Orientation Weekend 2009


Name: Monica Clarke

Age: 22
Year: Senior
From: Louisville, KY
Major: Philosophy
Hobbies? Cooking, reading, drinking coffee
What's your favorite class? Recent Philosophy with Dr. Snyder. It was a very informative survey of recent trends in philosophical thought that left me feeling prepared to intellectually engage our modern culture.
Do you participate in any drama or music related activities? I’ve played viola and piano for several years and have participated in the Schubertiad events during the last two years. Editor’s Note: A Schubertiad is an informal musical gathering of songs, chamber music, and piano originating with German Composer Franz Schubert. These sociable evenings of music have been made popular by Classics Professor Dr. Mark Clark, who frequently hosts them.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom?
I love that the central focus of life on campus is the Faith. Before coming to Christendom, I felt that my life as a Catholic was separate from my life as a student, but here they are beautifully integrated.
Why did you choose Christendom?
I attended a secular university before coming to Christendom, and I came to appreciate the value of a strong Catholic formation in contrast to the public university environment.
Plans after graduation? I hope to get involved in crisis pregnancy counseling and education.


A Friday Night Welcome

On Friday 110 new students hailing from 30 states, as well as England, Ireland, Mexico, and Canada, arrived on campus. The 2009 Welcoming Committee helped them move into their dorms and get acclimated to the campus. That evening students enjoyed a social in St. Kilian's Café, while their parents were given the opportunity to meet some of Christendom's faculty and staff.

“The little special coffee drinks they were making were so good,” Freshman Maureen Bellow said. “It was also great to see the people from the High School Summer Program again. I was always turning around and seeing someone and wanting to run up and give them a hug.”

It was a full house in the Café. The green shirts were worn by the members of the Welcoming Committee.

Students took advantage of the pool table in the adjoining Student Center.

Specialty coffee drinks were served up by members of the Student Activities Council (SAC).

A parent meets College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell at the Faculty-Staff and Parent’s Reception.

Admissions Director Tom McFadden tells parents that their kids are in the best of hands.

Game Night

On Saturday night, the gym was filled with eager students looking to have some fun and get to know the freshman a little better through some friendly games. There was a lot to do: volleyball, racquetball, basketball, walleyball, and dodgeball were among the sports available; meanwhile, several board and card games were laid out upstairs for the students to enjoy. The contrast between the games upstairs and downstairs was quite obvious, though one thing was common: both places were filled with smiles, laughs, and friendly faces.

volleyball, frisbee, fresh-orientation 136
After everyone was finished with basketball and volleyball, the gym was cleared and prepared for some serious dodgeball. Games included Upperclassmen vs. Freshman and SAC vs. Resident Assistants and Proctors. Even the Deans of Student Life, Mr. Jesse Dorman and Miss Tambi Spitz, joined in the fun. Eve Owen, president of the student body and head of SAC, was quite excited for the competitive game of SAC vs. RA’s and Proctors. Her loud cries of “Go SAC!” could be heard throughout the gym.

volleyball, frisbee, fresh-orientation 073
Senior Krystle Schuetz tries to get her team to guess the right word in a game of Catch Phrase.

volleyball, frisbee, fresh-orientation 087
Freshman Tommy Salmon of Ireland, sporting a New York Giants cap, enjoys a game of Uno.

volleyball, frisbee, fresh-orientation 090
Students enjoyed various card games, Clue, Chutes and Ladders, and more.

Mass of the Holy Spirit

The academic year was officially launched on Sunday morning, by Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde who celebrated the Mass of the Holy Spirit in Christendom’s Chapel of Christ the King. The entire faculty take the Oath of Fidelity to the Holy Father and Magisterium, which the Bishop received on behalf of the Church. Christendom is one of a few Catholic colleges whose entire faculty voluntarily takes this oath annually.

“The Holy Spirit will enrich you with the development of those virtues that you will need to put into practice in whatever vocation the Lord gives,” Bishop Loverde told students in his homily. “My prayer for you this year—each day—is that truly you will be one; united in deepening your relationship with the Lord Jesus; united in prayer, which expresses that relationship; united in pursuing the Truth for the salvation of the world; united with open minds and willing hearts to that outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life and the life of this community. Thus united you will, through the transforming power of God's grace, restore all things in Christ.”

Professors kneel in Christ the King Chapel as they take the Oath of FIdelity.

Virginia-Style Fun

On Sunday night, the freshmen got a nice taste of Virginia living. Philosophy Professor Dr. John Cuddeback welcomed everyone to his family's farm for a cookout and fun-filled evening. Students enjoyed hayrides, volleyball, corn-toss, hillbilly golf, tug-of-war, and contra dancing. Freshmen learned the much-loved Virginia Reel and classic dances like the Ladies Chain.

“It brought back fond memories of the High School Summer Program,” Freshman Catherine Burke said. “It was a lot of fun and I love the dancing.”

Corn-toss is quickly becoming a Christendom favorite.

Dr. Cuddeback himself drove the tractor for the hayrides.

Upperclassmen girls take on the Freshmen in tug-of-war.

In the men’s Upperclassmen vs. Freshmen tug-of-war the rope actually snapped. They were able to tie the rope back together, and then they reduced the number of participants to 10 per team.

Sophomore Philip O’Neill spikes the ball.

Freshman Chris Roberts and Sophmore Meghan Kelly sashay down the dance floor.

Part of the Virginia Reel is forming a “London Bridge” under which each couple goes.

Freshman Orientation Party

Monday night the Commons was packed with eager freshman, waiting to be “oriented” to Christendom. SAC President Eve Owen, along with Sophomore Peter McNeely emceed the night with energy, keeping the freshmen excited and enthused. Several skits were put on by the SAC and by the RA’s and Proctors, trying to show the students the ropes at Christendom. It was tons of fun, and laughs filled the Commons all night. Afterwards, SAC provided s’mores outside of the Commons for the freshmen to mingle over while having fun during their last night before classes started!

volleyball, frisbee, fresh-orientation 430
Some of the freshmen also participated in the games that were held onstage, such as karaoke and a hair/makeup job (done by guys to girls and vice-versa!).

volleyball, frisbee, fresh-orientation 344
Oh! And a pie-eating contest too!

volleyball, frisbee, fresh-orientation 413
Seniors JP Minick and Joby Norton teach the Freshmen about proper classroom etiquette.

volleyball, frisbee, fresh-orientation 318
The skits covered everything from doing laundry to understanding the Turabian Manual for Writers.


Department Videos

Thinking about coming to Christendom College, but not sure which major to choose? Well, don’t fret too much about it. You’ll have your Freshmen and Sophomore years to get a taste of what all the departments have to offer. Just the same, it’s never too early to start thinking about it.

Check out Christendom’s Departments webpage. There you find links to pages that describe each department. Plus, each one features a video where professors tell you what studying with their department would be like.

Check it out!

Campion Field Comes Alive with Ultimate Frisbee

volleyball, frisbee, fresh-orientation 179
Red and yellow flashes zipped along Campion field Monday afternoon as some energetic students gathered to play Ultimate Frisbee. Though it was rather hot in the sun, these students didn’t seem to mind as they ran, passed, and dove for the Frisbee.

“They are really intense,” Freshman Eileen Dziak said.

Team 1, led by Senior Steven Ginski, played against Team 2 in red and yellow pennies, led by Steven's younger brother, Sophmore Tim Ginski.

It was a fierce back-and-forth battle, but Team 2 was the “ultimate” winner.

Freshman Hugh Bratt dominated the field, getting the most action in the end-zone. Freshman Colleen Harmon displayed great skill and agility as well.

“I'm really competitive,” Dziak said. “So for me it was really fun being part of a team of upper and underclassmen and getting to know people that way.”

volleyball, frisbee, fresh-orientation 203

Coming September 24!


Q.  Since Christendom does not accept Federal Funds, does it offer any scholarships, grants, or loans?

A. That’s a very good question, and one that is becoming more and more important as we continue in this economic slump.

Christendom College has a strong commitment to providing a comprehensive Financial Aid Program for its students.  The College offers financial assistance through its need-based aid and merit-based academic scholarships. Need-based aid consists of loans, grants, and work-study. Merit-based scholarships are granted automatically upon acceptance, and are based on your SAT or ACT score.  

Financing a college education can be a huge challenge and fiscal undertaking. The Financial Aid Office is ready to work with you as you consider your college education financing options.  Please, do not hesitate to contact them!

Christendom financial aid is given to help defray all or some part of the cost of tuition.  Outside loan programs are available as well to help Christendom students defray the cost of room and board, fees, books, and living expenses not covered by the College’s Financial Aid Program.

The Financial Aid Program is funded through private gifts and grants from many  generous donors and the College’s growing endowment. While Christendom accepts no direct federal aid, nor does it participate in indirect programs of federal aid such as the Student Guaranteed Loan, the College maintains a robust financial assistance program that matches and mirrors support received through federal aid programs.

Students wishing to request need-based financial aid from the College need to fill out the College’s unique Financial Aid Application form (found on the College’s website) and not the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.  However, if you are completing a FAFSA for other colleges, much of the FAFSA information is easily transferable to Christendom’s Financial Aid Application form.  The Financial Aid Office can assist you with any questions you might have about Christendom’s Financial Aid Application.

I hope that helps and thanks for asking!
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.