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While the above information is reviewed by the College’s Admission Committee, it is also used by the College to select students for possible Christendom Fellowship awards. A student cannot apply for the Fellowship award. Students will be notified by the College if they been chosen for a Christendom Fellowship.

Are you interested in applying for need-based financial aid? 

Have you decided on a tentative major (Christendom offers majors in Theology, Philosophy, English Language and Literature, Classical and Early Christian Studies, Mathematics, History, and Political Science and Economics)? If so, what is it?

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If you are not in school now, how have you been occupied since leaving school? (Please account for all your time since leaving school, listing specific jobs and dates of employment.)

If you have ever been expelled, suspended, or placed on probation ay any other college or university, or if you have been convicted of a felony, please explain the situation.

Christendom sends all accepted applicants a Christendom College T-Shirt. Please tell us which size you prefer:

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Write three essays on the topics below. The essays will be judged on content, grammar, spelling, and style. Please proofread your work.

1. Why do you wish to attend Christendom College? Please make sure you include the answers to the following questions in your essay:
a. What is your interest in the challenging academic curriculum offered at Christendom?
b. What do you hope to gain from your experience?
c. What will your contribution be to Christendom? 500 word minimum

2. Describe some book, person, or experience who/which has had a deep impact on your life. Explain its value to you. 250 word minimum

3. Christendom inspires its graduates to pursue greatness in their vocations and careers post-graduation. Describe your post-graduate aspirations and how you see a Christendom College liberal arts education will assist you. 250 word minimum

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