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The bad news abounds. The government takeover of healthcare and contraceptive mandate. Gay marriage, government corruption, increasing poverty, war in Syria, and economic unrest. Are you ready for some GOOD news about our culture?

You can share the GOOD news pouring from Christendom College. Your gift today trains the culture warriors who are sharing the GOOD news of Christ's birth to a culture in need: authentically Catholic journalists, teachers, religious, pro-life warriors, political activists, business owners, and successful professionals in every field.

Give now to make a lasting difference in the lives of the young Catholics who will share the GOOD news.

With your support the GOOD news from Christendom College abounds:


148 religious vocations, including 27 men currently in the seminary


360 alumna-to-alumnus marriages with thousands of children


hundreds of teachers, religious education directors, and pro-life/Catholic journalists and advocates

Your help will keep the GOOD news coming by producing more-and-more graduates who will live, share, articulate, and defend their Catholic faith in the public arena.

Please give those young Catholic leaders the chance to spread the GOOD NEWS by sending a year-end donation as soon as possible.

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