Winter Wonderland


Name: Anna Adams
Age: 22
Year: Senior
From: South Bend, IN
Major: Philosophy
Hobbies? Volleyball, piano, reading, singing, cooking, bar-tending, eating (yes, this too can be a hobby as it is perfectly normal to eat without being particularly hungry)
What's your favorite class? That's a tough question! It runs a close tie between Metaphysics with Dr. Flippen, Ethics with Dr. Cuddeback, and Freedom of the Will with Prof. Brown. I'm not sure which one is my favorite, because they all directly contributed to me formation here at Christendom.
Do you play any sports? Yes, I've played volleyball three of my four years here.
Do you participate in any drama or music related activities? No, not anything official. However, I really enjoy any opportunity to sing really loud in the halls, in the shower, in my dorm room, at the gym, at the café, at the Commons, and anywhere else.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? Three things: 1) I love the Rome Program—those were the three best months of my life so far. 2) I love the fact that everyone in the administration, staff, faculty, and students knows each other on a personal level. By the end of a four-year experience here, it is not hard to see how each individual person impacts our community here. 3) I love that I have walking-distance access to the Chapel all day, everyday.
Why did you choose Christendom? My parents made me... just kidding! I saw that the education would provide me with the knowledge and moral formation necessary to pursue a professional career without compromising my faith.
Plans after graduation? Well, my immediate plan is to earn an M.S. in psychology. In the future I hope to have a private practice as a psychiatrist.


A Chance to Win a Dashing Date

The week before Winter Formal, the St. Lawrence commons is generally a rather amusing place to be during lunch. Every year, to raise money for the Senior class, a raffle is held for an opportunity to “win a date” to Winter Formal. A guy or two is selected from each class and raffled off as a date to Winter Formal.

This year, the males were: Tommy Salmon & Rob Hambleton from the freshman class, Joe Stephens from the sophomore class, Matt Rensch from the Junior class, and Seth Elmenhurst and Dave Long from the senior class.

In order to entice people to buy tickets, these dashing young men were pulled up on stage and asked a series of questions everyday at lunch. The questions were mostly lighthearted, comedy prompting questions which the men handled with amusing suave.

This year, as usual there was a mystery man, which turned out to be Joe Townsend, and also, new to the raffle, a mystery girl, who was Anna Adams, and a mystery couple (similar to a blind date) which ended up being Sophomore Sairey Miller and Freshman Hugh Bratt. On Friday, the dates were drawn, and the excited girls went with the men to Winter Formal.

Before leaving, Sophomore Eryn Landry, winner of the date with Junior Matt Rensch, commented that she was “really excited," and during the dance, Margaret Antunes said they all were having “a really fun time.” Great job men, and way to support your Senior class, students!

David Long answers one of the humorous questions.

Seniors Brian Gallagher and Katie Urban drew the winners from various little pots.

A Very Elegant Winter Wonderland

On Saturday, the College celebrated the eve of St. Nicholas' Day with a Winter Formal. It was a winter wonderland inside and out. Snowfall from earlier in the day had created a blanket of snow outside and the SAC, led by Senior Eve Owen, completely transformed Crusader Gymnasium into a festive dining and dance hall. After the elegant dinner catered by Chef Ron and company the majority of students retired to the gym’s foyer and took advantage of the beautiful photo station.

The dance began shortly after and students crowded the floor as they spun to the music. Swing and waltz were the predominant dance choices of the night. This went on until midnight, at which time fun-seekers and dancers both bid their friends a good night and turned in to be ready for the next morning’s holy celebration of the Mass.

The "Win-a-Date" tables had a great time.

Following dinner, Dr. O’Donnell gave his Christmas address which meditated on an image of the Madonna and Child.

The traditional Senior Carol was sung. The carol takes a traditional melody like "Deck the Halls" and inserts lyrics about each senior.

Swingin' arond the Christmas tree.

Freshman Rob Hambleton gives his cousin Senior Liz Francis a twirl.

Campion Brings Out the Christmas Cheer

This past Sunday evening, the floors of Campion Hall (girl's residence hall) were flooded with people, girls and guys alike for the annual “Campion Christmas Party.” Every year, the students of Campion go all out and decorates each floor in a Christmas theme. Then, when finished, they have a party, inviting the student body to come and have some fun. The party also doubles as an open house, since generally men aren’t allowed in the dorms. There are games, tasty food, and of course, lovely sights to see!

“It is really fun every year," Sophomore Mary Becher commented. "They did a great job of decorating it this year.”

As winter break inches closer, the students enjoy the last few chances they have to just hang out and relax before they have to part ways for the holidays!

One of the finely decorated hallways.

Some rooms hosted card and board games.

Senors Emily Jaroma, Jobie Norton, Genie Knight and Amanda Dennehy take advantage of the karaoke in the main floor lobby.

Chester-Belloc Debate

On Sunday, the Chester-Belloc Debate Society’s resolution for their 26th debate was: “The addition of pro-life amendments to the health bill is all that would be necessary to make it morally acceptable.”

The debate was the first in which the new Troika served in their official capacity. Jozef Schutzman is chairman, Mary Becher is the new secretary, and George Walters is serving as the Society’s new prefect of secret rights. The debate was kicked off at 8:05 pm and from the get go sparks flew and the issue was taken in all directions. The main points of interest revolved around whether supporting the bill would be moral or prudential decision, and whether it would thus be ok for Catholics to support it.

The night concluded with an overwhelming majority having decided that even with the addition of pro-life amendments, there were still resounding issues with the bill that cannot be allowed. Of the members in attendance, 28 voted con, 0 pro, and 3 abstained from the voting.

Senior Tyler Ament drives his point home.

Caroling in the Rotunda

On Tuesday, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the smell of hot cider and coffee filled the air as the merry sound of advent caroling could be heard coming from the St. John Library rotunda. Students gathered with the Library's Mrs. Krebs in a round of musical merry-making. With songs like, "O Come O Come Emmanuel," "O Holy Night," and "O Come all ye Faithful," as well as a selection of Spanish Carols. The singers showed off their spirit and talent alike during this traditional songfest. Snacks in the form of donuts and cozy beverages had been brought to nourish the festive singers. Everyone present had a great time and loved the opportunity to relieve some stress before the advent of finals.

Singing as they awaiting the coming of Christ.

Doctrine Bowl 2009: A Holy Battle

Call it a Holy War. Fr. Gee against Mr. O’Herron. Doctrine Bowl 2009 was full of high drama and intensity, with the victor hoping to wear the famed “Burger King Crown” as a sign of dominance and superiority.

Every Christendom student takes Theology 101 and 102: Fundamentals of Catholic Doctrine 1 and 2. And for the past two years, these students have had either Chaplain Fr. Dan Gee or Founding faculty member Mr. Ray O’Herron. So last year, Fr. Gee, who tends to be a little on the competitive side, challenged Mr. O’Herron to the first-ever “Doctrine Bowl.” Fr. Gee won last year so Mr. O’Herron was anxious to show newbie Fr. Gee what teaching Doctrine at Christendom for 32 years can do.

The professors selected their best and brightest from their classes. They were divided into four teams of two. Fr. Gee and Mr. O’Herron were the judges and the jury. Mr. O’Herron posed the questions, Fr. Gee kept the time, and they both scored the players.

Steven Wood/Taylor Anderson and Mary Herlihy/Paul Haislmaier represented the underdog, Fr. Gee. Christopher Roberts/Sarah Belk and John McFadden/Caitlin Thomas represented the favorite, Mr. O’Herron.

First came the True or False questions. Then came the “Always, Sometimes, Never” questions. Then the “All, Some, None” questions. These kids were on a roll. But then came the short answer questions. Some of the students were stumped. Others were flawless.

In the end, there was only one team that came out victorious – Mary Herlihy and Paul Haislmaier – Fr. Gee students, which meant that Fr. Gee got to wear his little Burger King crown and rule supreme over Mr. O’Herron, if only for a short while.

The victors.


Kris Kringle

The week before Winter Formal, the John Paul the Great Student Center is bustling a bit more than usual. This is because students are running in and out, placing (or picking up, respectively) their gifts for Christendom’s Kris Kringle activity.

Beginning before Thanksgiving break, students (and even faculty and staff) who desire to participate submit their names, then within the next few days they draw another person's name, to be a sort of “Secret Santa” to them. Once they have the name of the person to whom they are giving, they purchase small gifts for them, and label them with the recipients name, one for each day of the week, Monday through Friday, placing them on the special table in the Student Center.

Santa waving animated gif
The gifts can be simple, like candy, or something more obnoxious, like reindeer antlers, which your KK (Kris Kringle) might desire you to wear to lunch. Some gifts can be spiritual, like a rosary or holy hour offered for the recipient intentions.

On Saturday, at the formal, everyone brings one final gift for their person, which is a little nicer than the others. After the Senior Carol, the seniors pass them out to everyone. General exclamations of, “Oh! That’s who it was!” can be heard all around. It’s a really great way to bring students together around the holidays, and to get to know someone a little bit better too!

Sophomore Noreen Daly, along with Freshmen Anthony Readings, Mark Kraynak, and Nate Collins, check out the latest at the K.K. table of gifts in the Student Center.


Boxing Club Packs a Punch

Few things are more intense than boxing. And Christendom got a taste of that intensity last week when Fr. Gee's Boxing Club hosted a mini tournament.

First in the ring were the light weight competitors, David Byers vs. Steve Curtin. It was an evenly match game with fierce hits from both opponents. In the end Byers stayed in control and was able to get a few key hits that bought him the victory.

Next came John Schofield vs. John McWhirter. Schofield came out swinging like a bull released from a cage. His intimidation worked at first, but he soon found himself burnt out. McWhirter who remained calm and controlled out-boxed his opponent and claimed victory for his own.

IMG_9103 copy
Finally the heavy weight competition featured Matt Marchand vs. Matt Cavanaugh. Both moved steadily across the ring waiting for that big hit. Marchand could never get his powerful blow to strike Cavanaugh enough. Cavanagh stayed close and snuck some relentless jabs in, which won the match.

There are already plans for a belt title championship next semester and we're ready to see these boys in action once again.

Byers gives Curtin a blow to the cranium.

Schofield rallies against McWhitter, but it wasn't enough.

Marchand doesn't have time to brace for impact


Q. I’ve heard that Christendom doesn’t use the FAFSA financial aid form and that Christendom is the only Catholic college that does not accept Federal Funds. How does all of this affect my ability to afford a Christendom education?

A. It always comes down to money, doesn’t it. Happy Well, I completely understand why.

Christendom College has a strong commitment to providing a comprehensive Financial Aid Program for its students. The College offers financial assistance through its need-based aid and merit-based academic scholarships. Need-based aid consists of loans, grants, and work-study. Merit-based scholarships are based on your SAT or ACT score. If you get a score of 1920 or above on the SAT or a 29 or above on the ACT, you will AUTOMATICALLY receive an academic scholarship.

It is true that we do not use the FAFSA form, but rather our own form, but our form is almost identical to the Federal form. Print it out and compare, if you want. So, if you are filling in the FAFSA for other colleges, simply download our form and fill it in alongside the FAFSA.

Christendom is the only Catholic college in the US eligible to receive Federal aid which chooses not to receive it. We are proud of this fact and we are also very proud of the fact that we have a dedicated family of friends and benefactors who are generous in donating to our own financial aid scholarship fund each year. Out of this fund, we offer loans, grants, and academic scholarships to our students.

Christendom’s financial aid is given to help defray all or some part of the cost of tuition. Outside loan programs are available as well to help Christendom students defray the cost of room and board, fees, books, and living expenses not covered by the College’s Financial Aid Program.

Students wishing to request need-based financial aid from the College need to fill out the College’s unique Financial Aid Application form (found on the College’s website). The Financial Aid Office can assist you with any questions you might have about Christendom’s Financial Aid Application.

I hope this helps!
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Mystery & Laughter


Name: Joe Townsend
Age: 20
Year: Junior
From: Front Royal, VA
Major: Political Science
Hobbies? Online dating, Facebook, Xbox 360, memorizing LOTR, ice fishing Happy
What's your favorite class? Either Constitutional Law with Prof. Madan or Freedom of the Will with Prof. Brown. The enthusiasm that both professors have for their subject materiel is contagious.
Do you play any sports? Basketball, it's an obsession of mine. I both play here on the varsity team and help coach local youth teams.
Do you participate in any drama or music related activities? Unfortunately I am completely unable to sing or act, so not in public.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? Prof. Sheehan. His knowledge of history and experience combine to make incredible classes. In fact all the professors here are exceptional, inside and outside the classroom.
Why did you choose Christendom? I wanted a liberal arts education that would also challenge my spiritual life in a way that only this college can do.
Plans after graduation? Take a nap.


The Seven Keys to Baldpate

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Warren County High-school Auditorium was filled with viewers eager to see this year’s fall play by George M. Cohen, “The Seven Keys to Baldpate.” The play, a mystery-comedy was directed by Alumnus Mike Powell and Literature Professor Dr. Patrick Keats.

In “Seven Keys,” Senior Kyle Kelly played William Magee, an author of popular adventure novels, who bets $5,000 that he can write a novel in 24 hours. Retreating to the Baldpate Inn to write the novel, he soon finds himself surrounded by gangsters, femme fatales, and a myriad of other characters all eager to get their hands on a fortune locked away in the hotel safe. The play comically revolves around the rather dramatic events that go on within those twenty-four hours in the inn.

The Players did a fabulous job. Their talent was amazing not only in acting, but also in the behind the scenes—the set, the makeup, the hair, and the costumes.

Every year the Christendom Players produce two plays: one in the fall and one in the spring. And because Christendom does not have a drama department, students from across all disciplines are welcome to audition for the performances, making Christendom's liberal arts experience rich in the fine arts as well.

Femme Fatale Myra Thornhill, played by Junior Mary Haringon.

Alumnus Mike Powell, the principal director, filled in for Senior Cyrus Artz (who took ill the weekend of the play) in the role of Mayor Cargan and gave an impressive performance. Above he chokes the gangster Max, played by Sophomore Chris Foeckler.

Chief Police Roberts, played by Senior Nathan Gniewek, nabs the guilty Max.

Kelley performed the slightly awkward yet lovable author well. Especially enjoyable were his fumbling efforts to woo the lovely Mary Norton, a newspaper reporter played by Junior Amanda Dean.

In a deus ex machina ending, the owner of the inn, played by Freshman Olivia Aveni, appeared to reveal that the whole thing was a farce.

The cast poses for a photo outside the Auditorium following one of their performances.

Feast of Christ the King

Last Sunday, the college community celebrated the Feast of Christ the King. The chapel was filled to the brim and the procession was held following Mass. The congregation processed across campus following the Eucharist exposed in the Monstrance, held by Chaplain Fr. Daniel Gee.

David McWhirter carried the thurible at the front, and led the crowd in processing.

Following David and the other acolytes on this beautiful Sunday, some of the Christendom ladies scattered rose petals before the Eucharist.

The patronal feast of Christ the King Chapel.

Faculty-Staff Come Back for More

The second Faculty-Staff vs. Seniors Football Game took place last week on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Mr. McFadden, Christendom’s director of Admissions, started the action with a snap to Chaplain Fr. Daniel Gee. From that moment, everybody just went all out. It was a back-and-forth game of seniors gaining ground, followed by a turnover and the faculty making headway. The game ended with a beautiful Hail Mary pass by Fr. Gee, but good defense knocked it incomplete. The Seniors won, 12-6.

Commenting on his class’ victory, Senior Seth Elmenhurst said, “It made me feel vicariously victorious.”

Senior Ryan Doughty gets nabbed by Philosphy Professor Mark Wunsch as Director of Admissions Tom McFadden falls to the ground..

Fr. Gee displayed his great passing and rushing game.

Senior Jason Green looks down the field for his man in the end-zone.

Though they were divided on the field, staff and students both left the game with smiles on their faces.

Victorious again.

The Communist-Turned-Good

On Monday Christendom's Founder Dr. Warren Carroll delivered a lecture entitled "Witness: Whittaker Chambers." His talk focused on the famous Hiss-Chambers trial.

"Why are Chambers and the man he exposed, Alger Hiss, so important," Carroll asked. "Because at that moment in American history, in the 1950's, when we first engaged communism in a shooting war in Korea, he revealed that communism was our supreme enemy and showed us why."

Download this talk at
Christendom on iTunes U.


Prof. Wunsch: So Much More Than a Philospher

Professor Mark Wunsch is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy here at Christendom. One of six in the philosophy department, he taught for the Rome Program for four semesters before coming to Christendom's Front Royal campus three years ago. Wunsch teaches the freshman philosophy courses as well as Philosophy of Human Nature, History of Modern and Medieval Philosophy, and an elective course, De Aeternitate Mundi (On the Eternity of the World).

“There are things about all of the classes that I like,” says Wunsch. “I think that my experience teaching an upper division elective was particularly satisfying.”

Wunsch received his BA in philosophy from Regis University in Denver after having studied in the seminary. He then went on to spend five years doing graduate studies and received his Ph.L from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.

When asked why he started teaching at Christendom, Wunsch says that he was just impressed with the mission of the college and with our students.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time [in Rome], and I was glad for the opportunity to be able to teach there.”

Mr. Wunsch often gets involved in the extracurricular activities as well. He helped out a little with the play this year, which was a throwback to the fact that he initially went to college to study theater and drama. Wunsch has performed at a few Coffee Houses, singing and playing his guitar.

“I've enjoyed helping out with drama, helping out with Student Life activities, things here or there,” says Wunsch.

He has also played in various sports games that Christendom has held, including the Faculty-Staff vs Students Football Games. Wunsch laughs at the contrast of bonding with students in an aggresive game of football and his time with students in Rome.

“I used to enjoy drinking espresso with students in a café.”

Regardless, whether inside or outside the classroom, on the football field or the stage, Wunsch is part of what makes Christendom's education a personal experience.


Crusaders vs. Cannons

The Christendom basketball teams finished their semester last night with both the women and the men playing against the Lord Fairfax Cannons.

The women’s team, who was playing without their leading rebounder Mary Hill due to an injury from the previous game, fought hard for 40 minutes against a physical and fast Lady Cannons team. The Lady Crusaders were offensively very balanced with 6 players scoring within one point of each other.

The Lady Cannons proved to be too much as Logan Clark led all scorers with 18 points. The Lady Cannons won 58-33.

The Lady Crusaders bid farewell to juniors Mary Kate Vander Woude and Mary Hill who will be going to Rome next semester for Christendom’s Junior Semester in Rome Program. The team looks to regroup with many fresh faces next semester.

The men’s basketball team also played the Cannons in what proved to be a classic battle of whose tempo would win. The Cannons wanted to run and push the tempo contrasted to the methodical style which the Crusaders have demonstrated over the semester. The game was back and forth for much of the first half with the Crusaders taking an early 10-4 lead, but the last 4 minutes of the half the Cannons went on an offensive frenzy that put them up 8.

The 2nd half saw the pressure and speed of the Cannons overwhelm the Crusaders. But the Crusaders battled back. After the Cannons pushed the lead to 17 (thanks to John Thomson’s strong play) the home team cut it to 9 with baskets from freshmen Brendan Krebs and Tim McPhee. Unfortunately Christendom wouldn’t be able to get any closer and the Cannons pulled away to win by a score of 72-58.

The men’s team also bids farewell to key players Matt Rensch and Joe Townsend who head to Rome, and Matt Hadro who graduates. The young Crusader team looks to start strong in late January.

Junior Jane Snyder leads the Lady Crusaders down court.

Sophomore Brian Fox takes it to the hole.


Q. I know the December 1 Early Action Deadline has just passed, and, unfortunately, I did not get my act together and have my entire application package complete. Does this mean that I should just wait and send in my application by the March 1 Regular Admission Deadline so that I can hear back from the Admissions Committee by April 1?

A. This is a question on a lot of peoples’ minds this week. Although we did receive more applications for the Early Action Deadline than ever before in our history (in fact, almost 50% more than this time last year), if you didn’t get it together in time, please do not worry.

Those that completed their applications by this December 1 deadline will be notified of the Admissions Committee’s decision by December 15th. That’s the great thing about applying before the Early Action Deadline – we guarantee that you will have an early answer. But, if you missed the deadline, then you should still go ahead and get everything in to us as soon as possible because we will most likely be accepting people between now and March 1 on a type of rolling basis. This means that when the application comes in, we send it to the Committee and they give an answer, but the answer may not come until sometime in late January or early February.

Those who wait until the last minute and apply right before March 1, the Regular Application Deadline, will normally not find out what the decision is until April 1, and even then, depending on how many applications and acceptances we’ve already had, the applicant may be placed on a waiting list.

My recommendation is this: if you are interested in possibly coming to Christendom College in the Fall, then apply now. If you are waiting on better SAT or ACT scores to arrive, you can still apply now and mention that you don’t want the application going to the Committee until we get the latest results. If you are waiting to finish this or that class in school, don’t worry about it. We can update your transcripts when they arrive. The biggest thing to worry about this particular year is that Christendom may end up with a waiting list for entrance due to the incredible number of applications we have already received from so many highly qualified candidates.

So, I hope this gives you some encouragement to continue to work on your application and to get it in to my office as soon as possible.
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.