chris Vander Woude. Following the talk, everybody moved to the Crusader Gym for a competitive game of dodgeball. They ran, jumped and ducked as dodge-balls filled the air, threatening faces and unguarded limbs.

When the game had relieved players both of energy and strength the crowd relocated once more to the basement of the John Paul the Great Student Center. It was here that everybody sat down to watch Gladiator. Russell Crowe's performance thrilled all in this conclusion to the Men's Convocation. Each student left gladdened by the evening's events and inspired by the words of Coach Vander Woude.

Gladiator won the Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Costume Design, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound, and Best Picture.

Maryland's Melodic Pop Siblings

Saturday night St. Kilian’s Café was the place to be as Judd and Maggie put on a great show. Students enjoyed the amazing entertainment while sipping on delicious coffee and hot chocolate, as well as beer and wine (for those of legal age).

Judd and Maggie, siblings of Senior Shelagh Bolger, graced Christendom with their musical presence again, and played several original songs as well as a few covers.

“I really like their music," Sophomore Mary Becher commented. "It has a great sound. My roommate bought one of their CD’s last year, but I like them best during live performances.”

It was a great, relaxing atmosphere, perfect for mingling and just hanging out on a Saturday night.

Listen to them on MySpace.

Their sister Shelagh, a current Christendom Senior, joined them for a couple songs.

Career Services in Action

Seniors and Juniors filled Kilian's Café Monday night, for Life on Tap with Mr. Keith Robinson. Robinson's talk focused primarily on various career and job hunting strategies. In addition to interview tactics, he covered the basics of building a good resume and how to focus it toward the particular career you wish to get into.

Via a method of lecture mixed with Q&A, the students were learned some great tips on making a good impression with a potential boss. Mr. Robinson is a big advocate of networking for the sake of finding and getting into a good position. He spoke at length about developing and maintaining good relations with contacts.

Christendom students are able to enter the workforce upon graduation and find rewarding positions in a myriad of fields, working for great companies, due in part to the information they gain from the many Career Development talks and events held on campus.

Connecting with Rome!

During dinner on Monday night students had the chance to say “hi” to their fellow students abroad in Rome!

Seniors Nathan Scott and Jozef Schutzman held a small "Skype" event in St. Lawrence Commons during dinner, and while students meandered in to eat, they were able to stop by the table and video chat with their friends in Rome. The smiling faces of Angela Sus, Liz Newcombe, Monica Clark, Olivia Bushey and a few others graced the projected screen on the wall of the Commons as excited passersby waved to the camera. Even Theology Professor Eric Jenislawski stopped by the table to give his greetings to our Rome students!

In no time, there was a small crowd around the table, smiling, talking and laughing, happy for the opportunity to see some familiar faces who are far away.

Juniors Lauren Oligny, Margaret Antunes, and Alison Firehammer say "buona sera" to their classmates.


The Rock

Only at Christendom do you encounter students so excited about…a rock. But this isn’t just any rock, this is THE Rock.

The Rock is one of Christendom’s traditions, so to speak. Essentially, it is a somewhat large boulder that sits on the edge of Campion field, visible as you drive in or out of the campus from girls’ side. Generally, after (or sometimes before if one is particularly ambitious) most sporting events, especially the East vs. West game, a small group of people will get together and paint the rock with the victor’s colors.

Most often painted at night during the cover of darkness, it is great fun to participate in this aspect of campus culture. Some students and faculty say that the Rock never used to be so big, it grew in size because of all the layers of paint on it! It is true, however, the layers are surprisingly thick, as one can see when looking closely. The Rock isn’t just painted for sporting events though, for example, last year, on St. Patrick's Day, the Rock was supporting a bright new layer of green!

As students will attest, the Rock is just one of those little things that makes Christendom the fun and tradition-filled place that it is.

Painted for the Faculty/Staff vs. Students game.

Often the score will be marked down: this year's East vs. West game.

The rock following the Sophomore/Seniors victory in this year's Powder Puff game.


Crusaders Trounce Sentinels

Last night the men’s and women’s basketball teams had their home opening games against Patrick Henry College. The first games played on the newly dedicated Thomas Vander Woude Court proved to be a great start to the season for both teams.

The Lady Crusaders started the night off with a 36-25 win over the Sentinels. The women played with great energy and excitement throughout the game especially on the defensive side allowing just 8 points by Patrick Henry in the first half. Junior Mary Hill recorded her first double-double of her career with an impressive 18-rebound and 10-point effort, equally impressive is that 9 of her 18 rebounds came on the offensive end, which undoubtedly gave the Lady Crusaders an advantage. Overall, the team recorded 20 offensive rebounds which goes to show the toughness and heart that the women play with.

The men’s basketball team followed up the women’s performance with a 64-57 win over Patrick Henry. The game saw the Sentinels jump out of the gates early and take an early lead behind great shooting. The Crusaders battled back led by Junior Matt Rensch who scored 19 of his game-high 24 points in the first half on a myriad of different moves. Freshmen Brendan Krebs and Tim McPhee got into the scoring action finishing with 9 and 11 respectively. But defense was the name of the game as the Crusaders put the clamps on Patrick Henry and their hot shooting in the 2nd half and held them to just 21 points in the second half. Matt Rensch led all scorers with his 24 and Brian Fox finished with 7 rebounds and 3 blocks. It was a solid win for both teams—especially with all the emotions and excitement of the first home game.

The Crusaders are back in action at the Wagner Classic hosted by Washington Bible College Friday night, where they will actually play Patrick Henry again at 6pm. The Lady Crusaders host Valley Forge Military College Saturday at 2pm.

Mary Hill adds 2 more to the Crusader's score.

Matt Rensch rallies the Crusaders to victory.

See more of the Crusaders in action at
Christendom's Picasa Gallery!


Rainy Days of Rome

In Rome, the rain pours down fiercely and thunder echoes through the streets.

Lately, I have been wondering why they make cappuccino cups so small. Needless to say, this week brought its fair share of rain and cold weather and it made me long for a large cup that I could just sit inside a café and sip on.

Dr. and Mrs. O’Donnell arrived on Wednesday and greeted every single student with a warm hug and feeling of life from back at Christendom.
At St. Peter’s Square, everyone joined in a tour of St. Peter’s Basilica, given by Dr. O’Donnell. The beauty of the Vatican still amazes me.

In these last few weeks of our time here in Rome, we are trying to take advantage of every opportunity and appreciate every Roman moment, even the rainy ones. On Thursday, we lucky young Catholics were given the Scavi Tour and told of the rich history involved with St. Peter’s Square itself. My feet, and so many others, walk across the Vatican Square every day, but knowing that it is the exact spot where St. Peter is buried brings such a different feeling that can easily be forgotten in all the hustle and bustle of the tourists. How refreshing it is to be reminded of the importance of all these holy places, which, so often, gets lost behind the camera lens.

Friday, the group hopped on a bus early in the morning destined for Orvieto, home of a Eucharistic miracle and some great cafés. The Duomo in Orvieto, built under the reign of Pope Nicholas IV, inside and outside stands as the definition of magnificent. Painted on the ceiling of the Duomo is a version of the last judgment that reminds everyone to "harden not their hearts." Outside on the streets of little Orvieto, we found that the cold rain had followed us from Rome! (Have you noticed the theme?) Making the best of a rainy day involves café hopping and cappuccino sipping for some—others prefer to shop for hats. When the rain will not go away in Italy, there is something for everyone!

The Duomo at Orvieto.

Denton Coyne enjoys the Umbrian countryside, which the town of Orvieto overlooks.

Nothing beats a cozy trattoria on a rainy day in Italy.


Q. Is Christendom a Great Books program?

A: Some people think we are but in fact we are not a Great Books Program. A Great Books Program, from what I can tell, is one which studies a certain limited number of primary texts in a Socratic or discussion type forum. No textbooks or secondary sources are used in a Great Books program and all students study the exact same subjects and receive one degree, a BA in Liberal Arts, without having choices of majors.

Christendom would be categorized as offering a classical liberal arts education. We rely heavily on many of the same primary texts read in a Great Books program, but we also use many secondary sources to gain deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Also, the vast majority of our classes are lecture format with students having the ability to ask questions and make comments during class. Although we do have a very strong core curriculum which lasts two and a half years, following the completion of the core, students are given the opportunity to delve deeper into one of six areas of study and major in Theology, Philosophy, English Language and Literature, Classics, Political Science, or History.

Additionally, most Great Books programs do not offer history as part of their curriculum because generally, in order to do an in-depth survey of history, textbooks are used. Here at Christendom, we rely heavily on College founder Dr. Warren Carroll’s History of Christendom series of books. Of course there are other differences, but these are the ones I think may be easiest understood. I hope that this clarifies a couple of the differences between a Great Books Program and what Christendom offers. Here is our core curriculum at a glance.
Director of Admissions
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800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.