College Featured in Regina Magazine

October 15, 2013

Christendom College appears in the latest issue of Regina Magazine, a quarterly Catholic review published electronically. Through an interview with the college’s director of admissions, Tom McFadden, the article examines the origins of Christendom and the impact the college is having on the culture today.

“Today, our youth need to be equipped to handle the philosophical errors which run rampant in our relativistic culture of death. Our education gives them the intellectual tools to do this,” McFadden says in the interview. “Another essential element in the formation of the youth is the development of their character and their spiritual life. Through the campus life, activities, and availability of the sacraments, our students are given an opportunity to 'learn Christ' and to learn how to live with Him. This encounter with Christ and a Christ-centered culture gives them a vision on how to restore the current culture and become leaders in our current culture war.”

Click here to read the complete article in Regina Magazine.

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