Jammin' at St. Kilian's Café


Name: Katie McCloskey
Age: 19
Year: Junior
From: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Major: History
Hobbies? Reading, writing, running very short distances, watching films, drinking coffee, napping.
What's your favorite class? American Constitutional Law. The material is fascinating. I am learning a ton and Prof. Madan has a very engaging teaching style.
Do you play any sports? No, I am athletically challenged.
Do you participate in any drama or music related activities?
My roommate and I have been known to belt out country music along with the radio into the early hours of the morning.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom?
The strong friendships I’ve made and the unique way in which the academic, social, and spiritual aspects of life at the college all intersect and are grounded in the Faith. That, and the ice cream bar.
Why did you choose Christendom?
My two older brothers are alumni and I had wanted to come for as long as I can remember. I didn’t apply anywhere else.

Plans after graduation? Throw my cap in the air and then take the longest nap of my life.


Jammin' at St. Kilian's Café


Music streamed out of St. Kilian’s Café Friday night as the talents of several Christendom students took the stage at Pub Night. Junior Rory O’Donnell, Sophomore Gabe Schuberg, and Senior Stephen Ginski opened the night with some great oldies covers. They played outside on the front patio of the café.

The night continued inside the café with Christendom alumna, Marie Miller, who wowed the audience with her rich vocals. Marie was accompanied for several songs by Senior Shelagh Bolger, whose lovely voice meshed fantastically with Marie’s.

Following the girls, The Syndicate of Dapper Gentlemen—made up of Seniors J.P. Minnick and Brian Gallagher along with Alumnus Andrew Grimes—played their unique, foot tapping, finger drumming, original music.

“I love Pub Nights,” Sophomore Adele Smith said. “They’re a great creative venue for Christendom musicians to come out and express their artistic talents.”

The students look forward to next Friday, when they’ll again have the opportunity to relax and have a good time at the second Pub Night of the semester!

Rory and Gabe brought the summer to a close with a few Beach Boys songs.

Senior girls Therese Fetsko, Sarah Marchand, Karolyn Curran, and Katie Erwin get competitive while playing cards.

Check out Marie’s website!

Playing the violin, Senior Margaret McShurley joined Marie and Shelagh for a few songs.

J.P. describes their musical style as acoustic-rock with a reggae flare.

Shield of Roses

On Saturday morning a group of students woke up early for Mass and then headed into D.C. to prayerfully protest at the Planned Parenthood Abortuary. The student club Shield of Roses leads this group every Saturday morning. Some Saturdays are dedicated “Mega-Shield” days, which can attract over 100 students to protest at the abortuary.

Students say the four mysteries of the rosary and close with a hymn.

Enjoying the “Canoe Capital of Virginia”

Front Royal is titled the Canoe Capital of Virginia. On Saturday, a group of Christendom students decided to take advantage of this and spend a day on the water. A caravan of two full vans and cars drove to Front Royal Canoe Company. There they were suited up with life vests and paddles, and shuffled into buses that would relocate them at the riverside.

The adventure down about four miles of prime Shenandoah River was not without incident. The river and the participants made certain that no one should reach the end dry. One of the hazards of the trip was the treacherously high riverbed at various points produced by the recent dry weather. This barrier caused every rider to get out several times and push their canoe through parts of the river. Additionally, many participants took it upon themselves to overturn any and all canoes near at-hand.

Finally, all made it to the appointed landing site. With all the participants happy and tired from the days fun, the cars were reloaded and returned to Christendom in time for dinner before the days end.

Junior Joseph “The Captain” Townsend takes his gear and readies himself for the experience.

The students take their canoes out of the shallows before they begin their journey down the river.

Thrill-Seeker’s Delight

Excitement was in the air as students whooshed around on roller coasters last Sunday at King’s Dominion. Three vans full of students made the journey to central Virginia to the amusement park.

The group quickly stormed the park, and their excitement increased with every ride. Nothing could stop them in their relentless pursuit of excitement. The battle for thrills raged on. The exhilarating mix of man and machine was exactly the fill of adventure the students needed to end their weekend.

As the day wore on, the clear favorites were two of the fastest and loopiest rides in the park, The Dominator and The Volcano. However, the Drop Tower and Flight Of Fears rides came in close in third and fourth places. The day drew too a close almost too quickly with the approach of evening, and time ran out. Christendom’s crowd gathered near the entrance of the park at 6:00 p.m., returned to the vans, and headed for home.

Perhaps there was sleeping in some cars, but in Junior Joe Townsend’s van, the backseat became a lively chorus for the return trip.

Junior Jack Donohue embarks on The Dominator where speeds will reach 65 mph and he’ll experience the world’s largest vertical loop.

The group poses in front of King’s Dominion’s replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Girls’ Open House

Sunday afternoon found the girls’ dorms shining and squeaky clean, as the guys filed in and out of the rooms during girls’ open house . The ladies welcomed the guys into their dorms, some enticing them with food or music, and enjoyed a casual afternoon of chatting with the male students of Christendom.

Sophomore Brian Pelletier said, “I think it’s great that we’ll get two more of these than [we had] last semester. Our rooms are the best places to just chill out and chat.”

The girls look forward to the upcoming guys’ open house, when it will be their turn to explore the guys’ dorms.

Sophomore Jonathan Duerbeck plays guitar for his classmates, Jane Kokes and Mary Becher.

Senior Girls Sarah Marchand, Denise McWhirter, and Katie Erwin chat with Denise’s younger brothers, Freshman John and Sophomore David.

Confession Explained

On Tuesday night, College Chaplain Fr. Daniel Gee gave the first of a four-part series of talks concerning the Sacrament of Confession.

In Fr. Gee’s own words, “We have but one problem: sin.”

During the talk, Fr. Gee focused on showing how the parts of confession can be likened to Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. Just as Christ, on Good Friday, collected all sin in preparation of bringing it to the Father, so too must we, before confession, prepare to give our sins to Christ.

“[Jesus's] nakedness is the first step in confession,” Fr. Gee explained. “If you hold anything back, then you are guarding that sin.”

Following Good Friday is Holy Saturday, the confession, the casting away of sin. Having confessed, the penitent awaits absolution.

“What He [the Holy Spirit] is going to do… is take our sins and cast them all into Hell,” said Fr. Gee. “You know what? Hell can have all the sins they want.”

With the end in sight, Fr. Gee decided to wrap up the talk with the final stage: absolution. At this point the confessor, having heard the complete confession of sins, decides to absolve, by the power of God, the penitent’s sins and gives him a just penance.

“You see what’s happening here? Resurrection: reunited with the Father. Absolution: reunited with the Father. That’s what He’s doing for us.”

Closing with a prayer, Fr. Gee dismissed his audience to contemplate the evening’s lesson. Download this talk at Christendom on iTunes U.

Prior to the talk students held a rosary procession from the grotto of Our Lady of Fatima to the Chapel, in honor of the Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

Students also enjoyed some sweet refreshments following the talk.


The Rope Swing

The student grabs ahold, springs into the air, and goes hurtling through the sky in a death-defying stunt of thrills and elation. Swinging high into the air, he then lets go of the rope and submits himself to the mercy of gravity. And she has none for him: he goes plummeting into the water with a splash delightful to behold.

This is the rope swing. It is an icon of the summer days here at Christendom.

The rope swing near Christendom’s dock has been quite the high caliber tool in a Christendom student’s arsenal of fun for at least a generation.

“Using the rope swing is one of the best things to do around campus,” said Freshman Zack Francis. “It’s one of the ways I can do something exciting with my friends.”

This adrenaline-fueled, pulse-pounding adventure is readily available at all times. Because it is never removed, the rope, like an old friend, awaits the spontaneous student in need of some excitement at a moments notice.

A simple rope from a simpler time is just waiting to provide some wholesome recreation.

The calm of the Shenandoah’s surface is about to be broken.

What a rush!


Crusader Soccer Season Kicks Off

Well, here we are two weeks into the soccer season and the women’s soccer team holds a record of 1-1; they beat Patrick Henry College in the opening game with a come-from-behind win of 2-1, and lost a close one on Wednesday to Lord Fairfax Community College, 3-4 in overtime.

The men’s soccer team has had two very impressive games. In their opening game, they beat Patrick Henry College 3-0 with all three goals being scored by foreign-born players: Sophomore Peter McNeely (Canada), Sophomore Paul Nangurai (Kenya) and Freshman Anthony Readings (England). Wednesday they played their second game against Division III Gallaudet University and the Crusaders posted another impressive win with the final score being 6-0. The men dominated the whole game, giving the onlookers glimpses of phenomenal soccer with great touch, passing, and teamwork, which usually ended in a goal or at least a good scoring opportunity.

The defense has picked up where it left off last year, having not allowed a goal in a record setting 4 ½ games. On the offensive end, the foreign-born players are making their mark on the team scoring 8 out of the team’s 9 goals so far in their 2 games. Both teams are in action Friday and Saturday: check out the website for their times and locations.

Junior Mary Hill weaves between defenders.

Katie Coyne moves up the field for a shot on the goal.

Senior Ryan Doughty leads the Crusaders up the field.

Coming September 24!


Q. I am interested in entering the medical field after college and wanted to know if this was possible if I went to Christendom?

A. Thanks for the question! Well, let me begin by saying that it is quite possible to go to medical school after earning your liberal arts degree from Christendom. In fact, according to a Harvard University report, if you want to be a doctor, it may be more beneficial to earn a liberal arts degree than a pre-med degree.

A Harvard University report indicates that potential physicians need not insulate themselves from the liberal arts, and in some cases may hurt their chances by doing so. The report showed that although grades and academic honors are important for admission to medical school, a student’s choice of major has no bearing. Dean Whitla, director of Harvard’s office of tests, says: “It would be regrettable if some of our students who plan to become doctors felt that they must turn away from their interest in the liberal arts for fear of being rejected at medical school without a premedical major. At Harvard Medical School, pre-med prepared students do better the first year, but by the third year they fall slightly behind students who majored in the liberal arts.

Although it may take a little extra work to get prepared for the MCATs and medical school, those who have chosen to do so from Christendom have no regrets.

John-Paul Jansen majored in history and graduated from Christendom College in 2000. He is now a physician at Kansas University Medical Center and believes the education he received at Christendom did more than just prepare him for medicine: but it helped him to become someone who understands more of life than simply what is in front of him. It helps him to achieve his goals every day, whether professional, social, or spiritual.

And finally, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC):

As you select a college remember that just as in high school, a good liberal arts education is a key ingredient to becoming a physician. You'll need a strong foundation in mathematics and the sciences that relate most to medicine: biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. But it's important for your college experience to be broad. Taking courses in the humanities or liberal arts will help you prepare for the ‘people’ side of medicine. (http://www.aamc.org/students/considering/decision.htm)

So, hopefully you can see that attending Christendom and earning a degree in liberal arts will not limit you in your career choice, but rather, opens it up to many different possibilities, with medicine being only one of them.

Thanks for asking!
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.