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Name: Lisa Hudson
Richardson, TX
History, with a minor in Classics and Early Christian Studies
Singing, reading, hiking, tennis, cycling, cooking, piano, crocheting, swimming, dancing, enjoying classic films and TV shows, as well as studying World War II and the Latin language.
What's your favorite class?
Reconquista and Crusade with Prof. McGuire. He is so animated and enthused about the subject, it's difficult not to like the class!
Do you play any sports?
Not on the varsity level, but I'll play tennis, walleyball, volleyball and softball.
Do you participate in any drama or music related activities? Currently my closest connection to drama is serving at the upcoming Mystery Dinner Theater. In the past I have been in the College's productions of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," "The Apollo of Belloc," and several other skits. I also sang in Dr. Clark's choir.
What is your favorite thing about Christendom? I love the faculty, but the best thing has been having the chapel right there, where Our Lord is always waiting for you.
Why did you choose Christendom?
I chose Christendom because I wanted a solid Catholic Liberal Arts education and a degree in History.
What do you plan to do after graduation?
I plan to head back west and work as an event planner or editor.


Blood Drive

Last Thursday, the Feast of the Annunciation, the Red Cross came to Crusader Gymnasium for a Blood Drive. The Red Cross workers were excited to see so many students come out to give blood. Check out the video:

Student Art Show

Last Thrusday professional artist Henry Wingate gave an address on his experience as a Catholic artist to students at the opening of a Student Art Exhibit, being held in St. John the Evangelist Library. The exhibit featured sketches, photos, oil paintings, and water colors all by Christendom's talented students.

Henry Wingate's address will be available for download at Christendom on iTunes U.

Senior Mary Erwin and John McWhirter check out a series of portraits.

Sophomore Katie Gutchke discusses art with Wingate at a reception following his address.

Student enjoyed seeing the talent of their peers on display.

Live from Front Royal—it's Coffee House 2010!

Saturday night, the commons was packed with excited audience members, waiting to be wowed once more by the talent and creativity found at Christendom. This year’s Coffee House started with a humorous “un-morality play” jesting about ways to “get around” Christendom’s rules, followed by an amusing entrance, and introduction to the show by Christendom’s own Fr. William.

The evening was hosted by Senior Nathan Gneiwick, who as usual kept the audience amused, and didn’t miss a beat with his quick wit and hilarious impressions.

Sophomore Mary Becher said, “It was shorter than last year, but the performances were good—they comedy skits were hilarious!”

Perhaps the funniest skit of the night was organized by Junior Theresa Boak, who got together a group to reenact a skit first seen on Saturday Night Live. The skit, which poked fun at "The Lawrence Welk Show," was indescribably funny, and hilariously performed by Juniors Theresa, Nick Freeman, Daina Lamirande, Janie Wells, and Senior Monica Clarke and Sophomore Dan Beller.

Sophomore Meghan Kelly did her part to keep the amusement going by singing the clever song, “Apartment 14G”, accompanied on the piano by Sophomore Rob Fetsko. The song is about a girl who moves into an apartment, only to find that below her lives an exuberant opera singer, and above her an enthusiastic skat singer.

Juniors Stephen Curtin and Benjamin Allen received a standing ovation from Freshman Antony Reddings and Sophomore Frances Allington, both natives of England, after their performance of “English Impressions.”

Freshmen and Sophomore’s performed “The Sound of Music in Five Minutes” starring Freshman Rachel Kujawa.

Freshman Colleen Harmon and Theresa Lambert sang Corinne Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On."

Seniors Meghan Rubin an Shelagh Bolger sang "Two Is Better Than One." Freshman Gabe Schuberg played bass, Freshman Dominic Ginski played drums, and Junior Catherine Briggs played the guitar.

Breathe Catholic

Check out our new 30 second TV spot. Let us know what you think!


Hail To the Chief: Dr. O’Donnell’s Visit

On Tuesday, March 23rd, a new breath of Christendom College arrived in Italy, when Dr. and Mrs. O’Donnell and their sons—Conor, Kieran, and Declan—came for their annual semester visit. The O’Donnell's were also joined by Professor Mark Clark and his family. My classmates and I were delighted to see them all and were reminded that although the distance is great, the Christendom and Rome campuses are connected.

Although he just arrived that morning, jet lag did not deter our college president from leading us on a massive tour of St. Peters. Together we explored the basilica, as Dr. O’Donnell gave us a two hour story time of the statues, side alters, and paintings of St. Peters. As we listened, I realized again how amazingly universal the Catholic Church is, the home of saints and sinners alike.

The tour ended with a stop at the altar of Pope St. Pius X, where Dr. O’Donnell led us in prayer for the faculty, staff, students, and benefactors of Christendom College. Dr. O’Donnell picked that particular alter because St. Pius's moto is shared by Christendom College: “To Restore All Things in Christ”.

The next day we gathered together again for a Papal audience, no small event. Although my classmates and I had to get up very early, we knew that seeing and hearing our beloved pontiff was worth any lost sleep. As soon as we were announced, the Christendom students went wild and cried “Amamus Te”. Pope Benedict smiled and waved at us, which only made us cheer louder. Later, as the audience drew to an end, the pope drove very close to where the Christendom group sat. Although none of us were able to shake the pontiff’s hand, we were able to witness how Benedict’s eyes lit up when he saw the Fuerte baby, a beautiful sight to see.

Afterwards, we had luncheon with Cardinal Arinze, where his eminence honored us with not only his presence, but his wonderful sense of humor as well. At the close of the meal, Dr. O’Donnell presented Cardinal Arinze with Christendom College’s spiritual bouquet for Pope Benedict XVI, which his Eminence was to give to the Pope on Palm Sunday. Later that evening we all attended a talk given by our own Dr. Clark, titled “On the Annunciation”.

Once the Papal audience was behind us, my classmates and I were very grateful to enjoy a relaxing night walk along the Tiber with the O’Donnells. Although a couple boys insisted on teasing the girls to be on the outlook for giant rats, our river walk was very peaceful and uneventful.

Our busy week ended with a grand tour of the Vatican Museum followed by visit to the papal gardens. Although the Museum's religious artwork by the likes of Michelangelo and Raphael were amazing to see, we were happy to leave the big crowds behind and enjoy the quiet of the Vatican gardens.

Now as the O’Donnell's return to the states, the Rome students are catching up on sleep and gearing up for Holy Week and Easter Sunday in St. Peters itself.

Until then….

Christendom in Rome: smiling faces after seeing Pope Benedict XVI.

Joseph Ruhl, Joe Townsend, and Francis Aul snap a photo with Cardinal Arinze.

Dr. Clark guest lectures in Rome.

The Clark's and O'Donnell's enjoy some amazing gelato.

Chillin' in the Pope's backyard.


Former Chronicler Reporter Hits the Big Time

If you have been following The Chronicler Online for the last couple years, you should be familiar with Jack Anderson's work in the Sports section. Or if you're a Washington Redskins fan, you may now him from his popular articles and blog entries. Jack has moved from covering Christendom's East-West Game to chatting it up with professional players in an NFL locker room—he has hit the big time. The Chronicler Online's Liz Sartor caught up with Jack to ask him a few questions...

Liz: So how did you get started writing for more professional sites, and did your experience writing for The Chronicler Online help or contribute to your experience at all?
Jack: Actually Christendom gave me a great opportunity to get my feet wet in the world of journalism. Working with The Chronicler gave me an idea of how to interview people and cover sporting events while making deadlines each week.

Eventually I started branching out to the Internet where there are quite a few open source sports websites that anyone can join.

Liz: What is it specifically that you do?
Jack: I have done a number of different things over the past two years in sports journalism. I have been able to start my own blog covering the NFL's Washington Redskins while writing for several other sites around the web.

Last year I was lucky enough to obtain media credentials for every Redskins home game, meaning I attended each game in the press box and received full access to the players and coaches for interviews after the games. It was an exhilarating experience which confirmed my desire to work in sports media.

Liz: Have you always been interested in sports journalism?
Jack: I have always been interested in sports in general. I love competition and watching others compete on a high level. So after I realized I wouldn't ever be a professional athlete, I settled into my niche with writing.

Liz: What are your plans for the future; do you plan on diving further into this particular field?
Jack: Well I am trying to land a job with XM radio over the summer through Christendom's Internship Program. I am very interested in sports radio and broadcasting. Sports media is such a wide field that I haven't honed into what I could be best at.

However, I do know that I will be in a sports-related field after I graduate.

Liz: What would you say to others looking to get involved in something similar?
Jack: Market yourself and be assertive. Get your name out there through writing on an open source website and with Facebook and Twitter. I started with no contacts two years ago and now I have several colleagues working with big companies. It's all about networking.

Liz: How/would you say that Christendom has helped you in this area?
Jack: Christendom has helped me with networking. Dr. Way from the Political Science department really pushes us to be friendly and work into different groups of people. All you have to do is take a deep breath and introduce yourself. If you make a good impression, it can go a long way towards making your career.

Read Jack's work at the NFL's Blog Blitz, NFL Touchdown, or his own blog skinstalk.com.


Crusader Baseball is Back!

The Crusader’s baseball team despite having no wins to show for their season to-date is on the right track and has succeeded in completely turning around a program that was ready to shut down. With 4 games under their belt all of which were close until late into the game, the Crusaders are looking forward to starting a new winning tradition here at Christendom very soon.

Coach Mercandetti in his 2nd season has a great group of guys anxious and ready to play their next game. The team, consisting of 18 players which is an all-time high in recent memory boasts 12 underclassmen of which 9 are freshmen. At one point during their last game against Valley Forge Christian College the entire infield was made up of underclassmen, this gives great hope and promise for the program. The team is led by the senior leadership of Ryan Doughty and TJ Nacey; TJ has been a 4 year starter and the last 2 years has been the number 1 pitcher for the team.

Dan Mitchell, a freshman transfer, has solidified the Crusader infield by his skill and consistency at shortstop and is adding his two-cents from the mound also. In fact Dan had a perfect game going into the 5th inning this past weekend against Valley Forge before Valley Forge broke loose for 3 runs.

The team started off against Baptist Bible College on March 18th, only 10 days after the snow had melted! After a few rusty innings the Crusaders settled down and showed the fans that they will have plenty to cheer for, both this year and in the future. The Crusaders fell to Baptist Bible in both games, but, having practiced on a field only once prior to the game, Coach Mercandetti and the team could only be positive.

The 2nd outing was this past Saturday where the Crusaders took on the Valley Forge Christian Patriots. Playing on a small field that hampered the Crusaders defensively, the Patriots would win 7-4, however the Patriots committed more errors than the sure-handed Crusaders, but would also hit more home runs which told the story of the game. In the 2nd game Dan Mitchell pitched a perfect game into the 5th inning and the Crusaders clung to a 1-0 run lead: Valley Forge would strike with more home runs and pull out a 7-1 victory despite the great defensive effort from the team.

Despite the 4 losses, the Crusaders are in good spirits and are thinking positively and looking forward to their next outing against Williamson Free Trade on April 10th.

Crusader baseball is most definitely back and from the looks of it, back to stay!

Senior TJ Nacey prepares to let a fastball fly.

Sophomore Pat Stein sends one to the outfield.

Crusader Baseball 2010.

Q. It seems like I keep hearing that Christendom’s Admissions Office is really busy this year, getting lots of applications and the like, but I was wondering what the level of academic achievement is in this incoming class? I mean, do you let everyone in or do you have some pretty set standards? Thanks! T.J. – Spring, TX

A. You’ve heard correctly! We are experiencing our best recruiting year yet, thanks be to God! We are on track to bring in about 125-130 students this year. Last year was a little rough but we did end up meeting our enrollment goals for the year, while still maintaining our normal standards of admission.

Christendom’s Admissions Committee sets the standards for incoming students to be accepted. Basically, there is an expectation that the incoming student will have scored at least a 1650 (three sections combined) on the SAT or a 24 on the ACT. The Committee does make exceptions to these standardized test scores, but this is their standard expectation. Also, students should have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, two letters of recommendation, and well-written, grammatically correct essays.

With all of that being said, here’s what our freshman class is looking like so far for the Fall of 2010:

  • Average SAT score of 1850 (with mid-ranges being Reading 590-670, Math 520-630, and Writing 580-660…which means the middle 50% of our students have scores in these ranges). This would be an average of 1230 (if just counting Reading and Math)
  • Average ACT score of 26 (very few seem to have taken the ACT, most tend to take the SAT)
  • Those that submitted a High School GPA have an average of 3.9
  • 35% of them have scored high enough on the SAT (1920 or higher) or ACT (29 or higher) to earn a Presidential Academic Scholarship
  • They come from 33 different US States as well as Canada, Mexico, and Ireland (35% from Virginia…normally it’s only around 25%)
  • 10% are coming from public schools, 40% from private or Catholic schools, and 50% have been homeschooled
  • 45% of them have attended one of our Experience Christendom Summer Programs
  • 17% say they wish to major in Theology, 9% want Political Science, 15% choose History, 19% select Philosophy, 3% are hoping for Classics, and 37% are leaning toward English Language and Literature. They will not have to select a major until the end of their Sophomore year.
  • 35% of the incoming freshman either have or have had siblings attend Christendom
  • 15% of them are children of alumni (Legacy children)
  • 24% of them applied only to Christendom…they were that committed!
  • 99.99% of the them are Catholic
  • 100% of them are awesome individuals (except a couple of them, and they know who they are Happy ) who are interested in attending Christendom to gain an authentic Catholic liberal arts education so that they can go out into the world to work to fulfill Christendom’s mission of “restoring all things in Christ.”
Director of Admissions
[email protected]
800.877.5456 ext. 1290

If anyone has questions about applying, visiting, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, rules and regulations, majors, core curriculum, transfer credits, or even about the food here at Christendom, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.