Fights, Formal, & Fun


Name: Matt Naham
West Milford, NJ
Sports, listening to music, crossword puzzles.
What's your favorite class? My favorite class is probably history. Prof. McGuire is definitely one of the more entertaining professors on campus. He really makes history interesting and puts it all in perspective in a passionate and gripping way.
Do you play any sports?
Baseball—there isn't a better sport on the planet.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom?
I love the people here. You can go up to anyone and have a conversation—they're accessible, open, and easy to relate to.
Why did you choose Christendom?
I chose Christendom because it has everything that appeals to me: a sports program, good Catholic people, and a solid curriculum. What more can I ask for?
What do you plan to do after graduation?
Not entirely sure yet. I am very interested in languages so that field could be an option.


Appreciation Week

Last week was Appreciation Week at Christendom College. Each day at lunch, students recognized the various people that make their Christendom experience so awesome—from the faculty to the Cavalier Cleaning Service, the kitchen service to the administrative staff.

On Monday, students recognized the chaplains.

On Friday, students recognized the faculty. Above Senior Genie Knight gives Prof. Greg Townsend a science quiz. He passed with flying colors, earning himself one of the many prizes handed out to the faculty.

The Shenandoah Showdown

On Friday. evening students, staff. and faculty filled Crusader Gymnasium for Christendom's second boxing tournament, The Shenandoah Showdown. There were a total of four fights pitting College Chaplain Fr. Daniel Gee's boys against the boys of Special Services Manager Tom Heaston.

The first fight was for the light weight title and featured Brian Boom Shakalacka Killackey versus Steve The Iron Curtin. It was a fast paced fight, very evenly match. It was the only fight to have a split decision as to the winner. The majority gave Killackey the title.

The next two fights were easy to decide for the judges. Brian Aint Lyin' Pelletier defeated John Boots Schofield. Schofield came out strong and was thought to win, but Pelletier showed him the slow and steady wins the race. Mark The Hitman Hepler dominated The Marvelous Matt Marchand. Hepler's exacting hits proved to much for Marchand to absorb.

In the evening's main event, Admission's Associate Director Vino Mike Schmittino took on Senior Tim The Terror Lanahan. Schmittino's months-long training could not make up for Lanahan's years of experience. Lanahan moved quickly around the ring and fired every available shot. While Schmittino scored some nice jabs himself, he was no match for The Terror. Lanahan claimed the heavyweight title.

Fr. Gee's boys won every match. The tournament was a great bonding experience for the students, faculty, and staff. These boxing tournaments are quickly becoming part of Christendom's tradition.

Curtin lays one on Killackey.

The Hitman strikes again.

Shmittino gives a blow for Italia.

Lanahan sends Schmittino reeling.

The fighting was intense, but it was all smiles after each match.

The official advertising poster.

St. Theresa's Bonfire

Friday night the ladies of St. Theresa's House dorm opened their doors, and backyard, to the Christendom Community, hosting a bonfire and open house. They were excited to be hosting philosophy professor, Dr. Flippen, who spoke to the students on "Life after Christendom" sharing both personal stories, anecdotes, and practical advice, as well as how to follow God's will. The students loved his talk, and were excited to hear what he had to say.

Sophomore Stephen Tomlinson, and his roommate Freshman Michael Bobrowski both commented that Dr. Flippen's talk was really good. "We should do this more often," Tomlinson said.

Students were able to munch on brownies, and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the bonfire. After Dr. Flippen's talk, Brian Pelletier organized some swing dancing, which many enjoyed. Everyone agreed that the evening was quite a success, and St. Theresa's Residence Hall hopes to have more events like this in the future!

Students enjoyed engaging Prof. Flippen in the casual atmosphere.

Spring Formal

Saturday night, swirls of satin, silk, organza, and tulle filled the Bowling Green Country Club as Christendom held their annual SAC organized Spring Formal.

The Christendom community was excited to attend the first dance since before Lent and finally get their feet moving! The students took advantage of the slightly larger dance floor than last year, and as usual had a great time dancing the night away. Those who opted to remain off the ever-moving dance floor munched on cheeses, crackers, fruit and other little tasty deserts. The room was decorated beautifully with white lights and tulle, and looked quite elegant.

The evening began at eight and continued as people enjoyed themselves till the close of the event. It was quite a success, as was agreed upon by many who attended.

"This was the best Spring Formal yet!" agreed both Juniors Liz Newcombe and Madeleine Walter.

Freshmen Colleen Harrington and Daniel Traina swing across the dance floor.

Assistant Admissions Counselor Freshman Emi Funai shares a dance with Senior Dave Long.

Sophomores Laura Osterhage and Paul Nangurai waltz around.

Sophomore Brian Pelletier shows Sophomore Mary Becher that he can dance as well as he boxes.

Singing for Life

Sunday night, music filled the Commons as students attended a Pro-Life benefit concert, to raise money for the pregnancy center in Front Royal. The event, headed up by Sophomore Kelsey McCrum was a fun, relaxed concert with several acts, including many new performers, such as Freshman Rachel Milani, and Freshman Theresa Ploneida. There was lots of talent to be had, and people really seemed to enjoy the event. Students were able to munch on the food provided in between musical acts and though it was storming outside, were relaxed and enjoyed the chance to chill and listen to some Christendom talent, while contributing to a good cause.

Rachel Milani wowed audiences with her first appearance on the Christendom stage.

Jason Greene and his band rock for life.

Truth Exists!

On Monday, Christendom's Founder Dr. Warren Carroll delivered a lecture entitled "The Watchwords of Christendom College: Truth Exists, the Incarnation Happened." The lecture focused on the horrors committed by the Communists in Cambodia, which he used to illustrate what happens when the existence of Truth is denied.

"If you are Christendom students, you will never even listen to anyone who tries to tell you that truth does not exist," Carroll said. "You will know that in a very real sense you are the sons and daughters of truth, who have it and will not give it up nor ever fail to speak for it."

Download this talk at
Christendom on iTunes U.

Students Share their Pose and Poetry

On Tuesday night, students gathered in the Gallery Level of St. John the Evangelist library for Prose and Poetry night. Library Aquisitions Assistant Mrs. Mickey Krebs and Library Director Mr. Andrew Armstrong presided over the event, as students presented their favorite poetic selections, or presented their own original poetry. Following the literary recitations, everyone enjoyed delicious snacks and juice provided by the Library.


A Roman Perspective

As I packed my bags and sat on the long flight home, I had the chance to finally survey my Rome semester in its entirety. Although I had been up late the night before, I made sure I made an early morning run to say good by to Saint Peter’s.

Since sophomore year, I debated whether or not I should spend a semester in Rome. I was hesitant from the start, since my parents were struggling financially and had already made many sacrifices for me to attend college. However, my parents insisted Rome was the chance of a lifetime and with their help and the help of many other generous friends, I found myself in the Eternal City.

Looking back now, I realize going to Rome was one of the best decisions I have ever made—it was all worth it in the end. As soon as I saw the Pieta in St. Peter's and had my first cup of Italian cappuccino, I stopped second guessing myself. I finally forced myself to stop any worrying and just put the semester in God’s hands.

This Rome semester has brought me closer with my classmates, even ones I had never really been close with before. I experienced history full throttle by walking through the ancient Roman forum and getting lost in the ruins of Ostia. I learned to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and just enjoy the adventure, like swimming by the Azure Window in Malta. I also learned to listen more and talk less, a big thing for anyone that knows me. Most of all, I realized that prayer, a sense of humor, and coffee could get me get through anything. My friends soon learned how powerful the latter was, when my roommate Bernadette had to use a cup of coffee to lure me out of bed one morning.

I know my classmates and I grew closer to our Catholic faith by seeing the beauty and universality of the Church. We were able to experience the countless churches and relics of the saints and marvel at Pope Benedict for his leadership and strength as Vicar of Christ. I think that Rome has helped us Christendom students even more fully prepare to go out and “Restore all things in Christ.”

So now that I have returned home, I want to thank my family and friends and Christendom College for giving me this past semester in Rome. It was by no means entirely perfect or easy, but no pilgrimage ever is and I feel that I’m better for it. My Dad always told me Rome was a chance of a lifetime, and he was right. I pray and hope future students will be able to experience this as well.

Goodbye and St. Peter pray for us!

Dr. O'Donnell's tour of St. Peter's is a must-experience for all!

Florence was a definite highlight to this trip.

I'll never forget ambling down the medieval streets of Assisi.

Before one of our many Papal Audiences.

Tivoli — one the many beautiful day-trips we took.

Rome — the only city with ancient ruins in its center.


Being a Resident Assistant

Many, many groups and organizations are behind the smooth functioning of Christendom, and some are more prominent than others. Perhaps one of the more unnoticed groups of people are the RA's (Resident Assistants), who work hard to ensure that Christendom remains the good community it strives to be.

The RA's, who operate under the direction and guidance of Associate Dean Tambi Spitz, work to cultivate a life of virtue in the student body from promoting positive student behavior to implementing dress code standards.

Being an RA is a big responsibility, because it essentially involves being "on duty" all the time. You can't decide when you want to work and when you don't. When you are hired as an RA, you and your team have to be ready to help the student body whenever needed.

Not only do the RA's work to ensure that the rules are kept, they also strive to promote the community life, academic life, and spiritual life of the campus. They try to be good examples for others students, and for the residents of their respective halls.

One of the most rewarding parts of being an RA is the chance to really connect with the residents on your floor. Each RA is "in charge" so to speak, of a certain floor in the dorms. For example, RA Senior Lauren Merz is the RA of top floor St. Campion Hall. The RA's try to get their floors to really come together, and they do this by providing opportunities such as floor events, or programs in which the floor can get to know one another. Lots of dorms make an effort to go to adoration together, which is a great way to spend time with your floor while also growing closer to Christ.

Every year there are two "head RA's" who have special responsibilities. This year's head RA's are Seniors Emily Jaroma, and Zach Miller. They are both extremely hard working and are great at their jobs, being good examples for the rest of the RA's to follow.

Being an RA is not just a great responsibility, but an honor, and chance to grow not only in responsibility and leadership skills, but also a great chance to get to know the other RA's, because you work together as a team.

The RA's are truly grateful for the opportunity they have to make an impact on Christendom students but also to grow from the experience.


2010 Resident Assistants


Ruggers Rock the Competition

Last Thursday, April 22, Christendom’s then 3-2 rugby team, the first winning team in the school’s history, headed to the University of Mary Washington to take on their squad. Missing two starters, seniors Dave Long and Nate Scrivener, Coach Brendan McGuire sparked the boys with a reminder that it was their chance to close out the season strongly.

With the challenge to come out strong, and bury Mary Washington’s team early, the boys were shocked when they were scored on in the first five minutes. A kickoff and a couple tough rucks from Zach Miller and the forward pack, and Christendom was able to control possession. Then, on a long pass from Joe Long to a charging Hugh Bratt, Christendom evened up the score. From that point until the last fifteen minutes of the game, Christendom’s squad kept possession of the ball almost continually.

Rob Hambleton and Ben Ranieri smashed their way into the end-zone multiple times, while Paddy Norton slashed through for an eighty yard try. Extra points kicker Tommy Salmon went 7 for 7, and with the score 49-7, Christendom’s second line came in. The final score of the game was 49-17, and the team capped the season with a respectable 4-2 record.

Paddy Norton's eighty yard try.

Hugh Bratt evens the score.

Ben Ranieri: unstoppable.

Robbie Hambleton charges down the field.

A winning season.

Q. I am a currently a high school sophomore and I was wondering if it is possible for me to attend one of your Experience Christendom Summer Programs? I know that your website says it’s for current juniors, but I was wondering if you ever make exceptions? Also, what exactly do the students do each day during the program? Thanks!!!

A. Although the program is first and foremost for current high school juniors, we have been known to allow current sophomores to attend, space permitting. We have found that those students entering their senior year in the fall tend to get the most out of the program, but we have given some “rising juniors” a shot in the past and a number of them have been very impressive. So, the short answer is, go ahead and register and we’ll see what we can do.

I just posted to our website a detailed description of all of the activities for the various programs and I encourage you to take a look at them. We pretty much do the same things for each of the four week sessions, but there are a couple of differences.

The mornings are spent in class (English, Philosophy, and History), followed by Mass and lunch. Then they take a Theology class from Christendom’s President, Dr. O’Donnell, followed by benediction and confessions. The afternoons are filled with various activities, including sports, chilling out, spending time going off the rope swing on the Shenandoah or canoeing. Dinner is then followed by some type of fun social activity like going bowling, coming to my house for a cook-out/volleyball, taking part in an Irish sing-a-long and dance at the O’Donnell home, being part of a talent show, and much more. Take a look at the schedules and see how jam packed the week is. Also, view the Experience Christendom video and testimonies, all from real students who attended the program. It’s definitely worth the money and right now, if you request financial aid, you can save a lot of money. Right now, the first session is full and the third session is just about full. Register soon!

Also, don't forget that you can register for our Sacred Music and Chant Program and the Latin Immersion Program.
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.